This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Chef Hatchet.



The campers prepare to throw Chef into the lake for payback of his mistreatment towards them during Total Drama Island.

Chef has constantly terrorized the contestants alongside Chris over the course of the series. As a result, the general opinion of the teens of him is not much different from his counterpart. Chef's aggression has made the contestants view him as being scary and demented. Chef also gives them disgusting meals that none of them (except Owen and Brick) enjoy. Chef's view on the contestants aren’t much different, seeing them as annoying and disrespectful teens.



Alejandro admires Chef's flying skills.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Chef appears to like Alejandro, describing him as "pretty good-looking" and "deliciously seductive" when interrupting Heather's cockpit confessional. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Alejandro insists that Chef is doing a magnificent job flying the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, which causes Chef to blush.

However, this was before Alejandro orchestrated anyone's eliminations yet. Because of this, it is possible that Chef's opinion about him may have changed over time. Also, in Newf Kids on the Rock, Alejandro is dragged back into the building by Chef, preventing him from interfering with the fish outside.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, when Alejandro's boat was inches away from the finish line and repeatedly tried to start it, Chef, along with Chris, laughed at him at his failed attempts.


Beth Questions

Beth is mad at Chef for slowing her down in the finale of Total Drama Action.

Chef and Beth don't have much of a conflict in Total Drama Island, but a minor conflict grows in Total Drama Action. In The Chefshank Redemption, Chef calls Beth's retainer disgusting. In Super Hero-ld, Chef seems to take joy in sabotaging Beth's "Lumber Woman" costume. In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Chef takes Beth and Courtney to the kitchen and freaks them out by showing them the dangerous fishes they have to cook. When Chef hands Beth her food that seems like scrambled eggs, she tells him the scrambled eggs look good, which makes him fall on the ground from laughter, to a confused Beth. In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Chef tells Beth that he wishes that he could help her, but he has a hosting job to do and leaves her with Chris. Later in the challenge, Chef asks Beth several questions, so that he can stall and catch his breath from running so much. He uses one of Beth's longer answers as an opportunity to nap. Afterwards, Beth is angry at Chef since she did not have to answer all of the follow up questions he gave her. This causes Duncan to gain the lead and Beth to fall behind. However, Beth plays a part in mending Chris and Chef's relationship in the finale when they fight.



Blaineley tries to make an alliance with Chef Hatchet.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Blaineley tells Chef that he is better than Chris, and that he should have his own show, causing him to make an illegal alliance with her, despite knowing the repercussions due to his alliance with DJ last season. During the second half of the challenge, Chef gives Blaineley edible food, such as spaghetti, meatballs and ice cream, instead of the actual disgusting food used for the challenge. However, Heather exposes them, and Blaineley is forced to switch plates with Sierra. The alliance ends when Blaineley is eliminated at the following Barf Bag Ceremony. Because of this, Chef is punished, and forced to wear the "penalty parka" in the blazing heat during the next episode.


According to Brick's Total Drama Online profile, Brick likes to eat Chef's meals.


Chef seems to dislike Bridgette because of her squeamishness around meat, and because of her happy upbeat attitude. Likewise, Bridgette dislikes Chef because of the way he treats other contestants, but otherwise shows no hostility to him.

Chef is angry at the lack of appreciation Bridgette has for his "dolphin wieners" when she refuses to eat them due to her vegetarianism in Brunch of Disgustingness. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chef says that he technically does not have to spray her since she is already sprayed by skunks. But after pleading by Bridgette, Chef douses her with water. In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan when Chef throws a Barf Bag harshly on her arm, she glares at him.


The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (6)

Cameron questions Chef's food.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Cameron recalls the events of last night when he had asked Chef Hatchet what they had been given for dinner. Chef tells him that it was turkey, before laughing evilly. Cameron figures out that the mutant turkey had all made them extra sleepy.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Cameron manages to dupe Chef, by disabling his and Lightning's tracking collars and attaching them to a mutant raccoon. Later on Chef declares Cameron the winner when Lightning backs into the pole (unaware Cameron is clinging on to him).

In Heroes vs. Villains, Chef tosses Cameron out of the helicopter, while he explains it was "highly illogical".

In The Final Wreck-ening, Cameron explains to an astounded Chef that by carving out the moats, he had doomed the whole island.


