This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Alejandro.


At first, Alejandro is very popular, especially amongst the females...

Because of Alejandro being a newcomer, many of the contestants treat him nicely initially, believing that he is not familiar with the game. A lot of girls are attracted to him, even though some of them are already in a relationship. However, Alejandro turns out to be another cunning antagonist, and causes many of the contestants' eliminations and also strains several relationships. By the end of Total Drama World Tour, all of the contestants are aware of Alejandro's true nature, and consider him to be worse than Heather. He still had five supporters in the finale, but lost four of them (Lindsay, Tyler, Katie, and Sadie) after nearly killing Cody. His only supporter remains Courtney, even though she cheers for Heather in her ending in spite of the events that transpired.

...but eventually ends up becoming one of the most hated contestants due to his antagonistic nature.

Fast-forward two seasons later in Total Drama All-Stars, most of the few remaining original competitors have still not moved on from Alejandro's past misdeeds. His past actions are also known by the new contestants and none of them trust him. Initially, he fares well on his team, but any respect he may have gained is completely shattered with his actions against Heather in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition. Alejandro, later on, meets an evil that exceeds his own. Though he tries to warn the others, his history, along with the latter's guise, but the other contestants were still against him for all of his wrongdoings, which led to his downfall.


In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Blaineley, while watching a series of videos showing Alejandro, refers to him as "Fabulandro." In the next aftermath, she creates a compilation video of a shirtless and pony-tailed Alejandro to raise more money. Also, in Niagara Brawls, she complains about Heather claiming Alejandro as her partner, implying she wants to be with him. In Chinese Fake-Out, Alejandro questions how Blaineley got to the finish line first on her rickshaw but Blaineley responds "A good reporter never reveals her sources", not wanting to expose her alliance with Chef. Later in the same episode, Alejandro tells Duncan that he voted for Blaineley, believing Heather could have his help. When Blaineley is eliminated, she tells him and Heather to "give it up and make out already".


Alejandro catches Bridgette as she falls.

At the start of Total Drama World Tour, Bridgette frequently finds herself falling for Alejandro's charms, despite already being in a relationship with Geoff. She finds herself constantly reminding herself that she already has a boyfriend, but with progressively more uncertainty the more time she spends with Alejandro continue. Following Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, where Alejandro tricks Bridgette and resulting in her elimination, Bridgette no longer shows any feelings for him and openly speaks out her disdain against him throughout the Aftermath shows.


In Moon Madness, when Cameron is transferred to the Villainous Vultures, Alejandro gives him a menacing glare when he greets his team. In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Alejandro, along with Heather and Courtney, mocks Cameron for his nerdy looks. After their team loses the challenge that day, Cameron is persuaded by Heather to vote for Alejandro, along with the rest of his team, but is shocked to find out that he has the invincibility statue and is therefore safe from being eliminated.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Cameron is impressed by how he survived his night on Boney Island. Later on during the challenge, he is angered when Alejandro drives off in his boat and splashes water on him.

Alejandro offers to save Cameron, but is turned down.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Alejandro discovers Mal's true nature by seeing through the monitors of Mal attempting to frame him for rigging the votes against Cameron in the previous episode. When Alejandro sabotages Mal's plans by planting the evidence on Mike's bed, he watches as Cameron becomes angry and loses trust in everyone. Later in the challenge, he offers to save Cameron after he falls into a hole, but Cameron declines, since he doesn't trust anyone but Mike and Zoey. Out of patience, Alejandro had no choice but to ditch Cameron and leave him to his fate, but later regrets it.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Alejandro and Cameron are put on opposing teams to aid the two finalists (Mal and Zoey respectively). Alejandro and Heather immediately begin to fight for the money after Chris announces anyone can win it, but Cameron (still loyal to Zoey) stands in their way, making Alejandro laugh that Cameron could never stop him.

Chef Hatchet

Even the tough-as-nails Chef Hatchet is shown to take a liking to Alejandro in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, admiring his looks when Heather is in the cockpit confessional. Alejandro also compliments his flying skills, much to Chef's pleasure. In Newf Kids on the Rock, Chef drags Alejandro back into the building to keep him from messing with the fish outside.


Chris describes Alejandro as "a reality producers' dream and everyone else's nightmare" in Newf Kids on the Rock.

