Still in Australia, the teams solve a rabbit infestation before gliding to victory. Two competitors mess with one team and steal from another in order to secure both revenge and victory; while someone tries to deal with their partner, still in denial over a breakup. Two contestants mess up while trying to accomplish their goals while another tries to keep managing with his oblivious partner. In the end, a showdown of both teams leads to one team's departure, but the revelation of a double-elimination likewise removes the others.


Carrie cheer devin

Carrie tries to help Devin as he goes through the seven stages of heartbreak.

Despite Carrie's attempts to console her teammate, Devin still has not gotten over the heartbreak he had experienced in the previous episode, and is in denial about his ex-girlfriend, Shelley, breaking up with him. The first challenge is an All-In, in which the contestants must catch ten bunnies on a farm to get their next tip. If they manage to find the rare albino bunny, then they can directly skip to the next challenge. While some of the contestants have trouble in the challenge, the Goths manage to catch the rabbits with ease due to the rabbits being affectionate towards Ennui. In the interview, they state that they hate adorable animals' attraction. Crimson then states that they simply hate adorable. Meanwhile, the other teams have a lot more trouble than the Goths. Rock gets his legs stuck in rabbit holes, as Spud is unable to help. Chet and Lorenzo keep believing they have found the albino bunny, when it is, in fact, a kangaroo, which keeps attacking them.

Wondr albino

Josee makes a fake albino rabbit to trick the Cadets.

Josee is still furious over the events of the previous episode, and attempts to sabotage the Police Cadets by making them believe that one of the bunnies (which has Ennui's makeup on) is an albino. Upon seeing it, MacArthur gives up on all the other bunnies and pursues the fake albino rabbit. Although the Best Friends manage to complete the challenge, Carrie overhears Spud talking about the seven stages of heartbreak and decides to stay behind and learn it from him. Spud sings a song he wrote about the seven stages of breakup to Carrie, but spends a lot of time singing the instrumental, making both of them fall behind in the challenge. Chet and Lorenzo continue to try and capture the kangaroo, believing it to be the albino rabbit. In their interviews, they state that the other member of their team is the smart one. They only end up getting repeatedly beaten up. MacArthur then uses a tractor to chase after the rabbit, destroying the crops of the farm in the process. The chase finally leads both of them into the river, where the rabbit's makeup washes off, revealing to be fake. As MacArthur falls into the lake, Josee uses Brody's crush on MacArthur to get him and Geoff to run after her, allowing the Ice Dancers to steal the Surfer Dudes' rabbits.

Happy bunnies ennui

The bunnies are attracted to Ennui, so he uses it to his advantage.

The Ice Dancers are the first team to complete the challenge and must now compete in another All-In. In this challenge, the teams must fly a glider from Australia to the mountainous area of New Zealand, where the next Chill Zone lies. The Daters manage to obtain ten bunnies after two of them give birth, while Spud manages to obtain ten bunnies from a snake. As more teams complete the challenge and take off into the air, the Ice Dancers are the first to reach the Chill Zone, much to their excitement. The Goths adopt a third member which is a pet bunny named Loki after realizing how the rabbits act as the plague of Australia. While getting repeatedly beaten up by the kangaroo, the Stepbrothers manage to find the real albino, letting them proceed to the next challenge.

Rockers crashed

The Rockers' glider crashes into a mountain.

As the Surfers and Cadets lag behind the other teams, MacArthur covers herself with carrots to obtain bunnies for the both of them. Due to lack of focus, Spud crashes the plane into a mountain, stranding himself and Rock. The Stepbrothers do not fare well as the kangaroo climbs onto the Stepbrothers' plane, which then crashes into the mountain. Spud tries to get himself and Rock to get down the mountain to the Chill Zone. However, Spud's motivational speech leads causes an avalanche, which sends the Rockers to the Chill Zone at the same time that the Stepbrothers arrive after being chased by the kangaroo and its child. After viewing the replay, Don reveals that having arrived last, the Stepbrothers are eliminated, only to remember that it is a double elimination episode, sending the Rockers off the show as well. As both teams depart, Chet and Lorenzo invite Rock and Spud to play video games with them, which they gladly agree to. 


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques/Owen
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Darren Frost Chet
Stacey DePass Crimson
Jeff Geddis Devin
Carter Hayden Ennui/Noah/Spud
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Julie Lemieux Josee
Carlos Díaz Lorenzo/Rock
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie
  • Dwayne, Emma, Junior, and Kitty appear; however, they do not speak.
  • A tractor driver screams, but it is unknown who voiced him.

Still in the running

Tennis Rivals
Fashion Bloggers
Mother & Daugther
Adversity Twins
Best Friends
Father & Son
Ice Dancers
Police Cadets
Reality TV Pros
Surfer Dudes



  • This is the first double elimination episode of the spin-off.
  • Both of the characters voiced by Carlos Diaz are eliminated in this episode.
  • The Goths add a bunny to their team named Loki, claiming that it is "filled with famine and disease".
  • Cody's Camp TV design make a cameo while the Ice Dancers are about to take off.
  • The farmer on the tractor has a similar outfit to Rodney.
  • The Australia title for this episode is called Down N' Outback.
  • This is the first time in the franchise that there is an elimination in the fourteenth episode of the season, as the previous fourteenth episodes were either reward challenges or fake eliminations.
  • Interestingly, the Surfers Dudes and Police Cadets appear at the Chill Zone during Don's line "The final two teams are really feeling the pressure", possibly hinting them being the final two of the show.



  • The title comes from the idiom "down and out".
  • The "seven stages of heartbreak" is an allusion to the Kübler-Ross model, better known as "The Five Stages of Grief".
  • The Travel Tip giver has a striking resemblance to Crocodile Dundee, portrayed by Paul Hogan in the 1986 film of the same name.
  • The Gamebox, mentioned at the end of the episode, is a combination of the Nintendo Gamecube and the Xbox consoles.
  • As mentioned by Crimson, the black bunny the Goths adopted is named after the Norse God of Mischief.
  • When MacArthur drives the bunny on the dock, she says "Look what's up on this dock" which is a reference to Bugs Bunny's signature catchphrase "What's up, doc?"


  • Part of Lorenzo's left pant leg disappears when the Rockers and Stepbrothers are still recovering from the avalanche.
  • As the teams are running towards the farm, Noah is missing in the last part.
  • When Rock is stating that Spud needs to "step up his game", he is shown standing despite his ankles being injured.
  • When the Stepbrothers fist bump at the end of the episode, Chet's wristband is missing.
  • After the Albino jumps onto Chet, he is covered in leaves, yet when Chet tries to get up, he now has sticks and mud on him.
  • Don returns to Australia in order to tell the Stepbrothers they caught the albino, despite being at the Chill Zone in New Zealand.
  • Spud mentions that his band's name is called "Next to Vomit". However, in the Rockers' biography, it is "The Devil Frogs".


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