This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Courtney.


Courtney gets mean looks

Courtney's overbearing attitude earns her a bad reputation from her teammates.

While her behavior tends to vary by season, the two things that never change about Courtney are her obsession with winning and overall aggressiveness. Several times, she has shown to value the prize money over her friends and the lives of the other contestants. In her earliest days on the show, she completely focused on her team winning at all costs, although the rest of the team quickly becomes visibly annoyed by her constantly bossing them around. They are also similarly annoyed by her costing them certain challenges, which they perceive as hypocrisy on her part.

In Total Drama Action, livid about not qualifying for the second season, she sues the show and is later permitted to compete. Taking over Justin's role as the main antagonist of the season, it doesn't take long before her ruthlessness makes her the outcast of the remaining competitors. Only Duncan, whose tolerance begins to wear thin as well, is shown to still like her, despite their many clashes. The settlement of her lawsuit allows her to stay in contact with her lawyers at all times, and she often threatens to call them should something not go her way. In addition, she is also given several privileges not afforded to the other contestants, such as lavish meals, access to better facilities and is allowed to carry her PDA with her.

In Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars, while still disliked by her fellow competitors, Courtney is more in control of herself than she is in season two, at least as long as a great betrayal is not the topic of discussion. She does not make a good first impression with the season four newcomers, though she does manage to find love with one of them and she even mends an old friendship. However, just as things start to look up, her desire for victory once again overtakes her and causes her downfall, in addition to breaking whatever positive ties she had left with the remaining contestants. Despite her declining popularity, Courtney at one point insists that the other contestants like her and also believes that she is considered a heroic person, suggesting she is unaware of the consequences of her actions unlike other antagonists.



Alejandro charming Courtney in Picnic at Hanging Dork.

Although Alejandro does not specifically go after Courtney early in the season, he eventually works with Duncan into playing with the emotional weakness she has developed. This occurs after Duncan and Gwen kissed each other, thereby starting a new relationship. Alejandro continues his affiliation with her throughout the season that he is doing this to get her eliminated, and the two form a bond that is more of an attraction than a conflict on Courtney's side. Nevertheless, Alejandro uses her to get himself further in the competition. By the start of Total Drama All-Stars, Courtney appears to have lost her attraction towards Alejandro and soon becomes an enemy of him.



Courtney and Beth's conflict ends their short-lived alliance.

Once Courtney returns to the competition in Total Drama Action, she is placed on the Killer Grips, where she and Beth start to clash due to Courtney's unfair rules and treatment of her fellow teammates. Out of all of Beth's interactions on Total Drama, Beth has one of the most combative relationships with Courtney, mostly due to Courtney trying to force Beth to start an alliance with her, as well as her being equally mean to her best friend, Lindsay. Beth tries to vote off Courtney several times and finally succeeds in Top Dog.


China you're going down

Courtney taunts Blaineley that she can defeat her in a tie-breaker.

In Niagara Brawls, Courtney makes fun of Blaineley during the latter's debut song. In the next episode, the two vote for each other, and end up with the same amount of votes. Courtney assumes they will compete in a tie-breaker, and claims to Blaineley that she can easily defeat her due to her being experienced in a similar situation before. However, Chris decides to eliminate the both of them instead in order to save the show's budget.



Bridgette and Courtney enjoy some stolen desserts.

Bridgette and Courtney were teammates on the Killer Bass in the first season. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two girls got along and formed a friendship, confiding in each other about their respective love interests at the time. Although they have not had much interaction after the first season, Bridgette has remained one of the only people Courtney had any friendly interaction with.


Courtney mean to Cam

Courtney makes fun of Cameron in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition.

During Courtney's short period in the Heroic Hamsters, she has little opinion on Cameron, finding him useless and describes his friendship with Sierra weird. Courtney is transferred to the Villainous Vultures in Saving Private Leechball, with Cameron following her two episodes later. His addition to the Vultures excites Courtney as this will transfer her "newbie status" to him and vows to eliminate him the next time their team loses. On his first day in his new team, tells Cameron that he shouldn't bother fixing his broken glasses, as he won't be in the game much longer.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Mal convinces Cameron to kiss Courtney so that he may cause a problem in her relationship with Scott and possibly get Scott on their side, which Cameron really enjoyed (as it is his first kiss). However under instructions from Mal, Cameron accuses Courtney of kissing him, shifting Scott's anger towards her.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, despite Cameron's elimination, Courtney still appears to be annoyed with him. She mentions him several times in the episode and continues to insist that he is the one who kissed her. At the same time, she seems to be glad that Cameron is gone, as it gave her a chance to try and fix things with Scott.

