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Duncan and Owen talk about Alejandro in Sweden Sour.

Despite their contrasting personalities, over the course of the series, Duncan and Owen become close friends with each other. In Brunch of Disgustingness, both become acquainted when Owen moves into the same cabin as Duncan, along with all the other remaining males. In Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, they both make it into the final four. In Total Drama World Tour, they both end up on the same team, which gives them plenty of time to interact and develop their friendship.

Total Drama Island

Paintball Deer Hunter


"You better be a good shot, Tubby."

- Duncan

Owen mocks Duncan for being a deer, referring to him as "Bambi" and messes with his deer tail. In retaliation, Duncan insults Owen's weight as he rudely tells him that he better be a good shot. Later, Owen spots Duncan walking alone and stealthily tails him and climbs into a tree to watch him. However, Owen's odor gives him away, to which Duncan calls him "Farticus" before fleeing.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Duncan and Owen are placed together on the guys team and party with the other guys in the cabin. Duncan cheers for Owen when he wins the tie-breaker. At the end of the episode, they happily go on the trip they win, along with Geoff, DJ, and Trent.

No Pain, No Game

After having two great days together with the other guys, they happily return to the camp together. When yelling out that "guys rule", Duncan and Owen have their arms around each other. However, right after Chris announces through the loudspeaker that there are no more teams, and the campers shall continue to endure individually, Owen tries to give him a high five, but Duncan refuses and reminds him "It's every camper for themselves".

Hide and Be Sneaky


Duncan intimidates Owen into forming an alliance with him.

When Duncan tries to make an alliance with DJ, Geoff, and Owen, Owen is unsure about whether or not he should join. However, in the next scene, Duncan is hanging Owen by his feet over a "cliff" threatening him to join, which he does. Owen then kisses Duncan and DJ on the cheek (Duncan several times) in reaction to aligning with them, which freaks Duncan out a little. At the end of the episode, the new alliance successfully votes out Bridgette.

That's Off the Chain!

Duncan, Owen, and Geoff have a friendly conversation about their most painful experiences that they had in the past while riding a bicycle. During the challenge, Duncan gives an advice on how to stop his bike when Owen rides it.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

When Izzy jumps into Owen's arms, Duncan is seen giving him a thumbs up. When Duncan is about to face the killer, Owen begins to worry, but cheers for him after he wins.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!


Duncan proclaims that he "caught" an animal.

When Chris announces that the contestants are required to trap an animal, Duncan raises Owen's arm and declares that he "got one".

Haute Camp-ture

At the start of the episode, Duncan is seen fishing, but accidentally hooks Owen who swimming in the lake. Seeing his friend covered in leeches, he tries to reel him up but only ends up snagging his pants, which annoys Owen.

Camp Castaways

Once Owen reunites with his friends, he quickly hugs both Gwen and Duncan. Additionally, Duncan isn't as annoyed as Gwen and Heather by Owen after his mental breakdown.

Are We There Yeti?

Chef puts the duo on the same team against Heather and Gwen. Duncan says that he's lucky to be on the same team as Owen because if a bear came by, it would go after Owen first. When Owen refuses to jump off a cliff due to not having fully overcome his fear, Duncan gives him some 'persuasion' by shoving him off. Throughout the episode, they are seen working together in an attempt to steal the other team's materials and succeed in doing so, being in the lead several times. They also seem to bond over a farting contest during the challenge. Later, Duncan shows anger towards Owen for losing the challenge due to Owen going after some sticky buns instead of reaching the finish line. When Duncan is eliminated, Owen seems to be upset, even about to tear up when saying goodbye to him, but accidentally burps in Duncan's face instead, which the latter slightly disgruntledly replies with "Whatever".

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Duncan chooses to side with Owen instead of Gwen, even before Owen announced his big party he would hold if he won. Duncan is seen cheering for Owen throughout the challenge. In the end, Duncan and Owen, along with Geoff, throw Chris into the water and then attempt to do the same thing with Chef, chasing the latter around the campus.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

TDA027 201 T1

Duncan and Owen hiding from the monster.

Owen and Duncan hide together behind a car standee from the monster. After Owen manages to eat all the prop food and find the key, Duncan is impressed with Owen's eating ability (and laughs in amusement at in the confessional) as well as winning the challenge for the boys.

The Chefshank Redemption

Duncan is able to calm Owen down after Harold accidentally insults him. Owen then hugs Duncan, Justin, and Harold, saying he loves them. As the boys try to find a way to escape their trailer, Duncan shows concern for Owen when he volunteers to be a human battering ram.

Masters of Disasters

Duncan seems concerned when Owen breaks his jaw and glares at Chris along with everyone else for not caring.

Rock n' Rule


Owen hugs Duncan and Harold upon returning to the show.

