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Bridgette gets along with everyone since the beginning of the show.

Throughout the series, Bridgette's optimistic and friendly attitude has led her to befriend nearly everyone she has competed with, with her only major conflicts being with mean-spirited people such as Alejandro, Blaineley, Chris, Duncan, Eva, and Heather. Bridgette has a magnetic personality, which makes people like her. However, due to her clumsiness she often leads people into getting hurt, such as breaking Courtney's violin. Whenever she makes a mistake, she does her best to compensate for it, earning her a good reputation with her team. Despite her faults, Bridgette is arguably the kindest and most benevolent Total Drama contestant there is. Her kind attitude reflects in her interactions.



Bridgette with Lindsay and Alejandro.

Alejandro and Bridgette meet when she falls on top of Izzy, Tyler, and Ezekiel, and Alejandro helps her up. Throughout Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Bridgette and Alejandro are seen flirting with one another, and Alejandro even carries her (along with Lindsay) up the pyramid. Bridgette shows attraction to Alejandro; however, in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better Bridgette ends up falling on top of Alejandro after she jumps from one ice block to another, causing them to kiss. Bridgette calls this 'an accident' and later on Alejandro asks for another accident, which causes Bridgette to get her tongue stuck to a pole. This later causes Team Victory to lose the challenge. She is shown to regret her interactions with him in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, dubbing him as "Ale-heinous".


Beth waves

Beth welcomes Bridgette with a friendly hello.

Beth tries to be nice with Bridgette, being the first female to welcome her in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Beth discovers that Geoff and Bridgette's relentless make-out session is the source of the mysterious sucking sound that scares the contestants. When the two of them get eliminated, Beth is seen smiling when they make-out instead of having the others' disgusted faces. In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Beth reveals that she calls Bridgette by a friendly nickname, "Bridgey."

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Beth convinces Bridgette to come out of the green room and into the main Aftermath studio. She also demands for Blaineley and Geoff to let Bridgette sing her own way. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Beth is shown to be quite worried about Bridgette and mad at Blaineley for tricking her off the show.


Blaineley Gone Insane

Blaineley kidnaps Bridgette and sends her off to Siberia.

When Blaineley becomes a co-host for the aftermath shows in Total Drama World Tour, her more sadistic methods puts her at odds with both Geoff and Bridgette. She also tries to humiliate Bridgette further by revealing of her unfaithfulness towards Geoff during her time on the show. Despite all of the trouble she has caused, including sending her to Siberia, Bridgette appears to be the only one who feels sorry when she is severely injured. She also prompts Geoff to call for help to rescue Blaineley from the water in Hawaiian Style.


IMG 0859

Bridgette helps Bruno with his injured paw.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, after the bear's paw gets hurt, Bridgette helps him, naming him Bruno, and stays in Siberia until his paw is fully healed. In Hawaiian Style, Bruno follows Bridgette to the show, having become possessive of her after seeing how she cared for him. He attacks anyone who comes within three feet of her, including her boyfriend Geoff. Despite this, he spends the end of the episode licking Blaineley's head.

Chef Hatchet

In Brunch of Disgustingness, after Bridgette refuses to eat Chef's dolphin hot dogs, Chef complains in the confessional about it, although he might have not been referring directly to Bridgette. In Hide and Be Sneaky, after being sprayed by skunks, Bridgette begs Chef to spray her. Chef is reluctant at first, but he ultimately does it. In Alien Resurr-eggtion, when Chef sees Bridgette and Geoff making out, he states that "he once knew a love like that", before shooting them with his paintball gun.


It's Briddgy

Chris welcomes Bridgette to the island.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., he high-rates Bridgette and DJ's meal. When Bridgette is eliminated in Hide and Be Sneaky, Chris says that even he is shocked despite already knowing what would be the result.