Chef Hatchet

Courtney and Chef have had limited interactions, with one exception being in Basic Straining when she tells Chef to take a chill pill, causing him to become frustrated. In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Chef has to pull Courtney out of the confessional after she stamps Gwen's passport too many times.


Courtney and Chris Get A Clue

Courtney demanding a prize from Chris in Get a Clue.

Chris and Courtney have a long, complicated conflict which started when she threatened to sue to show for her unfair elimination in Total Drama Island. When she came back, however, Chris seems to change his attitude towards Courtney and actually seems to enjoy her presence on the show, due to all of the drama she creates. However, this does not completely override his grudge against her for suing the show, which caused Chris's salary to be sliced in half.



Courtney easily overpowers Cody in Hawaiian Punch.

Courtney doesn't view Cody highly. While they have little to no interaction in the first season, conflict between the two intensifies two seasons later when Cody and Courtney are placed on the same team.

In the special episode of Total Drama Island, Cody and his team fell into Courtney's hot air balloon after obtaining the million dollar case. Courtney threatens them that she will throw them off the basket unless they surrenders the case to her, saying that she didn't even like him or his group that much anyway. Later on, when the group climbs up to the basket, Courtney immediately strangles Cody.

In Total Drama World Tour, Cody is often viewed as a weak teammate by Courtney when they are placed on the same team. After Gwen is caught kissing Courtney's boyfriend, Cody attempts to protect his crush from Courtney's wrath for several episodes. He tries to vote her off in Picnic at Hanging Dork, but due to his injuries from a dingo, he accidentally votes for Sierra instead and Gwen to be eliminated after failing to complete the tie-breaker challenge. In Sweden Sour, Cody's constant sighing due to Gwen's elimination earns him a scolding from Courtney. After their team lost the challenge, Cody plans to vote for Courtney but is disappointed to find out that it is a non-elimination round.

Even when Cody reaches the final three, Courtney still doesn't think highly of him and supports Alejandro instead. In an exclusive clip of Hawaiian Style, Courtney insults Cody by saying she deserved to be in the final three more than him, calling him "nerdy" and even saying she sings better than him. During the tie-beaker challenge to determine the final two, Courtney cheers for Alejandro and is the only person who is unconcerned with Cody almost getting killed (other than Tyler, who was unconscious). The two of them later face off as the finalists' helpers, where at one point, Courtney narrowly misses slashing Cody with a machete. He then tackles her to the ground, but she quickly overpowers him and pins him down. After distracting Alejandro, Cody knocks Courtney off of him and steals her machete.

Courtney's lawyers


"We are gonna sue the pants off this show, Michael!"

- Courtney

With the help of her lawyers, Courtney is able to debut midway in Total Drama Action and occasionally calls them whenever things did not go her way. Although highly dependent on them, Courtney doesn't really like her lawyers, calling them "pathetic" for losing her first lawsuit against the show, and becoming frustrated whenever they give her an "out-of-office reply" while trying to contact them.


In Phobia Factor, after DJ gets scared of the snake when it blinks, Courtney gets irritated since the snake is so small. When DJ begins describing why he hates the snake, Courtney yells at him, saying they need the point and tells him to suck it up.

In Haute Camp-ture, when Courtney says the other contestants are witnesses who can back up how she was wrongly eliminated, DJ sarcastically says that he didn't see any proof of it.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, DJ's group ends up getting caught in the hot air balloon that Courtney is using. When DJ tells the rest of his group that he is sure Courtney wouldn't let them fall to their deaths, Courtney says that she would in fact have no problem letting them fall, seeing how she didn't like him, Owen, Cody, or Tyler that much anyway.


Courtney kicks duncan

Duncan and Courtney compete against each other in Million Dollar Babies.