LOL Chef Chris

Chris awkwardly tries to ask Chef if he wants to see a movie together.

Chris and Chef host the show together. While the two of them find it enjoyable to watch the contestants fight for their lives for the sake of money, Chef dislikes Chris for taking all the credit for himself while he has to suffer. Feeling like he is underappreciated, Chef often ends up forming several illegal alliances with the contestants so he can get the million dollars. However, these end up failing. In the ending of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Chef betrays Chris and is pleased to see him be arrested by the government. A year later, Chef is the one to bail Chris out to host the fifth season.


Cody CockpitCon

Chef and Cody agree about falling into the Lady Liberty being a good way to die.

In a deleted (from the American version) scene of Broadway, Baby!, Cody is seen talking to Chef in the cockpit confessional about his close brush with death with Lady Liberty, saying that he thought he was going to die. Chef jokingly adds that it wouldn't be such a bad way to die, and they both laugh.


Yeah, I know, surprising

Courtney tells Chef to take a chill pill.

Chef and Courtney did not appear to have a conflict with each other early in Total Drama Island, that is until Basic Straining. During the episode, Courtney, along with Duncan stole fresh food right from under Chef's nose. When Courtney is eliminated from the last challenge, she told Chef to take a "chill pill." This infuriated Chef. Chef gets so mad that he is unable to speak back to Courtney. Chef, along with Chris throws Courtney into the Boat of Losers. Their conflict continues in Total Drama Action. In Super Hero-ld, Chef seems to enjoy being able to sabotage Courtney's "Human Cricket" costume and this gets Courtney electrocuted. In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Chef orders Courtney and Beth to make Kung-Fu Noodle Soup using the seven deadliest fish in the sea. He did not care that Courtney and Beth would most likely get hurt while doing so.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Chef pulls Courtney out of the confessional as she is angrily stamping on Gwen's passport multiple times.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Chef holds Courtney by her legs and drops her into the lake after she once again threatens to sue the show.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chef places a bomb on the paparazzi's boat and blows it up so Dakota can continue to compete. In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Chef tosses Dakota into the lake and watches her being attacked by piranhas.


In Backstabbers Ahoy!, as Dawn is about to announce the evil within her team, Chef quickly stuffs her into her own garbage bag, then places her on the Hurl of Shame, and sends her away from the island before she can reveal anything else.



Chef forcing DJ to form an alliance with him.

Initially, Chef and DJ do not have a conflict with each other, until Total Drama Action. In Riot On Set, Chef is fed up with DJ's kind attitude and pulls him away from the challenge to speak with him. Chef promises to toughen up DJ and in return, DJ must share the prize money with him if he wins. For the next few episodes, Chef gives advice to DJ during challenges as well giving him luxuries such as massages, better food and clothes, etc. DJ feels guilty for being in an illegal alliance and eventually quits the season.


Dead meat

Chef threatens Duncan if he drops him.

Duncan has one of the biggest conflicts with Chef out of all the contestants, only rivaled by his conflict with Izzy. Chef is often harsher towards him than the other contestants. In retaliation, Duncan will often disobey Chef's orders and also has a tendency to pull pranks on Chef over the course of the series.


After Ella is disqualified by Chris in Mo Monkey Mo Problems, she sings one final song before taking the Cannon of Shame. This greatly annoys Chris and he sends Chef to grab her to the cannon but Ella's bird friends pick her up, causing Chef to miss and fall down the cliff.



Ezekiel shot Chef with his own meatball bazooka.

In the opening sequence of Total Drama Island, Chef appears to have tied Ezekiel and Noah up and is about to force-feed them his cooking. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Chef kicks Ezekiel out of the plane, looking rather impatient with his ranting.

In I See London..., Chef is seen with a joyful smile when he throws Ezekiel out of the plane. In African Lying Safari, Chef is trembling with fear as he unlocks a newly feral Ezekiel's cage.

In Heroes vs. Villains, as Chef throws Ezekiel out of the helicopter, he is seen with multiple scratches and cuts on his body, hinting that Ezekiel has scratched and attacked him in protest.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Chef was shocked to find out that Ezekiel had kidnapped Chris during the announcement and order the contestants to rescue the host. However, Ezekiel easily captured most of them, leaving only Gwen and Cameron. Not wanting the series to end at the 100th episode, Chef had no choice but to rescue Chris himself and quickly rushed to the mine after arming himself. Once he reached Ezekiel's lair, Chef is about to untie Chris but Ezekiel stole his meatball bazooka and shot him.



