The final four are forced to partake in a disgusting cooking challenge when the host becomes immobilized. Two contestants join forces to get rid of their enemy, while their enemy tries to eliminate a physical threat. The host's substitute hunts the contestants down in the woods, and one contestant finally snaps. Someone steals immunity from another player, while everyone's hated enemy is sent home for good, with his long waited comeuppance and along with his fear.


The episode opens with Cameron and Zoey at the top of a tree, discussing their plan to vote off Scott. Meanwhile, Scott is eavesdropping and instead of using his snare on Fang, he uses it on Cameron. While Cameron is sent flying away, Zoey lets go of the tree and Scott catches her, giving her an unappealing look. Scott asks Zoey to team up with him to get rid of Lightning (since he's the most physically capable and therefore the biggest threat) and Zoey starts laughing. However, Lightning is shown performing acrobatically, proving Scott's point much to Zoey's chagrin. In an effort to overthrow each other, Cameron and Scott both approach Lightning and propose forming an alliance with him to vote each other off, with Scott aiming to eliminate Zoey. Lightning says yes to both, but only absentmindedly as he shut them out while shooting hoops, confident in his own ability to win.


Scott's quiche makes Cameron sick.

Chris arrives on the scene and first states that their challenge will be an easy one with no dangerous stunts whatsoever, much to the relief of the contestants. However, Chris walks into one of Scott's traps, which flings him through the roof of the communal bathrooms, leaving him stuck there. Scott claims it is Cameron's trap, much to the latter's annoyance. Chris tells Chef he's stuck, and in anger tells Chef to give the contestants a disgusting and painful challenge. Chef prepares the challenge and tells the contestants to make a "delicious" meal. Chef then brings in past contestant DJ, who is not happy to be back at Camp Wawanakwa. Chef says that DJ will be eating the food. The contestants start looking for ingredients to prepare their meals. Lightning starts thinking about where meat comes from, which he later answers himself by saying that it comes from trees. He also thinks that punching a tree will give him meat which is proven wrong. Meanwhile, Cameron is having difficulty reaching some toxic mushrooms on a tree and Scott comes over to help him. He asks Cameron if he would like to form an alliance to get rid of Lightning, and Cameron starts thinking about it. Zoey decides to make a salad, since it's a safe meal to prepare. Chef says time's up and the contestants must show DJ the meals they prepared. However DJ gets terrified of all the weird meals, so he breaks free of the ropes that are tying him and runs off in fear. Having lost their judge, Chef declares the contestants must eat what they prepared, with the first contestant to finish it getting an advantage in the second part of the challenge. Since Scott and Cameron have the same food, with Cameron's being more tasty and "safe", Scott switches the meals so he got the safer one, and won the first challenge.

The second challenge is a race to the finish pole, while avoiding Chef and his "spaghetti gun". He demonstrates how that the spaghetti really hurts, by shooting an intern as an example. All of the contestants have to wear tracking collars, except for Scott for winning the last challenge. Despite Scott not having a tracking collar, Cameron and Lightning are able to get theirs off, with Cameron using his watch to generate an electromagnetic pulse to short out the collars. During the challenge, Cameron loses his breath and begins to burn out, begging Lightning to carry him to the finish. Lightning refuses and tries to ditch Cameron, declaring that he's only winning for himself; however, he turns his back long enough for Cameron to jump up onto him from behind and hold on without Lightning knowing. Chef stalks the contestants and first targets Zoey, cornering her on a cliff. Zoey begs for mercy, but Chef shoots her anyway, causing her to fall into the garbage-filled crevasse below. Chef then leaves her behind, deciding he'd only come back for her if he bothered to remember. Zoey recovers quickly, but is traumatized, and starts to weep. She discovers that the necklace Mike had given her did not survive the fall, and had broken in half. Zoey finally snaps and screams in a rage, determined to get revenge. She rips off part of her shirt to make a bandanna, and puts on war paint that turns her into "Commando Zoey", setting all sorts of deadly traps across the woods, while fashioning a bow and arrow for herself.


Zoey prepares to exact her revenge on Scott and Chef, by becoming "Commando Zoey."

Throughout the challenge, Chef continues to stalk the contestants, but is repeatedly harassed by Zoey, who is now driven by a maniacal thirst for revenge. Chef tries to shoot her relentlessly, but keeps falling for her traps. When one of them ends up demolishing his jeep, he realizes that he may have pushed her too far. He soon catches up with Lightning and Cameron, only to discover that he had been deceived when he instead finds a mutant raccoon wearing their two tracking collars on its tail, and after shooting it by accident, he is shot in return by the enraged raccoon.

Scott is the first person to come near the finish. However, Fang stops him as he runs away. Fang then falls into one of Zoey's traps. Scott is delighted one of his traps works, but realizes it isn't his, as he never dug pits. Chef then spots Scott, but is too busy pursuing Zoey, who sets off another trap, sending a boulder which slams into Scott, severely injuring him. As a result, he ends up in a full-body cast and wheelchair. Lightning reaches the flag first and believes he has won, without touching the flag as required. However, as he does a victory dance, he turn his back right into the flag. Still on Lightning's back, Cameron touches the flag and wins the challenge, causing Chef to shoot a dismayed Lightning.


Scott is eliminated, and gets burned by the Toxic Marshmallow.

Since Cameron won invincibility, he can't be voted. At the elimination ceremony, Chef counts up the votes: one vote for Zoey, one for Scott, one for Lightning. Chef then reveals the last vote is for Scott, eliminating him. Chef throws the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom on Scott's lap, and Scott is unable to get it off. Scott in the confessional realizes that Zoey had tricked him, but laughs when he believes that his tactics must have rubbed off onto her. Meanwhile, Zoey declares victory over Scott, and Lightning declares war on Cameron for stealing his immunity. Before Chef can hurl Scott from the catapult, Chris finally escapes the outhouse and arrives on his jetpack so that he can personally fling Scott away, but with his own added touch as revenge for what Scott did to him: Fang arrives, takes back his chipped tooth, and joins Scott in the Hurl of Shame. Chef then gives Chris the quiche that Scott made, which makes him puke. Chris then starts making hurl puns and signs off the episode.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Cle Bennett Chef Hatchet/DJ
Tyrone Savage Lightning
James Wallis Scott
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • Some interns appear, but only one has a line. However, it is unknown who voices him. The others can be heard laughing or screaming.



  • This is the first, and currently the only, time in the series in which there is only one female in the final four.
    • This is also the first of two times the final four is not two boys and two girls, the second being in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, where Shawn is the only male left.
  • The Australian title for this episode is "Eat And Run".



  • The title of this episode is a reference to the phrase, "Eat, Drink, and be Merry".
  • Lightning's attempt at punching a tree to get steak is a reference to the indie computer game Minecraft, where the player's first action when starting a new game is usually punching a tree to get wood.
  • Zoey's headband and war paint, combined with her use of booby-traps, archery and guerrilla warfare, is a parody of Rambo.
    • Interestingly, theme music similar to the main theme of the Rambo film series is played when Zoey is setting up traps.
    • These tactics, particularly the log that swings down and hits Chef's jeep, could also be considered a parody of what Arnold Schwarzenegger's character did in the 1987 film Predator in order to kill the eponymous alien.
      • This is the second Predator parody in the season. The first is in Finders Creepers.


  • When Scott eats Cameron's quiche, it is shown to be green, like the original quiche he made.
  • When Zoey is hanging from the tree branch, her free arm momentarily overlaps itself and disconnects from her body.
    • This happens again when Chef first takes over the challenge. Only this time, her foot is disconnected, and it remains that way until Chef stops laughing.


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