The Dock of Shame is the elimination exit in Total Drama Island.

Eliminated contestants walk here to the boat where losers board in order to leave Camp Wawanakwa. It is also where the campers arrive in the first episode. It is destroyed by the campers in the very first episode due to the large amount of weight put on it during a photo, but it is rebuilt. Every time a team loses a challenge, they must report to the campfire ceremony, where one camper is voted off and is forced to walk the Dock of Shame and catch a ride on the Boat of Losers.

Izzy has never walked the Dock of Shame, as she is chased by the RCMP during her first elimination, and disappears in a puff of smoke during her second elimination on Total Drama Island. In addition, Gwen and Owen are never eliminated, so neither of them walked it. 

The Dock of Shame plays many roles in Total Drama Island. It shows Gwen and Trent bonding on it in two instances. The first is in Not Quite Famous when Cody and Owen cannon-balled into the water, interrupting Gwen and Trent's moment as Gwen is drenched with water. Also, Gwen and Trent were hanging out on the end of the dock after Cody helped set them up. Geoff and Bridgette also bonded at the dock when they took a swim together in Who Can You Trust? The dock played a major role in the plot of the special episode Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. The contestants slid down it all at the same time, while holding on to the briefcase. This caused them to end up in the water at the same time. After that, Chris announces that everyone in the water tied and they would be competing in season two, Total Drama Action. This is followed by the contestants that didn't end up in the water running over on to the dock where they share exchanges. The dock is also shown in The Very Last Episode, Really! when the campers throw Chris off of it into the water; and later attempt to do the same to Chef.

In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the dock returns along with the other most memorable features from Camp Wawanakwa. Like the rest of the island and the camp, it is in severe deterioration, with many holes in the wood and patches that are covered by duct tape. Additionally, the "Camp Wawanakwa" sign has halfway fallen off and is now slanted. As of the first episode, a new addition has been added to the dock: The Hurl of Shame, a massive catapult that launches all eliminated contestants out of the competition.

In Total Drama All-Stars, the dock once again returns. The dock is still in deterioration, but it is not quite as bad of shape as it is in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. The Hurl of Shame has been removed and replaced by a new elimination exit: The Flush of Shame, a giant toilet that "flushes" eliminated competitors out of the competition. The dock, along with everything else in Camp Wawanakwa, is destroyed when the island sinks into the lake in the ending of The Final Wreck-ening.



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