Emma was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Sisters with Kitty.


Emma is the opposite of her younger sister Kitty in almost every way; she is an anti-nonsense, highly motivated, law student, and she takes the competition very seriously. After being dumped by her ex-boyfriend Jake, Emma finds it hard to trust anyone and refuses to form alliances with any teams, even if said teams are among the nicest of people or aren't the kind who would betray others. She sees her sister as a liability to her throughout the race and does not let Kitty participate in challenges first, even if Kitty is successful. Being a competitive freak, Emma denies her faults and blames her sister or anyone else on several occasions for any mistake she makes. As the race progresses, however, and after she experiences new love, Emma realizes that winning isn't everything and starts to cherish her sister's effort and warms up to the other teams. Though she tends to be more level-headed than her sister, Emma acts differently when it comes to her love life, showing signs of obsession, as she begins to think of how she and her partner would spend their future together, which according to Kitty, is the reason why Jake broke up with her.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


Emma is impatient with Kitty during the "Scare."

Emma is introduced with her sister Kitty in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1. During their first Interview, Emma says that she is here to win and doesn't want any distractions during the race. In the Truth or Scare, the Sisters choose the Scare, but when Kitty starts to take selfies along the way, Emma loses her patience and tells Kitty to focus on the game. In the end, they get on the second plane for the Morocco.

Emma continues to berate her sister in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, where during the spice picking challenge, Emma prohibits Kitty from helping, believing she will mess it up. However, when Emma downs her stew, she realizes that some of the spices were wrong. Emma is called out by Kitty for being the one to pick out all of the spices, but Emma simply glares at her, still believing that she would have made it worse. They make eleventh place in the episode, which angers Emma, so she tells her sister to start doing more. Kitty says she would love to do more, but Emma says she will tell her when she can do more.

Emma Caricature

Emma is not impressed by Kitty's caricature of her.

In French is an Eiffel Language, during the caricature drawing challenge, Kitty asks Emma about her dating life, which Emma brushes aside, believing that she needs to focus on winning the game and getting her law degree. It is revealed she had a boyfriend named Jake who broke up with her. They manage to place tenth in the race after being able to navigate through the catacombs and row their cheese raft to the finish line.

The Sisters do well in Mediterranean Homesick Blues, as Emma is able to get a clue from the shark dorsal fins, and they successfully make a sand castle. However, in Bjorken Telephone, Kitty's continuous selfies start to get on Emma's nerves. Despite being the first team to finish the Icelandic sentence challenge, Emma insists that Kitty does not help at all. While Kitty is taking selfies in the ice caves, Emma gets a fossil, pushing it all the way to the Chill Zone alone, so that they come in tenth place.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, Emma does not approve of Kitty forming an alliance with Jay and Mickey due to her self-imposed "no alliance" rule. Kitty reveals the real reason Emma acts this way is because she was dumped by her boyfriend back home. Eventually, Emma allows a trial alliance with the Adversity Twins, but it abruptly ends when they crash into each other during the hang gliding part of the challenge, leading Emma to end the alliance. The Sisters and twins tie for seventh place after crash landing at the Chill Zone together.


Emma completes the challenge in Romania and impresses Noah.

Emma is spooked at Dracula's castle in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket. While Kitty is willing to have an alliance with Brody and Geoff, Emma is not, telling them to go away. After Kitty pushes Emma into an open grave for a challenge, Emma performs admirably in the gymnastics challenge and gains Noah's affections.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, on the way to Hawaii, Kitty is playing charades with Owen to pass the time. After Owen fails to guess Kitty's miming, Emma cuts in and states it's a camera and is annoyed that Owen couldn't get it. Emma then asks Noah how he puts up with him, only to be stared at lovingly. In the Botch or Watch, Emma gave Kitty a "push of encouragement" into the water to find the wedding ring, telling her to think of their grandparents' place but with less old people. In the coal running challenge, Emma is carried by Kitty over the hot coals, where she sees Noah staring at her lovingly while being carried by Owen.


Noah saves Emma from falling.

In Hello and Dubai, Kitty proposes to Emma that they work with Noah and Owen. Emma ends up bumping into Noah, which leads to them having a conversation together. They decide to do the squeegee challenge, but Emma slips up in a private interview, saying "Noah distractions", and ends up hanging when their lift malfunctions. She is saved by Noah after a tennis machine incident, and the group decides to use Owen as the squeegee after forming an official alliance. Noah lets Emma and Kitty finish first in this leg to show good will.

