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This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and DJ.


DJ has made friends with almost everyone on the show due to his kindness.

Despite his immense size and strength, DJ is one of the nicest contestants on the show. He is willing to help anyone, even Heather. His kind loving nature has earned him the respect of almost everyone, and has made countless friends on the show. He is also very close to animals, and has had many pets over the course of the series. He is also very popular with many of the show's in-universe fans.


Alejandro successfully manipulates DJ in Newf Kids on the Rock.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, DJ states that Alejandro is as "smooth as momma's gravy." In Newf Kids on the Rock, Alejandro helps DJ with the challenge by telling him that his curse could be lifted by kissing a cod with an Egyptian symbol on it. He does this and thinks that his curse is lifted. However, in Jamaica Me Sweat, Alejandro reveals that he secretly drew the symbol on the cod. Additionally, Alejandro intentionally sabotaged the bobsled course, causing DJ's elimination. DJ is seen devastated when he watches Alejandro converse with Tyler about betraying DJ. In Hawaiian Style, when Bridgette asks who in the gallery has been kicked out of the game because of Alejandro, a sad looking DJ raises his hand. DJ, along with everyone else (except Courtney), is seen glaring at him for nearly killing Cody in Hawaiian Punch.


All of the animals ready to take revenge on DJ in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon.

Although he is an animal lover, DJ has numerous unfortunate encounters with animals throughout the series. In Total Drama Island, he owns two bunnies; one was eaten by snake and another was severely injured but lives. This is taken to exaggerated lengths in Total Drama World Tour. Ever since he breaks a mummified dog when the contestants are in Egypt, DJ keeps injuring every animal he came across by accident. This greatly saddens DJ to the point he wants to be eliminated as soon as possible. Among the animals he injured include several seagulls, a panda, a baby seal, a snapping turtle, a baby goat, a troop of monkeys, a bear, Sasquatchanakwa, a whale and a walrus. The animals were not too happy with DJ injuring them and bear a grudge against him. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, DJ meets most of the animals he injured prior to his elimination, all who are hellbent on revenge.


DJ votes for Beth in the Total Drama Action finale.

In The Sand Witch Project, Beth is shocked when DJ reveals his illegal alliance with Chef to everyone. She is also heard saying "Aww" when he says he has to do what's right for momma. In The Aftermath: IV, DJ seems very happy and satisfied when Beth gives the "right" answer to his question. Despite being good friends with Duncan, DJ votes for Beth to win the million dollars because she is so gentle, claiming there aren't enough gentle millionaires in the world. He also picks her up when she wins in Beth's ending.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Blaineley finds it amusing when DJ and his mother go bankrupt. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Blaineley purposely releases the animals to get their revenge on DJ in hopes of getting more donations, before her plan backfires. During Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley, Geoff sings that Blaineley dislikes DJ's shirt. DJ is also angry at Blaineley for sending Bridgette to Siberia.


DJ greeting Bridgette by kissing her on the cheek in The Aftermath: II.

Bridgette and DJ first become good friends during Total Drama Island, where they are placed on the same team. During the first season, the two of them come to respect each other due to their similar personalities. However, in all of Bridgette's eliminations, DJ is one of the people who have voted her off. The two return in Total Drama World Tour where they are placed on Team Victory.


When DJ appears in Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Cameron is delighted to see him. During the judging, Cameron's quiche is the only food DJ likes, until he finds out what it was made of, which terrifies him.

Chef Hatchet

DJ finally works up the courage to quit his alliance with Chef.

While the two have minimal interactions with each other in the first season, in the second season, Chef made DJ form an alliance with him and promises to toughen him up. In return, DJ had to share the prize money with Chef if he wins. After a few episodes, DJ gain the courage to stand up to Chef, quit the season and dissolves the alliance.


Chris comforting a frightened DJ in Monster Cash.

