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Heather hangs on to Duncan out of fear in Masters of Disasters.

When he first arrives at Camp Wawanakwa, Duncan shows signs of an attraction towards Heather and openly flirts with her, but she rejects him without batting an eye. During the first two seasons, Duncan, despite being in a relationship with Courtney, occasionally gives her pet names, while she continues to insult him in Total Drama Action (names include "Idiot Boy"). However, like the other contestants, Duncan dislikes Heather's cruelty and harsh attitude. Eventually, Duncan loses all signs of an attraction for her and they continue to be enemies. They form an alliance during the latter parts of Total Drama Island (since their previous alliances are somehow dismantled), but their alliance only lasts a few episodes.

The two interact a lot more when they are both put on the Screaming Gaffers in Total Drama Action. Duncan and Heather's interactions range from complete dislike and disgust, to cordial and cooperative, though it is more-so the former. With the assistance of Harold, he plots her elimination right before the merge.

In Total Drama World Tour, both are caught in the huge web of drama, due to Heather's attraction for Alejandro, and anger towards Courtney, which ends up tying to the latter's drama with Duncan and Gwen. In order to make Alejandro jealous and to tick off Courtney, Heather attempts to flirt with Duncan, which he outright refuses to support. They barely interact in Total Drama All-Stars, due to Duncan switching teams, and Heather's early elimination.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Duncan is physically attracted to Heather, which is proven when he hits on her a couple times in this episode. However, throughout the episode, a rivalry develops between the two. The first time is when he arrives to the island and says to her, "Meet you at the campfire, gorgeous," to which she replies, "Drop dead, you skeeze." Soon after that, when Heather gets impatient with the attention being given to Bridgette, Duncan taunts her by stating that she "missed her double cappuccino macchiato" that morning, to which Heather responds with a simple "get bent." Later, Heather shows disgust when Duncan requests a bunk under her, which he seems to be doing just to irritate her.

No Pain, No Game

Duncan mistakenly accuses Heather of voting Courtney off, not knowing the real culprit behind Courtney's elimination. For this reason, Duncan does not vote Eva off and votes off Heather instead.

Search and Do Not Destroy

Duncan is informed by Leshawna about Trent kissing Heather, and agrees to vote either Trent or Heather off. He seems to be upset about it, despite not having a very strong relationship with Gwen or Trent at this point in the show. Although, he remarks that Trent "messed up," he seems to be equally upset and angry with Heather.

Hide and Be Sneaky

When the girls decide which guy to vote off after figuring out about their secret guys' alliance, Heather is vehemently against voting for Duncan, whom Gwen, Leshawna, and Bridgette are voting for. Instead, she decides Owen should be eliminated. In addition, Duncan says that they couldn't vote off Heather, since she has won immunity once again, and he claims Bridgette to be a bigger threat to win.

That's Off the Chain!

Duncan witness Heather abandoning Lindsay, remarking that what she did is "cold." Heather counters back by calling Duncan a hypocrite, since he is always "scaring the crap out of everybody". Offended, Duncan defends himself, stating that at least he is straight with people.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

Duncan takes offense when Heather insults his and Gwen's enjoyment of horror movies. He replies by saying there's more to them besides "mindless guts and gore." She also remarks that Gwen and Duncan have more in common than "bad fashion sense." Later, while Heather is about to take a shower, she heard someone outside and immediately believes it is Duncan.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Heather calls Duncan a "criminal" while in the confessional, telling the viewing world that she's the favorite to win the $100,000. Later, Duncan considers joining Heather's alliance, which is a win-win situation, stating that even if it fails, he would not care, as he seems not to have any fear that Heather might be eaten by a bear. After capturing his raccoon, Duncan helps Heather to catch a bear with the condition of Heather wearing deer antlers and a tail. Determined not to lose, Heather begrudgingly agrees with him. However, the plan fails as Izzy mistakes Heather for an actual deer and shoots her with a tranquilizer gun. In the confessional, Duncan laughs at Heather's misfortune. At the end of the episode, the two of them vote Izzy off. Heather is supposed to clean the communal bathrooms for failing the challenge. However, she gets Duncan to clean it for her, pretending to still be paralyzed by the tranquilizer dart, and smiles in satisfaction when he goes back inside the communal bathrooms.