Chef easily captures Geoff in Hide and Be Sneaky.

Chef is angered when Geoff suggests that Chris can order a pizza instead of making the campers eat Chef's food, and throws a knife at him, in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. Geoff reacts fearfully to this encounter and quickly says that he was just joking. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chef finds Geoff hiding at the top of a tree and kicks it, causing him to fall down. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Chef again easily captures Geoff as he is too busy trying to find an ice-cream truck. When he first sees Chef in a killer's outfit, Geoff asks him where the truck is. Only moments later does he realize that he was being followed by a killer and screams before fainting. Chef then picks Geoff up by his legs and brings him to the other already captured contestants. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Geoff, Duncan and Owen prepare to throw Chef into the lake with Chris.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Geoff shows a video of Chef being beaten up by Izzy. He then replays the scene where Ruby the camel sits on Chef's face. Geoff even teases Chef for his age and thus, can no longer handle this kind of injury anymore.



Chef yelling at Gwen for making a sarcastic comment about him.

While Chef and Gwen apparently have a small conflict, Chef appears to have a small degree of respect for Gwen as the series progresses. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, when Gwen complains that her food is moving, Chef smashes it with a meat tenderizer, causing it to splatter on Gwen.

In Who Can You Trust?, Chef serves the contestants Hawaiian-Italian fusion casserole for breakfast though Gwen immediately notes that the dish was actually leftovers from the previous challenge, blended together. Chef then states that she is correct and then yell at her if she have a problem with it. Frighten, Gwen immediately says no and leave the counter with her meal.

When Chef is explaining that he will be in charge with the challenges in Basic Straining, he heard Gwen making a sarcastic comment about him and angrily yells at her loudly with the megaphone, forcing Gwen to retract her comment. When Gwen ask Chef's permission to use the bathroom after completing the second challenge, Chef allows her but to clean it instead. During a break, Gwen chat with her friends and continue to doubt Chef's stories of being in a war. After Gwen wins the final challenge for her team, Chef congratulates her and tells her that he "would go to war with her anytime." Gwen replies sarcastically that she will "keep that in mind when she is choosing her career." In Are We There Yeti?, Chef reveals that he was actually going to read Gwen's diary while she was away, much to her surprise.


Chef shoves Gwen off his jeep once they reach the camp grounds.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Gwen comments to Duncan that back on Total Drama Island, often she was so hungry she could kill for Chef's disgusting food. She then adds "no offense" as she approaches Chef, who replies with "none taken", but proceeds to drop her helping off food on the floor. In The Chefshank Redemption, Chef handcuffs Gwen after she is eliminated and escorts her to the Lame-o-sine. Chef also pushes a reluctant Gwen onto the Aftermath stage in The Aftermath: II against her wishes, due to her feeling guilty of all the trouble she has caused.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Chef, after retrieving Gwen from Boney Island, rudely pushes her off his jeep in front of the cabins. In The Final Wreck-ening, Gwen scolds Chef for using a foul word on live television when he actually says "fracking."


Chef Scary

Chef yells at Harold.

Chef and Harold have a minor conflict. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, when Harold begins to complain about him getting hypoglycemic if he did not get enough sugar, Chef yells at Harold loud enough to blow his hair back. In Not Quite Famous, Harold's beatboxing performance impresses Chef enough to give the Killer Bass enough points to win the challenge. In X-Treme Torture, Chef was shocked to find out that Harold is the person who send the poems to Leshawna, not thinking that someone like Harold can be romantic or be a good poet. In the confessional, he reveals that he had been reading the letters and adds that what Harold wrote was "spicy." He is shown smiling when Harold runs to kiss Leshawna, but soon drags him back to the Boat of Losers in annoyance. 

