This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Geoff.



After being nominated as captain, Geoff gives his fellow men an inspiring speech in Brunch of Disgustingness.

Geoff is one of the friendliest contestants on Total Drama. He easily makes friends with others, is hardly ever upset or angry at anyone, and sees the best in everyone, whether they are his friends or not. As a result, Geoff is well-liked by almost everyone, even by those who are harder to befriend at first. However, Geoff's cheery attitude takes a dark turn in Total Drama Action, when he goes through his "Captain Hollywood" phase, leading his friends to either be concerned for him, angry at him, or possibly even both. This leads him into conflicts with his girlfriend and several of the Aftermath guests. However, in the end he realizes the error of his ways, and by Total Drama World Tour he has won back the hearts of his friends, reverting back to his good-natured self. He continues his good-natured party guy attitude and child-like innocence all the way to Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, where he and his friend Brody are considered very likable by the other teams, making many friends throughout the race and try to befriend even the nastiest of teams. Overall, Geoff is well-liked by his peers due to his easy-going attitude, and this has earned him a lot of friends.


While they have never met in person, Geoff has a huge hatred for Alejandro for flirting with his girlfriend, Bridgette, during her time on Total Drama World Tour and leading to her cheating on him. During the Aftermath shows, Geoff would openly express his dislike for Alejandro, from calling him "Alejerkdro" to even doodling on a picture of his face in Hawaiian Style to make him look like the devil. In Heather's ending during Hawaiian Punch, Geoff cheers for Heather after she kicks Alejandro in the groin and wins the season.


In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Beth goes to investigate the strange sucking sound when everyone else is too afraid. She discovers it's just Bridgette and Geoff making out, which she promptly announces to everyone.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Geoff tells Beth to take her time in the Second Chance Challenge, in order to stall for time so that Blaineley won't get paid.



Geoff sings an embarrassing song about Blaineley, and reveals her real name to the audience.

While Bridgette is off competing in the third season, Blaineley fills in her role as co-host of the Aftermath show. Geoff dislikes working with Blaineley, due to the conflicting ways they run the show, with Blaineley favoring humiliating the contestants and exploiting information. Once Bridgette returns, Blaineley attempts to stir trouble between the two co-hosts by reminding Geoff about Bridgette's time on the show in which she cheated on him with Alejandro. The plan almost succeeds, but the couple immediately make amends. Blaineley continues to host the Aftermath with Bridgette and Geoff, and becomes a constant nuisance to the two. Tensions rise between Geoff and Blaineley in Aftermath Aftermayhem after she sends Bridgette to Siberia and Geoff vows revenge, even singing a song about her and revealing all of her embarrassing secrets, including her real name, Mildred to the audience. By the end of the Second Chance challenge, after Blaineley answers the final question for Beth, Geoff sees this as an opportunity to get rid of her and declares Blaineley the winner, sending her into the competition.



Geoff and Bridgette doing what they normally do; making out.

Geoff and Bridgette become a couple in Total Drama Island and have been inseparable ever since. Even though at first, Geoff had a hard time trying to compliment or impress Bridgette, she eventually returns his feelings and they officially start a relationship after Bridgette is eliminated. Once they are reunited, they spend most of their time making out, not caring about the world around them. This goes on into the next season, where they annoy the other contestants so much that everyone votes them off in the second episode.

After their elimination, the two of them become the co-hosts of the Total Drama Aftermath, where they interview the eliminated contestants throughout the season. The couple faces their first major dispute when Geoff, in Bridgette's words, becomes more and more "like a Chris clone" as he becomes obsessed with the show's ratings and favors popularity over Bridgette or his fans. He goes so far as to torment several contestants during each segment in order to pull the ratings up. Bridgette eventually gets tired of his change in personality and breaks up with him. In the end, it takes the help of Owen, Heather, and Leshawna to get Geoff back to his old self and for Bridgette to forgive him.

The couple is separated in Total Drama World Tour as Geoff is not a participant while Bridgette is. During her time on the show, Bridgette finds herself falling for newcomer, Alejandro, and despite constantly reminding herself that she has a boyfriend, her feelings for him become deeper and deeper. Geoff is aware of this and holds a grudge against Bridgette, even refusing to talk to her after she is eliminated. It takes some time, but after some help from Beth and an apologetic song the couple gets back together. With their reunion, the two of them continue to host the Aftermath show along with former Celebrity Manhunt host, Blaineley.