Emma and Noah begin to warm up to each other in New Beijinging. The pair dive with their respective partners in the stadium in two tries, after being blown away by the wind in their first attempt. Emma had to eat the skewer of fried foods but ends up puking after Noah accidentally spits his food on her. On the rickshaw ride on the Great Wall, their rickshaw breaks but the Pros help them out and they are able to finish third.


Emma tries to make Mickey nervous, hindering his performance to keep Noah in the game.

Emma and Kitty catch up with the Pros in I Love Ridonc & Roll and do the sauna challenge together. After Owen freezes himself in the chilly waters, Noah suggests that Emma rides Owen to the other side, a suggestion that she follows. The sisters finish seventh, but Noah and Owen are still behind due to Noah struggling to perform. Seeing that Mickey has regained his confidence, Emma turns his phobias of germs against him and allows Noah to put on a good performance after Owen pep talks him. After Noah's performance, she realizes that she took Noah for granted and accepts her feelings for him.

In My Way or Zimbabwe, Emma and her sister take the pictures and complete the challenges, getting fifth place. In Shawshank Ridonc-tion, Emma is seen with her sister getting on the bus with the other teams. Later on the plane, Kitty tries to push Emma to admit her feelings to Noah. Trying to escape the prison cell during the "All-In," she and her sister accidentally break into the Reality TV Pros cell. Emma, with her sister and the Pros, travel in the sewers, disgusted with the smell of the sewer. Finishing the raft with her sister, Emma and Kitty row their raft to the Chill Zone to get the fourth place. Then, in Down and Outback, Emma and Kitty complete the challenge and get fifth place.


Emma breaks up with Noah.

Following up in Maori or Less, Emma starts to become really obsessive about her relationship with Noah. When the Sisters and the Pros are running in the beginning up the hill, she and Noah have a moment and they almost kiss each other, but the Surfers Dudes interrupt them. Taking the third train, Emma starts to talk about an alliance with the Pros and her future with Noah. A slightly annoyed Kitty tries to keep Emma focused on the game while she is constantly distracted by Noah. When their train arrives at the destination at the Either/Or challenge, Emma is undecided in choosing the "Jump Down" or the "Jump Around". However, the fourth train arrives which forces Kitty to just compromise to bungee jumping. Before jumping down, Emma and Noah have another moment and they almost kiss each other again, but Kitty tells her to jump, interrupting them again. During the ride to the Chill Zone, Kitty gives her sister a pep talk about her obsession with Noah. She realizes her mistake and promises to keep her focus on the game from now on. The Sisters get eighth place, and when the Pros come to the Chill Zone, Emma puts her relationship with Noah on hold for the game, which puts him into a heartbroken-catatonic state.

When my team wins

Emma says she will date Noah only if she wins.

In Little Bull on the Prairie, Emma refuses to wait for the Reality TV Pros and forces her sister Kitty into their taxi. They get on the second flight with the Pros and Father and Son. Kitty's a bit worried about Emma's decision in the previous episode, but Emma reminds Kitty that love makes her a living nightmare. When they arrive at the ranch, during the All In, Emma is worried and feels guilty about Noah's state of shock. She and her sister arrive in sixth place, and when the Pros come to the Chill Zone, Emma comes over and apologizes to Noah, snapping him out of his depressed state. She proceeds to say that she still has feelings for him and wants to be together, but she can't focus on romance during the competition. She says they would be a couple, but only if she wins the race.

Following up in Lord of the Ring Toss, Emma must throw the rings in the Botch or Watch. Successively in the All In, she's seen with Kitty building their igloo. During the challenge, she greets the Pros', and when Noah makes a heart of ice, she's visibly lovestruck, but Kitty tries to get her to focus on the game. They finish in third place.


Emma and Noah finally kiss.

Emma and Kitty offer to share their taxi with the Pro's in Got Venom. Emma's starting to get distracted from the race again because of her love story with Noah, and they have another moment. However, the moment is ruined when a Komodo Dragon attacks their taxi. She and Kitty are the first to arrive at Flores with the Pros and the Best Friends. Later, Kitty tries to get Emma back on track for winning the game she is distracted again by Noah, something he agrees with. Then, Emma and her sister complete the challenge, ending in the fourth place. When Noah is eliminated from the show, Emma tells him to meet her at the final Chill Zone when she wins and proceeds to give him their first kiss.


Emma goes into a "Noah Daze" for the second time.

After Noah's elimination, Emma tries to concentrate more on the competition in Dude Buggies, but sometimes she goes off on a "Noah Daze," a moment when Emma starts thinking and talking about Noah romantically, and for focusing her back on the game, Kitty slaps her. In the "Either/Or," the Sisters choose the buggy challenge. Emma has a rocky ride that makes her vomit several times due to Kitty's conflict with MacArthur. Eventually, the Sisters complete the challenge and get fourth place.