In the first aftermath, Chris, disguised as Steve the Yeti, angrily questions Geoff and Bridgette about why they have a show now and tells them they stink, since he apparently was not informed of Total Drama Action Aftermath's production.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, a flashback shows Chris about to use his tanning booth, only to discover Bridgette and Geoff are making out inside it. A horrified Chris angrily calls them out for tainting it.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, when singing Come Fly With Us, Chris is explaining the punishment for not singing. Bridgette interrupts him and takes his copy of the rules and sings "All contestants must sing in each show". Chris glaring at her after she does so. In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Chris mocks Bridgette after she gets stuck to a pole, even forcing her to sing with Team Amazon while still stuck and taunts her with a bottle of warm water, which he drinks before tossing the almost empty bottle to the ground near her without reach for her. He leaves without helping her. Bridgette, along with many other contestants, laugh when Ezekiel sinks Chris and Chef's boat in Hawaiian Punch.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Bridgette is angry that Chris makes her demonstrate to the newcomers on how to set off the mine. Chris also didn't care when Bridgette is injured by the explosion.


In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Cody flirts with the girls on the dock and these include Bridgette. But like other female contestants, she doesn't seem too attracted to him. In Phobia Factor, a garbage-covered Cody causes Bridgette to fail her challenge by scaring her enough to make her run away back to the camp, screaming in fear.

In Hawaiian Style, Bridgette states that Cody is gentle and sweet while going over the three finalists. Later, she scolds Geoff for drawing Cody as a girl.


Different girls

Bridgette and Courtney partner with each other in Up the Creek.

Courtney and Bridgette get along very well during the course of the series and they become good friends before Courtney's elimination. In Not Quite Famous, Bridgette and Courtney are off to a rocky start after Bridgette accidentally breaks Courtney's violin but Courtney shows genuine concern for her well being later on when Bridgette feels queasy while performing her talent later on. In Up the Creek, Bridgette and Courtney team up during the challenge and Bridgette talks to Courtney about Geoff's crush on her. In Basic Straining, they share some food that Courtney and Duncan stole from Chef. Bridgette appears to be Courtney's only remaining friend, not having any sort of hatred towards her like the other contestants.


Backstabber (85)

Bridgette and Dakota hang on for dear life.

Chris selects both Bridgette and Dakota in Backstabbers Ahoy! to demonstrate on how the challenge works. When Fang eats part of the canoe they are on, Bridgette looks worried as Dakota is closer to that part. Dakota curled up against her for protection as she backed away from Fang. They are both seen in a demo of the challenge, where they are sent flying after one of the demo charges in the lake exploded.



DJ and Bridgette team up for the challenge.

DJ and Bridgette are shown to respect and like each other since they have similar personalities. They become good friends during their time on Total Drama Island. In If You Can't Take The Heat..., for example, they team up, high-fiving each other, and use their cooking abilities to prepare pasta. They work well, since their dish was highly-rated by Chris. DJ may have voted for Bridgette in Hide and Be Sneaky and Alien Resurr-eggtion, but that doesn't change their friendship. In The Aftermath: II, DJ kissed Bridgette on the cheek. In Total Drama World Tour's opening sequence, they are seen surfing together. They are both put on the same team in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.


In Hide and Be Sneaky, Duncan’s newly formed Guys’ alliance choose to eliminate Bridgette, finding her athletic skills a threat to them. Bridgette on the other hand joins Gwen and Leshawna to vote off Duncan because he's mean and adds that she isn't afraid to tell him that to his face. Unfortunately, due to the internal conflict between the girls, Bridgette is eliminated that night. At some point before Haute Camp-ture , Bridgette reveals that she knows of Duncan having a sweet side after being told by Courtney about the incident with DJ’s bunny in Who Can You Trust?


Duncan declines Bridgette and Geoff's offer to join his group.

In a Teletoon promo for Total Drama Action, Bridgette and Duncan are getting ready to compete in a gun fight, while glaring at each other. However, they never fight as Chef appears in a dress, scaring them. During the first two episodes of Total Drama Action, Duncan often teases Geoff and Bridgette for their constant making-out, which disgust the other castmates, including him. This prompted Duncan to reject their offer in joining his group in Alien Resurr-eggtion. Duncan most likely voted off either one of them during the Awards Ceremony and tells them to “get a room” after as they continue to make out. In The Aftermath: I, Bridgette sees Duncan as the culprit behind Gwen and Trent's break up and make fun of Duncan in the "That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" segments. In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Duncan is unable to determine where is the weirdest place Geoff and Bridgette make-out. When Chef states that Bridgette “talk about it non-stop", Duncan replies that he doesn’t bother about a girl blabbering about her love life.

