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Duncan Trent

Trent's breakfast is ruined, courtesy of Duncan, in Beach Blanket Bogus.

Duncan and Trent have very few interactions in Total Drama Island but are shown to get along. However, in Total Drama Action, conflict arises between the two when Trent becomes jealous of Duncan for becoming close friends with his girlfriend, Gwen. Trent then starts to believe that Duncan is trying to steal Gwen from him. Duncan, unaware of the jealousy he causes, starts to prank Trent and calls him weird. Stressed over this situation, Trent eventually starts to throw challenges for Gwen in order to impress her but instead causes their break-up (which Trent partly blames Duncan for.) However, by Total Drama World Tour, the conflict seems to be mostly resolved as Trent appears to no longer be jealous of Duncan and accepts him dating Gwen.

Total Drama Island

Phobia Factor

While telling their fears, Duncan says he is afraid of Celine Dion music store standees, Trent tells Lindsay what it is and Duncan gets annoyed by it and says "Don't say it, dude".

Brunch of Disgustingness

After the Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass teams dissolve into gender-based teams, Trent and Owen are warmly welcomed into the guys' cabin. Trent and Duncan are seen, along with the other boys, enjoying their free time dancing and burping in the cabin. When faced with the challenge in the episode, the guys are more than willing to help Trent out due to his weak stomach. Trent and Duncan, along with the other guys, enjoy a fantastic weekend on a cruise before all teams are officially merged.

No Pain, No Game

After their weekend getaway, the guys are seen getting along really well, with Duncan going as far as saying that they were all "tighter than family". However, this moment of unity is short-lived, when Chris dissolves the teams. The boys then distance themselves from one another. However, during the challenge, after Duncan finishes the "turtle puck-shot" challenge, Trent shows major concern for Duncan, calling it "harsh".

Search and Do Not Destroy

Duncan gets angry when Leshawna tells him about Trent's incident with Heather that broke Gwen's heart. He says in the confessional that what Trent did is really messed up, and it is implied that he votes Trent off later that night. As Trent sailed away on the Boat of Losers, Duncan bids farewell to him. This is likely because he felt regretful that he, like the others, fell for Heather's trick, and voted off the innocent Trent.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion

Catch this moment at first try and I give you a thousand bucks

Duncan laughs at Trent's taste in movies.

The conflict intensifies when Duncan and Gwen discuss their favorite movie, Alien Chunks. Trent attempts to join the conversation as a way to connect with Gwen, but Gwen and Duncan immediately see through his act, since Trent does not seem to know much about alien movies. This makes Gwen feel awkward, but Duncan simply dismisses Trent for trying too hard. Gwen, Duncan, Trent, and DJ form a group for the challenge, which is to locate alien eggs and return them safely to the home base before getting splattered with Chef's slime gun. Trent complains about Duncan in the confessional about how much he and Gwen are turning out to share too many similarities for his liking.

Trent also takes the opportunity to insult Duncan's personality, questioning how manly a guy could be when he uses hairspray. Gwen loses her necklace after Chris drops a slime bomb on them, which hits Duncan and eliminates him from the challenge. Gwen jokingly makes fun of Duncan for losing, which Duncan laughs back in response. Trent, however, seems to perceive this exchange as something much more malicious on Gwen's end, saying how much he loves seeing Gwen "stick it to Duncan" even though the verbal exchange is not nearly as nasty as Trent thinks it was.

Suddenly, Trent is forced to choose between the eggs (the only one he could see was about to fall and break) or Gwen's lucky necklace, which is just about to fall into a sewer grate. He chooses the necklace and gives it back to Gwen, but she decides to let Trent keep it. Duncan admits he would have gone for the win, then he mutters "girl" to Trent when he accepts the necklace, insulting his manhood. This prompts Trent to glare at him. After Trent finds two eggs to secure the victory for Gwen and himself, Duncan is annoyed by Trent's success.

Riot On Set

Gwen picked Duncan

Trent's conflict with Duncan continues as he is Gwen's first choice for a teammate.