In Masters of Disasters, Chef caught the cast complaining about his dish. Harold notices him first and tries to compliment his cooking by stating that it is "too complex for their taste buds," to everyone's agreement. Chef knows they are lying and says "I hate suck ups." Later in the challenge, Chef throws a football at Harold hard enough to knock him down from the monkey bars. In Super Hero-ld, Chef sabotages Harold's "Captain Alberta" costume by removing the Canadian logo on his costume and replacing it with another logo, while Harold was not looking. Chef is quick to throw water on Harold when his guitar catches fire in Rock 'n' Rule (though it electrocutes Harold), and is Harold praises Chef's precision with his katana while releasing him from the mecha suit in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen. When Harold was eliminated in 2008: A Space Owen, Chef grabs Harold and quickly throws him into the Lame-o-sine before he tells everyone about Owen's role as a saboteur.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, a brief clip reveals Harold in the cockpit with Chef flying the plane, where he remarks that it's cool. In another clip, Chef is seen holding a pan in order to beat up Harold as he is explaining a very complicated mathematical equation to him and the other contestants.



Heather, trying to find her key in Chef's fridge, instead finds Chef himself.

Chef seems to dislike Heather for her mean and vain attitude. For most part in the series, Chef make sure that Heather suffer and treats her badly. Each time he saw her getting injured or in someway humiliated, Chef laughs at her. In response, Heather hates Chef too and openly mocks his cooking throughout the series.

In Basic Straining, Chef demonstrate how harsh he can be by straightening all the contestants including tilting Heather's head with a rod.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Heather enters the kitchen and open the fridge, only to find Chef inside, holding a large butcher knife, with a menacing look on his face. Terrified, Heather closes the door and leaves. Some time later, Chef falls asleep and Heather has Lindsay helping her to enter the kitchen by lowering her down from the roof by rope. After successfully retrieving her key, Heather is about to leave but Lindsay was startled by a bee and almost dropped her. Luckily, Chef didn't notice her and Heather was be able to escape with both her life and key.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chef was angry when he finds Heather and Lindsay hiding in his kitchen (also known Forbidden Territory) and proceeds to chase them. As Heather runs to the lifeguard chair screaming, Chef squirts her and Lindsay with his water gun, and claims his victory. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Chef, dressed up as an escaped psycho killer, caught Heather while she is about to take a shower. This experience traumatized Heather so much that she is see huddling in fear for a while in Chris' tent.

In Are We There Yeti?, Chef pair Heather with Gwen, whom he refers to as "Grim and Grimmer." At the elimination ceremony, Chef reveals that he was going to relax with one of Heather's facials while Heather was in the forest. Heather gasps in shock when she heard this. In I Triple Dog Dare You!, one of Heather's challenge was from Lindsay; having her hair shaved by Chef. Heather was nervous because if she does not let Chef shave her hair, she will lose the challenge and will be eliminated. As Chef brought the razor blade closer to her head, Heather kicks it off his hand at the last minute but the blade lands on her head in the end, leaving her head bald. Regardless, Heather was eliminated since she refused to have her head shaved, much to her frustration.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, after Chef had eliminate Harold and Owen from the challenge, Heather mocks Chef by calling him a "glorified, dung beetle, lizard" hybrid." After defeating Izzy in yet another gruesome battle, Chef starts to chase Heather and exclaim that he is getting back at her for putting laxative in his food last season (referring to the muffin that Heather gave to Gwen under the pretense of being Trent in The Very Last Episode, Really!). Chef successfully shot her, the resulting force causes her to lose her wig as it fell into a grate. Because of this, Heather has to spend majority of the season bald.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, while Chef is trying to start the plane, Heather barges into the cockpit to use the new confessional which greatly annoys Chef as he couldn't concentrate. He then teases Heather about her alleged crush on Alejandro while she is talking about him. Frustrated, Heather leaves the cockpit.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chef is sent to retrieved Team Amazon who were captured by a group of natives. Upon finding them, Heather orders Chef to bow down to her since she is worshiped by the Zing-Zings as their queen. However, Chef isn't afraid and reveals that they are actually hired actors.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, when the Total Drama Jumbo Jet lands in the middle of the sea, Chef pushes everyone into the water, with Heather being the last person. She desperately tries to hang on one of the chairs but in the end, Chef proves stronger and throws her out of the plane, still holding on the cushion. Chef then laughs as she bounces on the water.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (14)

Chef straps a jetpack on Heather to demonstrate the challenge.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, when Chris says that Heather will be demonstrating the aerial challenge while wearing a jetpack, Chef forcefully places a jetpack on her, sending her flying through several fire rings and getting injured while landing. Later, while Chris and Chef were overseeing the challenge, Heather uses one of Chris' Gemmies to knock out the both of them and threw them off the zeppelin in order to steal the million dollars.