In Hawaiian Style, Bridgette shows a video of Cody punching Duncan from Greece's Pieces in order to encourage the peanut gallery to support Cody.



A revenge seeking Eva targets Bridgette.

Eva has an intensed yet minor hatred towards Bridgette, first stemming from Heather's manipulation in The Big Sleep, in which Eva accuses her team mates for stealing her MP3 player and went on a rampage until Heather it to her. Because of her out of control temper, Bridgette and the rest of the team to vote off Eva after she undergo an unstoppable rampage. 

When Eva returns to the competition in No Pain, No Game, she primarily targets Bridgette, being the only other female member of the Killer Bass left, for voting her off. She also tries to take Bridgette's bunk in the cabin but Leshawna defends her friend. During the challenge, Eva forces Lindsay to choose Bridgette to take the next torture; sitting in a bucket of leeches. However, Geoff willingly take Bridgette's place in order to protect her. After Bridgette does her own torture, she chose Eva, under encouragement from the other contestants. However, Eva easily beats Sasquatchanakwa and Bridgette was eliminated from the challenge. During the Campfire Ceremony, Chris reveals the confessional videos before the ceremony and shows that Bridgette, along with several contestants, vote for Eva; Bridgette is seen covering her mouth after the videos end. By Haute Camp-ture, Eva finally learns the truth about her though it is unclear where she and Bridgette currently stands.

As Geoff and Bridgette are hosting the first aftermath of Total Drama Action, Eva, disguised as a fan, calls them only for Bridgette to scold her after her cover has been blown.

In The Aftermath: IV, when the tie breaker between Duncan and Beth ends up as another tie, Eva tells Bridgette and Geoff to hurry in making a decision because she's bored, and asks if they know what would happen if she gets bored. Bridgette is shown to be terrified by this.

Eva is visibly mad at Blaineley for sending Bridgette to Siberia in Aftermath Aftermayhem. In Hawaiian Style, Bridgette forces Eva, Justin, Leshawna, and Owen to join "Team Heather", much to Eva's annoyance.


It's implied that Ezekiel has a crush on Bridgette due to his actions in Haute Camp-ture. However, Bridgette doesn't return the feelings, probably due to the fact that she was the second most vocal about his sexist comments in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. In Total Drama World Tour, they are both placed on Team Victory, much to her annoyance. After Ezekiel makes the team lose, she votes for him during the team's first elimination ceremony.


Geoff and Bridgette kissing

Bridgette and Geoff making-out.

Geoff and Bridgette have a major romantic relationship. After admitting their love to each other early on, they share their first kiss. After this, they are have constant makeout sessions, a fact that gets on some people's nerves.They were even the first two contestants eliminated from Total Drama Action because of this. Their firm relationship has shown signs of instability while hosting the Aftermath show but they remain strong through all of this and continue to be a romantic and lovable couple.

Bridgette competes for Total Drama World Tour while Geoff does not. During his absence, Bridgette falls in love with Alejandro and overtime, she almost forgotten about Geoff's existence. After her elimination, Bridgette is ashamed of her actions and refuses to meet Geoff again. After an apology song and almost fighting against each other in a boxing match, the two make amends and started making out. From here on, Bridgette continues to host the Aftermaths with Geoff but was once again separated from him in Aftermath Aftermayhem courtesy of Blaineley. Bridgette would eventually reunite with Geoff in Hawaiian Style but every time they attempt to kiss, Bruno interferes.

Bridgette was supposed to compete Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race with Geoff but couldn't make it due to a surfing competition in Australia and she was replaced with Brody.



Gwen and Bridgette talk before going to sleep.