Chris first introduces Alejandro as one of the contestants for the "fake season" in order to fool the others to sign up for another season. During Total Drama World Tour, Chris enjoys mocking and tormenting Alejandro, despite respecting him as a good antagonist. At the end of the season, Chris places a badly injured Alejandro into the Drama Machine in order for him to recover as well as to prevent him from filing a lawsuit against Chris.


Alejandro shoves Cody out of his way.

Alejandro and Cody's very first interaction hinted at a rivalry instantly; when Alejandro arrives on the red carpet in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, he walks past Cody and deliberately shoves him out of his way, knocking him to the ground.

Alejandro doesn't focus much on Cody for most of Total Drama World Tour  until the final four when he attempts to gain Cody's trust after the merge by helping him to stay away from Sierra. Once they reach the final three, the two of them compete fiercely with each other for a spot in the final two, only for them to end up in a tie. The two face-off in a tie breaker challenge in Hawaiian Punch, which Alejandro won. Despite his defeat, Cody is still determined to make sure Alejandro does not win the season and volunteers to help Heather to defeat him.



- Courtney

Although not initially pursuing her compared to other, more willing females, Alejandro eventually is convinced later in the game by Duncan to go after Courtney as a means to weaken her team and make things better for his own situation. While Courtney falls madly for Alejandro's charm, he stands on a thin line between both assisting and liking Courtney, ultimately opting to simply manipulate her feelings for him and lead her into her own downfall. Throughout the whole season, Courtney seems to be completely blind to Alejandro's true nature, and is his only supporter in the finale, even when everyone else hates him. Eventually, she loses interest in him and gains interest in Scott instead.


Alejandro encourages DJ in Jamaica Me Sweat.

Alejandro tries to manipulate DJ into an alliance once he becomes the sole remaining member of Team Victory, even fooling him into believing that kissing a cod would destroy his curse, in Newf Kids on the Rock. Their conflict becomes even worse when DJ believes that the curse is gone. In Jamaica Me Sweat, Alejandro indirectly admits to DJ while talking to Tyler that he put the Egyptian symbol on there just to trick DJ into making an alliance with him, but when Chris says he cannot join Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, Alejandro sabotages DJ's course in the bobsleds, causing his elimination. Alejandro tries to admit in the confessional what he's doing is all strategic but laughs anyway at DJ's expense. In Hawaiian Style, when Bridgette asks who in the gallery has been kicked out of the game because of Alejandro, a sad looking DJ raises his hand. He, along with everyone else (except Courtney), is seen glaring at him for knocking Cody in shark infested-water during Hawaiian Punch.


Alejandro and Duncan team-up to manipulate Courtney.

Although Duncan does not interact with Alejandro until his return forces the two onto the same team, he almost immediately realizes him as both an asset and a threat in the game. He chooses to work with him in manners that will help him in the game, such as trying to eliminate Courtney to protect his interests with Gwen, while likewise knowing how manipulative he is and trying to find ways to survive his own teammate.


Alejandro brings Ezekiel onto the train in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Alejandro helps Ezekiel, along with Tyler, off of the ground after Izzy jumps on his shoulders and causes him to fall over. Ezekiel seems fairly stunned by this, responding, "Wow, eh." Alejandro is the first to be captured by Ezekiel in I See London.... However, in African Lying Safari, Alejandro tricks Ezekiel into saving him and Duncan from a pit of quicksand, and he and Heather later use Ezekiel to attack Duncan in order to get him voted out, also capturing Ezekiel and winning the challenge in the process.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Alejandro ends up inside the same train car as Ezekiel, opening the crate that he is inside when he hears him whimpering. He calls him a disgrace when he first sees him, but also calls him "amigo", and agrees to let him out if he promises to behave. He forms a temporary alliance with Ezekiel after this, and even has him attack Heather once he realizes that they're on the same train. In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Alejandro was the fourth person to be captured by Ezekiel. After placing him in the cage with the other captured contestants, Ezekiel proceeds to throw food at them.


Geoff's doodle of Alejandro as a devil.

Ever since Geoff discovered that Bridgette has cheated on him with Alejandro in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, he has harbored a deep dislike of him, mocking and complaining about him at every given opportunity such as calling him "Ale-jerk-dro" throughout the season. In Hawaiian Style, Geoff draws him as a devil.


