This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Chris.



The cast laughing at Chris's unfolding comeuppance in Hawaiian Punch.

The relationship between Chris and the contestants is one of little to no respect or fondness from both sides. The host views them as mere props to attract ratings while the teens see him as a self-absorbed sadist with no empathy whatsoever. Chris has them endure various dangerous challenges throughout the series and as the series progresses, he becomes even harsher and sadistic at the contestants. He will also modify the rules just when a competitor thinks they are finished or have won. Chris even went so far as to saying he despises them in the episode Runaway Model. Despite the mutual dislike, there is also a hint of reliance from both sides. The contestants need Chris to supply their fame, as displayed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, and Chris needs them to help support his luxury lifestyle. He also seems to like a couple of the contestants, like Owen or Lindsay. Overall, this is one of the most heated conflicts in the series. The cast's hatred for Chris is the one thing that has been shown to unite them, regardless of whatever drama they are experiencing with each other.



Chris joins Alejandro in the hot tub naked, much to Alejandro's annoyance.

Chris and Alejandro have an ongoing conflict, starting at Alejandro's first appearance in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. Chris most likely knew him before his appearance, due to Chris giving Alejandro a friendly greeting. However, Alejandro ignores him and walks past him, much to Chris's annoyance. However, in Total Drama World Tour, Chris compliments Alejandro's cutthroat attitude toward the game and calls him a real competitor. In the finale, due to Alejandro's lava accident, Chris is forced to put him into the Drama Machine. In Total Drama All-Stars, it is revealed that Alejandro takes over as Chris's assistant in the Drama Machine until he is eventually freed, and takes part in the season.

Amy and Samey

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Chris knows that Samey's real name is actually "Sammy", but chooses to refer to her as "Samey" as that is what Amy calls her, and is considered the "lesser Amy".

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Chris, knowing it was Samey who is pretending to be her sister, forces Amy into the Cannon of Shame, despite her choking from the manchineel fruit.


Chris teases Samey for having to tell the truth about her secret in the challenge.

With Amy eliminated, Chris torments Samey in I Love You, I Love You Knots and further disgraces her true name by making her reveal who she dislikes the most, which is Amy. Since everyone at the time believes that Samey is the meaner one instead of Amy, everyone insults her, which makes Samey greatly embarrassed and causes her to lose even more confidence.

When Amy returns in A Blast from the Past, Chris has both twins eliminated to prevent any more mix-ups, despite their protest.

Anne Maria

Chris and Anne Maria

Anne Maria explains to Chris why she isn't participating in the challenge.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, after Chris blows up the yacht, Anne Maria threatens to give Chris a "beatdown".

In Ice Ice Baby, Chris asks Anne Maria, who is admiring herself in a compact mirror, if she'll be participating in the challenge. She scoffs and shows him her nails, saying that not wanting to ruin them is why she drives with her feet.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, when Chris announces the challenge in the hazardous radioactive mine, Anne Maria calls him "demented". She is noticeably angry with Chris along with the rest of the contestants throughout the episode. After Anne Maria quits the competition on account of "being a millionaire", Chris smugly informs her that the gem she received was fake, and hurls her off of the island before she gets a chance to change her mind.


In Truth or Laser Shark, Chris makes fun of B for his real name being "Beverly". He later drops B's team in the water, annoyed that he would not speak. Later when B is eliminated, Chris gives him the chance to speak but hurls him off the island before he can do so in Ice Ice Baby.


During the elimination ceremony in So, Uh This Is My Team?, Chris pointed out that Beardo made the fart sound when Sugar sat down. Before Beardo is blasted out of the Cannon of Shame, Beardo makes a cannon sound, annoying Chris. After Chris sends Beardo flying, Chris declares he won't miss him. When Scarlet is eliminated in Scarlett Fever, Chris says that she has been eliminated more than anyone who has ever been eliminated, "even more than that beat-box guy", referring to Beardo.



Beth misses out on the warning Chris gave to the other contestants.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Beth is the first contestant to arrive on the island. She is overly excited to be there and hugs Chris, making him uncomfortable. She then states that he looks a lot shorter in person, rather than on television, upsetting and confusing him.

In Up the Creek, Beth, who was in the bathroom during the time, does not hear Chris's instructions that she would be cursed if she took anything from Boney Island. When she asks him what she missed, he simply tells her "canoes", causing Beth to take a tiki idol she finds in a bush, unaware of the alleged curse.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., after everyone notices the tiki idol, Chris remarks to Beth that he specifically instructed not to take anything from Boney Island, although he never explained it directly to her. He also smiles when Beth is eliminated.

Several times in Total Drama Action, Chris physically pushes Beth out of the way so that the camera will be focused on him. In Riot On Set, Beth calls him "Chris the Creep" in the confessional, though apologizes seconds later. She also calls him this in the Best. Game. Ever..

In One Million Bucks, B.C., Beth gets frustrated over Courtney having a PDA, asserting that she (herself) was the one with a boyfriend. Chris then asks Beth if she wanted to take it on with the legal department before points at a menacing Chef in a Supreme Court Justice costume.

In Super Hero-ld, Chris is not impressed with Beth's "Lumber Woman" costume and insulted her superhero power by saying that she talks to plants about the newest brand of fertilizer and gave her a 3/10.

In The Princess Pride, Beth guesses what the movie genre is for the challenge. Chris becomes annoyed by this and threatens to boot her off the show. Due to the wig she had to wear, Chris insults Beth by referring to her as "the ugly stepsister" during the first half of the challenge. When Beth fails the first challenge, Chris says that she is not fairy tale heroine material. At the elimination ceremony, Chris renames the Princess Courtney dolls to Princess Beth dolls after Courtney lawyers wanted to earn eighty percent profit from the dolls' sales. However, Chris tells Beth that she gets zero percent of the profits.


Chris yells at Beth to mind her own business.

Although Beth tries to help him and Chef make up when they have a fight in Mutiny on the Soundstage, this small possible sign of friendship changes during The Aftermath: IV, where Chris tells Beth that she is not the most athletic member of Total Drama Action and says she is a total klutz. Chris then shows a video of Beth being clumsy on numerous occasions, during her time on the set. Chris causes some anger among the contestants when he shows a secret video of Beth being mean. In Beth's ending, Chris gives Beth the suitcase with the million dollars in it by throwing it at her, knocking her down when Owen is holding her up.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Beth says that she is glad to not be on Total Drama World Tour because she doesn't want to be tortured by Chris and Chef again.