Gwen and Bridgette are great friends on Total Drama Island. Their friendship has grown up since its formation in X-Treme Torture, and Bridgette once said that Gwen and Leshawna are her best friends on the island and have been very nice to her. Gwen and Bridgette are shown to have already been friends when they see and begin to chat about a haiku poem and think it is either by Trent for Gwen or Geoff for Bridgette. Though at first they are certain the other's respective romantic interest wrote it for that person, they start arguing with each other, supporting their own love interest once Gwen accidentally and non-intentionally insults Geoff's intelligence. After the fight, Bridgette and Gwen hug each other as a sign of forgiveness.



Harold tries to comfort Bridgette to not be upset over the paintball challenge in Paintball Deer Hunter.

Bridgette, unlike Courtney, appreciates Harold's contribution to their team and is thankful that he manages to end their losing streak twice. In the first season, they are paired up in most of the challenges and work well to help their team to win.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, when Bridgette first arrives to the island, she almost knocks Harold, Trent and Duncan with her surfboard twice while greeting Beth and Geoff.

In Dodgebrawl, much like everyone, Bridgette is amazed by Harold's dodging skills. When Harold sits down with the team for a time out, Bridgette holds the water bottle for him and squirts it into his mouth. She then joins the rest of the Killer Bass in chanting Harold's name when he faces-off with Owen and joins in carrying him in celebration after he wins.

In Not Quite Famous, Courtney and Bridgette reluctantly choose Harold to replace Geoff as he is the only one left on their team who is still available. Surprisingly, Harold's beat-boxing skills are able to impress Chef enough to give the Killer Bass their second victory against the Screaming Gophers. Bridgette and Courtney are amazed by this and congratulate Harold by hugging him.


Harold succeeds at catching Bridgette.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Bridgette and Harold are chosen to be the hunters of their team. Bridgette is hesitant about being a hunter due to her peaceful nature. However, Harold reminds her that the game is "all pretend" and that they're not really killing anything. He finally reminds her that Heather is one of the "deers" and this is enough to get Bridgette's attention, due to her dislike of Heather. After they shoot Heather and the other Gophers, Bridgette and Harold give each other a high five.

In If You Can't Take The Heat... , Bridgette clearly disapproves of Geoff, DJ, and Duncan pranking Harold, but is participates with the other female campers for the boys' final prank of stranding Harold naked on the dock. 

In Who Can You Trust?, Bridgette and Harold are paired together during the Blind Trapeze Challenge. Bridgette is initially terrified but Harold convinces her to trust him and manages to successfully catch her, making their team the winner of that part of the challenge. In X-treme Torture, Bridgette glares at Harold after he costs the challenge but high-fives him as he leaves. She and Gwen are among the campers to gather as Harold leaves, and are both shocked to discover that Harold was the author of the love letters they'd been finding, previously disqualifying him from their guesses for being too "Harold". 

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Bridgette is annoyed by Harold bossing their team around and his demand that they call him "sensei." She later votes for him after their team loses. 

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Harold and Bridgette join Leshawna in dancing during Sisters to express their hatred towards Alejandro for causing their eliminations. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Harold is one of many contestants that didn't appreciate it when Bridgette was sent to Siberia. In that same episode, Harold, along with Geoff and The Drama Brothers, sing a song as a form of humiliation conga towards Blaineley. In Hawaiian Style , Harold suggests brewing Kava tea to calm down Bruno , the bear Bridgette helped in Siberia who had grown protective of her. He feeds Bruno the tea which allows for Bridgette to continue on without worrying about Bruno attacking Geoff or her friends. 



Tension between Heather and Bridgette rises in Brunch of Disgustingness.

In Not Quite Famous, when Heather tries to accuse Bridgette of sabotaging Courtney on purpose, so she could get her "fifteen seconds of fame" and further aggravate her by teasing that she'll gain more weight if she eats too much chips, Bridgette retaliates by throwing her bag of chips at her. After Heather reads Gwen's diary to the entire viewing world, Bridgette greatly disapproves of her action. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Bridgette isn't very happy about being a hunter in the paintball gun challenge, until Harold reminds her that she can shoot Heather. This encourages Bridgette to participate in the challenge with confidence.