Bridgette was supposed to be Geoff's partner for The Ridonculous Race, but couldn't make it so she is replaced by Brody. Every now and then, Geoff would talk about Bridgette to Brody.


Geoff and brody married

Geoff and Brody share a hug after they win in Hawaiian Honeyruin.

Brody is a close friend of Geoff and his partner for The Ridonculous Race. Not much is known about their history together as Geoff did not mention Brody during his time on Total Drama, though Geoff mentioned that he first met Brody when the latter was eating a cat's hairball on a dare. Geoff and Brody are very alike and even think alike; spending most of their time throughout the Race having fun and goofing around. Geoff is well aware of Brody's crush on MacArthur and often gives him advice on how to woo her since Brody never had a girlfriend before. The two are shown to be very close and constantly support and care for each other throughout the race. When Brody is injured during the first episode, Geoff decides to carry his friend all the way to the finish line.

When they finally reach first place for the first time in Hawaiian Honeyruin, after Geoff manages to keep Brody's mind off the hot coals he is stepping on, the two share a hug upon reaching the Chill Zone. In Little Bull on the Prairie, when Brody becomes depressed about being unable to ride the mechanical bull, Geoff gives him some words of encouragement and even lends him his hat. This helps Brody to regain his confidence and win the challenge.

Brody begins to lose confidence in Geoff however in Lord of the Ring Toss, due to Geoff's poor performance in the ring tossing challenge. In addition to this, the Ice Dancers attempt to break their bond by telling Geoff that he is pulling Brody down. However, the two make amends by the end of the challenge and they forgive each other.

After being eliminated in Ca-Noodling, the two of them return in Bahamarama to replace the Best Friends after Devin got injured in the previous episode. The Surfers make it to the finale and win the Race in their ending after outlasting the Police Cadets. Before the episode closes, the two think back on their time on the show reasserting their friendship with each other.

Carrie and Devin

Let them pass

The Surfer Dudes decide to let the Best Friends pass them, resulting in their elimination.

The two teams are paired with the Sisters for the superteam challenge in Ca-Noodling. The teams stay in an alliance for the next challenge and decide to inform the others if they find the Don Box. When the Best Friends find it, Carrie is uncertain at first if they should alert the other teams but Devin does so because he thought she told him to. The Surfers decide to let the Best Friends pass them in the race to the Chill Zone as they were the ones who found the Don Box. Later, when the Surfers are eliminated, Carrie and Devin, along with the Sisters run away (as they were being too greedy) when the Surfers state that if one of the other teams in the alliance wins, they will split the money.

In Last Tango in Buenos Aires, Carrie chooses to bring the Surfer Dudes back, as they sacrificed themselves in Ca-Noodling to ensure she and Devin didn't get eliminated.

In Bahamarama Geoff, along with Brody, are appreciative of Devin and Carrie electing to bring them back and promise they will split the money with the two if they win.

Chef Hatchet

Geoff and the Killer

Chef, dressed as the Killer, stalks Geoff in Hook, Line, and Screamer.

Geoff doesn't get off to a good start with Chef on his first day in Camp Wawanakwa when he asks Chris about ordering pizza for their meal. Feeling insulted and unappreciated, Chef throws a knife at him, though it misses. This causes Geoff to retract his previous statement and agrees to eat Chef's cooking. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chef kicks the tree that Geoff is hiding in, causing him to fall down.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, while Geoff is looking for an ice-cream truck, Chef quietly follows him from behind, dressed as a killer. When Geoff notices him, he asks him where the truck is, to which Chef simply nods his head. It's only a moment later that Geoff realizes who Chef is and screams in terror to the point that he faints. Chef then picks Geoff up and carries him to Chris's tent, still with a terrified look on his face. After the winner is declared in The Very Last Episode, Really!, Geoff, Owen, and Duncan prepare to throw Chef into the lake after they had done the same to Chris.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, while showing a clip of Chef fighting Izzy, Geoff repeatedly replays the scene in which Ruby, the camel that Izzy befriended with, sits on Chef's face and makes fun on how Chef couldn't be able to handle this kind of pain anymore due to his age. In Hawaiian Punch, Geoff and the other contestants laugh at Chef and Chris as their boat begins to sink after Ezekiel crashes into it.