The interns provide Chef with special effects.

The interns evidently hate Chef Hatchet, much like they do with Chris, as he frequently uses them to test or demonstrate challenges and cares very little for their safety.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Chef Hatchet uses one of the interns to "test" the challenge, and by throwing him off the diving board.

In Rapa Phooey!, two interns help Chef to put a statue back in place after the Total Drama Jumbo Jet knocks it down. However, when Chris contacts Chef on his walkie-talkie, Chef lets go of the rope tied to the statue, causing it to fall over the interns and crushing them.

During the recap of Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Chef activates the Hurl of Shame while the female intern is cleaning it and laughs as she is launched into the air. In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, when Chef announced that he will be hosting the challenge, he made the interns provide special effects to make his "evil laugh" realistic. Later, he demonstrates the destructive power of his meatball bazooka by firing at the long haired-intern.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Chef pushes the Canadian intern off the cliff into shark infested water to demonstrate the first challenge of the season. In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, the chubby intern help Chef to fix the monitors in the control room after Chef accidentally spills coffee on them. When Chef is about to sign off before the commercial break, the intern interrupts and is about to complete his signing off but Chef scolds him.



Chef and Izzy fighting for the first time, in the main lodge.

Chef Hatchet and Izzy have an ongoing conflict throughout the series. Whenever they find each other, they usually end up in a fist fight, where Izzy usually comes out victorious. Other than that, Izzy has occasionally played around with Chef and pulls several pranks on him, which greatly annoys him.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chef throws the trampoline at Jo after she laughs at him, which knocks her to the ground. In Ice Ice Baby, Jo taunts Chef while he is throwing objects at the contestants which only angers the cook further.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Chef attempts to push Jo out of the helicopter, but she resists and gives has trouble, however he finally succeeds whilst she threatens Chris.



Justin runs into Chef in The Princess Pride.

Chef and Justin don't seem to have a conflict and much like Owen, Chef occasionally falls for Justin's good looks. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Chris wonders how Justin got the plane to fly. Chef is seen holding a picture of Justin and gazing at it, implying that he gave the plane to him, and tells Chris that he does not know. In Monster Cash, Chef, controlling the Monster says that Justin is "hot" and then later deposits him slowly and kindly in the moon bounce, unlike how he did to the other contestants. In The Sand Witch Project, when DJ quits the competition, Justin suggests getting rid of Chef instead, causing Chef to glare angrily at him. In Masters of Disasters, when Chef's task is to throw objects at the contestants, he throws heavy objects at each of them, except at Justin, who gets hit by a rubber duck. In The Princess Pride, Justin rams Chef with a headbutt in order to pass the bridge he was guarding.



Chef yelling at Leshawna in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.

Chef and Leshawna seem to have a small conflict, but Chef seems to respect Leshawna, most notably seen in Hide and Be Sneaky when Leshawna won invincibility by hiding in underwater. Chef is impressed by this and nods his head. In Haute Camp-ture, Chef takes Leshawna to the Dock of Shame and pushes her into the Boat of Losers. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Leshawna knocks Chef unconscious in order to get back to the campgrounds with the ATV with Gwen and Trent.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Chef left Leshawna in the bank vault until the end of the episode causing her to miss not only the challenge, but also the Awards Ceremony. In Million Dollar Babies, Leshawna angrily pushes Chef down when he is used as a dummy. In Super Hero-ld, Chef sabotages Leshawna's "Super Aqua Chick" costume.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, when Chef threw a bag of peanuts at her harshly, she glares at him, expressing some sort of anger.