In That's Off the Chain!, Chris calls DJ lame for his cowardice and wearing armor for the cycling challenge.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Chris gleefully informs DJ that Heather managed to scare him off before Chef had a chance. Later, a terrified DJ leaps into Chris's arms when Heather's facial mask begin to crumble, and Chris remarks that he will be missed when DJ is ultimately eliminated in the episode's end. In Monster Cash, Chris pats DJ's head while he is in fear from seeing the monster. In Broadway, Baby!, DJ laughs about Chris being in a boy band in the confessional.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, DJ makes fun of Chris for wearing a woman's dashiki. Later, during DJ's elimination, he tries to talk Chris out of it but Chris doesn't allow it. When DJ takes the Drop of Shame, Chris complains that he needs to scream in order to fill in a dramatic scene. DJ unenthusiastically does so, only to land on a colony of fire ants, giving Chris the satisfaction he wanted.


Cody and DJ, along with Owen and Tyler, team up in the special.

In Dodgebrawl, nearing the end of one round, Cody is the only Gopher left and he is faced off against DJ and Katie, who both grin evilly at him, expecting him to be easy. However he puts a spin on his ball and manages to take DJ out. In Phobia Factor, he tells DJ to relax when he sees a gummy worm and panics due to thinking it is a snake.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, they formed an all-male alliance with Owen and Tyler. After retrieving the case, the team immediately distrusts each other, with Cody suspecing DJ would betray them at one point. Cody would then tie all four of them with a rope but when Owen has to use the bathroom, DJ scolds Cody for tying them too tightly. Cody then tries to tell him on where he learn his knot tying skills but DJ shows little interest. Like most others, DJ supports Cody in Hawaiian Style and in Hawaiian Punch, DJ glared at Alejandro for nearly killing Cody in the tie-breaker challenge.


Courtney yells at DJ to complete the challenge.

Courtney is one of the few contestants in the series to somewhat dislike DJ. In Phobia Factor Courtney is annoyed with DJ being unable to face his fear, especially since it is a small and harmless snake. As DJ complains further, Courtney yells at him, terrifying DJ that he follow her orders. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, when he, Owen, Cody, and Tyler are caught on Courtney's balloon, Courtney threatens to drop them if they don't give her the $1,000,000 case. DJ asks her if she is serious, and she replies by saying that she is and that she doesn't even like him very much.

DJ's bunnies

DJ's pet bunny is very important to him. In Who Can You Trust?, Duncan gets DJ a new bunny after his first one is eaten by a snake which is taken by a hawk which is eaten by a shark. Even though he has two different bunnies, they are pretty much the same to DJ. DJ doesn't even seem notice the difference between the deceased Bunny and the replacement Bunny.


Duncan finds DJ a new bunny, after losing his last one.

Despite their many differences, DJ and Duncan appear to be good friends. The two of them, along with Geoff, are often seen hanging out and are often seen doing various activities together, such as pranking Harold. Duncan would also find another bunny for DJ after Geoff accidentally loses the first one, though DJ couldn't tell the difference between the two. The three of them eventually form the first guys' alliance with Owen.


DJ is as terrified as the rest of his team in The Big Sleep when Eva shows her temper and most likely voted her off. He votes her off again in No Pain, No Game, saying that she is nuts, quickly apologizing after the quote. In The Aftermath: II, she is seen enjoying one of DJ's sandwiches.


Ezekiel is seen enjoying one of DJ's sandwiches in The Aftermath: II. In Total Drama World Tour, at the end of the Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, they are placed on the same team and seem happy about it. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, DJ takes a stick from Harold after he accidentally pokes Ezekiel with it, saying he could hurt someone. DJ and the rest of Team Victory are mad at Ezekiel for losing the challenge; at the elimination ceremony, Ezekiel is shown to have voted for DJ. In Hawaiian Punch, DJ appears to be terrified of Ezekiel's newly obtained feral state.


DJ and Geoff laugh at Harold's misfortune.

Geoff is one of DJ's closest friends on the show. The two of them are often seen together throughout Total Drama Island. They evidently confide a lot of trust in one another, as shown by how Geoff comforts DJ about his fear of water, or how DJ asks Geoff to look after bunny. DJ also helps to bring Geoff together with his good friend Bridgette. Their friendship subsides a bit over the next few seasons due to Geoff straining this friendship by his harsh behaviour towards the others and because of his inactivity in future seasons.