Even though Courtney and Duncan were a couple, the dysfunctional nature of their relationship has often pitted them at against each other. Throughout Total Drama Action, they put their relationship aside and compete fiercely against each other though Courtney often came out victorious. By Top Dog, their relationship has ended after Duncan voted her off and Courtney broke up with him. Though they get back together in the finale of Total Drama Action, they broke up again in Total Drama World Tour after Courtney discovers out that Duncan cheated on her with Gwen and the two become mortal enemies again. Two seasons later, Courtney's hatred for Duncan hasn't let up and ignores him whenever Duncan tries to get her attention, even when he attempts to warn her about Mal.


Eva, like the rest of the Killer Bass, shows a great dislike towards Courtney for her bossy attitude. Likewise, Courtney shows fear in Eva's hot temper. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Eva criticized Courtney when she is unable to lift her crate and complained when she gets a splinter. Eva then calls her "Chicken", referring to how Courtney was too afraid to jump off the cliff earlier and had to wear a chicken hat.

In The Big Sleep, Courtney starts to complain about Eva in the confessional, stating how much trouble she causes in just a few days due to her anger issues. When Eva's MP3 player goes missing, she immediately accuses the others until Heather (who stole it earlier in the episode) returns it. Courtney joins the rest of the Killer Bass in voting off Eva that night. When Courtney sarcastically says goodbye to Eva, she throws a sharp stick at her, which Courtney narrowly evades. In the following episode, she admits that she is regretful of voting out Eva due to her athletic skills, which could have helped them in the challenge.

In Haute Camp-ture, Eva, along with many of the others, denied knowing about Courtney's unfair elimination, adding that she didn't care about the issue anyway.


In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Ezekiel is picking is nose while sitting next to Courtney, much to the latter's disgusts. Ezekiel indirectly spared Courtney from being eliminated by taking the target off her back and putting it on himself instead after he gives out sexist remarks about women being inferior towards men. Courtney votes for Ezekiel that night and glares at him like the other girls. She also knocks Ezekiel out with a lamp post in Haute Camp-ture after he tells her to stop complaining about her unfair elimination.


Geoff shushes courtney

Geoff shushes Courtney as she is about to sing.

Geoff apparently doesn't seem to dislike Courtney as much as the other contestants. In Up the Creek, Courtney shows some frustration with Geoff several times (whether it is laughing at him, or exaggerating his leg injury). She also does not understand or even like the craft gift Geoff gives to Bridgette, suggesting when it breaks that she won't take the time to fix it, even though Bridgette says otherwise that she would want to. In Hawaiian Style, when Courtney tries to sing a song about her hatred for Duncan and Gwen, Geoff puts his hand over her mouth to stop her.



Courtney's friendship with Gwen ends again in Sundae Muddy Sundae.

Although both girls have limited interaction in the first season, conflict arises between in Total Drama Action when Courtney accused Gwen of stealing Duncan away from her despite Gwen denies doing so as she and Duncan are just friends. In Total Drama World Tour, the conflict seems to be resolved and the girls have developed a sort of friendship until Greece's Pieces, where Tyler told everyone that Duncan and Gwen kissed, causing her to hate Gwen once again. Gwen had been trying to mend their relationship in Total Drama All-Stars, in spite of Courtney's lingering bitterness over the events that led to their fallout. However, after Gwen broke up with Duncan, the two start to make amends and finally became friends again during the events of Suckers Punched after admitting how much they had missed each other. Following this, both girls spend a lot of time together and make a promise to reach the finale together. However, Courtney eventually decides to put winning above her friendship with Gwen and plans to eliminate her sometime before the finale. Mal would then reveal Courtney's elimination chart which shows Courtney's eventual betrayal. Gwen, upon finding out about this, becomes furious at Courtney and ends their friendship.



Courtney wishes to strangle Harold in Haute Camp-ture.

During her time on Total Drama Island, Courtney constantly scolds her fellow teammate Harold for his incompetence. However, the sparks truly flew between the two of them after Harold personally removed her from the show to get back at the others who were bothering him, particularly her budding relationship with Duncan. After discovering his actions, Courtney hunted for Harold throughout Haute Camp-ture and beat him up with a lamp post. When Courtney returns midway in Total Drama Action, Harold become one of her primary victims and teams up with other contestants to eliminate her.



Courtney and Heather glaring at each other in the opening sequence.

Although both girls are similar in that they're antagonists who have an obsession with winning and in controlling others through their means of leadership, they do not get along and despise each other. When both are placed on the same team in Total Drama World Tour, their conflict flares up as both compete for the position of team leader and start humiliating each other by any means necessary. The conflict is further intensified after Courtney falls for Alejandro and the two girls fight for his affections. Courtney chose to support Alejandro over Heather in the finale and volunteered to make sure hinder Heather's progression in the final challenge.