Blaineley makes herself comfortable in Chris's private hot tub in the intro.

The conflict between Blaineley and Chris first starts in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, when Chris announces the first commercial break as if teaching a newbie. Blaineley sarcastically replies, "Thanks". Also, when Chris asks if they have received a CD he had sent to them, Blaineley, along with Josh, looks uncomfortable, and the camera then pans over to a trashcan in which a rat is seen chewing the CD.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Blaineley is in Chris's hot tub while he does the recap, much to his annoyance. When she is eliminated, Chris keeps her on the plane for a bit for her to reveal secrets about the contestants, like Ezekiel still taking refuge in the cargo, Cody voting off Sierra every time, and Alejandro and Heather having secret feelings for each other. Blaineley then reveals that she was supposed to be the host of the show, but before she can reveal any more details, Chris furiously shoves her and Courtney off the plane.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, when Chris assigns Brick to Team B (while giving him a salute and calling him corporal), Brick salutes back and replies "Sir, yes, sir!" as a sign of respect.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Brick blushes in embarrassment when Chris reveals a secret about him.

In Finders Creepers, Brick is ready to eliminate himself. However, Chris instead moves him to the other team. Brick gives him a salute as a sign of respect.



Chris frowns as Bridgette steals the contract from him.

Though Chris admits that he has a soft spot for Bridgette, even being shocked when she is eliminated in Hide and Be Sneaky, he treats her the same way as everyone else. When Geoff and Bridgette are chosen to host the aftermath shows, Chris occasionally gives his negative opinion on them, even disguising as a video guest to express his feelings on them. In a flashback shown in Mutiny on the Soundstage, Chris is horrified to find Bridgette and Geoff making out in his tanning booth.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, as Chris is showing Duncan and Gwen the contract that they need to sing on the show, Bridgette grabs it and sings the rest of what they have to do during the Come Fly With Us musical number, prompting Chris to glare at her disapprovingly.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Chris meets up with Bridgette at the checkpoint where Bridgette's tongue is stuck to a pole. Chris then taunts her and even forces her to sing a song, Stuck to a Pole. After the song, Chris dismissed Team Amazon and abandons Bridgette, ignoring her plea for help. After Bridgette is eliminated, Chris pushed her out of the plane before realizing that he should had removed the pole of her first.

When Bridgette returns in Backstabbers Ahoy! to assist in the water challenge, she shows frustration with the host that she has to be brought in to help out this season. Chris shows no concern for either her or his intern Dakota when both are blown up by a test mine for the second part of the challenge.


In a manner similar to how Chris treats the other scrawny, nerdy contestants in the show, throughout Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars, the sadistic host constantly mocks Cameron for his physical weakness and his unfortunate tendency of getting injured.

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Chris is delighted at the prospect of Cameron getting eaten by Larry, stating it had been a while since the mutant plant had a decent meal.

In Food Fright, Chris is shocked to see that Cameron is still alive after spending a night exiled on Boney Island. During the challenge, Chris laughs at Cameron when he crashes into a tree, falls down several branches, before finally landing in a bird’s nest and gets pecked. He enjoys Cameron’s pain so much he allows him to pass even though he didn’t complete the course.


Chris forces a reluctant Cameron to fight.

In Moon Madness, Chris watches the monitors in delight as Cameron is about to be attacked by several moon-crazy bunnies. At the end of the episode, Cameron attempts to quit the game (to get away from Sierra), but Chris decides to introduce the surprise twist for fun and instead of allowing his elimination he puts him on the villain's team.

In Suckers Punched, Chris mocks Cameron’s fear of Izzy and later takes enjoyment in how quickly he was defeated by several mutant gophers.


Chris removes Cameron from the game due to his injuries.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Chris laughs at the joke Scott made where he says that Fang "wanted a meal, not a snack" when the mutant shark refuses to eat Cameron. Later when Cameron receives the majority votes due to someone tampering with the ballot box, Chris taunts Cameron while he signs the episode off stating he thinks Cameron is the next to go while the latter is in the confessional, to which Cameron is annoyed by.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Chris continues claims he is continuing his "cruel" streak by disqualifying Cameron from the game due to the latter's injuries.

Chef Hatchet


Chris and Chef's partnership often border between friendly and hostile.

Chris and Chef are together throughout the series and find it enjoyable to torture the contestants and see them fight for their lives. While the two appear to be friends, Chef often appears to dislike Chris as Chris often makes him do all the work (which often gets him hurt). Tired of being underappreciated and fed up with the way he was treated, Chef attempts to quit the show at one point in the series. However, the two of them reconcile after Chris reveals how much he misses Chef and admits that Chef is a good partner. This reunion is short-lived however as Chris continues tormenting Chef the same way he did to his interns. In the ending of season four, Chef finally gains his revenge by betraying Chris and watches as Chris is arrested by the feds for polluting Camp Wawanakwa. Chef eventually bails Chris out of prison a year later to host the new season.



Chris angrily orders Cody to obey the game rules.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chris greets Cody as the Codester and the Codemeister. In Paintball Deer Hunter, he attempts to give shame to the contestants and seems to emphasize Cody being mauled by a bear. However, he does show some sympathy as he remarks how "messed up" Cody is after the attack. When Cody is eliminated, Chris does offer to help him to the Dock of Shame. Although Chris is surprisingly reserved and respectful towards him immediately following his elimination, his sadistic nature quickly returns as he takes amusement in the fact that Cody is unable to move on his own.

Many times in Total Drama World Tour Chris teases Cody for being the only boy in an all-girl team and shows no concern whenever Cody is injured. In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Chris angrily tells Cody to follow the rules of the game properly, despite Cody's situation with Sierra at the moment. In Rapa Phooey!, Cody tries to pin the blame on Chris for stealing the eggs to the mother condor. In Awwwwww, Drumheller, after being unimpressed with the dinosaur Cody had constructed from fossilized dung, Chris asks Sierra to "save us from Cody's suckitude".


Courtney Chris Sundae

Chris refuses to accept Courtney's excuse of why she can't finish her sundae.