Gwen is thankful she can count on DJ.

Despite not having much known interaction with her in Total Drama Island, Gwen considers DJ to be one of the five sane people on the island. In Hook, Line, and Screamer , Gwen calls him "Deej" and jokes around a bit, suggesting that the two are friends. In Riot On Set, Gwen chose DJ to be on the Screaming Gaffers. In The Chefshank Redemption, DJ brings Gwen a dish of food, in order to "keep her strength up." DJ also was one of two people (the other was Duncan) that did not vote Gwen off in this episode. Additionally, DJ did not hate Gwen in The Aftermath: II, and even supported her during the episode.


Once the challenge is revealed, DJ and Harold celebrate with a knuckle touch.

Harold gets along well with DJ in Total Drama Island when they were placed on the Killer Bass. However, DJ often helps Duncan and Geoff in pranking Harold for amusement and to get back at him for not cleaning up after himself. After being embarrassed, Harold admits defeat and the boys give him back his clothes. Although Geoff and Duncan continued to pick on Harold, DJ apparently doesn't join them.

In Total Drama Action, Harold and DJ were placed on the same team again. When it is discovered that DJ is quitting the competition for being in an illegal alliance with Chef, Harold and several others defend him and tries to convince him to stay. In the next episode, Harold admits he that he missed DJ's cooking.

They are again on the same team in Total Drama World Tour but had limited interaction due to Harold's early elimination. It is to be noted that DJ had received the most votes and would've been eliminated had Harold not quit.


Heather and DJ happily completing the challenge.

Although they don't have the highest regard for each other, DJ may be one of the people that Heather doesn't dislike. Heather seems to have a soft spot for DJ and shows concern for him many times in the series. In fact, when DJ is eliminated in Total Drama Island, Heather joins the other contestants in giving him a goodbye hug before he takes the Boat of Losers. In Total Drama World Tour, Heather helps DJ after he became the last member of his team though this is to ensure DJ's trust into forming an alliance with her in the future.


Izzy pulls DJ's cheek.

Izzy is one of the many campers to like DJ. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Izzy manages to bring DJ back to his senses by slapping him. Like the other contestants, she is sad that DJ voted himself off in The Sand Witch Project. In The Aftermath: IV, DJ was confused of what Izzy meant when she said "Hit it DJ," although she meant Chef once she referred to him as DJ Jazzy Chef. In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Izzy catches the mummified dog that DJ was trying to rescue from falling and breaking. DJ thanks her, only to have Izzy get over-excited and break the dog in a "touch-down" celebration.


In The Chefshank Redemption when the males are finding a way out of their trailer, Justin states that they need DJ's help, calling him "Mount DJ." Also, in The Sand Witch Project, right before DJ is about to get voted off, he suggests that they vote off Chef instead of DJ.

Katie and Sadie

DJ comforts Katie by telling her the first challenge can't be hard.

Katie is shown to be good friends with DJ. In the first episode, she asked DJ how hard the challenge would be and he tells her to relax, stating that it would be fine, though DJ later cursed after discovering they had to dive off of the thousand-foot cliff. In Dodgebrawl, he and Katie teamed up to take down Cody and menacingly grin at him, but both of them get taken out instead.

In Who Can You Trust?, Sadie regards him (along with the rest of the team) as "marshmallow-eating freaks". In The Aftermath: II, both of them are seen enjoying DJ's sandwiches.


DJ and Leshawna (along with Harold) team up together in their first challenge.

In the first episode in Total Drama Island, she gives DJ a high five, calling him "Brother." In Hook, Line, and Screamer, she tells him that he has to get a grip on his fears when he gets too scared. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, DJ and Leshawna are seen holding onto each other as they are dragged to the dock on a broken diving board.

In Total Drama Action they were selected by Gwen to be part of her of Screaming Gaffers. Like the rest of his team, DJ doesn't like Leshawna's dance in Beach Blanket Bogus and calls her "Lebomba."