In the first episode, Courtney helps Izzy get out of the water after she falls and slams her chin onto the dock, but is disturbed by Izzy reacting well to getting hit. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, she tries to steal a vine from her in an attempt to recover the $1,000,000 case. Some time later, when Courtney finds the case, Izzy falls from a tree and land on Courtney's head, stealing the case from her. Courtney then proceeds to chase after Izzy and her team, but they manage to outsmart her and double back while she keeps running, eventually slamming into a fake forest wall.

IC fight

Courtney and Izzy fighting over a vine in the special.

During their short time together on Team Amazon in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Courtney becomes frustrated with Izzy's obsession in claiming she could speak to their camel. When Izzy asks it where the Nile River is and it turns around, Courtney shows displeasure to Izzy on actually thinking they were getting anywhere with her claim, even though she is proven correct mere moments later. Shortly afterwards, Izzy is switched with Sierra, but Courtney's attempt to get Izzy to help is prevented by Noah due to her being on another team.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Courtney tries to help Izzy and Owen by attempting to pull them out from under the Jumbo Jet.



Courtney protests when Chris declares Duncan's eliminated instead of Justin.

When Justin first arrives in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Courtney, like the rest of the campers, is immediately smitten to him.

Upon Courtney's debut in Total Drama Action, she is placed on the same team as Justin, the latter taking a dislike towards her bossiness and even tries to vote her off with the rest of his team even though she was not an eligible choice. Likewise, Courtney is infuriated by Justin's laziness in the challenge, and calls him useless.

In Dial M for Merger, just as the building is about to explode, Justin jumps into Courtney's arms as they prepare to escape. In The Princess Pride, Justin sees Courtney as a strong competitor and tries to coax her into telling him her "secret" though he ends up infuriating her by implying that she has "deformities". He later falls in love with her following her musical performance, which makes Duncan angry. After vying for Courtney's affection with Duncan (in which Courtney seemed to favor Justin over Duncan), Justin reaches her and the two almost kiss, but Chris announces that the two would engage in a sword fight for immunity instead. While Justin refuses to harm her, Courtney will not sacrifice a chance for immunity and knocks Justin off the tower they were standing on top of, sending him falling to the ground, because of which he sustains injuries. It turns out Courtney is simply toying with Justin's feelings in order to distract him. Later, when Chris jokes that Duncan is voted out, Courtney becomes outraged and argues that Justin should be eliminated instead.

Katie and Sadie

Ep 6 (1)

Courtney yelling at Katie and Sadie for causing their team to lose.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Courtney tries to comfort Sadie when she finds out that she's on a different team then Katie. In Dodgebrawl, Katie and Courtney show various signs of friendships, such as high-fiving each other (along with DJ) when Katie was able to eliminate Lindsay and when Courtney and Katie share a hug after taking down Owen. During Not Quite Famous, Katie and Sadie were seen attempting to comfort Courtney after Bridgette accidentally broke her violin.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Courtney didn't seem to care about the welfare of Katie and Sadie after they were lost in the woods. When the Killer Bass arrives at camp the next morning, Chris noticed their absence and Courtney claims that they were eaten by wolves. Katie and Sadie moments later and received a scolding from Courtney for causing their team to lose again.

While Katie's conflict with Courtney does not change, Sadie brings the conflict to a whole new level in Who Can You Trust?, when Courtney and Sadie are paired for the the William Tell blind challenge. Sadie constantly shoots apples at Courtney without knocking the arrow off her head, injuring Courtney greatly. Even when Chris announces the challenge to be over, Sadie continues shooting obliviously. Courtney tries to tell Sadie the same thing (while also calling her a moron), but Sadie refuses to listen and continues shooting, eventually hitting Courtney right in the head. As a result, a severely injured Courtney has to be sent to the infirmary, but not before moaning that Sadie would go down. Sadie is voted off and a satisfied Courtney waves goodbye. Sadie then calls the rest of her team "marshmallow eating freaks", including Courtney.

In The Aftermath: I, Courtney is seen to be annoyed at Katie and Sadie's requests to be Trent's girlfriend.



Leshawna insults Courtney in Super Hero-ld.