When Owen returns, Duncan happily greets him and Owen hugs him along with Harold. Later when Lindsay and Beth are trying to get Duncan voted out, they ask Owen about it. Owen seems worried and doesn't vote for Duncan, but instead, votes for Courtney due to Courtney voting him off in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine even though she has immunity.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Due to his role as "the producers' mole", Owen manages to eventually break up Duncan and Harold's recently formed friendship and later convinces Harold to punch Duncan, though apologizes to Duncan after seeing him collapse to the ground.

Top Dog

At the beginning of the episode, Owen becomes worried due to Duncan's absence. When Owen accidentally insults Scruffy, Duncan becomes angry. Owen continues to sabotage the game by spraying Duncan's mohawk and by leading him into a trap. During the elimination ceremony, although Owen states that he likes Duncan, he votes to eliminate Duncan, but only because he eats more than Beth and Courtney.

The Aftermath: IV

Owen Duncan vote

Owen votes for Duncan to win Total Drama Action.

Owen is impressed by Duncan in Owen's eating challenge. At the end, Owen votes for Duncan to win the season (by drawing a stick man with an angry expression and a mohawk on the voting paper) because Duncan is being a healthy eater and because he "still feels like one of the guys".

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Duncan helps Owen get into the bus when Chris saves the cast.

Total Drama World Tour

The EX-Files


Duncan and Alejandro carry Owen through the minefield.

Owen, unlike most of the contestants, still sides with Duncan, saying he got a major score by getting with two girls on the same show, in his terms of a "Babe Olympics". Owen is also the only person other than Gwen to look worried when Duncan is shot by a laser. He also laughs at Owen when Alejandro activates the post-hypnotic suggestion he had given to Owen, which makes Owen give himself a wedgie while singing and dancing. Later in the episode, Duncan along with Alejandro carry Owen out of Area 51 when he gets knocked out.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Early in the episode, Owen tells Duncan how Alejandro eliminated Bridgette and Leshawna, prompting Duncan to agree to help Alejandro throw Courtney off her game using the same strategy. Duncan and Alejandro also laugh at Owen's misfortunes throughout the episode.

Sweden Sour

During this episode, Duncan tries to ally with Owen after realizing that Noah was correct about Alejandro. In order to seal an alliance with Owen, he states he also missed Noah (though the truth in his statement is questionable due to their previous conflict). Throughout the episode Duncan obediently follows everything that Owen tells him to do, and furiously fights with Alejandro for Owen's loyalty, even going so far as to appoint Owen as captain during the Viking Ship Battle challenge. However, Alejandro is unable to keep up the charade for long and loses his patience with Owen. Duncan takes full advantage of this and very nearly succeeds in exposing Alejandro's true side to Owen. In the end, to everyone's surprise, Owen wins the challenge for his team, and agrees to side with Duncan after the latter reminds him "What would Noah do?" in order to fully gain Owen's trust.

Niagara Brawls


Duncan and Owen enjoying lattes together during Blainerific.

Owen remembers the warnings that Duncan and Noah gave him about Alejandro and he finally sees him for who he is, as shown by Alejandro's appearance in Owen's dream. During Blainerific, Duncan and Owen are in a coffee shop, enjoying lattes. When Chris announces the teams are dissolved, all the former members of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot shake hands and wish each other well. Later in the episode, Alejandro attempts to convince Duncan to join him in voting Owen off, as he hated Owen; being repulsed by Owen's disgusting habits and saw his popularity as a threat. Although Duncan appeared to agree to Alejandro's conditions at the time, he revealed in the confessional he was only playing along, having never trusted Alejandro and secretly hated him. Owen was eliminated that night, having received the majority of four out of eight votes. While Owen emotionally says goodbye to everyone, Duncan gives him a salute goodbye.

Chinese Fake-Out

In the confessional, Duncan is shown to be dismayed by Owen's elimination, due to him being Duncan's closest ally.


  • Owen and Duncan have many similarities pertaining to their placements:
    • Both return to a season after being previously eliminated. Coincidentally, they each returned in the season after the season they were a possible winner in:
      • ​Owen was a possible winner in Total Drama Island and returned in Total Drama Action.
      • Duncan was a possible winner in Total Drama Action and returned in Total Drama World Tour.
    • Both are the only members from the original twenty-two contestants to make it to the merge in every season that they have participated in so far, although both had to return once in order to do so.
    • Both were eliminated at the merge of a season, where they placed eighth.
    • Both were eliminated in the twenty-fourth episode of the season where the other reached the finale.
    • Both are the highest-ranking male contestants in the first two seasons.
    • Counting Owen's ending, both were the highest ranking members of their team in Total Drama Island.
  • Both lost their mind and dressed up as a wild man at one point in the series.
  • Both dated a girl for three seasons before they broke up with them.
  • Both have been eliminated in an episode in which someone else got the most votes.
  • Both have gotten the last symbol of immunity in the season where they were finalists.
  • Both of them (along with Heather) are the only three from the original twenty-two contestants to make it to the top ten in every season they have competed in.
  • Counting Gwen's and Beth's endings, they were eliminated two episodes away from each other for the first three seasons.
  • Both were the fifteenth contestant eliminated from a season.

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