The true conflict between the two rises in Brunch of Disgustingness. Being the only girl from the Killer Bass left, Heather sees this as an opportunity to bring Bridgette into her alliance and attempts to lure her in by pretending to be nice to her, such as asking her what she washes her hair with and offering her makeup. However, Bridgette ultimately sides with Gwen and Leshawna instead, knowing how devious Heather really is. From then on, they becomes rivals in the competition.

In The Aftermath: I, Bridgette becomes angry at Geoff after her refers to Heather as "the hottest girl on the show". In The Aftermath: III, Bridgette greets Heather coldly, and sarcastically comments on the new wig she has. When Heather is in the electric chair, Bridgette doesn't want to pass up a chance to humiliate Heather. She plays a clip of Heather playing with num-yos, a weapon that Harold demonstrated in Full Metal Drama.

Unlike most contestants, Bridgette seems to be the only person to be supportive of Heather in Hawaiian Style. Disappointed that no one sided with her (other than Blaineley), Bridgette transfers Owen, Justin, Eva and Leshawna to Team Heather. When Heather wins in her ending of Hawaiian Punch, Bridgette cheers for her.



Izzy tries to convince Geoff and Bridgette to make up.

In No Pain, No Game where Bridgette is shocked when Izzy returns. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Izzy, along with the others, look shocked with Bridgette's elimination. Izzy also makes a lot of commentaries on the Aftermath shows; a good example is in The Aftermath: I, where Izzy tries to convince Geoff and Bridgette to make up, and when they are too angry to host the show, Izzy takes their place so the show wouldn't be a disaster. When Bridgette was really mad at Geoff and almost beats him up, Izzy stops her from doing so and tries to relax the tension between both of them. In The Aftermath: II, Izzy attempts to get back her spot as a guest. Annoyed, Bridgette calls security, in the form of Chef, to take her away. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, they both fall on Ezekiel and Tyler, and as they get up with Izzy using Bridgette for support, they both fall for Alejandro's charms at the same time (although Bridgette seems to be far more attracted to him). In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Izzy was one of the many contestants to be shocked and worried when Bridgette was sent off unfairly by Blaineley and worried about her when she was caught in an avalanche. She enjoyed and smiled at Blaineley's humiliation throughout the episode for what she did to her.


Like most of the other contestants, Bridgette has fallen for Justin's beauty and charm. Justin is shown to not support Blaineley's treatment of her in Aftermath Aftermayhem, glaring at her and later on, along with Geoff, Harold, Trent, and Sasquatchanakwa, gladly helped perform a song aimed at humiliating Blaineley.

Katie and Sadie


Bridgette tries to cheer Sadie up.

Bridgette takes a more friendly approach towards the two. Bridgette helps Katie and Sadie to figure out what is causing their butts to itch in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. In The Sucky Outdoors, Bridgette seems annoyed at both of them when they lose the challenge for their team. After Katie's elimination, Bridgette comforts Sadie. In Who Can You Trust?, Sadie is angry at her team for voting her off and calls Bridgette (as well as the rest of the team) "marshmallow-eating freaks".

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Katie and Sadie are shown to be quite worried about Bridgette when she is wrongly sent off to Siberia by Blaineley. They gasp when they see her withstand an avalanche, and later, fend off a deadly bear. They happily support Blaineley's humiliation and seemed to be enjoying her suffer for what she did to Bridgette.



Bridgette joins Leshawna's song, and dances with her and Harold.

Leshawna and Bridgette are great friends in Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. They form a great team and Leshawna doesn't think twice before defending Bridgette. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, they both are put on Team Victory. During Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Leshawna votes off Bridgette for making their team lose but shows concern for her when Chris pushes her off the plane. While reluctant to join Leshawna at first due to her dancing, Bridgette along with Harold, joined her in singing Sisters to show their hatred for Alejandro. She also recommended that the viewers quickly donate so that Leshawna would stop dancing. 


