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The Drop of Shame is the elimination exit in Total Drama World Tour.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Chris is seen introducing the Drop of Shame. However, he is interrupted repeatedly by Ezekiel, which causes Chris to toss Ezekiel out of the plane, eliminating him as a demonstration on how one takes the Drop of Shame. Later, in the next episode, Team Victory is the first team to attend a Barf Bag Ceremony, and Ezekiel (who returned earlier against Chris's wishes) is eliminated yet again. Following Ezekiel's elimination, Chef kicks Ezekiel out the plane door aggressively, when he takes too long to scold his team for voting him off. However, Ezekiel manages to grab onto the tail wing of the plane, vowing that the game is still his. Following that, Chris demands that Duncan take the Drop of Shame too. Duncan, however, refuses to and says that he is supposed to be given a ride home. Chris then responds that they're going the other way and shoves Duncan off the plane through the open door, with a parachute in hand.

Căderea Rușinii

A view of the door that is used for the Drop of Shame.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, when the cast is in the cafeteria, Chef slices open one of the plane's side doors with a Chinese sword so that they all fall out of the plane similarly to the Drop of Shame, due to the uncontrolled decompression sucking them all out of it. They also have to do a musical number while they're falling, Before We Die. Later, during the Barf Bag Ceremony, the Drop of Shame is open the whole time and the contestants do not take a seat. When Chris is about to give Harold the last barf bag and eliminate DJ, Harold interrupts him by taking his lightsaber and makes a fake attempt at killing himself, followed by stumbling over to the door and throwing himself out without a parachute, effectively quitting the competition and sparing DJ. Chris throws a parachute down after him and wishes him good luck.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, the contestants exited the plane through the Drop of Shame's door after the Jumbo Jet landed in the Yukon. During the elimination ceremony, Bridgette is voted out and is the first girl voted off overall. While falling, her parachute gets tangled with her flag pole, causing her to continue falling at the same speed.

The Drop of Shame is seen in Broadway, Baby! when Team Amazon receives their prize for winning the challenge. Heather is seen throwing their meat grinder out of the Jumbo Jet.

In Slap Slap Revolution, the contestants went out an opening in the bottom of the plane rather than exiting out the Drop of Shame. During the elimination ceremony, Leshawna was voted off, but she was able to hold on, until Alejandro pushed her out the plane.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, the Drop of Shame is seen at night for the first time, when Lindsay takes the Drop of Shame after her elimination, with Tyler and Chris watching. However, she hits the top of her head against the door and falls down the Drop Of Shame while screaming.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, the Drop of Shame is used, DJ jumps only a short drop before landing on the ground, due to the non-fueled plane not flying and still on the ground. Chris tells him that it isn't the same without the scream to make it sound more realistic, DJ sighs and does an emotionless scream, but then a colony of red ants suddenly attack him, making DJ really scream.

In I See London..., Noah willingly takes the Drop of Shame and is not forced to jump (or through other means), becoming the only contestant to do so.

In Greece's Pieces, Chris forces an intern to take the Drop of Shame without a parachute because Chris didn't know the Olympics took place in Greece. After Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot loses their second challenge in a row, Chris throws another intern out of the plane, except this one received a parachute. He did this because he wanted to save Duncan due to all of the drama he would create with the Duncan and Gwen interaction.

In The EX-Files, Tyler believes that Duncan is eliminated, and is shocked to be voted out and asks if there will be a re-vote when Courtney complains about the result. But in frustration, Courtney kicks Tyler out of the plane, forcing him to take the Drop of Shame.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Gwen and Courtney receive an equal amount of votes, and Courtney wins the tiebreaker challenge, causing Gwen to take the Drop of Shame. While attempting to insult Courtney, Gwen falls out, while Courtney smiles victoriously.

In Niagara Brawls, Owen was voted off for his popularity. He jumps out the plane, but gets stuck in the door. Alejandro helps him by kicking him off the plane, and is farted on.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Courtney and Blaineley are eliminated. Courtney swears revenge on Duncan and Chris. Blaineley then says her final words: that Ezekiel is still on the plane, that Cody has voted for Sierra in each elimination and that she needs to "get a clue," and that Heather and Alejandro needs to "give it up and make out already." She then continues on about how she would've been the host of Total Drama if she hadn't refused, to which Chris shoves both girls out of the plane.

