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Don is the host of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.


Don seems to be indifferent to the risks of putting the contestants through dangerous challenges. Despite being indifferent to the dangerous challenges, he does show legitimate concern for the well-being of the contestants and is even shown expressing condolences to a deceased intern's family on one occasion as well as concern for whether a challenge was legal on another. Though he does like to mess with some of the teams once in a while, like the Vegans and the Ice Dancers, this trait is less pronounced in Don than in Chris, as seen in Hello and Dubai. Like Chris, Don is a narcissist who often comments on his looks and shows a loss of gracefulness if they were to be altered. Unlike Chris, though, Don is actually fair to the competitors as he makes sure that they thoroughly follow the rules, and does not seem to be sadistic. He does not hesitate to penalize those who break the rules, but will not disqualify any teams for causing any sort of trouble (sometimes he makes things go from bad to worse), especially in regards to his least favorite team (who cheats or sabotages other teams) throughout the race.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Don signs off the first episode.

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, Don is in Toronto, the starting point of the competition, atop a historic train station, and introduces the competition itself and the pairs of contestants involved. After all of the contestants have been introduced, Don explains to them the first elements of the Race and that they will be going around the world for the grand prize of $1,000,000. He tells the contestants they will end each leg of the race at the Chill Zone and the last team to stand on the Carpet of Completion may face elimination. When Don starts the race, the contestants all run toward him, forcing him to take evasive action to protect his look. After the contestants get to the second Don Box, he introduces an Either/Or challenge: Stairs or Scares. After all the contestants complete the first half of the leg, he assigns them to three flights heading to Morocco in the order of their arrival and subsequently signs off the episode.

Don explains what the "All-In" is.

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, Don arrives in Morocco, awaiting the contestants to arrive. The first, second, and third flight arrive respectively. Once some of the contestants hit the Don Box, he introduces a new element in the Race called a Botch or Watch, where one contestant from each duo competes in the challenge. He explains that each team has to pick spices to use to consume a Moroccan stew that one of them will drink later. Don later congratulates the Best Friends for being the first team to arrive at the Chill Zone. He tells the audience the next fourteen teams that reached the Chill Zone, and later scolds the LARPers for trying to use magic in an attempt to not come in last and eliminates them from the race.

In French is an Eiffel Language, Don introduces Paris, France as the next location, and says that it is filled with things that keep him up at night, such as coffee and mimes. Later, he introduces the Louvre, and says that it is filled with paintings that he was asked to stop touching. Don imposes the first time penalty on the Reality TV Pros for not using the cheese as a boat as the challenge indicated. Don briefly bickers with Gerry over whether or not his feet were on the mat. Ultimately, Don wins the argument as he forces Gerry and his teammate to leave the race.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, as Don explains the beach challenges, he says that the sand on the beach is so fine, that one will want it to get into their shorts. Then, a crab pulls on his swimsuit, injuring his groin. Don stops the Ice Dancers from getting the first tip, as the Cadets are supposed to do so. This foreshadows some conflict between Don and the Ice Dancers in later episodes. When some teams are arriving at the Chill Zone, Don imposes a time penalty on two teams. The first team being Father and Son, due to Dwayne reading the clue before arriving at the shore. The second team being the Fashion Bloggers, as they traveled by yacht instead of a train to the beach. At the end, Don arrives in a helicopter to tell the Geniuses that they are out of the race and is excited about being in a helicopter.

Don gets beaten by an angered Laurie.

In Bjorken Telephone, Don is involved in the All-In challenge as the team must hear Don's Icelandic phrase and say it to an Icelandic local at the other end of the geyser field. He reacts negatively to the outfit of the Icelandic local. Later, when the teams begin to eat the Icelandic thanksgiving feast, Don describes which foods it is comprised of, and jokes about what the Icelandic people are giving 'thanks' for. When the Goth finish to the Chill Zone first, Don tries to encourage them to celebrate their victory. But the Goth's lack of reaction causes Don to dismiss them as 'bad kids', creating his dislike of them as he believes they are ruining the race. Later he penalizes the Mom and Daughter team due to Taylor making her mom go back to the speaker every time she got the phrase wrong. When the Vegans finished in last place, Don announces that it's a non-elimination round and the Vegans is still in the race. However, this angers Laurie, who believes she went against her principles for nothing and beats him up. He quickly dismisses the show, stating that the next race is in Brazil.

Don introduces Romania as the next location.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, Don hosts with a black left eye, inflicted by Laurie in the previous episode. He imposes a time penalty on the Vegans, as Miles sewed both parts of Laurie's outfit in the challenge, leading to their elimination in the end. In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Don is seen fully recovered from his injury. He displays his athletic ability during the explanation of the gymnastic challenge but keeps getting injured in the groin by a football. Don imposes a time penalty on the Goths for switching places in the coffin challenge on the way to the graveyard. In Hawaiian Honeyruin, Don intervenes in an argument between Ryan and Stephanie by stating that it's a non-elimination round and they still remain in the race.

Don demonstrates the challenge.

