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Noah lets Emma finish first in Hello and Dubai.

From the moment Noah first laid eyes on Emma, he instantly develops an infatuation with her. Having spent most of his life being cold, unsociable, and sarcastic, this experience is new to him, and he has difficulty trying to impress Emma. At first, Emma's oblivious to Noah's attraction, but after conversing with him and seeing their similarities, she also starts to develop feelings. However, she remains opposed due to wanting to focus on the competition, and she constantly has her sister Kitty urging her to stay focused. Eventually, Noah saves her from falling, which finally lets Emma see Noah in a new light. Afterwards, they agree to ally with Kitty, and Owen secretly organized to get them together. Although the two become closer, Emma realizes that having a relationship with Noah will distract her from winning the Race, and she promptly ends things with him. This sudden news of rejection puts Noah into a state of shock and depression until Emma reconsiders their relationship only when she wins. When the Reality TV Pros get eliminated, Emma bids Noah goodbye and kisses him for the first time. With Noah's departure, Emma would go off into "Noah-dazes" during the Race, to the point of Kitty having to slap her, so she remains focused. Once the Sisters are also eliminated, Emma is reunited with Noah in the finale and watch the outcome of the Race together while gazing at each other dreamily in the final group shot.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

Noah notices Emma for the first time in this episode. As Emma completes the final challenge, performing a skillful gymnastics maneuver, Noah watches her and instantly becomes awestruck by her grace. He continues to stare at her as she leaves, and is so dumbstruck that he is unfazed when Owen accidentally land on him. Though they don't directly interact in this episode, this becomes the spark of their future relationship.

Hawaiian Honeyruin


Noah gazes lovingly at Emma for most of the episode.

Noah spends most of the first half of the episode love-struck, looking lovingly at an oblivious Emma. Whenever Emma talks to him, Noah simply gazes at her, speechless and without his usual sarcastic remarks. Also, Noah softens up as he even helps Mickey in the challenge. His change in behavior made Owen believe that he isn't feeling well ("dead person") until Kitty, who had known about Noah's crush on her sister for some time, informs him.

Hello and Dubai


Noah saves Emma from falling.

On the plane, Owen asks if Noah would like the window seat, which Noah declines due to the aisle seats being closer to Emma. At the same time, Kitty discusses allying with the Reality Pros, though Emma dismisses the idea and adds that she dislikes Noah's snarky attitude. Later on, Emma and Noah are in a conversation; their respective partners can see their similarities and try to get them together. The two teams chose the same Either/Or challenge, and when Emma almost fell off her window washing platform, Noah saves her. After helping them in the challenge and allowing them to reach first place, Emma begins to soften up to Noah and accept the alliance between their teams, not realizing that she also begins to develop feelings for him.

New Beijinging


Noah tries to follow Emma's bossy attitude, only to get scolded by her for being mean to his teammate.

Although they are now in an alliance, Emma still doesn't trust the Reality TV Pros but is tricked by Kitty into admitting that she likes Noah. Despite this, Emma chooses to focus on the race and attempts to ignore him. Throughout the episode, Noah finds it hard to start a conversation with Emma and ends up embarrassing himself for saying the wrong things. This is also shown in a scene when Noah asks her if she likes movies as the two are seen parachuting off the plane, and Owen falls on top of him. Noah gets irritated at Owen for doing this and Owen asks him if he needed any help getting the two together, which causes Noah to immediately decline. He also tries to impress her by being more like her, where he adopts her bossy attitude. However, this only leads her to think he's mean to Owen. Later in the challenge, the Reality TV Pros once again help the Sisters with their rickshaw, as their wheel is gone. This causes Noah to injure his hand in the process.

Emma massages Noah's swollen hand.

After reaching the great wall, Emma helps him to ease the pain by massaging his swollen hand, which Noah is still in pain, finds it worth it. He is shown gazing dreamily at her while she's soothing his hand. For helping them again, the Sisters allow Noah and Owen to reach the Chill Zone before them.

I Love Ridonc & Roll

Throughout the episode, Kitty urges Emma to tell Noah she likes him. At the beginning of the episode,

Emma sabotages Mickey's performance to prevent Noah from being eliminated.

although they reach the spa hotel first, Noah insists that they wait for the Sisters so he could share a sauna with Emma, to which Owen panics in fear of getting last place. In the sauna, Noah attempts to start a conversation with Emma but couldn't as she is too hot to talk. When it is Noah's turn to play air-guitar, Noah fails because he is too distracted by Emma watching. To save Noah from elimination, Emma sabotages Mickey and Jay with their fear of germs to the point of losing their confidence. Noah, not seeing any encouragement, asserts that he's over Emma for good. Unaware of this, Kitty asks Emma if she still likes Noah, and they both laugh as she says, "Yeah!" Emma realizes that she didn't know how much she liked Noah until he nearly got eliminated.