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, DJ and Leshawna teamed up, along with Harold, in the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge, and were the first team to finish. Thus, they were all placed on Team Victory, along with Bridgette, Lindsay, and Ezekiel. In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Leshawna was seen to be torn between voting for DJ or Harold to be eliminated. However, she presumably chose DJ, as he received the most votes and was going to be eliminated, until Harold quit the competition in order to restore his "honor." In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, she was annoyed with DJ when he tried to tell her something while she and Lindsay were talking in the dogsled. Both voted for Bridgette to be eliminated later on in the episode. In Slap Slap Revolution, when the team was down to only Leshawna, DJ, and Lindsay, the latter two voted for Leshawna, while Leshawna herself voted for DJ. When Leshawna was about the leave the plane, he shown no sympathy until the the next episode. In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, DJ is seen dancing with Harold and Leshawna on the yacht next to Eva, Duncan and Gwen.


When DJ is assigned to judge the dishes in Eat, Puke, and Be Wary, Lightning tries to feed him with a mutant maggot cannelloni he put cream sauce over it. However, DJ looks already fearful after Zoey scared him with her dish, yet Lightning does try to calm him down by hitting the maggot when he roars and offers DJ fresh pepper.


Lindsay rides on DJ's shoulder as they cross the zipline together.

At the end of That's Off the Chain!, Lindsay says goodbye to DJ. Also, DJ is greatly amused when Lindsay tells off Heather. In the Best. Game. Ever. if you talk to Lindsay she says DJ is always so generous and that he's a "Good Sanitarium." During the Total Drama World Tour opening sequence, Lindsay looks down in sympathy towards DJ at the end, since DJ is scared. In Total Drama World Tour they are both put on Team Victory, where they become the last two members of their team in Slap Slap Revolution. This allows them to become closer than in previous seasons. Throughout The Am-AH-Zon Race, DJ and Lindsay seem to look out for each other and even grow a special bond. DJ lets Lindsay choose the path and even lets her sit on his arms while riding down from the platform to the ground. She looks concerned when DJ gets attacked by the monkeys. She later tells him that his luck is beginning to change and that they may possibly win, encouraging him to not give up. They eventually win their first challenge. Once they are in the first class section, DJ tells Lindsay that he's fine with her inviting Tyler to stay in the first class section with them, and a delighted Lindsay gives him a kiss on the cheek before running off to find Tyler. During Can't Help Falling in Louvre, DJ abandons Lindsay to complete the challenge by herself, but eventually returns in a golf cart and destroys Team Victory's statue. DJ tells Lindsay that he plans on throwing the challenge, but the judges decide that DJ's design is better and eliminate Lindsay, disappointing both.


DJ's mother defends her son from Sierra's questions.

DJ has a strong bond with his mother and greatly loves her. It is implied that it is from her that DJ had learned how to cook. Additionally, it was his mother who taught him to be nice to other people. Throughout the series, DJ will mention his mother to the other contestants and wishes that she was there as well. In Total Drama Action, DJ feels bad because of joining Chef's alliance and is worried that his mother will be angry with him. After having a hallucination of his mother scolding him for cheating, DJ decides to quit in The Sand Witch Project out of guilt. After the season has ended, DJ and his mother setup a cooking show together but went bankrupt after a few people died after tasting their food. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, DJ's mother defends DJ when Sierra ask him an unpleasant question when first arrive at the Gemmies. When DJ qualifies for Total Drama World Tour, he wishes to use the prize money to buy another bus for her.

DJ constantly mentions his mother throughout season three, even wishing that he gets to see her again while singing Before We Die in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan. In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, DJ tells Lindsay not to tell his mother that he is becoming a vegan as she considers vegans to be "chicken-loving-chicken." During the tie-breaker challenge between him and Lindsay, DJ draws a picture of him holding his mother's hand on his sketchbook instead of a design. When he believes that he has lost the tiebreaker, DJ starts dancing, telling his mother that he is coming home to meet her.