At times Chris shows a great dislike towards Courtney especially when she sued the show in order to become a contestant of Total Drama Action. This results in Chris's salary getting a decrease. Chris also dislikes whenever Courtney threatens to call her lawyers when she is not treated properly or when she is angry at the rules set up by him. In retaliation, Chris seemingly treats her poorly compared to the other cast members throughout the season. Even after Total Drama Action, Courtney hates Chris for the life-threatening challenges that he set up and occasionally mentions of suing the show again. However, Chris also seems to enjoy her presence on the show, due to all of the drama she creates.


Theme Song (20)

Chris pours water on Dakota while she is having a photo shoot.

Brought onto the show due to questionable means, possibly tied to her connections with her rich father, Dakota became an immediate target of Chris from the moment she arrived on the island. Humiliating her in any way possible, including eliminating her paparazzi and taking away her cell phone, Dakota began to hate him for preventing her from having the fame and the spin-off show she believes she deserves being beautiful and semi-famous.

Even after her elimination, Dakota and Chris continue to get at each other with the blonde returning to the island in hopes of staying in the spotlight but becoming stuck as an intern, forcing her even further under Chris's twisted thumb.


Throughout Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Chris constantly teases Dave on his failed attempts to impress Sky. One notable example of this is right after Dave was rejected by Sky in Hurl and Go Seek. Dave starts crying and Chris asks him if he's okay in a seemingly genuine tone, only to gleefully reflect on how Sky rejected Dave in front of everyone and the cameras, making the already crying Dave further humiliated. 

When Dave returns in the finale, Chris continues to remind him of Sky's past actions, upsetting Dave again. Later, Chris shows everyone Sky's audition tape, in order to turn Dave against Sky. Throughout the episode, Chris playfully pretends to not understand their relationship while mocking them in the confessional. Once the winner is declared, Chris accidentally leaves Dave on the island, leaving him at the mercy of Scuba Bear.


Finders Creepers (2)

A firefly tells Dawn that Chris is "evil".

In Finders Creepers, Dawn speaks to a firefly, who states that "evil is lurking". She begins to think it's Chris immediately before he wakes up the entire camp for the challenge.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Dawn is about to reveal the traitor in the team but Chris quickly orders Chef to stop her.


In Monster Cash, Chris pats DJ's head while he is in fear from seeing the monster.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, DJ makes fun of Chris for wearing a woman's dashiki. Later, during DJ's elimination, he tries to talk Chris out of it but Chris doesn't allow it. When DJ takes the Drop of Shame, Chris complains that he needs to scream in order to fill in a dramatic scene. DJ unenthusiastically does this, causing him to be attacked by a colony of fire ants, which Chris seems to enjoy.



Duncan loses his patience with Chris's complicated rules and quits Total Drama World Tour.

Like every other contestant in the show, Duncan dislikes Chris as much as his authorities, due to the host putting them into life-threatening challenges. Chris, on the other hand, enjoys Duncan as he is one of the few contestants that is able to start many dramas which will give the show good ratings.



Chris is annoyed by Ella's elimination song.

For most of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Chris is frequently annoyed whenever Ella started singing and had to shut her up many times though Ella ignores him. After seeing that her singing can tame the fiercest of beast, Chris gives her a warning; if she ever sings again, she will be automatically disqualified. Ella would heed his warning until she started singing to save the boy she's in love with. Chris found out about this from an anonymous person and eliminates Ella despite her team winning the challenge.



Eva almost attacks Chris, before getting restrained in The Big Sleep.

It is implied that Chris is just as afraid of Eva like the campers. In The Big Sleep, Eva snaps at Chris for making the campers run in the early morning, only to have Duncan and Geoff restrain her. At the end of this episode, Eva furiously kicks Chris in the shin when she is voted off. In No Pain, No Game, after Eva loses to Leshawna, Chris is seen pushing her off-screen. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, she is extremely angry at Chris after she learns that she will not compete in Total Drama Action.



Chris shoves Ezekiel down in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

When Ezekiel first arrives on the island, Chris casually asks him what's up. Ezekiel responds by pointing up and stating that he thinks he sees a bird. But, while there is no interaction between Ezekiel and Chris in Total Drama Action (due to Ezekiel not competing), Chris is seen to suddenly develop a strong dislike for Ezekiel practically right off the bat in Total Drama World Tour, possibly being his biggest conflict with any of the contestants in the season. Their conflict reaches a boiling point during the merge of Total Drama All-Stars when a still-feral Ezekiel kidnaps Chris and hangs him above the tank of toxic waste as payback for his mistreatment towards him in the past.



Chris is disgusted to see Geoff and Bridgette "tainting" his tanning booth.

Geoff, generally being an outgoing and friendly guy, is seen to have little conflict with Chris. He even stops Eva from injuring Chris in The Big Sleep.

In Dodgebrawl , Chris replays the scene of Geoff getting hit in the face over and over again,  finding it hilarious. 

In Phobia Factor, as part of Geoff's challenge,  Chris has a remote control cloud dropping hail at him wherever he goes.  To make the experience even more frightening for Geoff,  Chris lowers the cloud to pelt him harder,  as requested by Trent. 

In X-Treme Torture, Geoff fails his challenge before Chris can start his watch. He then has the scene replay in slow motion to complain about his looks, ignoring Geoff flying above him with his pants down.

In No Pain, No Game, Geoff offers to take the leech barrel torture challenge to spare Bridgette the same fate and is initially seen doing considerably well. After lasting what seems to be the full ten seconds, he can no longer continue and jumps out. Chris proceeds to show him an extended version of the original time clock, which read "9.9999999999999999999" seconds; resulting in Chris taking Geoff out of the challenge.

In Total Drama Action, Chris constantly disagreed with Geoff and Bridgette being the aftermath hosts and eventually took over their host position in The Aftermath: IV after seeing how incompetent they are in choosing a winner as well as showing embarrassing clips about him. In a flashback in Mutiny on the Soundstage, Chris is about to use his tanning booth. But when he opens it, he is horrified to see Geoff and Bridgette making out and complains to them about "tainting" it.



Chris makes Gwen watch Trent leave in order to make her feel guilty.

Ever since the beginning of the show, Gwen has a strong hatred for the host for his sadistic ideas and his vain personality. Throughout the series, Chris finds Gwen's romantic life interesting and often find ways to spice it up such as pausing the scene where she and Trent shared their first kiss and also allowed Duncan to stay in the competition in order to prolong the drama between her, Courtney and Duncan. In retaliation, Gwen often insults Chris in whatever way she can.



Chris scares Harold in One Flu Over the Cuckoos.