In Hello and Dubai, Don shows his concern for the contestants when one of the challenges involves cleaning window in a very windy condition, causing him to question if it's legal to do it and be surprised by the response, presumably a lawyer telling him that it is legal. In New Beijinging, the Rockers arrive in last place, though Don announces that it's another non-elimination round, making them safe and still in the race. In I Love Ridonc & Roll, as Don explains the challenge, his towel unwraps leaving him fully nude outside the sauna. When the Goths arrive at the Chill Zone in their new outfits, Don responds by talking about how he is going to have nightmares about them. In My Way or Zimbabwe, Don checks each team's selfies. When he checks the Surfer Dudes' photo, he asks how Geoff kept his hat on during his fall, to which Geoff responds that he uses white stallion glue to keep his hat on.

Don reminds the Stepbrothers that they came in second place when they celebrate.

In Shawshank Ridonc-tion, Don introduces a new aspect of the race which is the boomerangs. He explains that the boomerangs are used to send another team back to do the previous challenge again. While explaining the challenge, he tells that the first team to arrive in the Chill Zone gets a phone call to home. The Best Friends arrive in first place but when Devin finds out that his girlfriend dumped him for her tennis instructor, he starts crying on Don's shoulder. In Down and Outback, Don finds it too depressing to watch Devin cry so he places a paper bag on him with a picture of a happy Devin. When determining who came in second last place between the Rockers and Stepbrothers, Don is seen reviewing it on his device and announces that the Stepbrothers arrive in last place. But he suddenly declares that the Rockers are also eliminated along with the Stepbrothers, making this episode the first double-elimination round. When questioned by Rock on why he wasted time reviewing the footage, Don states that he simply forgot that this was a double-elimination round.

Don forgets what he was happy about to tell the Father and Son.

In Maori or Less, Don is seen unprepared when the Ice Dancers arrive at the Chill Zone too fast, asking them if they skipped the challenge. After they tell him they already finished it, he quickly states they won and goes back to his makeup. In Little Bull on the Prairie, the Surfer Dudes celebrate their first place victory by jumping with joy along with Don, who displays no joy. When the Father and Son team arrive in the last place, Don says that he is happy to say something before being interrupted by Dwayne who thinks that this is a non-elimination round. But Don says that it isn't and that he forgot what he wanted to say.

Don cries about the "death" of Chilly Billy.

In Lord of the Ring Toss, Don allows Stephanie to boomerang themselves, forcing them to do the ring challenge again. When Don announces to the Ice Dancers that they are in second place, Josee responds by destroying Don's snowman (known as "Chilly Billy"), making Don sad and cry "CHILLY BILLY!" In Got Venom, the narwhals are angered about the ring toss challenge that has taken place in the previous episode and blow up all of one plane's wheels, forcing Don to get all of the teams on the last plane regardless of their placement. When Don finds out that the Surfer Dudes' tube has extinguishers foam instead of Komodo dragon's saliva, he makes them do the challenge again and threatens them that if they do this again, they will be out of the race (even though they were only his friends). This was the biggest threat made by Don to a team. In Dude Buggies, while Don introduces the challenge, the lion roars at him, terrifying Don. He is scared when the goths win again, questioning how they can be so quiet.

Don explains that the rules state the Best Friends need to bring back another team to replace them.

In El Bunny Supremo, it starts off by Don introducing the challenge. Towards the end of the episode, he gives the Ice Dancers a ten-minute penalty due to not arriving at the Chill Zone with their burros. In Ca-Noodling, Don featured a special feature called "Super-Team", where three teams make 1 team. And he also featured "Zip-It Ticket", where the Super-Team go to the Chill Zone directly instead of going to the second challenge. In How Deep is Your Love, Don gives the Ice Dancers a thirty-minute penalty for stealing the Sisters' ball instead of getting their ball from the bottom of the borehole. In Darjeel With It, he gives the Ice Dancers an hour penalty for separating the train cars to slow down the other teams. In Last Tango in Buenos Aires, when Devin fell off a cliff by the emu, Don replaced them with the Surfer Dudes, this is the only time where a team has been eliminated by injury.

Don signs off the show.

In Bahamarama, Don announces they have to find a Ridonculous Race map that contains the logo in order to go on to the second challenge. When the Ice Dancers and the Cadets race, Don announces they are safe and eliminates the Sisters, who end up finishing in fourth. In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, Don introduces the mid-point, where one team will be eliminated during the mid-point and the remaining two teams race to the final Chill Zone and win the million dollars. After the Ice Dancers become the last team to reach the mid-point, Don is ecstatic to finally eliminate them. After the winning team reaches the final Chill Zone, Don gives that team the million dollars and signs off the show at the final shot.

Total DramaRama season 1

Don appears in the spin-off as a scientist. In Know it All, Chef Hatchet visits him. Don explains to him that the cucumber is not a vegetable but a fruit because its seeds are on the inside, freaking the teacher out.

Total DramaRama season 2

In Exercising the Demons, he is seen in an internet pop-up that talks about scientists who detected the biggest threat to humankind.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Total DramaRama season 1

Total DramaRama season 2




  • According to Fresh TV, Don is somewhere in his forties.
  • As can be seen on the first promotional picture, Don originally had a different design. His name was also different, being called Chadley Chizzleton.



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