While Courtney and Leshawna have limited interactions in Total Drama Island, they do talk about each other from time to time and appear to be on generally friendly terms. In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Leshawna complains to Courtney for using the confessional for a long duration and not giving others a chance to use it. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Leshawna reveals that Courtney had told her about how Duncan found a new bunny for DJ after his old one died. This implied that, what little time they spent together, they could have been good friends, since Courtney originally promised Duncan that she would not tell anyone about this. In Haute Camp-ture, Courtney said that she couldn't say anything bad about Leshawna, even though she excelled at saying bad things about others, and is later upset when she unintentionally votes to eliminate her.

When Courtney makes her debut midway in Total Drama Action, the two begin to show an evident dislike for each other. In One Million Bucks, B.C., Leshawna becomes severely irritated when Courtney again brings up her C.I.T. experience during the caveman challenge, remarking that they were on a movie set, not a summer camp. In Million Dollar Babies, Courtney becomes angry at Leshawna after she states in her video how Courtney "always dragged Duncan around by his eyebrow-ring" when she was in the competition before. In Dial M for Merger, Leshawna states she had apologized a million times, to which Courtney says in the confessional that is the only "million" Leshawna would ever see, and has her lawyers working on it.

In Super Hero-ld, Leshawna drags Courtney outside after being woken up. Courtney states in the confessional that she's "had it up to here with Leshawna" after Leshawna called her "Aged Cheddar Chick" due to her awful cheese stench following her trip to the cheese factory in the previous episode. Courtney is able to convince Harold to vote off Leshawna in that episode because of what she said about them in Million Dollar Babies, which he reluctantly does. In The Aftermath: III, Leshawna calls Courtney "cut-throat" for convincing Harold to vote her off. In The Princess Pride, Leshawna calls Courtney a "skinny rich girl" in a message she sent to Harold and commands him not to listen to her new song.


Court & Linds exclusive

Courtney is less than thrilled to go on a trip with Lindsay.

The softer and more friendly Lindsay has one of the worst conflicts with the hard-edged Courtney, during Total Drama Action. Lindsay sees Courtney as a threat to her own possibilities of being taken seriously as a leader, while Lindsay's outgoing cheerfulness and hidden intelligence pushes Courtney to the edge in dealing with her. Also, Courtney's similar conflict with Lindsay's best friend has also helped to fuel the conflict. The conflict subsided after season two though, Courtney still deems Lindsay annoying during their short partnership in the finale of Total Drama World Tour and during Lindsay's short tenure in Total Drama All-Stars.


Courtney was annoyed with Mike and Sierra because they were running too slow, due to carrying Sam in Saving Private Leechball. She threatens them that if they don't run faster, they'll "never see another sunrise". In the confessional, Mike says he thinks Courtney is scary but he is interrupted by Mal who says he loves when things get scary. In Food Fright, Mal rigs the Salad Spinner to run faster than normal and when it is Courtney's turn to use it, she was flung out of the contraption and ended up in a tree. In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, when Duncan tries to warn her and Gwen about Mal, they laugh at him believing Mike is a sweet guy and isn't a threat at all. Courtney, along with Scott are easily convinced by Mal to join him in voting off Alejandro in The Obsta-Kill Kourse.


Mal convinces Courtney and Scott to help him boot off Alejandro.

Courtney becomes Mal's newest target in Sundae Muddy Sundae. In the confessional, while explaining her plan to eliminate the other contestants, Courtney states that Mike is a wild card. Mal somehow manages to steal the chart from her and expose it to other contestants, turning everyone against her. During the challenge Mal lodges a rock into the mutant fire-breathing flower, causing it to explode and burn the chocolate sauce, which greatly hinders Courtney's chance of winning. Courtney later accuses "Mike" of intentionally sabotaging the challenge but nevertheless, Courtney's fate is sealed that night and she is eliminated.


In Haute Camp-ture, In Haute Camp-ture, when Courtney says the other contestants are witnesses who can back up how she was wrongly eliminated, Noah sarcastically says that he didn't see any proof of it. Later, when Noah tells her to get over being voted off, she throws a glass at his head, causing him to fall into the pool. Additionally, Noah teases her, stating that "she drools over Duncan more than his dog over a rib eye steak", and laughs when she and Harold fall into the pool after a slap fight. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Courtney tells Izzy to make the camel move, but Noah reminds her that Izzy is on his team, not hers.