Chet and Lorenzo

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, during the zipline challenge, Geoff and Brody land on top of the Stepbrothers, to which Geoff thanks them for breaking his and Brody's fall.

In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Geoff compliments Chet's gymnastics skills, however, Lorenzo scoffs at this and proclaims he chose to learn the more useful ability, karate. This only further impresses Geoff, as he comments their different skills made them a great team and they covered each other's weaknesses. However, Lorenzo, still blinded by his hatred for his stepbrother, disagrees with Geoff's statement.


Geoff is here

Geoff greeting Chris upon his arrival.

Geoff seems to get along with Chris at times, even greeting him upon his arrival in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. When something unfortunate happens to Geoff in both Dodgebrawl and X-Treme Torture, Chris asks the cameraman to replay the scene. In No Pain, No Game, after Geoff jumps from the leech-filled barrel, Chris shows him an extended version of the clock which shows that Geoff only remained in the barrel for "9.9999999999999999999" seconds instead of ten seconds and is, therefore, eliminated. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, after Chef successfully captures Geoff, Chris proclaims that his capture is the "worst blunder yet" as Geoff failed to realize Chef was following him until the last minute. In the finale, Geoff, Duncan, and Owen throw Chris into the lake as retribution for all the suffering he made them face.

Throughout Total Drama Action, Chris heavily objects to the idea of allowing Geoff and Bridgette to host the aftermaths. In The Aftermath: I, Chris, as Steve the Yeti, appears as a video guest to express his objection, but is interrupted by Chef before he can finish his sentence. In Mutiny on the Soundstage, a flashback shows Chris discovering Bridgette and Geoff in his tanning booth and yelling at them for "tainting" it. In The Aftermath: IV, instead of finding out how to settle the tie between Duncan and Beth, Geoff and Bridgette show embarrassing videos of Chris to the audience instead. Chris discovers this at the airport and rushes back to the Aftermath studio to stop them. Seeing that they are unable to choose a winner, Chris replaces them as the host for the remainder of the episode.


Though Geoff is supportive towards Cody in Hawaiian Style, he playfully doodles on Cody's picture on a monitor to make him look like a girl.


In Up the Creek, Courtney is unable to understand why her friend, Bridgette is attracted to Geoff, considering the gift he gave her unimpressive. After Geoff is injured at Boney Island, Courtney suggests that the team abandons him.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Geoff helps to untangle Duncan and Courtney from their antlers. In Basic Straining, Geoff is amused by the fact that Courtney wouldn't reveal she had a crush on Duncan. During the elimination ceremony, Geoff is shocked that Courtney got voted out and agrees that the votes should be recounted.

In Hawaiian Style, Geoff interrupts Courtney trying to sing a hateful song about Gwen and Duncan several times.

DJ and Duncan


Geoff with his usual group of friends on Total Drama Island discussing about Courtney.

Throughout Total Drama Island, Geoff hung out with Duncan and DJ as they were all placed on the same team. They spend most of the time together and in If You Can't Take The Heat..., they pull several pranks on Harold in other to teach him a lesson for leaving his dirty underwear on the floor. DJ and Duncan, however, have some problems with Geoff in later episodes; as Geoff did not look after DJ's bunny properly, causing it to be eaten by a snake, while Duncan gets angry at Geoff for helping the girls team in Brunch of Disgustingness. After the merge, the three of them form the first Guys' alliance with Owen, and when Duncan decides to vote off Bridgette, Geoff is the only one who does not follow him. As punishment, the Guys' alliance makes him sleep outside, tied to a tree. DJ loses trust in Geoff again in Hook, Line, and Screamer as Geoff is supposed to wait for DJ while the latter uses the communal bathroom, but leaves after he hears an ice cream truck. Duncan would eventually vote off Geoff in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon seeing his niceness and popularity as a threat.

Geoff hasn't had much interaction with DJ and Duncan since Total Drama Action as he spends most of the time making out with Bridgette. When Geoff becomes the co-host for the Aftermath, he occasionally makes DJ and Duncan look bad in order to boost the show's ratings.


We woooon

Don is often pulled in the Surfer Dudes' group hugs.