Alejandro charming Gwen in Evil Dread.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, after Gwen was attacked by several eels and was electrocuted, Alejandro dived into the lagoon and carried her to safety. However, he only does this so he can steal the gold necklaces she found. In Greece's Pieces, Alejandro plays a role in ruining Gwen's friendship with Courtney by making Tyler reveal her secret affair with Duncan. Gwen, like most contestants, would choose to support Cody over Alejandro in Hawaiian Style and cheers for his defeat in Heather's ending of Hawaiian Punch.

In Evil Dread, after Gwen loses her patience with her team's inability to work together, she accidentally trips over Alejandro who calms her by complimenting her appearance. In the confessional, Gwen, despite being aware of Alejandro's true nature, begins to daydream about him, admiring his eyes.

Like Heather and Jo, Alejandro attempts to pull Gwen into an alliance with him in Saving Private Leechball by allowing her to assume leadership of their team. When Courtney is glaring at Gwen, Alejandro tells her that if he was her boyfriend, he would protect her. In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Gwen and Courtney both insult Alejandro when his boat stops.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Gwen asks Alejandro if he wanted to team up with her as she is afraid to enter the mine alone and her previous attempt with Courtney being rejected. However, Alejandro refuses as he wanted to claim the reward for his own. Later, when Alejandro gets his foot stuck between some rocks, he cries for help and even calls up for Gwen, asking if she still wants to partner with him. After Gwen wins the challenge, she chooses Alejandro to be exiled at Boney Island as his punishment.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Gwen is shocked to hear from Zoey that Alejandro refused to help Cameron in the previous episode, stating that it is harsh even by his standards. As revenge for her friend, Gwen agrees to help "Mike" and Zoey to vote off Alejandro that night. During the challenge, Alejandro tries to tell Gwen not to trust Mike, but Mal (Mike's evil personality) silenced him before he could finish his sentence.


Alejandro manipulates Harold into quitting in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Alejandro pep talks Harold before the challenge starts causing him to become overconfident of himself. After Team Victory loses, Alejandro convinces him to quit the competition, in order to maintain his honor, also adding that it would surely impress Leshawna. Harold blindly obliges and takes the Drop of Shame in place of DJ (who received the most votes). Eventually, Harold comes to realize Alejandro's treachery and begins to hate him.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Harold and Bridgette join Leshawna as backup dancers during Sisters, where she sings about her hatred for Alejandro. In Hawaiian Style, Harold raises his hand angrily when Bridgette asks who was eliminated due to Alejandro's manipulation. Like majority of the cast, Harold chooses to support Cody over Heather or Alejandro. In Hawaiian Punch, after Cody loses the tie-breaker challenge, Harold joins him to help Heather beat Alejandro in the finale. During Versus, Harold badmouths Alejandro while rapping, causing the latter to hurl a lightning bolt at him. After Heather gets locked in a cage by a trap during the challenge, Harold joins Cody in encouraging her to defeat Alejandro. Like most competitors, Harold cheers for Heather when she defeats Alejandro in her ending.


Alejandro and Heather share a kiss.

While most of the girls are smitten with Alejandro, Heather seems fully aware that he's playing them and denies her own obvious attraction towards him. He often compliments and flirts with her, as he had done with other female contestants, while Heather often responds to with disgust to him. However, as the season gets closer to its end, Heather begins to fall for Alejandro, and Alejandro in turn, starts falling for Heather. By the end of Total Drama World Tour, the two of them confess their love for each other and have their first kiss but Heather betrays him, choosing the prize money over him. This results in Alejandro being burned alive in lava and has to be placed in a mechanical suit for a while.

Two seasons later, Alejandro is finally free from the Drama Machine and continues his feud with Heather, still carrying a grudge on her for leaving him to near death. In order to make her feel guilty for what she did to him, Alejandro pretends to walk on his hands, even though his legs have already recovered. Despite their ongoing conflict, the two of them still have feelings for each other. After their elimination, the two of them finally put their differences aside and start dating.


Alejandro instructs Izzy to talk to the camel in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2.

In Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1 after Izzy falls over, Alejandro helps her up, making her smitten by his looks. In Slap Slap Revolution, Alejandro picks Izzy up and tosses her off the meat grinder and onto Noah, instructing him to make sure Izzy doesn't go near it again. In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Alejandro grows increasingly frustrated with Izzy's wacky personality and inability to take things seriously, and is once again pushed to his breaking point. Alejandro distracts her by telling her that Chef was looking for her, making Izzy run off and leave Alejandro alone.

Izzy, along with everyone else except Courtney, glares at Alejandro for nearly killing Cody in the tie-breaker challenge of Hawaiian Punch and cheers in Heather's ending when Heather defeats him in the final challenge.


In Heroes vs. Villains, Jo carries Alejandro to the Spa Hotel door, due to being paralyzed from the waist down. In Evil Dread, she mockingly informs Alejandro that there's a crab pinching his foot, to which he responds by crushing it with his shovel. In Saving Private Leechball, Alejandro and Jo (along with Heather) get in a dispute when attempting to drag Gwen into an alliance. While Jo is in the confessional, she calls Alejandro "Ale-handwalker" while insulting her whole team.


Alejandro fights José in Suckers Punched.

In Hawaiian Punch, Alejandro admits to greatly dislikes his older brother as he was always tormented by him in his childhood. It is also revealed that the reason why he hates Owen (or anyone, for that matter) calling him "Al" is due to José having always called him that.

In Suckers Punched, Alejandro's opponent is revealed to be his brother, José in a boxing match, due to being his biggest fear. After José mocks Heather's personality, Alejandro become angry and attacks his brother and wins the challenge.

Katie and Sadie

Sadie cheers for Alejandro in the finale.

Despite having not met him prior to Hawaiian Punch and having prior knowledge of him being evil, Katie and Sadie choose to side with Alejandro along with Tyler, Lindsay and Courtney. The two of them are obliviously attracted to him as Katie is staring at him with a dreamy expression while Sadie calls him "Ale-hunk-dro." However, the two of them glare at him when he nearly kills Cody, and switch sides to Heather after that, as shown when they cheer for her, when she kicks him. Sadie is then moved by Alejandro and Heather's kiss near the end of the episode.


Alejandro saves Leshawna from falling out the plane.

Leshawna's attraction to Alejandro begins in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, after he saves her from falling out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet when a hole breaks through the wall. Harold doesn't seem to mind Leshawna flirting with Alejandro, despite DJ teasing him. Later on in the episode, Leshawna is shown with Izzy, Lindsay and Bridgette cooing over Alejandro's paternal skills when he charms a panda bear. Leshawna's feelings for Alejandro cause her to be even more unimpressed with Harold as the episode goes on. In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Leshawna cuddles with Alejandro for warmth, along with Izzy and Lindsay.

Alejandro pushes Leshawna off the plane after blowing her a kiss.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Alejandro begins to compliment Leshawna as a tactic, which she falls for. Despite Heather's warning that Alejandro is not who he seems, Leshawna still falls for him, saying that anyone Heather can't stand means that he must be alright. Alejandro then gets Leshawna eliminated due to her over-confidence. When Leshawna is about to take the Drop of Shame, she grabs onto the doorway and manages to hang on. Alejandro is hiding behind one of the large tiki statues and then pushes her off after blowing her a kiss. Only then does she finally realize that he is evil.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Leshawna appears as a guest in the aftermath studio where she expresses her anger at Alejandro, stating that she hates him even more than Heather. She later sings a song, along with Bridgette and Harold that shows her dislike for Alejandro.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Alejandro uses Leshawna as an example in This Is How We Will End It as to why he should not help Heather.

Leshawna vocally makes her opinion of Alejandro known in Hawaiian Punch, saying both Alejandro and Heather are going down, then challenging either one of them to pick her for their team.


In Evil Dread, Alejandro was annoyed by Lightning's stupidity as well as for not focusing on the challenge, considering him way too arrogant. Alejandro also glares at him, along with the rest of the team after he miscounts the number of puzzle pieces they have. 


At the start of Total Drama World Tour, Lindsay's attraction to Alejandro causes some issues with her relationship with Tyler, which was already strained due to the repeated fact that Lindsay often forgets his name. Throughout the season, Lindsay continues to be attracted to Alejandro's good looks and compliments while being oblivious to his true nature. There are times however that Alejandro dislikes Lindsay's poor intelligence and makes fun of her. When Alejandro reaches the final three, Lindsay is among those who support him from the very beginning, as she was one of the few people he didn't manipulate. During the finale however, she glares at him for almost killing Cody. When Tyler is out cold, Alejandro chose Lindsay as his helper instead much to her delight. Despite that, she still cheered for Heather, after she kicked Alejandro down the volcano.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Lindsay was surprised to see Alejandro back in the competition. She asks him when he got there, to which Alejandro replies that he was there the entire time.