Harold and Chris have a small conflict. Throughout the series, Chris is often disturbed by Harold's weird antics and his trivial knowledge. In fact, when Harold first arrived to the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chris grimaces and labels him as one of the odder contestants. In addition, Chris laughs at Harold whenever the latter suffers misfortune. He does genuinely compliment Harold when he performs well enough to secure the Killer Bass' first two wins in Dodgebrawl and Not Quite Famous

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Chris demonstrates the contestants on how to use a paintball gun by shooting Harold in the chest. In X-Treme Torture, Chris tells Harold he is in the bottom two for bailing big in the challenge (though he thinks Duncan bailed worse than Harold), and tells him he's "done like dinner" when Harold is eliminated.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Chris scares Harold when he reveals himself from underneath the cloth. In Masters of Disasters, Chris begins to panic when the cast will potentially drown in the submarines (as he will lose his job and be sued), and is elated to see Harold has a plan to save the day while anxiously watching him pick the underwater lock. In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, when the Gaffers realize that the money that they received has Chris's face on it, Harold stated that he sometimes hated Chris's smile. In Million Dollar Babies, Chris puts Harold in the first challenge against Lindsay, a match that he calls "loser vs. loser" because of them being the weakest members of their respective teams. Despite Lindsay was the one who successfully knocks out Harold, Chris declares the latter the winner of the boxing challenge as he performed several slow motion stunts. At the elimination ceremony, Chris believes that Harold may be the only one safe from elimination. Harold was about to say something but Chris interrupts him and gives him his Gilded Chris.

In Super Hero-ld, gives Harold a 7/10 in the first challenge and complimented his superhero design for "keeping it Canadian". He also cheerfully expresses his surprise at how well Harold does in the second part of the challenge. At the end of the episode, Chris pushes Harold down, breaking Harold's glasses in the process, which Harold complains about. In Rock n' Rule, after Duncan called Harold by his embarrassing middle name, Doris, he runs through all of the cardboard stand-outs in tears and into Chris arms, where the latter hugs him but with an annoyed expression. When Chris shows Harold's picture from the paparazzi and says to Harold that he doesn't know what it is, but possibly a "cry for help". In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Harold attempts to correct Chris for mixing up Chinese and Japanese cultures for the challenge though Chris refuse to listen to him. He also does not want Harold and Duncan to get along, sending Owen to break up their "love fest". At the end of the episode, Chris mocks Harold when the latter has a tearful farewell with Leshawna Jr. In 2008: A Space Owen, Chris mocks Harold's poor performance as he only stays in the Vomit Comet for five seconds. 

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Harold asks how he can win Chris' hot tub for Leshawna. Chris, calling Harold "tiger", sternly tells him his private quarters are off limits to everyone but himself. In Egypt, Harold continuously translates the numbering of the teams into Egyptian which greatly annoys Chris. In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Harold kept highlighting the cultural mistakes Chris made between Chinese and Japanese. Annoyed, Chris tells Chef to cut the plane door open, sending all the contestants out of the plane. Later, Chris was annoyed when Tyler and Harold begin talking while he is explaining the challenge and stop the conversation by hitting his "geek gong". After Harold quits the show, he jumps off the plane without a parachute. Chris throws him one and wishes him good luck. He tries to hear what Harold is saying to him after taking the Drop of Shame before realizing that he is just "screaming for his life".


Heather chris

Heather is furious at Chris for eliminating her.

Chris has an ongoing conflict with Heather which intensifies as the series progress. Throughout Total Drama Island, Chris, despite his own antagonistic attitude, constantly disagrees with Heather's tactics to get herself further in the game. As a result of this, Heather constantly needed to demand Chris to give her the final marshmallow. Likewise, Heather hated Chris as much as the other contestants for the life-threatening challenges he put them through.


Greece chris eliminates intern

Chris punishes an intern for providing false information by pushing him down the Drop of Shame.

Chris has little to no remorse for the pain he inflicts on people throughout the series. This is especially so in the case of the interns. They often require medical attention after testing the host's crazy challenges. Some are even the only characters in the show to die at the hands of them. Chris lacks any concern when this happens, sometimes shrugging and saying with a smile, "That seems safe enough". Despite their lack of dialogue, the interns' resentment of Chris is obvious. They appear satisfied whenever he is the one receiving pain. They can also look unamused as they carry out his every order.


In No Pain, No Game, when Izzy volunteers to put herself through a poison ivy wrap, Chris is freaked out, but the producers let her do so. She then declines his offer to get her out after the required ten seconds. Chris compliments that she "stuck it out", but then eliminates her from the challenge. In a exclusive clip, Chris interviews Izzy where she talks about her experience escaping the RCMP, making a business out of tree sap, and her alleged relationship with Justin, Chris appears to agree with her, saying that he also can't stand liars and phonies before clinking drinking glasses with her. When Izzy is voted off in Riot On Set, Chris tells her it's time to go, but Izzy refuses to leave until her name is changed to E-Scope. Chris gets aggravated by this and changes her to E-Scope to make her leave. Chris then presses a button that makes interns come and he tells them to take her away. In Full Metal Drama, Chris calls Izzy "Little Miss Weird and Weirder" and "Little Miss Crazy". In The Aftermath: IV, Chris reads out the second last vote, which is for Explosivo, in an annoyed voice.


Jaz and chris

Chris "comforts" Jasmine, before forcing her to do the challenge.

Jasmine is often stereotyped by Chris as he taunts her Australian aspects with "outback" jokes such as in A Blast from the Past when he urged her to focus on the challenge by telling her "Put some Dave on da barbie!"

In This Is The Pits!, when Jasmine was too afraid to enter the giant ball due to her claustrophobia, Chris attempts to calm her down by playing "good cop" after failing with "bad cop". He pretends to understand how she feels before ordering Chef to shove her into the ball.

In Scarlett Fever, Jasmine was furious with Chris abandoning them on the island and scolded him whenever he appeared on the monitors to give them information. She was easily convinced by Scarlett that Chris was lying. When Chris appears and congratulates their success, she adds "No thanks to you".

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Chris turns Jasmine against Shawn by showing her Shawn's confessionals where he mocks Jasmine's idea for the million dollars behind her back, even after Shawn had changed his mind.


In her audition tape, Jo places a picture of Chris's face on her punching bag, showing her dislike of him even before meeting him in person.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Jo tells Chris that he went too far when she and everyone else figured out that he made them strap bombs on their backs the whole challenge.