Heroes vs. Villains - 20

Chef kicks Lightning out the helicopter in Heroes vs. Villains.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chef threw a hacksaw at Lightning after the latter laughed at the former for falling from a trampoline. In Ice Ice Baby, as Lightning climbs the mountain he tells Chef to "make way for the Lightning", shortly before Chef throws an ice cube at him and knocks him off. In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Chef glares fiercely at Lightning when he asks whether or not his food contains protein. In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, as the campers look for food, Chef opens a panel in the wall and suggests to Lightning to check the walk in freezer, which he does (without realizing it was Chef who spoke). In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, after Chef declared Cameron wins immunity, Lightning asks what he won, to which Chef says "dinner" before shooting him in the head with his meatball bazooka.

When Lightning is introduced in Heroes vs. Villains, he attempts to dive out of the helicopter but is kicked out by Chef before he could do so.



Chef about to shave Lindsay's hair.

Chef and Lindsay do have a small conflict. In Basic Straining, Lindsay was the first contestant to give up. Chef tells her that she has nothing to regret, but in a loud and angry tone, Chef tells her that she lost the challenge for her team. When Lindsay's stupidity shines again in Brunch of Disgustingness when she asks, "Where am I?," Chef rolls his eyes, annoyed. In No Pain, No Game, Lindsay panics and runs away in fear from Chef when he is about to shave her hair due to a misfortune on the wheel.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chef barges in the cabin where Lindsay is hiding. Lindsay screams in terror and runs outside. Chef finds Lindsay, along with Heather in his kitchen and is angry at them. Lindsay runs in terror to the lifeguard chair for safety, but Chef douses her down, along with Heather. In Super Hero-ld, Chef sabotages Lindsay's "Wonder Woman" costume, but she does not take any notice.



Chef forces Max to return the baby by holding him at gun point.

In So, Uh This Is My Team? while Chris is explaining the challenge, Chef shot a tennis ball at Max's "kiwis," causing him to fall to the ground, cringing in pain.

In Three Zones and A Baby, when Max refuses to return the baby he is taking care of, Chef threaten him by pointing his meatball bazooka at him. Upon realizing Chef is behind him, Max surrender the baby to the intern although he actually give the intern a piece of wood while the baby is in his shirt.

In Scarlett Fever, after Max proclaims he would the only evil genius left on the island, Chef angrily shoves Max into the Cannon of Shame with Scarlett as Chris is sick with evil geniuses.



Mal intentionally steps on Chef's fingers in Suckers Punched.

In Suckers Punched, Chef goes to Boney Island to bring Mike back to camp but he was immediately attacked by a stampede of animals released by Mike's evil personality, Mal, who then taunts him and steps on his hand while Chef was down. After bringing Mike back to camp, Chef tries to warn Chris about Mike, saying that "he ain't right." In Zoey's ending of The Final Wreck-ening, Mike insults Chef's lack of skill in shooting his meatball bazooka. The latter repeatedly tries for him in retaliation, becoming distracted enough that Zoey can pull the sword from the stone, thus winning the season. Chef eventually succeeds in hitting Mike in the face in both endings, claiming his gun accidentally went off while he was cleaning it.


Chef and Noah first interact in the opening sequence, where Chef has Noah and Ezekiel tied up to feed them his horrible cooking. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, where Chef insinuates that Noah is too thin by saying, "Yo, scrawny kid! Give me your plate!" and adds an extra serving of his special to his lunch tray.



Chef breaks Owen's jaw.

During the series, Chef and Owen do not appear to have any sort of conflict with each other, but Chef is sometimes irritated, annoyed, or disgusted by Owen's eating habits on quite a few occasions. Owen, on the other hand, is one of the only contestants who enjoys Chef's cooking and is often seen taking seconds. This pleases Chef as he is usually angry because of being under appreciated by everyone else, especially Chris.


Chef laughs hard when Sam falls to the freezing cold water and gets trapped in an ice cube in Ice Ice Baby.


According to Scott's Total Drama Online profile, he dislikes eating Chef's meals. In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Chef throws his frying pan at Scott when he mocks Chef's idea of the challenge.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Scott hangs tightly onto Chef's leg when the Chef is about to throw him into lake (due to his fear of sharks) until Chef shakes him off. In Saving Private Leechball, Chef shoots Scott in the face twice whilst demonstrating the leech paintball gun, and then joins Chris in laughing at Scott's expense. In Moon Madness, Chef "rescues" Scott from a bear, by picking him up using the helicopter's claw. On the way back, he carelessly knocks Scott into several trees, before painfully dropping him on the ground from high up in the air.


