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Trusting people

Zoey is happy that Duncan is starting to trust people after he takes the apple she offered him.

Duncan and Zoey become teammates in Total Drama All-Stars, when he is swapped to the Heroic Hamsters after sacrificing himself for his girlfriend. Duncan is fed up with being viewed as a hero from the beginning, but nonetheless warms up to his new teammates. Zoey sees past the "bad boy" image he wants desperately to maintain, enjoying whenever he shows trust or considers others. However, she is unable to understand that Duncan's heroic attitude bothers him greatly.

After becoming allied teammates, Duncan confides to Zoey when he remembers Mike as Mal, because he knows Zoey is in a relationship with Mike. Though they trade theories about Mal and the possibility of him taking over Mike as the dominant personality, Zoey starts to not believe Duncan and hopefully wishes that Mal is Mike and not vice versa. Their friendship is short-lived as Duncan desperately tries to reclaim his "bad boy" image. He abandons the game to destroy Chris's cottage, resulting in his arrest and elimination from the competition.

Total Drama All-Stars

Food Fright

Party hat

Zoey welcomes Duncan to the Heroic Hamsters.

After Duncan switched teams with Courtney in the previous episode, Zoey and the other members of her team throw a welcome party for him. She then gives him a party hat and a party horn. In the confessional, Duncan believes that Zoey and the rest of the Hamsters are being nice to him so that they can later vote him off when he is not suspecting it.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Duncan watcher

Duncan agrees to watch the basket.

At the beginning of the episode, Zoey offers Duncan an apple and he thankfully accepts it. She then points out how Duncan is becoming progressively nicer and more trusting lately, although Duncan was annoyed by this. During the challenge, Zoey tells Duncan to guard the eggs, and points out that Alejandro will likely steal some of theirs since Chris said it was legal.

Suckers Punched

While the contestants are walking to the Chrisiseum, Duncan stops Zoey to inform her about what he knows about Mike. At first she believes that Duncan is trying to form an alliance with her while Mike is away, but when he told her that her boyfriend was in juvie with him in the past, Zoey laughs at him, believing that he was joking until she realizes that Duncan is serious. Duncan notifies her about one of Mike's personalities that she doesn't know named Mal who could be the culprit behind a string of broken belongings over the past few episodes as these actions are considered out of character for Mike but in character for Mal. With all the clues coming together, Duncan hypothesizes to her that it is possible that Mike and Mal are the same person. Once the discussion is over, Zoey thanks Duncan for entrusting this information to her, and tells him that she thinks Duncan is very nice and considerate. but he quickly retaliates by saying that there's only room for one "bad boy" on the island. While they watch Mal fighting Izzy, they noticed how ruthless he is, furthering Duncan's point.

At the elimination ceremony, she and Duncan discuss how Mal could be the real person and Mike is only a persona, stopping when Mal asks what they are talking about. This conversation only makes Zoey more worried, since the guy she has come to know and love may not be that guy at all.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me


Zoey is impressed by Duncan's graffiti, as she thinks that he had drawn a bunny.


Duncan joins Zoey's raft.

Sick of being called "soft" or "nice" or "good," Duncan tries to regain his "Bad Boy" reputation by doing some bad things, only to have them shown to be good instead. He tries to draw a skull on the side of the cabin, only for Zoey believing that he is drawing a cute bunny, which infuriates him. Duncan joins her, Cameron and Scott on a raft after Mal has sabotaged the remaining boats. In the middle of the challenge, Duncan leaves to destroy Chris's cottage with a dynamite, resulting in his arrest and elimination from the competition.


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