In El Bunny Supremo, Emma jumps from the middle ledge of the cliff, since Kitty eats the medium pepper. Then, she finds the canteen full of milk and says that since Noah was eliminated she's more focused on winning, but mistakenly she calls Kitty "Noah". In the end, the Sisters get the third place. In Ca-Noodling, the Sisters join the second Superteam, along with the Surfers Dudes and the Best Friends. Emma thinks that working with them will be hard, and hopes and that the other teams will do bad. Even if in the end of the challenge their catfish got eaten by an alligator, the Superteam gets them all back thanks to Brody. In the next challenge, she and Kitty talking about the Superteam alliance, but then Emma falls into a trap while traveling the tunnels, and Kitty trying to take her up. In the end, Brody saves her life. The Sisters finish fourth in the end and seem reluctant to split the money with the Surfers when they get eliminated. In How Deep is Your Love, Emma convinces a reluctant Kitty to make sure that the Axis of Evil targets the Best Friends instead of them since she thinks that they will betray she and her sister. When Kitty falls victim of Josee's cheating, Carrie helps her by giving her helmet to her so she has a light, so her and Emma can complete the challenge. Then Devin swaps headsets with Emma. In the end, they come in fourth place for the round.

In Darjeel With It, the Sisters are sabotaged by the Ice Dancers, deceiving them pretending to want to sabotage the Daters with them, who they promptly refused, slowing them down during the challenge. They manage to take the fourth train wagon and pass on the train roof to get to the first wagon, successively with the Best Friends. When Jacques and Josee separate the first wagon of the train from the other wagons, the Sisters, Carrie and Devin manage to jump on the roof of the first train car before it wanders too far, but the Police Cadets think that the Best Friends are the ones that separated the train, and MacArthur tells them that they are their worst enemies now, making Carrie depressed, added Devin's inability in expressing his love for her. When Devin reveals his feelings for Carrie at the Sisters, Emma furious tells him about Carrie's love and swears at him to reveal it already, calling him a 'turkey'. She and Kitty also place first in the round, thanks to the Ice Dancers penalty.

In Last Tango in Buenos Aires, even if Emma and Kitty dance so much time when they were younger, during the tango's challenge they have some problems, but then, they are the second to finish the challenge. When they come at the destination, Emma notes something wrong with the emu of her team, and immediately she suspects that the Ice Dancers are cheating with them again. Later, when Kitty falls down of the mountain with her emu, Emma worried follow her. When she found Kitty, she hugs her, one thing that surprised her sister. Then, she helps her sister to capture their emu, and when they come at the Mt. Aconcagua, they run to the Chill Zone for not take the least place. Unfortunately, they are beaten by the Best Friends, and then Emma accidentally falls on the ground. In addition, as a result of the Ice Dancers' sabotage, her sister is unable to stop the speeding of her emu, and he pushes Devin off a cliff, resulting in he and Carrie quitting the game for him to recover. Kitty feels incredibly guilty about it, even with Emma trying to cheer her up. They are safe in this episode, as it is a non-elimination round.

During the interview, Emma says that she can't believe that they're still competing in Bahamarama, but her sister still feels guilty, and after trying to console her. She says that they're sorry for Devin's injuries. During the first challenge, Emma and Kitty are the least to arrive at the museum, but the first to exit and arrive at the beach. Emma makes the Watch of the "Botch or Watch," so she takes the walkie-talkie and remains on the surface. During the challenge, she supports Kitty, saying that she's the strongest girl that she has ever seen. She's worried when her sister get stuck between two rocks. When Kitty saves herself, Emma feels relieved and runs with Kitty to the Chill Zone. They are the last team to arrive and are eliminated, but Emma's still proud of Kitty for all of her work during the race, and the two hug together. Emma also states that she would rather have her sister over a million bucks any day.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, Emma is seen sitting next to Noah to watch the finale. She is also seen staring dreamily at him during the final group shot.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race



  • Emma, along with Beth, Devin, Izzy, Justin, Sam, Sky, and Trent have all been confirmed to have dated someone who is not a contestant.
  • Emma and Kitty are two of five characters to have their ethnicity confirmed as Asian, the others being Devin, Courtney and Heather.
  • Emma's one of the two contestants that is confirmed that want to become a lawyer.



  • Emma's voice actress, Stacey DePass, voices Nikki in Total Drama's sister show 6teen. In the series, Nikki is occasionally annoyed by the Clones, one of which is played by Kitty's voice actress Stephanie Anne Mills.


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