In A Blast from the Past, Chef is sent to find and retrieve Shawn as he is missing when Chris is announcing the challenge. Unknown to everyone, Shawn had become paranoid after he see what appears to be a zombie during the previous night and makes himself smelly in order to protect himself. Once Chef finds him, Shawn mistakes him for a zombie and tries to run away but gets caught before he can do so. As Chef drives Shawn to the challenge area by his jeep, he expresses annoyance due to Shawn's foul stench and him being delusional.


In an exclusive clip of Greece's Pieces, Chef is shown to be disturbed by Sierra when she calls home. During Shear the Sheep in Picnic at Hanging Dork, Chef, as a security guard, has to pull Sierra, as a member of a groupie, away from the stage when she begin to gush over Cody. In Niagara Brawls, Chef gets annoyed when Sierra does not answer his question and instead persists in trying to get Cody to marry her. After getting too many questions wrong, Chef calls Sierra crazy and tells her to move back to the beginning of the line.


In the opening sequence of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Chef is annoyed by Staci and her lies. To solve this problem, he covers his ears with a pair of headphones. He then shoves a spoon into her mouth to keep her from talking.



Chef prepares to throw Topher back into the challenge.

It is revealed that Topher owns a cat and named it after Chef in order to make himself resemble Chris more. Ironically, Chef seems to dislike Topher similar to Chef's occasional dislike towards Chris at times.

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, at Chris request, Chef throws Topher into the middle of the junkyard and proceeds to fire at him continuously.

In Three Zones and A Baby, Chris orders Chef to fire his meatball bazooka at Topher before the challenge even begins after Topher continues to annoy Chris. When his team reach the second zone, Topher accidentally alert his presence to Chef after stepping on a blow horn, allowing Chef to fire his weapon at him again and making him stuck at a tree and attracting Pasta Bear.



Chef carries Trent to the Lame-o-sine after he is eliminated.

In a Teletoon trailer for Total Drama Action, Chef and Trent are about to fight until Trent dodges Chef who then falls into a deep and massive hole in the ground.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Chef carries Trent and throws him into the Lame-o-sine after he refuses to leave without saying goodbye to Gwen.


In Phobia Factor, Chef gives Tyler crispy chicken for breakfast in order to test his fear. Tyler took a bite, only to see it contains a real chicken inside, and then screams, due to him being afraid of chickens.



Zoey and Chef point their weapons at each other.

Like everyone else, Zoey dislikes Chef for serving the campers disgusting meals. In the opening sequence, Chef interrupts her romantic moment with Mike by handing them the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. However, the real conflict eventually sparks in Eat, Puke and Be Wary, when Chef knocks Zoey into a ravine with his spaghetti gun. During the fall, the amulet Mike gave Zoey several episodes ago breaks. This is the breaking point for Zoey, turning her into Commando Zoey in order to get her revenge. For the rest of the episode, Zoey sets several traps for Chef and the two even engage in a shoot-out at point blank range. Chef realizes that he may have pushed Zoey too far. The conflict is brought up again in the next episode, when Zoey shot Chef with an improvised slingshot. 

In The Final Wreck-ening, in a rare moment of sympathy Chef is shown to be concerned for Zoey and Mal's safety when Chris eagerly announces the life threatening challenge, saying "People are gonna die." When Chris insults Chef by saying that his shooting is unimpressive, Zoey tries to make Chef feel better by saying that Chef is trying his best, which Chef thanks her for and calls her "sweetie." However, in Mike's ending Chef focuses on Zoey rather than Mike, giving him the victory.


Everyone laughs at feminine Chef

The contestants laugh at Chef in a dress.

After the winner of Total Drama Island is declared, Owen, Geoff and Duncan throws Chris into the lake for his mistreatment towards them, with the girls cheering for them. Chef initially joins them in laughing at Chris' fate but upon realizing he is next, he quickly run away. In Alien Resurr-eggtion, when Chef enters the first Awards Ceremony of the season, the contestants laugh at the sight of him in a dress. At the end of Hawaiian Punch, all the contestants, except Blaineley, Alejandro, and Ezekiel, are seen laughing at Chris and Chef after Ezekiel accidentally crashes right through the deck of their boat and causes it to sink, with both still on it.

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