In Heroes vs. Villains, before Jo is pushed out of the plane by Chef Hatchet, she yells "You're a dead man, McLean!" She also points out to him that the villains team has one person less than the heroes, and stares Chris down until he allows them to have the robot.


When Justin is first introduced in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chris admits that they chose Justin entirely based on his looks, which Justin happily accepts.


Chris compliments Justin's beauty.

In Not Quite Famous, Chris compliments Justin's moves after his performance. Even Chris thinks that Justin deserved to stay in the game more than Heather.

In I Triple Dog Dare You! when announcing Justin's name during the challenge, Chris drags it out instead of saying it briefly as he had done with the other contestants.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, while Justin was posing on top of the surfboard, Chris said it almost made him believe in the human nature (key word being almost). After watching Justin's confessional, Chris says Justin and him could be related due to both of them being manipulative and schemers, to which Chris adds "he wishes”, but Justin hears and replies he really doesn't want, but Chris ignores him and signs off.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Justin tries to manipulate Chris into giving his team the lock combination by giving him a "shoulder rub”, however Chris found it awkward and told Justin to stop.

In Million Dollar Babies, Justin insulted the sport badminton since there was no movie about it and said it would be lame. Chris replies back by saying that there was a movie and it was "un-lame".

In Super Hero-ld, Justin gets a 2/10 from Chris, because his power and costume was "lame".

In The Princess Pride, Justin told Chris that Duncan was cheating during the first challenge, but Chris does not believe him. As Justin is about to kiss Courtney on the tower, Chris interrupts his moment and tells him that he has to fight Courtney for invincibility. This causes Justin to lose the challenge as he refuses to fight Courtney under Chris's challenge rule. At the elimination ceremony, Chris announced Justin safe first, but then he said that he lied and then announces that Duncan is safe.

Katie and Sadie

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Chris allows Katie switch teams with Izzy in order to stop her and Sadie complaining about being on different teams. When Katie and Sadie are suffering from poison ivy, Chris laughs at them.


Chris Larry

Chris hugs Larry after he's saved by him in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown.

Larry is Chris's pet Venus flytrap, which he left behind prior to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Due to exposure to the toxic waste that had been dumped on Camp Wawanakwa, Larry mutated into a gigantic, sentient plant who is capable of walking and eating humans. Regardless, Chris continues to love Larry dearly, and the mutant plant returns the affection to its master.

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, as Chris watches Larry on the TV screen, he recollects all of the memorable times he shared with his pet. He takes out a photo album of all of his moments with Larry and shows it to Chef. He then begins to cry, commenting that "they grow up so fast". Later on, Chris is delighted when Larry eats Cameron, saying it had been a while since Larry had a decent-sized meal.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Chris gets attacked by some rampant giant gophers, however, Larry intervenes and saves his life. Chris then hugs Larry and tells him he would get extra fertilizer that night. He then tells him to go scare "some loser contestants".

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Chris and Chef watch from the monitor as Larry's egg, being carried by Mike, explodes, releasing mutant plant babies. One of them has a head that closely resembles Chris, who looks away immediately and whistles innocently to Chef.


When Leonard was eliminated in I Love You, Grease Pig!, Chris sarcastically wonders why Leonard is unable to "cast" a time-reversing spell. Once Leonard is loaded into the Cannon of Shame, Chris puts a jab into Leonard's imagination by "casting" a spell on his own and activates the cannon. Once Leonard is far away from the island, Chris admits that he doesn't really care of both Leonard and Beardo. During Sky Fall, Chris jokingly tells Chef that he misses Leonard and makes fun of him by "casting" a force field.



Chris declares Leshawna and Duncan as the winners after being knocked out by her.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Leshawna throws a wooden head at Chris after he teases Duncan for carving "D+C" into the back into the back of a wooden Courtney head.

In Haute Camp-ture, Chris counts every time anyone says "Leshawna" as a vote against her and even accepts a parrot's vote, causing her to get eliminated.

In Million Dollar Babies, at the Gilded Chris Ceremony where the Screaming Gaffers lost, Chris makes fun of Leshawna by talking about how she dissed all of her fellow castmates all over the world wide web. Leshawna tells him that she has enough problems without Chris messing things up.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Leshawna gets angry at Chris for giving her team a stick after giving Team Amazon a camel.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Leshawna is the first to get a second chance peanut can. She said it was a disgrace to peanuts when she saw a pop-up Chris.


Get chrissy

Chris takes the case from Lightning in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chris rejects Lightning's idea for the team name as they had already been chosen. Chris wanted Scott to vote off Lightning in Grand Chef Auto for spray painting Mount Chrismore despite the fact Lightning thought it was part of the challenge. In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, after Lightning retrieves the million dollar case, Chris flies by on his jetpack and snatches it from him.

In Evil Dread, Chris gets annoyed by Lightning's bicep kissing, to which Lightning tells him if Chris had them he would do it too. Just as Lightning is about to be eliminated, he flushes him before he can finish as he was about to say a bad word.



Lindsay calling Chris "Chip" in No Pain, No Game.

When Lindsay gets to the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chris describes her as "not too shabby", referring to her beauty. Lindsay doesn't initially remember who Chris is. Throughout Total Drama Island, she frequently calls Chris "Chip" or "Kyle" much to his annoyance.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chris follows Lindsay to her first few hiding spots and teases her at how bad they are.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Chris throws Lindsay at Duncan when he runs out of objects to throw at him for the first challenge.

In Million Dollar Babies, Lindsay is confused why she lost the challenge to Harold. Chris tells her that she did not do any slow motion when she was fighting Harold and calls it bad sportsmanship. Chris also calls her Miss Tyson. Lindsay starts to get angry and she tells the referee (Chris) that he is going down. She is about to attack him, but Courtney and Justin restrain her from doing so. In Super Hero-ld, Chris declares Lindsay the winner of the first part of the challenge because he is a fan of the original Wonder Woman, who Lindsay modeled her superhero identity after.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 and Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Chris singles out Lindsay after describing the voting process and makes fun of her about an incident where she accidentally voted herself off, which annoys Lindsay slightly. Despite this, she fails to follow the proper voting method.


Lindsay is hushed by Chris in Can't Help Falling in Louvre.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Chris interrupts her when she is about to kiss Tyler.