Idk what to call this image lol Courtney and Owen lol omg

Courtney tricks Owen into feeding her information in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen.

Owen was the first camper to greet Courtney in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. Courtney was likewise friendly and polite to him during their short exchange, until she became distracted by Justin. When Owen reaches the finale, Courtney is among those who supported for him from the beginning. In the Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, after Owen's group (consisting of himself, DJ, Cody and Tyler) acquire the brief case containing the million dollars and were chased off the cliff by a bear, they were caught by Courtney in her hot air balloon. However, Courtney threatens to drop them unless they hand over the money to her but Owen refused to give in.

Owen could possibly be the most noted enemy of Courtney during her time on Total Drama Action. When she debut in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine and placed on Owen's team, she blamed him for costing the team the challenge and voted him off. Despite this, Owen admitted in The Aftermath: III that he wasn't angry about his elimination, as he is not good at holding grudges.

After Owen's return in Rock n' Rule, Courtney is enraged because he got voted off "fair and square", although she drops the issue when Chris stated that Owen filed a lawsuit to get back onto the show and won (which was subsequently revealed to be untrue by Owen in the confessional). Owen then makes a confessional saying he doesn't miss Courtney that much. After the challenge ends, Owen opts to vote for Courtney even though she won invincibility, claiming he is still bitter because of her sole-vote sending him home last time. In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, after Courtney noticed Owen giving pointers to Duncan and Harold, Courtney remarks on how it was unfair and tries to get Owen to give her and Beth advice as well, which Owen eventually does out of guilt. In Top Dog, Courtney finds out about Owen's role as a saboteur and calls him a "cheater". She tries to vote him off again, but she is voted off instead. However, Chris subsequently fires Owen, resulting in the second double elimination in Total Drama Action.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, when the Total Drama Jumbo Jet falls on top of Owen and Izzy, Courtney tries to pull out an injured Owen out from under the jet.



Courtney uses an injured Sam to defend herself, a villainous act that causes her to switch teams with Duncan.

In Saving Private Leechball, Courtney is the only member of her team who does not save food for Sam after he is exiled to Boney Island, but insists that she was unaware of the plan. Despite his injuries, Courtney refuses to help him later on in the challenge. However, in order to get out of participating, she volunteers to look after him in a cave while the others hunt down their opponents, claiming that she felt guilty for not providing him with food. Once Jo finds them, she ends up using him as a shield, showing no remorse or regret for him doing so and claims that anyone would have done the same.



Courtney and Scott end their short-lived relationship.

After she was transferred to the Villainous Vultures, Courtney initially views very little on Scott as he has a lot of disgusting habits and sees him nothing more than a potential alliance member. Scott on the other hand was immediately attracted to her and openly flirts with her. Courtney too starts to have feelings for him, becoming more open to him and treats him nicely compared to the other contestants. The two of them become a couple in Zeek And Ye Shall Find after sharing their first kiss, but broke up two hours later due to a misunderstanding in which Courtney kisses Cameron. Although the two of them got back together in the next episode, Courtney was annoyed by Scott several times in the challenge and abandons him during sticky situations. In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Courtney reveals that she is bringing Scott with her to her because she believes that Scott will throw the challenge for her and gives her an easy win. However, Mike (Mal) reveals her plan to everyone and made Scott mad. Her betrayal pushes Scott to determine to win the challenge to ensure that Courtney is eliminated that night. It is hinted that their relationship has ended again.


Greece sierra yells at courtney

Sierra yells at Courtney for making fun of Cody in Greece's Pieces.

Despite them being teammates after Sierra was transferred to Team Amazon in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, the two girls do not see eye-to-eye. Like Heather, Courtney finds Sierra's lack of sanity disturbing. Sierra however, has a degree of respect for Courtney due to her and Duncan being the most popular couple in the series.

In Greece's Pieces, Sierra snaps at Courtney after the latter insults Cody's lack of strength and the two end up fighting each other. Near the end of their fight, Courtney and Sierra have each other in a headlock, refusing to let go until a lack of oxygen causes both of them to faint, allowing Owen to pin them. After Tyler reveals that he saw Gwen had kissed Duncan, Sierra quickly allies with Courtney in order to eliminate Gwen. This temporary truce is in Sierra's favor however, due to Cody's attraction for Gwen. Once Gwen is eliminated, they become enemies again, with Sierra planning to vote off Courtney with the rest of the team in Sweden Sour but Courtney is safe due to a non-elimination, much to Sierra's disappointment.

