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ChillZone (1)

The Chill Zone, where teams qualify or not for the next destination.

Elimination is the process in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race where a team is removed from the competition.

Unlike Total Drama, the process for the Ridonculous Race is less complex, as the last team to arrive at the Chill Zone are cut from the competition, unless it's a non-elimination round. Teams are not told in advance which leg is a non-elimination round as Don normally states "The last team to arrive may be eliminated" for the final challenge of the episode. There is, however, one irregular elimination, in which the Best Friends had to be removed from the competition, despite not coming in last place due to Devin sustaining serious injuries.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race eliminations
Contestants Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Leonard and Tammy Male and Female The LARPers 18th None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2 They stopped to use "magic" to slow down the two remaining pairs but ultimately failed and were the last team to arrive to the Chill Zone.
Gerry and Pete Males The Tennis Rivals 17th French is an Eiffel Language Although it initially seemed like they tied with the Reality TV Pros, Don eliminated them after pointing out that Gerry's foot wasn't on the carpet of the Chill Zone.
Ellody and Mary Females The Geniuses 16th Mediterranean Homesick Blues They spent too much time planning to build their sandcastle instead of working on it, to the point that they failed to leave for Iceland by the time the next-furthest team reached the Chill Zone.
Laurie and Miles Females The Vegans 15th Brazilian Pain Forest

Due to Laurie's injuries from the bullet ants, Miles made both elements of the costume which broke the instructions of the challenge. They suffered a 30 minute-penalty and by the time it has ended, every other team had surpassed them.

Jen and Tom Female and Male The Fashion Bloggers 14th A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

After Tom finally completed the Botch or Watch, they lost the final footrace to Chill Zone to the Daters.

Kelly and Taylor Females Mom and Daughter 13th Hello and Dubai They went shopping in the Dubai mall long enough for the Best Friends to check into the Chill Zone before them.
Jay and Mickey Males The Adversity Twins 12th I Love Ridonc & Roll Emma sabotaged Mickey's last Botch or Watch run by claiming his air guitar had germs, causing him to have a panic attack and fail while Noah finally succeeded for the last spot.
Chet and Lorenzo Males The Stepbrothers 11th Down and Outback They lost to the Rockers in the race to the Chill Zone after their glider was destroyed by a kangaroo and they got buried in an avalanche.
Rock and Spud Males The Rockers 10th Although they beat the Stepbrothers in the race to the Chill Zone, Don remembered that the leg was a double elimination round, and thus the Rockers were eliminated as well.
Dwayne and Junior Males Father and Son 9th Little Bull on the Prairie After Dwayne finally completed the Botch or Watch, they lost the final race to the Chill Zone against the Reality Pros.
Noah and Owen Males The Reality TV Pros 8th Got Venom Noah became buried in a pile of rugs, and Owen was unable to find him before the remaining teams reached the Chill Zone due to having venom in his eye.
Crimson and Ennui Female and Male The Goths 7th El Bunny Supremo The Ice Dancers kidnapped Loki, causing the Goths to stop competing in order to look for him; and after they found him, they were beaten by the Surfers to the Chill Zone.
Brody and Geoff Males The Surfer Dudes Return Ca-Noodling They allowed the Best Friends to pass them up on the way to the Chill Zone as thanks for alerting them to the Don Box in the tunnels, making them come in last.
Ryan and Stephanie Male and Female The Daters 6th Darjeel With It The two stopped just short of the Chill Zone to reveal that they were dating again, giving enough time for the Ice Dancers' penalty to end and for them to secure fourth place.
Carrie and Devin Female and Male The Best Friends 5th Last Tango in Buenos Aires Kitty accidentally knocked Devin off a cliff and severely injured him, making him and Carrie unable to continue with the race.
Emma and Kitty Females The Sisters 4th Bahamarama

They are the last team to arrive at the Chill Zone.

Jacques and Josee Male and Female The Ice Dancers 3rd A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars They were beaten by the Police Cadets to the mid-point Chill Zone in Central Park.
MacArthur and Sanders Females The Police Cadets 1st/2nd They managed to reach the final Chill Zone just before the Surfer Dudes, winning the season. Runner-ups in the Surfer Dudes' ending.
Brody and Geoff Males The Surfer Dudes They managed to reach the final Chill Zone just before the Police Cadets, winning the season. Runner-ups in Police Cadets' ending.



  • Unlike in The Amazing Race, teams who arrive last in non-elimination legs do not suffer any kind penalty such as turning over all their money and belongings other than the clothes they are wearing and their passports.
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