Mal approaches Alejandro, and offers to make an alliance.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Alejandro is approached by Mike who he agrees to forming an alliance with. However Alejandro shortly discovers the truth about Mike's evil personality Mal, which led to the two villains having a major, but short-lived conflict.

In the next episode, Alejandro discovers that Mike is not who he seems to be after reviewing clips of him destroying the other campers' personal belongings in past episodes. He also finds that Mal attempts to frame him for rigging the previous votes, and quickly enters the losers' cabin to place the evidence under Mike's bed instead. Satisfied with the turn of events, Alejandro keeps the disc as an insurance policy. During the challenge, after both of them are caught by Ezekiel, "Mike" accuses Alejandro for leaving Cameron "hanging for his life". However, Alejandro states that he never mentioned that Cameron was "hanging."

Alejandro threatening Mal in The Obsta-Kill Kourse.

Tension between the two heightens in The Obsta-Kill Kourse. While Alejandro is away for exile duty on Boney Island, Mal manages to gain the other contestants' trust in order to vote off Alejandro, knowing how big of a threat he is especially now that he knows of his secret. He first lies and tells Zoey that Alejandro left Cameron to die in the previous episode and then tells Courtney and Scott it was Alejandro's plan to break them apart by making Cameron to kiss her (even though it was Mal who thought it up). After coming back from exile, Alejandro threatens to reveal Mal's secret to the others but Mal is not afraid because he knows that nobody will believe "the most manipulative contestant in Total Drama history." Alejandro then grabs Mal's shirt and threatens him by revealing the DVD, but Mal displays his immense strength and easily overpowers him by crushing his wrist. With his wrist almost dislocated, Alejandro has no choice but to concede defeat, and pretends he won't reveal Mal's secret.

Throughout the challenge, Alejandro attempts to warn the other contestants but is foiled each time. He tries to warn Gwen first but Mal quickly throws a tire at him before he can finish his sentence. During the rope climbing course, Alejandro almost falls as his rope made of licorice is chewed by Mal earlier but he is able to grab the ledge in time. At the Snapping Bars, Alejandro clings onto Mal in attempt to drop him into the pond filled with snapping turtles. However, Mal summons the power of Svetlana and overpowers him using her athletic abilities. Before he can finish him off, Mal loses Svetlana's abilities (due to Mike saving her in his mind) and falls into the pond. Later, Mal kicks Alejandro into the open field while feigning to aid him, allowing Chef to shoot leeches at him continuously. At the final part of the challenge, Mal grabs hold of Alejandro, slowing him down and the two of them fall into the river, sealing Alejandro's fate that night. As he takes the Flush of Shame, Alejandro warns the others about the DVD containing Mal's secret located somewhere inside the Spa Hotel.

Alejandro and Heather are both randomly chosen by Mal to help him in The Final Wreck-ening, though he doesn't seem to need their help. At one point, Mal attempts to throw Heather into the toxic moat, but Alejandro quickly stops him from killing his girlfriend, telling him to instead use a long stick to pole vault across. After reaching the other side, Mal refuses to help them to get across. After Mike regains control of his body and Chris declares that anyone can win the million dollars, Mike uses Svetlana's abilities to leap and land on Alejandro's shoulders to give him one of Fang's broken teeth. This causes the mutant shark to start chasing Alejandro until the end of the episode.


Noah warns his team about Alejandro before leaving.

The two players were placed on the same team in Total Drama World Tour. While it appears that the two of them seem to show respect towards one another from the beginning, in truth, neither one can stand the other, but both keep it to themselves for the most part. Noah is one of the few contestants to be aware of Alejandro's true nature from the start, describing him as a "slippery eel." Upon knowing that Noah doesn't trust him, Alejandro votes him off before he can tell anyone.


Alejandro at long last succeeds in eliminating Owen.