In Not Quite Famous, Lindsay, in contrast to her usually cheerful and friendly behaviour, snaps at Bridgette after becoming jealous at Bridgette who fell into Tyler's arms. Lindsay immediately yells at Bridgette to "puke on her own boyfriend". When Bridgette moves to the girls' cabin in Brunch of Disgustingness, Lindsay greets her in a friendly manner. During the eating challenges, Bridgette helps Lindsay when she has problem eating some of the disgusting food by teaching her yoga. 


Bridgette and Lindsay singing Come Fly With Us together.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Lindsay votes Bridgette off after they lost the challenge. However, Bridgette tried to warn Lindsay and the rest of Team Victory about Alejandro, but Chris pushed her off the plane.



Noah hugging Bridgette for warmth.

Surprisingly, Noah hugs Bridgette for warmth affectionately in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, however, Bridgette angrily reminds him that she has a boyfriend and shoves him off.



Bridgette doesn't want Owen to participate in the "Truth or Electrocution".

Owen votes for Bridgette along with the rest of the guys in Hide and Be Sneaky, but in The Very Last Episode, Really!, Bridgette is, at first, one of the campers who choose to support Gwen over Owen (despite being on opposite sides with her boyfriend). However, after Owen declares that he would throw a wild party if he won the money, she switches to his side, despite being friends with Gwen. In The Aftermath: II, Bridgette is shown talking about how sorry she feels for Owen after he breaks his jaw. In The Aftermath: III, the two finally have their first proper interaction, with Bridgette welcoming Owen to the stage and consoling him over his jaw injury. Owen thinks she has nice eyes, flattering her. Unlike Geoff, who tortures Owen in the hopes of higher ratings, Bridgette treated Owen humanely, a gesture he returns. She discouraged him from sitting in Geoff's electric chair out of concern for him, but Owen assures her he can take it. When Bridgette briefly breaks up with Geoff, she has Owen forward all her comments to Geoff, as she didn't want to talk to Geoff herself, and Owen complies. Finally, Owen helps Bridgette strap Geoff in the electric chair in order to straighten out his attitude, which ultimately helps Geoff to admit his affections for Bridgette and allow them to make up. Owen comments on what a "spark" the two share. 

In Hawaiian Style, when Bridgette was worried about Blaineley's situation, she asked help from Owen, who she called "a nice guy".



A photo caught by Celebrity Manhunt showing Bridgette angry at Geoff for giving an autograph to Sierra.

In a report shown in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Sierra is one of the stalkers Geoff has to put up with. Bridgette becomes angry when she sees Geoff signing Sierra's stomach.


In Search and Do Not Destroy, Bridgette votes Trent off after Leshawna's influence only to realize later that he is innocent. Along with most of the other contestants, she feels sad for Gwen and Trent's confusion and waves good bye to him when he is leaving the island. In The Aftermath: I, Bridgette is shown to be friendly and kind towards Trent and firmly defends his side on the Gwen-Trent discussion, being on "Team Trent". Trent was shown to be one of those most angry at Blaineley in Aftermath Aftermayhem, when she had Bridgette sent off to Siberia, instead of herself. He, along with Justin, Harold, and Geoff, sing a song to humiliate Blaineley as retaliation.


Bridge & Ty

Bridgette and Tyler smile at each other, feeling confident about the first challenge.

Tyler and Bridgette have little interaction on Total Drama Island, even though they are on the same team. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Bridgette and Tyler smile at each other on the top of the cliff. When Tyler dives and painfully lands on a buoy, Bridgette cringes at his misfortune.

In Not Quite Famous, Bridgette agrees with Courtney about Tyler not being able to represent the Bass on the challenge. In Phobia Factor, Bridgette cheers for Tyler, telling him he can conquer his fear when it is Tyler's turn in the challenge. She later teases Tyler after his elimination, saying that he wouldn't be "flying high tonight". In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Tyler tries to join up with her and Lindsay during the pyramid challenge, but he does not succeed. Later, after Tyler reaches the top of the pyramid, Bridgette accidentally pushes him off.

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