Not much is known about these characters' interactions, due to them being on different teams and seasons, though Noah is seen enjoying one of DJ's sandwiches in The Aftermath: II. In Newf Kids on the Rock, Noah and the rest of his team tries to recruit DJ into forming an alliance. In Jamaica Me Sweat, DJ accompanies Noah in making fun of Chris for accidentally wearing a woman's Dashiki.


DJ helping Owen to calm down before they board the plane.

While DJ and Owen have had their differences in the past, and have had mixed interactions, they mostly seem to get along well. After the teams merged, the two of them, along with Duncan and Geoff, would form the first Guys' alliance in the series. Initially, DJ sides with Gwen in the finale but switched sides after Owen announced about the party he is going to throw. In Total Drama Action, Owen found out that DJ had been cooking the contestants' meals for the past few days and begged him not to quit to no avail. In Total Drama World Tour, when DJ is the final member of his team, Owen tries to get DJ into forming an alliance with his team.


When DJ is assigned to judge the dishes in Eat, Puke, and Be Wary, Scott tries to feed him with a Southern quiche suprise he cooked. At first, DJ doesn't seem to be scared at his dish after being frigthened with Zoey's and Lightning's dishes, but when Scott's dish turns out to be alive, this turns out to be the last straw to DJ and he runs away in fear.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Sierra was persuaded by Blaineley to ask DJ several questions in order to stir up some drama. When Sierra ask who did DJ hate the most on the show, his mother quickly defends her son and smacks Sierra on the head to prevent her from asking anymore uncomfortable questions to her son. In Slap Slap Revolution, Sierra was forced to go against DJ in the dancing challenge, and ends up kicking him off the platform. However, it was only because Sierra was mad that Alejandro defeats Cody in that challenge, too.


Trent and DJ hanging out.

Trent is one of the many campers to like DJ, and because of their similar personalities, it is evident that they are friends. In X-Treme Torture, they both take on the plane challenge. Trent tells DJ he doesn't think he can make the landing and DJ encourages him, but accidentally knocks Trent off the plane in the process. In Brunch of Disgustingness, DJ helps Trent eat his pizza and unlike the others, he is not uncomfortable when Trent starts to behave like a young child due to a flashback he has. In Haute Camp-ture, they appear to be on good terms as they are seen hanging out. In Monster Cash, Trent tries to coax DJ into overcoming his fear of the monster. In Alien Resurr-eggtion, DJ and Trent, along with Gwen and Duncan team up during the challenge. After getting located by Chef Hatchet, DJ gets shot and tells the others to save themselves.


Tyler rescues DJ from the pool, after the latter dived in an attempt to save the former.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, DJ and Geoff both make a thumbs up when Tyler comes into the show with a cool wipe-out stunt. In Dodgebrawl, after DJ and Gwen had a double knock out, Tyler and Geoff carry him back to the stands. In Not Quite Famous, Tyler cheers for DJ along with the rest of their team before DJ performs his Ribbon Dance. In Phobia Factor, Tyler comforts DJ when he gets frightened by a "snake" (actually just a gummy worm), and tells him about his fear of chickens. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, DJ jumps into the pool to rescue a drowning Tyler, only for Tyler to save him instead and take care of him later. DJ and Tyler formed an all males team, along with Cody and Owen to look for the case and win the million dollars in the special. When Tyler was trying to get the case down from a tree, DJ cheers him on. Later, when the four of them were hanging on to the cliff, Tyler was hugging/hanging onto DJ.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Tyler and DJ are seen discussing Lindsay's attraction to Alejandro, while sitting next to each other on the plane. In The Am-AH-Zon Race, DJ tells Lindsay that it's fine if she wants to invite Tyler into the first class compartment. However, in Newf Kids on the Rock, Tyler furiously blames DJ for making Lindsay get eliminated.


When DJ is assigned to judge the dishes in Eat, Puke, and Be Wary, Zoey tries to feed him with a salad she cooked. However, DJ looks fearful at her dish and she ultimately scares him when some spiders climb on him, though Zoey's face indicates that she didn't mean to scare him.

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