When Owen was placed in the same team with Alejandro in Total Drama World Tour, he attempts to make friends with him and calls him "Al" as he is unable to pronounce his name properly. Alejandro on the other hand hates Owen for being worthless as well as having disgusting habits. After Owen was warned by his friends, Owen becomes aware of Alejandro's true nature but by then, it was too late and Owen was eliminated due to Alejandro's scheme.


Alejandro and Sam face off in Food Fright.

Alejandro and Sam become rivals in Food Fright after he repetitively insults Sam and his team. This makes Sam furious and he challenges the former antagonist. Alejandro continues to underestimate his opponent, rushing past him while calling him "Game Child". This pushes Sam too far and he 'powers up', catching up to the Spaniard so that both of them get kicked into the Salad Spinner together. Sam manages to jump out first, but Alejandro prevents Sam from touching the ground by grabbing onto his underwear. Unfortunately for him, a bee stings him at his "sexy cheek", causing him to let Sam go and giving the Heroes a temporary win before their loss announcement later. At the elimination ceremony, Sam teases Alejandro for possibly being eliminated, which makes Alejandro glare at him.


In Heroes vs. Villains, Alejandro is accidentally pushed into the lake by Lightning when he attempts to get Scott to participate the challenge. This results in Alejandro's robot body being damaged by the sharks and free him from the Drama Machine for the first time in 2 years. In the confessional, Alejandro sarcastically states that he should "thank Scott for his cowardice."

Much like the rest of the contestants, Scott doesn't fully trust Alejandro, especially after learning that he pretended that his legs are paralyzed and eliminating Heather in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition after stealing the McLean-Brand Chris Head from her. In Suckers Punched, Scott joins the rest of his team to criticize Alejandro for his actions in the previous episode by calling him names, including "Al", the name which Alejandro despised. Despite this, Scott admits in You Regatta Be Kidding Me that he has a degree of respect for Alejandro, since he believes that the two of them are the only true villains left on the team.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Alejandro attempts to warn Scott about Mike being not who he really is but Scott couldn't hear him as he is being electrocuted at the moment. Later in the challenge, Scott believes that it was Alejandro who ruined his relationship with Courtney by convincing Cameron to kiss her in the previous episode by Mal and agrees to vote him off.


Sierra fights and defeats Alejandro in Slap Slap Revolution.

The two of them are newcomers to the series in Total Drama World Tour. Sierra is one of the few females to never develop an attraction towards Alejandro, and disliked him from their first interaction, knowing that he cannot be trusted. The conflict intensifies after the merge where Alejandro tries to turn Cody against her. In retaliation, Sierra will gain the help of Heather to eliminate him.


Tyler and Alejandro don't get off to a good start.

After a short while of being on the same team together, Alejandro begins to see Tyler as an alliance member. Although he held no respect for Tyler, and grew to hate him for his clumsiness, stupidity, and extremely poor physical capabilities. On the other hand Tyler generally respected Alejandro until his downfall. Despite this he still chose to root for him in Hawaiian Punch, most possibly because Lindsay was cheering for him as well. He is one of only two contestants, who did not glare at Alejandro, after nearly killing Cody (as he is knocked out at the time), the other one being Courtney. However at the finale, when Tyler wakes up he ultimately goes against Alejandro, by cheering for Heather, when she kicks him in the groin and wins the million dollars.


Alejandro fighting Zoey in the opening sequence of season five.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Alejandro implies that something might have happened to Cameron, which leads Zoey to angrily accuse Alejandro of harming him. Though he protests his innocence and claims he tried to help Cameron, but was refused.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Zoey is convinced by Mike (secretly Mal) that Alejandro refused to help Cameron in the previous episode and intentionally let him fall. She then convinces Gwen to help them to vote him off that night. During the challenge, Alejandro tries to warn Zoey about Mal but he's shot by Chef before he can finish his sentence. Later in the episode, Zoey hears Alejandro call Mike "Mal" and is convinced that Alejandro knows something about him. As he is taking the Flush of Shame, Alejandro manages to tell Zoey about the DVD he found in the monitor room and she takes this in consideration.

In the next episode, Zoey is still trying to find what Alejandro meant about a "greater evil lurking" and "the truth is in the art" before he left. Finding his message confusing, Zoey calls Alejandro "typical" in the confessional and also adds that he is "hot and infuriating right till the end".

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