In Runaway Model, while talking on his cell phone, Chris (worried about Lindsay's kidnapping) said that it's not his fault Lindsay is delicious, much to the other contestants' awkwardness.

In an interview with Christian Potenza, he states that Chris would be in a relationship with Lindsay if he was a contestant.

In an interview with Erin, Chris admits that he had rooted for Lindsay to win Total Drama World Tour.



Max demands an explanation from Chris in Scarlett Fever.

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, when Max's parachute was stuck on a tree, leaving him the only contestant not accounted for, Chris dismisses his absence. When he introduces the challenge and Chef shoots a tennis ball at Max's leg making him fall, Chris tells Rodney to help him up, but he was indifferent when he fell again. In Scarlett Fever, Max insulted the Chris bot heads by mocking its appearance. After Scarlett was disqualified, Chris also disqualifies Max, having enough of evil villains after Scarlett's actions.


Throughout the series, Chris cannot differentiate between Mike and all the other personalities, nor does he care to learn. In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chris's nickname for Mike when he finishes the race is "Saved by a girl", referring to when Zoey rescued him earlier in the episode. In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Mike realizes Chris's true intent was to dispose of the toxic waste and confronts Chris about the challenge being a plot to get the federals off his back. He does this again in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean when the competitors find out the host buried Sam and Gwen alive. Per his usual sadistic ways, Chris sees the whole thing as something to be amused about.

In Grand Chef Auto, Chris prevents Scott from forcing Mike to trade go-karts with him. This earns a grateful smile from Mike. At the end of the episode, Chris is blunt about having lost count how many "Mikes" there are but concludes it doesn't matter.

Throughout Total Drama All-Stars, Chris makes many references that Mal is in control of Mike, yet doesn't inform the others. In Suckers Punched, Mike (now under the full-time control of Mal), asks Chris about the reward he promised Zoey for winning the challenge in the previous episode. He complies, though he was hoping everyone had forgotten about it. Chris later notes how cruel and remorseless Mike was in clobbering Izzy, but still gives him a point.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Chris uses the confessional to explain how he was "pretending" to be frightened of Ezekiel. Mal sneaks up and imitates Ezekiel's growls, which scares him away. In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Chris denies Mal access to the McLean Spa Hotel. The latter is clearly furious, but stays calm and collected so as not to blow his cover.


Mal reluctantly opens up his chest per Chris's instructions.

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Mal tries to extract information about the challenge before he opens the booby-trapped chest, but Chris doesn't fall for it. Mal fails to find his designated item, instead presenting him an injured Scott. As he suspects, it's good enough to satisfy Chris.

In The Final Wreck-ening, with Mal's identity finally out in the open, Chris enjoys taunting him and is amused as he wonders whether Mike or Mal is the true dominant personality. Mal expresses his annoyance at being given a pogo stick but uses it anyway to attack Zoey. When Mike finally takes back control, he and Zoey ignore Chris's complaints about the finale being too romantic and kiss.



Noah working as Chris's assistant.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Noah is the first contestant to turn down Chris's offer to compete in a hunt to find a million dollars, commenting on how Chris just wanted to humiliate the contestants again and then telling him he'd rather just stay at the Playa Des Losers and enjoy the buffet. The other contestants agree with Noah and join him at the buffet table and/or glare at Chris. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, when Noah ended up working as Chris's assistant. Chris seems satisfied with Noah's service, up until he brings him a cold latte. Chris immediately spits the latte into Noah's face and fires him. Chris later gives his acceptance speech for the Gemmie Award of "Best Reality Show Host", and completely leaves out the cast on the list of people he thanks. Noah is angered after Chris seems to favor even the stylists over his run as "long-suffering assistant". He then proceeds to kick the television away and call Chris a schmuck.

Go back to the seventies yourself

Chris shoves Noah off the cliff in Jamaica Me Sweat.

Despite their conflict, in The Am-AH-Zon Race, when Noah sarcastically compliments Tyler for having a good vertical jump, an amused Chris agrees, saying, "For a guy leaping out of the water? Yeah". In Jamaica Me Sweat the conflict arises once more, with Noah, along with DJ, making fun of Chris as he didn't know that he is wearing a woman's dashiki. Later, Noah makes fun of Chris's age, prompting Chris to push him off the cliff. In I See London..., Chris tells Noah that he received the most votes and bids him farewell in a bad English accent. Noah then angrily stands up, tells Chris to shut up, before taking the Drop of Shame. When Noah discovered that his bag doesn't have a parachute in the exclusive clip, Noah sarcastically thanks Chris for being cheap while free falling.



Chris hits Owen with a pan out of annoyance of the latter's fear of airplanes.

Despite the great dislike most of the contestants share for Chris, Owen seems to be on good terms with Chris. Chris is known to call Owen "my man" as a term of endearment. In Camp Castaways, Chris eliminated Mr. Coconut for Owen's mental health, and in I Triple Dog Dare You!, Chris seemed to be concerned about Owen's health, as Owen was doing every dare he got. In Total Drama Action, Chris made an alliance with him in the hopes of making the show more interesting. In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Owen asks Chris why the yacht he was on did not stop at camp. Chris explained that he was not using any of the previous contestants and attached a bomb to Owen.


In I Love You, Grease Pig!, Chris laughs at Rodney when he hurts himself by slamming his groin on the log.

In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Chris takes pleasure in seeing Rodney go through many mishaps.


In Truth or Laser Shark, Chris takes away Sam's portable game device. Sam is later embarrassed in the challenge when Chris reveals a secret about him.

In Food Fright, Chris brings Sam to the attention of all of the contestants, asking him to empty his pockets, which are stuffed with leftover pancakes from the challenge. This move ultimately causes Sam's elimination.


Evil Scarlett Chris

Chris takes in Scarlett's new look and change in personality.

In Scarlett Fever, once Scarlett takes control of the island's main computer, she attempts to threaten Chris to give her the prize money by letting the island and its contestants blow up. While Chris initially believed she was bluffing, she convinces him otherwise by launching rocket trees at Chris's helicopter. After her plan was foiled, Chris disqualifies her and pelts her with marshmallows while she's in the Cannon of Shame. Right before he launch her off the island, Chris also places Max into the cannon with her. Scarlett desperately begs Chris to not fire her away with Max, but he denies her request and immediately fires them together. In the next episode, Chris is still mad at Scarlett and Max and refuses to mention their names.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, when Chris asks whether the cleft on his chin is big, Scott replies yes and that it looks like a butt. In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, as revenge for getting caught in Scott's trap, Chris arranges for him to take the Hurl of Shame with Fang, his greatest fear. In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, after explaining Scott's paralyzed state, he says that no one cares about him, and laughs with the other contestants. Scott sheds a tear at this.