In African Lying Safari, Duncan was voted off the show because of Alejandro and Heather. After it was revealed, Duncan admits that he kind of expected that. He later rants by saying that he could've had a bigger chance at something else before Chris pushed him off the plane off-screen. He is currently the last person to take the Drop of Shame, as Sierra blew up the plane before she was eliminated next. However, in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, when Sierra asks Chris about her elimination, Chris references the drop by telling her to just imagine she took it.


  • This is the first form of elimination seen in the series that does not involve some sort of vehicle taking the eliminated contestant away; rather, the contestant leaves the vehicle.
  • Every eliminated contestant who had taken the Drop of Shame, with the sole exception of Noah, was either not properly wearing their parachute, had problems while jumping, or was removed by somebody else:
    • Ezekiel was holding his parachute, but didn't put it on his back as he was using the time to scold his team. He was then brutally kicked off by Chef Hatchet, although he managed to hold on the Jumbo Jet.
    • In his first elimination after quitting, Duncan was holding his parachute in one hand, but wasn't seen putting it on. When he refused to take the Drop of Shame, Chris had to push him out.
    • Harold jumped out of the plane before Chris even gave him a parachute. In the recap for the next episode, it's shown that Harold couldn't catch his parachute after Chris tossed it to him, but he landed safely anyway.
    • Bridgette was pushed out by Chris when she was about to reveal Alejandro's true nature. She had her parachute, but it got tangled in the pole stuck to her tongue.
    • Leshawna attempted to hang on in the doorway after Chris pushed her off, but Alejandro removed her hand off of the doorway. In an exclusive clip, Leshawna seemed to be fine.
    • Lindsay jumped and hit her head on the door before she fell.
    • DJ was injured at the time he took the drop (he had bandages on his head and his left arm in a sling), but he didn't bother putting his parachute on as he only had a short distance to drop. Afterward, he was attacked by fire ants.
    • Tyler, similar to DJ, was seriously injured when he was eliminated. He didn't get a chance to put his parachute on, as Courtney brutally knocked him out of the plane out of anger.
    • Gwen was holding her parachute, but she fell out the plane before she could get a chance to put it on, perhaps because of her allergies affecting her sight.
    • Owen got stuck in the door, so Alejandro had to kick him out. Upon kicking him, Owen farted in Alejandro's face before he fell out, leaving Alejandro coughing.
    • Courtney and Blaineley had their parachutes, but they were both shoved out by Chris before they could put their parachutes on due to Blaineley revealing that she was originally supposed to be Total Drama's host.
    • Duncan is thrown out of the plane by Chris during his second elimination.
  • Bridgette is the first female to take the Drop of Shame in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better.
  • A meat grinder that was thrown out by Heather has taken the Drop of Shame in Broadway, Baby!, and an Intern took the Drop of Shame in Greece's Pieces, after being fired by Chris due to him giving Chris the wrong information.
  • Harold, Lindsay, Noah, DJ, and Gwen are the only contestants who willingly took the drop without being removed from the plane by someone else. However, Noah is the only one to do so correctly.
  • Chris mentions in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 that if it takes someone more than 5 seconds to get a parachute and jump, they'll be automatically pushed out of the plane. However, there are several instances where this doesn't happen.
  • Duncan was the last contestant to take the Drop of Shame before the plane was destroyed by Sierra.
  • Duncan and Ezekiel are the only contestants to take the Drop of Shame twice.
    • Coincidentally they first took it in the same episode, followed by Duncan returning in the episode where Ezekiel takes it a second time.
  • Harold was the only one to jump without a parachute.
  • Izzy, Heather, Alejandro, Cody, and Sierra are the only contestants in Total Drama World Tour to not take the Drop of Shame.
    • Izzy was the only contestant to not take the drop nor make it to the final four.
  • As shown in exclusive clips, all contestants (except Ezekiel) who take the Drop of Shame face problems upon reaching the ground.
  • DJ and Blaineley are the only contestants who do not have an exclusive clip of them landing, as the former successfully landed on the ground prior to the ending credits and the latter was shown landing later in Hawaiian Style.
  • Cake Entertainment has referred the Drop of Shame as the "Plunge of Shame", on the show page. It was also revealed that the Drop of Shame was 35,000 feet.


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