After coming in first place in Hawaiian Honeyruin, Don teases the Surfer Dudes being a married couple after the two hug each other and Brody claiming he will marry Geoff again.

Whenever the Surfer Dudes come in first place, they will occasionally pull Don to join them in a group hug, much to the host's displeasure. In Got Venom, Don finds out that the Surfer Dudes had collected extinguisher foam in their vial instead of Komodo dragon venom. Mistaking them for cheating, Don threatens the Surfer Dudes that he will disqualify them from the Race if they ever attempt to perform this act again.

In How Deep is Your Love, during the recap, Don states that he will miss the Surfer Dudes and that they were one of the teams he liked. He further shows his fondness during the recap in Bahamarama, where he seems to be happy at the Surfer Dudes' return.

In the finale, when Geoff and Brody leave the Empire State Building, they see a taxi and mistakenly think Don left it there for them, since their first taxi was wrecked. When Geoff and Brody hug Don yet again after reaching the halfway point, Don stops them again (since he has some trouble breathing), but points out that while he's happy they're back, he must remain impartial. When the Surfer Dudes win in their ending, Don sarcastically mocks them for throwing their prize money on the ground.

Dwayne and Junior

Junior looks up to both Geoff and Brody as if they are his older brothers, and admires them for how cool they are, almost treating the two like his role models. During the train ride in Maori or Less, he prefers to listen to the Surfer Dudes' stories than be with his father. Seeing how close his son is to them, Dwayne becomes upset, and attempts to impress his son by taking some advice from the Surfer Dudes.

In Little Bull on the Prairie, after seeing that the Surfers are the first to finish their pot of pork and beans, Dwayne and Junior admire their eating skills.


In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, Geoff and Ellody make small talk about how they met their respective teammates, while waiting for them to finish drinking stew for the challenge. 

Emma and Kitty


Kitty takes a selfie with the Surfer Dudes in Transylvania.

The Surfer Dudes are paired with the Sisters on more than one occasion in the Race. Due to her distrustful nature, Emma doesn't like it whenever she is paired up with them, in addition to disliking their goofy nature. Kitty on the other hand, genuinely likes them and joins the two of them in having fun.

In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Geoff and Brody meet up with the Sisters in the mansion. Kitty contemplates forming an alliance with them, but Emma disapproves and rudely tells the Surfer Dudes to leave. However, they misinterpret her words, believing she had suggested they spread out to cover more ground in finding the coffins. They also say that if they find something they'll signal the Sisters over with a howling sound. As Emma scowls at them, Kitty simply laughs at their childishness and takes a selfie with them. Later the Surfer Dudes find the coffins, and they call out to the Sisters with their signal just as promised. Coincidentally the Sisters fall through a trap in the roof, where the Surfer Dudes mistake this for being heard and say they saved a coffin for the Sisters.

The Sisters and Surfers team up with the Best Friends for the Superteam challenge in Ca-Noodling. During the second part of the challenge, Emma once again finds displeasure in working with the Geoff and Brody, but retracts her statement after they save her from a trap within the caves. Later, when the Surfers are eliminated, Carrie and Devin, along with the Sisters run away when the Surfers state that if one of the other teams in the alliance wins, they will split the money.


In No Pain, No Game, Geoff votes off Eva in the confessional, assuming that she stole one of his hats. As seen in The Aftermath: I, Eva is jealous of Geoff and Bridgette being chosen to host the Aftermaths.


In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Geoff is the only person who stands up for Ezekiel when he makes a sexist comment. Geoff tells the girls to give him a break because he was homeschooled before Ezekiel makes another comment.

In The Aftermath: I, when Ezekiel is introduced, Geoff greets him by saying "Go Homeschool!" In The Aftermath: II, when Geoff teases DJ for quitting Total Drama Action, Ezekiel is the only person to agree with him and claps in agreement, to which Geoff says "Thank you, Homeschool".

Gerry and Pete

In the finale, the Tennis Rivals are not interested with either finalists and proceed to mock the Surfers, claiming that "they stink".


Gg woohoo

Geoff helps Gwen to release her party self.

Gwen and Geoff are polar opposites from the moment they meet; while Gwen is a Goth loner who takes things seriously, Geoff is an upbeat person who prefers to take things lightly and enjoys life. It is this difference that Gwen views Geoff as one of her least favorite campers initially. However, things change when they are partnered together in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon as Geoff helps Gwen to break out from her shell as a loner and start to view the world and everyone around her positively. From here on, Gwen starts to view Geoff differently, sparking a friendship between the two.