In Saving Private Leechball, Chris laughs at Scott after he is leeched two times by Chef. In Food Fright, Scott proclaims the challenge to be easy, which leads to Chris adding the Salad Spinner, making all of the other competitors angry at Scott. In the challenge; a stuffed, overweight Scott causes the spinning log to stop working. Chris warns him that if he breaks it he would have to pay for it. When the boot fails to kick Scott as he's too heavy, Chris winds the boot back and gives him a mega kick. In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, when Scott attempts to get off the boat from his exile on Boney Island, Chris shoves him back into the boat. When explaining the challenge, Scott falls asleep, so Chris yells at him through a megaphone causing him to fall over. In Suckers Punched, Chris had rigged the wheel and arranged for Scott to once again face off with Fang. In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Chris laughs at Scott as he's getting electrocuted by the electric cable, saying Scott found his favorite rope.



Chris is unhappy with Shawn destroying his Chris Promo-bots.

In the opening sequence of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Chris suddenly pops up in between Jasmine and Shawn, wearing a zombie mask and scares him away.

In Scarlett Fever, Chris shoots down Shawn's suggestion for everyone to load into the helicopter and escape from the doomed Pahkitew Island. When he and Jasmine get distracted by each other when navigating through the motion sensors, Chris yells at them to get their attention back on the alarms. Talking to Sky and Sugar, he blames the couple for having released the robot animals. Chris is devastated when he sees Shawn destroyed his robot copies. He notes they were expensive to make, and rhetorically asks if Shawn knows how vicious the average Total Drama fan is.

In Pahk'd With Talent, Chris is so impressed by Shawn's performance that he begins to cry. He gives him high points along with the other judges, confirming Shawn's spot in the final two.

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, in response to Shawn telling Jasmine he isn't allowed to share the money, Chris verifies this by stating he didn't actually make up that rule and they can share it if they wish. As Jasmine becomes overjoyed, Chris, knowing Shawn's true thoughts, exclaims to him that it's great. Chris shows Jasmine previously made confessionals by Shawn in which he expresses conflict over the deal they made to split the money. This causes Jasmine to become infuriated with him.



Chris finally meets his biggest fan.

As seen in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Sierra is actually a fan of Chris, unlike everyone else, knowing how many dogs he has, where he buys his pants, etc. It was also revealed that Sierra's mother had a huge crush on Chris and even build a shrine of him. While Chris initially was thrilled to see a fan who knows so much about him, he began to grow tired of her especially when Sierra starts to reveal embarrassing facts about him in front of the other contestants. After Sierra destroys Chris's plane, Chris is so furious he eliminates Sierra on spot, despite her having invincibility. Despite her injuries, he refuses to help her and leaves her stranded in Drumheller. Sierra finally realizes Chris's true nature and from here on, hates him like everyone else.


Like most of contestants, Sky often complains of Chris's choice of challenges and interest in harming the contestants. In Scarlett Fever, Sky said she had no qualms with Shawn destroying the Chris bots as she imagines the real Chris being beaten up. In Pahk'd With Talent, although Chris was impressed with Sky's performance, he did not give her high marks like the intern and Scuba Bear, claiming that she lost points because of the outfits of the bandit cutouts. In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Chris sent Sky on a guilt trip because of her past actions. Later, he showed Sky's audition tape to Dave, revealing that she already had a boyfriend which made Dave turn on Sky.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chris quickly becomes annoyed by Staci and her constant lies. He gladly catapults her away from her island, not even letting her complete her last sentence.


Sugar Silo

Chris is not impressed with Sugar's "Craptry".

Early on in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Chris usually sides with Sugar during her conflict with Ella due to his bigger hatred for the latter. Once Ella is gone, Chris sees Sugar as another disgusting contestant with an appetite that rivals that of Owen's. Several times in the season, Chris was disgusted with Sugar's odd habits such as eating a tarantula and sticking her face on a vending machine. In Hurl and Go Seek, Sugar easily won the pre-challenge and demands Chris to give her more of the drink after finishing the leftovers which freaks him out. At the end of the episode, Chris tells Sugar to stop talking considering her to be a nuisance.

In Pahk'd With Talent, Chris finds Sugar's performance terrible and gives her low points, eliminating her from the competition. As Sugar complains that Chris is being unfair and that she should have won, Chris activates the Cannon of Shame, launching her away from the island.



Chris orders Chef to get rid of Topher.

Topher is another fan of Chris, admiring his work and wanted to be like him. In addition of liking the challenges he prepares for the contestants, Topher also gives advice to him on how to make the challenges more dangerous which Chris accepts. Although Chris likes someone who appreciates his work, he begins to be annoyed by Topher as the season progressed. It is then revealed that Topher is trying to steal Chris's spot as the show as the host and kept on reminding Chris how old he is in order to make him look bad. Chris, realizing his plan, tricked Topher into thinking that the producers agreed to make him the host by posing as them in a fake phone call, making Topher lose focus on the challenge which leads to his team voting him off after he cost them the challenge.



Chris interrupts Trent and Gwen's kiss.

Trent and Chris get along at first. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Trent greets Chris by telling him that he rocked on a figure skating show, to which Chris says "Thanks, man, I knew I rocked that show!". In Not Quite Famous, Chris praises Trent for his performance but quickly pushes him off the stage for taking up screentime. In Phobia Factor, Chris distracts Trent from helping Gwen by pelting Geoff with hail and when Trent tells him to "make the cloud go lower and pelt him harder", Chris calls Trent "one sick dude" and agrees to do it. In Brunch of Disgustingness, Trent enters the main lodge and wonders why there is no breakfast, to which Chris says "Oh, don't worry bro, there will plenty of food later on", then snickers to Chef while Trent walks away confused. When Trent is eliminated in Search and Do Not Destroy, Chris, unlike how he would normally mock the contestants, instead looks genuinely unhappy and says "Sorry dude, you're out". However, he would intentionally ruin Trent's moment with Gwen when he is about to kiss her, claiming that they are running out of time. Trent is the only camper that confronts Chris about how unfair he's being about the elimination votes in Haute Camp-ture, but couldn't do anything about it.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Chris announced that Trent and Gwen would be picking the teams. This shocked Trent and Gwen but seemed amusing to Chris. In 3:10 to Crazytown, when Trent refuses to leave without saying goodbye to Gwen, Chris ignores him and gets Chef to take him to the Lame-o-sine.