Camp Castaways

At the beginning of the episode, Gwen and Heather are fighting, and Duncan sarcastically states that it's so nice for them to be getting along, as it gives him the warm fuzzies. Heather, in response, tells him, "In your dreams, perv!" Later Duncan, in the confessional, states that Heather and Gwen are "hot," but he also states that they are "insane" and "annoying," and remarks "which one would you trust?” Also, when Heather says that both Duncan and Gwen are crazy, Duncan retaliates by saying, "You say that like you aren't crazy." Duncan also comments that she "changes friends more often than he changes socks,” to which Heather mentions that he doesn't change his socks often enough.

Are We There Yeti?


Heather cuddles up to Duncan, while secretly planning to steal his items.

Heather convinces Gwen to help her trick Duncan and Owen into thinking they need help camping overnight, in an effort to steal all of their supplies. That night, Heather fakes that she is too scared to go to sleep alone, so she cuddles up to Duncan and asks him if she could sleep with him. The effort works, and but soon after, Duncan and Owen become furious with both Gwen and Heather for tricking them. Also, when Duncan is walking the Dock of Shame, Heather insults him, although Duncan ignores her.

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set


Heather poking Duncan while telling him not to complain about the challenge.

Duncan begins to complain about the script he has to memorize. Heather replies by calling him a "Prima Donna," and sarcastically tells him that he should just stand there and look pretty while poking at him. Duncan then threatens her to not call him pretty until Gwen intervenes. After watching Duncan's performance, Heather, Chef, Chris and Leshawna are in tears.

The Chefshank Redemption

When Leshawna states that she trusts anyone more than Heather, Duncan agrees, and tells Heather to shut it, not believing her statements about Gwen. Duncan also votes for Heather that night (as Gwen mentions that Duncan did not vote for her), but Gwen is voted off instead.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos

In the confessional, Heather mocks Duncan and Leshawna, stating they will be useless in the challenge because of not preparing for it the night before, and says he is only useful regarding piercings in the confessional. 

The Sand Witch Project

Chris forces Duncan and Heather to kiss during the horror film challenge, which neither of the two enjoys. Heather says that Duncan "tasted like street," while Duncan is seen gagging afterwards.

Masters of Disasters


Heather splashes Duncan out of disgust after hugging him in Masters of Disasters.

When Heather is scared about how they would escape the submarine, she fearfully grabs onto Duncan, and then, realizing what she has done, pushes him away with a disgusted look on her face. Duncan is at first confused, but then smirks at her mistake.

Full Metal Drama

Along with Leshawna, Heather allows Duncan to be in charge of the second part of the challenge over Harold, because of his street-smarts.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

At the beginning of the episode, Heather calls Duncan a vandal. She also calls him an idiot for telling Leshawna not to hit the door on her way out of the cabin. While Heather and Harold are arguing over who should open the vault, Duncan insults the both of them in the confessional, as they forget that he is an actual criminal. In the end, Heather lets Duncan take leadership and calls him a genius. After Courtney's return, Heather remarks that Duncan is nervous in the presence of Courtney. Later on, Heather admires Duncan's ability to assemble the go-kart, to which he responds that it is like taking one apart but in reverse.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Heather cheers Duncan on as he tries to make a fire in the first challenge. Duncan also becomes considerably annoyed at Leshawna when she cheers for Heather's loss in the second challenge.

Million Dollar Babies

Duncan cheers Heather on when she is playing a badminton match with Beth telling her to show no mercy. During the tie-breaker challenge, Heather suggests that her team should cheer for her to which Duncan replies by saying he'd rather cheer for his school principal, his mother, or even Leshawna. Duncan (along with Harold) also votes Heather off in this episode, because even though he is angry by Leshawna when she makes some rude comments about him (and all of the other contestants) on Courtney's PDA, he immediately forgives her when she performs a cheer apologizing to all of the contestants.

Mutiny on the Soundstage

After Duncan completes one of the challenges, which is about kissing a monster, he states he'd rather kiss Heather again.