Their friendship deteriorates in Total Drama Action due to Geoff's change in personality while hosting the Aftermath shows. Although he initially supports Gwen during the Trent/Gwen issue in the first Aftermath, Geoff turn against her in The Aftermath: II, by guilt-tripping her about her actions towards Trent and attempt to get her to lie in order for the anvil hanging above her to fall on her. To further rub salt into the wound, Geoff shows a video clip of Gwen and Duncan almost kissing, enraging Courtney.


Geoff's interactions with Harold have been mixed. While the former aides Duncan in bullying the latter a few times in Total Drama Island, their interactions in later seasons is far more positive, with Harold seemingly blaming mostly Duncan for the bullying and not holding a grudge against Geoff for his participation in it.


Geoff giving Harold a wedgie.

In Dodgebrawl, Geoff takes pity on Harold, who has been banned from the court by Courtney, patting him on the shoulder when she does so; more importantly, he allows Harold to swap out with him during the final round. Geoff then gives him a small pep talk after his impressive dodging showdown with Owen, and cheers when Harold catches the final ball. 

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Geoff, DJ, and Duncan decide to teach Harold a lesson for constantly leaving his underwear lying around in their cabins. Throughout the episode, they steal most of his clothes and leave him nothing to wear but his pajamas. They even trick him into eating his underwear. At night, the boys carry Harold's bed to the dock where he wakes up the next day, without his clothes and in front of the girls. Embarrassed, Harold promises them he will not leave his underwear lying around and they give him back his clothes.

Geoff and Duncan continue to pull pranks on Harold in Basic Straining; by making s'mores out of his underwear, giving him a wedgie, tricking him into drinking grease, and dirtying his pillow. He is the only one of the remaining Bass not to high-five Harold as he leaves in X-Treme Torture, due to sitting in the trees with skunk stink. He is amused when he believes Harold saw Leshawna's chest. 

Early on in Total Drama Action, Geoff and Harold share the same bunk, but this doesn't last long as Geoff is voted off fairly early in the season.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters , Geoff has Harold introduced first to avoid confronting Bridgette, and shows sympathy for Harold's elimination and lack of sympathy from Blaineley. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon , Geoff compliments Harold for being the first of the Peanut Gallery to earn a donation. Harold plays tuba for Geoff during Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley. In Hawaiian Style, Harold interrupts Bridgette and Geoff singing Who You Gonna Root For? with his own rapping, causing an annoyed Geoff to stop the music as only he and Bridgette were supposed to sing the song and confiscates Harold's microphone. Harold also helps Geoff and Bridgette to properly reunite as he is the one to give Bruno, who previously attacked Geoff, a calming Kava tea. 



Geoff draws Heather as a vampire.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Geoff aids Leshawna into voting off either Heather or Trent for breaking Gwen's heart. However, Heather would later reveal that it was part of her plan to trick everyone into voting Trent off. In Hide and Be Sneaky after Duncan suggests to his guy's alliance to vote off Bridgette, Geoff firmly disapproves and instead suggests they vote off Heather because she "has dirt on all of them" despite her immunity. In That's Off the Chain!, Geoff angrily glares at Heather for betraying Lindsay after everything that Lindsay had done for her. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Heather sees Geoff's popularity among the former contestants as a threat and votes him off along with Owen and Duncan.

In The Aftermath: I, Geoff accidentally reveals that he finds Heather to be the most attractive female on the show, angering Bridgette. However, he pulls back his statement as he finds the idea of dating Heather disgusting. In The Aftermath: III, every time Heather is shocked by the electric chair for lying, Geoff laughs at her. Near the end of the episode, Heather teams up with Owen, Leshawna, and Bridgette by strapping him into the electric chair in order to teach him a lesson.

In Hawaiian Style, Geoff calls Heather a "Total Drama Cockroach" for making it to the final three. Geoff later doodles Heather's picture on the monitor as a vampire to describe how "evil and unstoppable" she is throughout Total Drama World Tour. In Hawaiian Punch, after Heather kicks Alejandro in the groin and wins the season in her ending, Geoff cheers for her.