There is little interaction between Tyler and Chris in Total Drama Island, but in Phobia Factor, Chris makes fun of him along with Duncan, Geoff, and Bridgette when he fails to conquer his fear of chickens. Chris may have put Tyler's fear (chickens) onto the Boat of Losers to make his elimination from the show feel worse. However, he seems to be impressed with Tyler's entrance when he arrives in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Tyler takes offense when he thinks that Chris called him "goat face" in reference to the goat that was their reward for the challenge. In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Chris purposely calls Tyler "Noah" when signing off the show, in order to annoy Tyler, since Lindsay had been confusing him with "Noah" all day. In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chris and Noah compliment Tyler's vertical leap when he jumps out of the piranha-infested waters. In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Chris interrupts Tyler's farewell to Lindsay and prevents him from giving Lindsay a goodbye kiss, telling them, "It's a half hour show!"


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chris mocks Zoey for being an only child by calling her "Zoey the Lonely." She appears to be embarrassed in that time. When Zoey attempts to quit the show in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Chris shows her the briefcase containing the prize money and successfully change her mind.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Chris pops out of a painting of himself while signing off the show, scaring Zoey when she is about to sleep.

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Zoey appeared to be continually annoyed by Chris as he complained about the Spa Hotel's condition, resorting to lying in order to get rid of him. While competing in the challenge, Zoey destroys one of the host's loudspeakers to benefit her game.



The campers about to throw Chris into the lake.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, after the final campfire ceremony, Geoff comments that it's time for them to do something, to which Duncan, himself, and Owen pick up Chris and throw him into the lake while Chef and several contestants cheers on.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, at the beginning of the episode, Chris gives everyone a second chance to win prize money - this time a million dollars instead of the original hundred thousand. They (with the exception of Owen) initially all refuse and yell at him about making them compete again. However, all twenty-two teens end up accepting. Chris later declares the challenge as a fourteen-way tie and announces the only thing he can do is hold another season of the show - Total Drama Action. He also brings up that each of them are legally obligated to participate.

In Masters of Disasters, Chris's uncaring attitude towards the contestants takes a dramatic turn in this episode. While playing cards with Chef, he nervously observes how far up the water is rising in the rooms they are trapped in. He is further sent into a panic when Chef breaks the lever programmed to control the water. He soon clarifies that this new-found concern is not for the competitors, but for the show ending and his paycheck ceasing. As Harold uses his lock-picking skills to save everyone, Chris watches anxiously, biting his nails.

In The Aftermath: IV, during the montage of Chris's most embarrassing moments, all of the contestants laugh, while Chris is horrified, and quickly arrives at the studio to shut it down.


Chris officially announces another season of Total Drama.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, the contestants are livid when they find out Chris is planning on replacing them with another show called Total Drama Dirtbags. Determined to regain their fame, they load into DJ's mother's bus to race Alejandro and the Dirtbags to New York. Chris and Chef watch from their helicopter above, the former stating how proud he is of them. Unfortunately, the bus eventually goes off course and falls down a cliff. Chris and Chef later arrive in their helicopter to pick some of the ex-competitors up. They take them back to the Total Drama Action set, where Chris reveals no one was actually being replaced - the "new show" was all a trick to test them. He also announces a third season of Total Drama. The teens he rescued are the cast for the new cycle, including newest additions Alejandro and Sierra. Contrary to their usual anger about being thrown back into the competition, everyone is excited - but only after Chris reminds them about the million dollar prize.

In Broadway, Baby!, the contestants laugh at Chris whenever Sierra reveals embarrassing moments from his past.

In Hawaiian Punch, at the end of the episode, all the contestants, except Blaineley, Alejandro, Ezekiel and Heather (who laughs only in Alejandro's ending) are seen laughing at Chris and Chef after Ezekiel accidentally crashes right through the deck of their boat and causes it to sink, with the both of them still on it.

From Total Drama: Revenge of the Island on, Chris develop more sadistic tendencies, causing harm to the contestants with zero concerns regarding their safety.

Everyone and Chris Mines

The contestants are shocked that Chris is sending them into a radioactive mine.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, after Chris discovers the island, he sends all of the campers into the abandoned mine. It is not until when the challenge is close to ending that they find out that they were used by Chris to destroy any evidence of his crimes, or, at the very least, die trying. Once they discover the purpose of the challenge, the campers are once again appalled by Chris's actions, with Jo stating, "Too far McLean!"

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, after the winner is declared, the second generation contestants laugh at Chris when he falls into the lake after being blown away by his own bomb.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Chris is completely unfazed by eight of the fourteen season five contestants flying away in balloons. Throughout the episode, his tone as he talks to the screaming producers is extremely disinterested. During the challenge, Chris gets fed up with the competitors being affectionate towards each other. To encourage them to start betraying and harming one another, he allows the helpers - Alejandro, Cameron, Gwen, and Heather the opportunity to win the million dollars.

In This Is The Pits!, after losing communication with the remaining campers, Chris believes that they are dead and tells Chef to leave the island with their fake passports before the authorities arrive. Upon finding out that the contestants used unauthorized ways to escape the cave since they got lost, Chris is furious as they skipped many challenges and disqualifies both teams.

In Scarlett Fever, Chris is forced to confess to the campers that Pahkitew Island is completely artificial after Max vomited on one of the control panels in the previous episode, causing everything to go haywire. Trying to get everything back on track, Chris accidentally activates its self-destruct sequence. He, therefore, assigns the contestants to get to the main computer underneath the island and shut it down. Shawn instead suggests that they load into Chris's helicopter and escape, but the host refuses. For the rest of the episode, he watches the following events unfold from a comfortable room in the helicopter.


Chris informs the contestants of their impending demise.

Later, Chris is more concerned over his cappuccino machine than rescuing the teens, who are now at the mercy of Scarlett. When she traps them in a room filled with Chris "Promo Bots", Shawn goes into zombie battle mode and demolishes them all. The others are pleased watching him, with Sky deeming it "therapeutic." The host is aggravated when he sees their remains lying around the room.

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