Shawshank Ridonc-tion

Upon being told by Carrie that she is going to confess to Devin, Kitty tells her sister that she should do the same. Emma assures her that she will, after the race. When the Sisters accidentally break into the Reality TV Pros' cell, Emma and Noah gaze into each other's eyes romantically, and Noah's feelings for Emma rekindle. However, still without an ally, Noah and Owen place after Kitty and Emma in this leg.

Maori or Less

Noah emma kiss

Emma and Noah almost kiss.

Emma has now fully accepted her feelings for Noah and has become obsessed with him to the point where she begins to neglect the game. She even dreamily maps out every detail of their future together, which angers Kitty, and as a result, seem to switch roles from the beginning of the season in which Emma is the one getting distracted, and Kitty is the driving force that attempts to get her sister to focus on the game. When Noah tells Emma about his and Owen's experiences in the other show they have taken part in and asks her about competing together in another show, Emma stops him for a moment, and the two begin to gaze at other. As they're about to share their first kiss, they get interrupted by the Surfer Dudes. While on the train, Emma tells Noah and the others about her plan to get them into the final two. Kitty and Owen soon realize that getting the two together during the Race was a bad idea, as both are too distracted with one another instead of focusing on the race. Emma realizes her mistake after reaching the chill zone in second-to-last place and tells Noah they cannot be together, sending him into a depressed state. Owen and Noah come in last but do not depart, since it is a non-elimination round.

Little Bull on the Prairie


Emma apologize to Noah for breaking up with him last episode.

Throughout the entire episode, Noah is stuck in his depression-stricken catatonic state and is too depressed and unmotivated to do anything. Since the relationship was on hold, and by extension the alliance as well, Emma continues with the Race and shift the blame for Noah's current state to something else, refusing to acknowledge her guilt. However, Emma soon started to regret "breaking" Noah and asks Kitty how she could "ruin the most amazing piece of perfection to ever walk the Earth." At the end of the leg, Emma finally apologizes to Noah for breaking up with him and admits that she will date him after the Race if her teams win. Upon hearing this, Noah's mood has finally returned and doesn't care about Emma caring about winning more than him.

Lord of the Ring Toss

Noah carves a heart out of ice for Emma

Noah carves a heart out of ice for Emma.

Emma tries to talk to Noah and Owen, and she waves at them. Noah carves a heart out of ice which touches Emma, but Kitty yanks her away and tells her to focus. After finishing the challenge first, Emma wonders if she and Kitty can help Noah and Owen with the challenge, but Kitty yanks her again.

Got Venom


Noah flirts with Emma.

Emma lets Owen and Noah ride in the taxi with them. Kitty gets mad when Emma and Noah do not focus on the challenge, instead deciding to spend time together. Kitty suggests Emma and her do the challenge without the pros, insisting Emma's closeness to Noah was hindering their gameplay. Noah agrees with Kitty, though Emma says she wants five more minutes of time with Noah. Later Noah states that it's a win-win situation for him. If he or Emma loses or wins, he gets to date her either way, even going so far as to hope he is eliminated.

Emma and Noah's first kiss, after Noah and Owen are eliminated from the race.

In the carpet challenge Noah ends up being buried by the carpets and Owen is unable to find him. Emma rescues him and tells him to meet her at the final chill zone after she wins so they can go on their first date before the two have their first kiss. As Noah and Owen leave the Race, Noah states that he is happy he finally has a girlfriend and jokes about never having to work again since he is dating a lawyer and Owen jokes saying "I'm sure Emma's going to love to hear that!"

Dude Buggies


Emma slipping into a "Noah-daze".

Even though Noah was eliminated in the last episode, Emma tends to go off on a "Noah-daze" as she calls it where she will start thinking and talking about Noah romantically. During this episode, the first Noah-daze was when Emma begins to talk about how Noah hated cabs because they were germ-incubators. To stay focused on the race, Emma gets Kitty to slap her every time she goes on a Noah-daze. Another "Noah-daze" she has is when she is stating how Noah would've loved the magic shows.

El Bunny Supremo

Emma states she is glad there are no boys to distract her but then she says, "Emma and Noah for the win!", leading Kitty to promptly state that wasn't her name.


To remain focused on the Race, Emma attempts to repress Noah from her mind but has little success. During a conversation with Carrie, Emma tells her to push her feelings for Devin deep down, much as she did for Noah.

Last Tango in Buenos Aires

With Devin's injuries causing the Best Friends to go home on a non-elimination round, Don is forced to replace them with another team. With this said, Emma hopes the Best Friends bring back Noah, but then she changes her mind knowing it would distract her for the remainder of the race.


After the Sisters are eliminated, Emma talks about how she appreciates her sister's contribution to help her win. However, Kitty sees through her long rant and knows that she is going to call Noah, which Emma doesn't deny.

A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

Emma and Noah are seen sitting next to each other in the bleachers near the final Chill Zone. Later when all teams are standing on stage, they are both seen standing side-by-side happily gazing into each other's eyes.


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