In The Aftermath: I, when Geoff and Bridgette are having relationship troubles, Izzy attempts to calm the two of them down and tells them to make up. In The Aftermath: II, Izzy attempts to take back her spot as an Aftermath guest, but Geoff tells her no since she already "had her chance" in the previous Aftermath.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Izzy (as Brainzilla) is interviewed by Geoff and Bridgette as a guest. To raise money, Geoff has Brainzilla participate in a life-threatening quiz.

Jacques and Josee

Ice dancers surfer

The Ice Dancers try to mess with Geoff's mind in Lord of the Ring Toss.

In Lord of the Ring Toss, Josee decides to stir up tension between the Surfer Dudes. Seeing Geoff do badly in the ring toss, she comments that Geoff is their team's weak link and that she hopes he wouldn't lose his best friend. Later, during the igloo building challenge, the Ice Dancers note the tension seed they planted is taking effect. Josee further messes with Geoff's mind, and says that "Brody told Jacques you're weighing him down". Geoff is shocked that Brody did not share this with him, and quickens his pace, causing him to mess up the igloo. Despite the setback, Brody and Geoff's friendship prevails and they do not lose faith in each other. As the Ice Dancers watch, they are furious that her plan backfired. After racing the Ice Dancers to the Chill Zone and beating them, the Surfer Dudes state they know that the Ice Dancers were messing with them and plan to win the competition fairly.

In Got Venom,  Josee expresses her frustration over failing to mess with the Surfers' minds, however, Jacques adds this is due to the Surfers having no minds to be messed with.

In Bahamarama, Geoff and the other contestants are satisfied that the Ice Dancers arrive last at the airport. Later, Jacques shows annoyance when the surfers end up being the first team to finish the diving challenge.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, as the Surfer Dudes drive in a cab through New York City, the Ice Dancers ram theirs into the Surfers', causing the Surfers to go off the road, spinning uncontrollably before crashing and make them laugh excitedly. Despite this setback, the Surfers manage to catch up and ultimately overtake the Ice Dancers, much to Josee's frustration. After being eliminated, the Ice Dancers, still sour from their defeat, refuse to acknowledge either team in the final two and give them zero points.

Jay and Mickey

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 Geoff tells the Adversity Twins to keep running, to which Mickey comments that the Surfer Dudes seem nice, seeing them as potential allies.

In Hello and Dubai, when the Adversity Twins struggle with the tennis challenge, but accidentally finish first, Geoff congratulates their efforts.


In Monster Cash, Geoff is seen gazing at Justin along with the other contestants. In The Aftermath: II, Geoff states that he sees Justin's dermatologist while explaining about Justin's good looks.

Katie and Sadie


Katie and Sadie watch as Geoff and Bridgette make up.

In Who Can You Trust?, after she is eliminated, Sadie insults her team for voting her off, calling them "marshmallow-eating freaks".

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Katie and Sadie are happy to see that Geoff and Bridgette have forgiven each other, just as they are about to fight.


In Paintball Deer Hunter, Geoff, Harold, and Bridgette successfully shoot Leshawna and three other Gophers as they were too busy fighting among each other. When listing off his fellow contestants left in the game in Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon Leshawna, along with Owen, are the only two contestants Geoff has a fully positive view of.

In The Aftermath: III, Geoff tries to get some drama out of Leshawna as he asks her about her relationship with Harold but fails, and angers her when he laughs at her describing Harold's "little man biceps". Later, Leshawna along with Owen, Heather, and Bridgette put Geoff in the electric chair to give him a taste of his own medicine.


When Geoff takes Bridgette's place of sitting in a barrel of leeches in No Pain, No Game, Lindsay states that it is "so romantic". In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Lindsay reveals that she voted for Bridgette and Geoff. She later continues to support the couple after their elimination in Total Drama Action and comments that they are the "cutest couple ever".

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Geoff continuously tells Lindsay to take her time during the Second Chance challenge in order to prolong the show and make sure Blaineley doesn't get paid.

MacArthur and Sanders

Geoff macarthur

Geoff and MacArthur performing a cannonball together in Hawaiian Honeyruin.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, the Surfer Dudes bond with the Cadets (mainly MacArthur) over animal farts while they are leaving Romania. Later in the episode, when MacArthur playfully suggests that they do a cannonball during the first challenge, Geoff agrees and joins MacArthur in diving.