The Aftermath: IV

Heather nods in agreement when Duncan answers DJ's question that he would run over dandelions if he has to choose between them and daisies. Heather then later says that she doesn't have a question, and rants about how she should have been in the final two instead of him (and Beth).

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Heather reveals that she owns a picture of Duncan. The reason she owns it is unknown, though it may have just been for her to use while making fun of Gwen. She later teases Courtney about Gwen bonding with her boyfriend, Duncan, being aware of Gwen's attraction to him, until correcting herself and saying that Duncan is actually Courtney's boyfriend.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

When Heather states that her hair extensions are made from real hair, Duncan jokingly comments, "You learn something new every day," which offends Heather while Gwen laughs.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Heather mocks Duncan for quitting in the previous episode and even states that he can't sing.

Picnic at Hanging Dork


Heather flirts with Duncan again, this time to make Alejandro jealous.

After seeing Alejandro flirting with Courtney, Heather takes revenge by flirting with Duncan. However, Duncan keeps ignoring her since he is dating Gwen, but Heather still manages to disturb Alejandro (unintentionally causing Duncan to lose trust from Gwen). When Gwen asks Duncan what's up with Heather, he jokes that she's probably plotting to kill him. Before Gwen could ask, Heather quickly denies planning something on Duncan.

Sweden Sour

While in Sweden, Heather attempts to hug Duncan to make Alejandro jealous, but Duncan refuses to hug back. They get into a brief fight, with Heather pulling at Duncan's hair, and Duncan trying to shove her off him over this issue until Chris interrupts them. This proves that he is no longer attracted to her.

Chinese Fake-Out

When Duncan is talking with Alejandro about who they are going to vote off, Duncan says that Alejandro could go with his Heather vote, and says that he wouldn't miss her.

African Lying Safari

Early in the episode, Duncan teases Alejandro and Heather about their attraction for each other. After singing Wake Up, Heather teams up with Alejandro to eliminate Duncan, and capture Ezekiel at the same time, while Duncan tries to align with Sierra in order to eliminate either Heather or Alejandro, but she doesn't want to. However, Heather and Alejandro's plan succeeds, and Duncan is voted off at the end of the episode. Before being tripped by Alejandro, Heather mentions Gwen's elimination to Duncan and he glares at her.

Hawaiian Style

Duncan teases Blaineley by putting her on Team Heather, thinking that they're both a "matching pair," so he thinks that Heather is just as mean as Blaineley is.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Duncan appears to be a bit mad that Heather made it to the finish line first when she secures a spot into the final two.

Hawaiian Punch


Duncan compliments Heather for taking Alejandro down.

Duncan is seen laughing when Heather is getting hit by golf balls. After Cody is defeated, Duncan, along with most contestants, change sides and support Heather over Alejandro. In Heather's ending, Duncan cheers for Heather at the end of this episode and even compliments her for defeating Alejandro and winning the season along with the million dollars.

Total Drama All-Stars

Saving Private Leechball

Heather attempts to rally Gwen into an alliance with her, knowing that she will guarantee Duncan's vote as well if successful. Duncan knows of this and is greatly annoyed that she, Alejandro, and Jo are spending more time arguing over this instead of focusing on the challenge. Additionally, he is annoyed that nobody attempts to pull him into an alliance.


  • Heather and Duncan have the highest amount of participation in the series among the contestants.
  • This is the second conflict to be formed in Total Drama Island. The first being Chris and Gwen.
    • This is also the first conflict formed between two contestants.
  • Although, he is in a relationship with Courtney, Duncan continues to flirt with Heather throughout Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action but stops entirely once he is dating Gwen.
  • Both have kissed a total of three people during their time on the show:
  • Both, along with Gwen and Zoey, are the only contestants to appear in all episodes of two seasons:
    • Duncan appears in every episode of Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action.
    • Heather appears in every episode Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour.
  • Both, along with Owen, are the only three from the original twenty-two contestants to make it to the top ten in every season they have competed in.
  • Both have had their ethnicity confirmed to be Asian, making them one of several Asian characters, with the others being Devin, Emma and Kitty.

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