The conflict continues as Trent and Gwen are about to choose who they want on their team. Gwen chose Duncan first for her team, inadvertently making Trent jealous again. In the confessional, Trent talks about how he feels betrayed. As a result, Trent responds by picking "the beautiful" Lindsay first, in an attempt to make Gwen jealous. Once the teams were assembled, the first challenge is to run up a steep prop hill with backstage equipment, including lights, backgrounds, and cameras. Trent gets angry after seeing Duncan catch Gwen when she falls, though when he questions Gwen about it, she simply states that they are teammates. Afterward, when Lindsay ends up helping Trent, he states that they're teammates too. Later, as the Killer Grips begin to make progress, Trent taunts Gwen and Duncan, calling them "punk wannabes". While shocked by Trent's sudden mean streak, Gwen and Duncan resolve to bring Trent's team down. They succeed in doing so, thanks to Duncan's touching performance as a sentimental gangster. After the challenge, Trent and Gwen make amends when she assures him that she and Duncan are just friends.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Duncan is shown early on in this episode to have taken a liking to pranking Trent (similarly to how he pranks Harold) by loosening the tops of the salt and pepper shakers and causing Trent to accidentally spill all of the salt and pepper on his eggs. Gwen slaps Duncan and scolds him for it by calling him a third-grader, finding the act to be juvenile. After Trent inadvertently throws the excess salt and pepper at Heather, Duncan walks over to steal a piece of Trent's breakfast. Unexpectedly, Trent panics since Duncan leaves him with only eight pieces left. Duncan replies by stating how Trent is weird for fretting over something as trivial as how much breakfast he has on his plate. After Duncan wins the first challenge for his team, leading to Gwen giving him a congratulatory hug. Trent grows suspicious over this, stating to Owen how Gwen's team is a "ticking time bomb of betrayal".

Duncan assumption

Duncan makes a wrong assumption about the reason of number 9 being Trent's lucky number.

When Trent's obsession with the number nine is still ever-present, Gwen is relieved, thinking Trent's obsession with her is at least not as bad as the "9" obsession; however, Duncan points out that combining the letters in Gwen and Trent's first names makes 9, causing her to panic. Thanks to Owen, Trent figures the way to win Gwen's favor again is by throwing the competition so her team can win. As such, he feigns an ankle injury in the middle of the dance-off. Trent tries to claim that it is "modern dancing" but Duncan, in particular, thinks his moves are subpar.

The Aftermath: I

When Trent appears on the talk show episode, he tells everyone about Duncan and Gwen hanging out together, and how he blames Duncan for his elimination and for wrecking their relationship. He also states that Duncan's explanation to Gwen that his obsession with the number nine, is due to the fact that the combined number of letters in both Gwen and Trent's names equal nine, is completely wrong. Later, Geoff tells Trent during the "That's Gonna Leave a Mark" segment, that he knows Trent wants to "lay Duncan out for what he said to Gwen".

The Aftermath: II

Trent finally accepts the fact that Duncan is not trying to steal Gwen, and tells everyone that he was to blame for his and Gwen's breakup, which prevents Gwen from needing to sit over the piranha pit.

Million Dollar Babies

Duncan feels bad in the confessional about how Trent and Gwen's relationship came to an end when they were put on separate teams. Duncan also states that since he and Courtney are now in a similar situation, he wants to avoid risking his relationship with her by not throwing challenges like Trent did. Throughout the ball pit wrestling challenge, when Duncan is up against Courtney and has the urge to truly fight back, he repeatedly whispers to himself, "Trent and Gwen, Trent and Gwen", reminding himself of what happened between them. This could possibly mean that Duncan is unaware of the jealousy he caused Trent to have, and has actual respect for him.

The Aftermath: IV

When it is Trent's turn to ask Beth and Duncan a question, Trent asks both of them politely. Although Trent brings up his failed romance with Gwen, he doesn't mention his assumption of Duncan trying to steal Gwen from him or the assumption that he is the cause of their break up. While it is unknown who he votes for, Trent cheers for Duncan after he is declared to be the winner of Total Drama Action in his ending.

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

Trent calls Duncan an "idiot" for blowing his chance at a million dollars when he quits the competition for not wanting to sing a reprise in the first episode.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

Unlike Cody, who is jealous of Duncan for kissing Gwen, Trent does not show any sign of jealousy when Gwen returns. This hints that he is no longer angry and jealous at Duncan like the previous season and accepts Gwen dating him. When he tries to start a conversation about her and Duncan, he mentions that he did not see that coming.

Camp TV

It is possible the two had a conflict in the unfinished prototype of Total Drama Island, as Duncan is seen glaring at Trent when he's introduced, along with everyone else.


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