In Total Drama All-Stars, while Courtney's dislike for Sierra remains unchanged, Sierra no longer appears to carry her previous hostility towards Courtney. The two were once again placed on the same team along with Lindsay, Mike, Zoey, Sam and Cameron. In the first episode, Sierra quickly dives into their team's baby carriage before Courtney gets out of it, crushing her. In Evil Dread, in the loser cabins, Courtney gets annoyed when Sierra takes a picture of her while she was asleep, and calls her a "fan with a bad case of crazy". She is also disgusted when Sierra eats gruel off the floor that Chef threw in.

In Saving Private Leechball, Courtney gets annoyed with Sierra's continued obsession with Cody and the way she sleeps, calling her a weirdo. For most of the episode, she is also noticeably annoyed by her team's kindness when Sierra and Mike carries an injured Sam.


In Haute Camp-ture, when Courtney says the other contestants are witnesses who can back up how she was wrongly eliminated, Trent sarcastically says that he didn't see any proof of it. Courtney disagrees with Trent about Gwen deserving to win, believing that she wasn't a team player. Trent is one of the several ex-campers who eavesdropped on Courtney while she is talking about Duncan, and appears to be amused by what he hears. Courtney states in The Aftermath: I that Trent chose to be a loser on his own, which is why she sides with Gwen, but later, she wants to change her opinion on the breakup because of the heartfelt story Trent told about the origin of his number nine obsession.



Courtney scolds Tyler for hitting his own teammates by accident.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Courtney attempts to convince her team to vote Tyler off instead of her, though this fails as Duncan points out that Tyler jumped off the cliff unlike her. In Dodgebrawl, Courtney is frustrated at Tyler's poor performance during the challenge as he is unable to hit anyone from the other team. She also grows frustrated with his infatuation with Lindsay, who is on the other team. In Phobia Factor, Courtney again scolds Tyler for failing his challenge. Despite this, she is the only person to stand up for him when the others make fun of him while he walks the Dock of Shame, but she only did that because she knew she failed her challenge worse. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Courtney threatens to drop Tyler along with DJ, Owen and Cody off her hot air balloon if they do not surrender the million dollars to her. Tyler however is not afraid of her and threatens her back.

In Greece's Pieces, Courtney easily knocks out Tyler during the wrestling match due to Tyler's inability to hit a girl. In The EX-Files, Courtney, after being advised by Alejandro, flirts with Tyler in order to make Duncan jealous. While Tyler is at least intrigued with the idea of Courtney hitting on him, he refuses to be unfaithful to his girlfriend and displays no further interest in Courtney's flirting. At the end of the episode, upon finding out that Tyler is eliminated instead of Duncan, Courtney vents her anger at Tyler by throwing him out of the plane.



Courtney abandoning Zoey after she got her foot stuck in the swamp in Sundae Muddy Sundae.

In Saving Private Leechball, as Zoey leaps up to the trees in order to lead their team, Courtney feels threatened by Zoey's outstanding physical skills and plans to eliminate her next. When Courtney volunteers to take care of Sam, Zoey believes that Courtney is doing this out of kindness, not realizing that Courtney's true intention was to have her teammates "take the leeches to the face" while she lays back.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Zoey cheers Courtney up by telling her that kissing two guys in one day is something good as nobody in the past has done this before. Feeling better already, Courtney thanked her and Zoey promised to keep the kiss she had with Cameron a secret. However, Courtney later believes that Zoey might had told Gwen when she saw the two of them giggling and fears a possible alliance between the two. When she confronts the pair, Courtney accidentally reveals her secret to Gwen instead.

Courtney attempts to lure Gwen away from Zoey in Sundae Muddy Sundae and convince Gwen that they should eliminate her in the next campfire ceremony, as Courtney still saw her as the biggest threat. While climbing the snowy cliff to retrieve the ice cream, Courtney compliments Zoey's strength in an attempt to create an alliance with her after she lost her closest allies. Zoey, however, denies her offer as she is disgusted with Courtney's attempt to betray Gwen. Courtney would later ignore Zoey who gets stuck in the swamp during a later part of the challenge.

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