In New Beijinging, the Surfer Dudes and Cadets team up while they are at the Great Wall of China in order to look for the Chill Zone together.

In Down and Outback, after losing all the bunnies that they caught, the Surfer Dudes decide to share their bunnies with the Cadets, only to find out that theirs are missing as well. In order to prevent both teams from being eliminated, MacArthur uses herself as bait to catch enough bunnies for both teams.

In Got Venom, the Surfer Dudes come to the Cadets' aid when the latter team is surrounded by komodo dragons, only for them to join the Cadets on the same tree. After getting down, the Surfer Dudes again help the Cadets to complete the challenge.

Both teams ended up being the final two in the Race in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars where they compete fiercely against each other. Despite the outcome, the runner-up shows no resentment towards the winning team.


In Maori or Less, Geoff and Brody accidentally bump into Noah and Emma when the two are about to kiss and feel bad after this. Noah is immediately annoyed by the two ruining their moment, and sarcastically retorts that he would interrupt them if they ever kissed each other.


CART1001011100006125 012 640x360

Geoff angrily scowls as he failed to get Owen electrocuted.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, Geoff and the remaining male members of the Killer Bass give Owen and Trent a warm welcome after the latter two move to the same cabins as theirs. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Owen and Geoff agree with Duncan to form the first Guys' alliance. In That's Off the Chain!, Owen hugs Geoff after his sad reaction to Bridgette's elimination. In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Geoff high-fives Owen after he finds paper towels. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Owen votes for Geoff, along with Heather and Duncan, as they see his popularity with the other contestants as a threat. Despite this, Geoff is still among those who support Owen in the finale from the beginning.

In Monster Cash, Geoff is one of the many people to gush over Owen eating a whole buffet of foam core and sawdust. When Owen appears as a guest in The Aftermath: III, Geoff straps him to an electric chair and attempts to get him to get shocked by asking him how he felt about his elimination. Geoff hopes that Owen will carry a grudge, but much to his surprise, Owen does not. Geoff decides to step up his game by allowing Owen to talk to his mother, regarding their family's recent financial problem, but this too fails to get Owen electrocuted. After Bridgette angrily breaks up with Geoff, he tries to get the two of them back together while relaying all of Bridgette's messages to Geoff. Near the end of the episode, Owen helps Bridgette and the other two guests to strap Geoff to the chair in order to teach him a lesson.

In French is an Eiffel Language, during the caricature drawing challenge, Owen admires the great teamwork of Brody and Geoff and suggests to his partner that they should get along as well as the Surfer Dudes.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, it is revealed that Sierra is among Geoff's stalkers that Bridgette had to put up with. Upon seeing Geoff signing Sierra's stomach, Bridgette glares at both of them in jealousy.


Trent Slams Into Geoff

A flashback showing Trent and Geoff hanging out.

In Phobia Factor Trent witnesses Chris pelting Geoff with hail and is quite impressed, asking that Chris try harsher methods that Chris agrees to. Despite being on different teams, a flashback in X-Treme Torture shows that Geoff and Trent are already close with each other by this point, as they attempt to water-ski, however, Trent accidentally crashes into Geoff while reversing the jet-ski.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, Trent accidentally interrupts a moment between Geoff and Bridgette as he moves into the cabin by hitting him with his guitar when he isn't looking. While the guys are hanging out, Trent is amazed at Geoff's burping skill and nominates him as the leader of the guys. When Trent has problems trying to eat one of the dishes, Geoff and DJ help him to consume the meal with DJ holding Trent while Geoff feeds him. In Search and Do Not Destroy, Geoff is disappointed in Trent for cheating on Gwen with Heather and helps Leshawna in voting one of them off. Once the truth has been revealed, Geoff feels sorry for Trent and waves him goodbye.

In The Aftermath: I, Geoff is firmly against what Trent was doing throughout his time in the second season, being on Gwen's side in the Gwen-Trent discussion. Geoff finds it horrible that Trent would cost challenges for his team just for Gwen. When Bridgette brings up how much of a sweetheart Trent is, Geoff argues that he's not one, bringing up how he buried Gwen alive and forgot to go back for her. When Geoff argues with Bridgette, he seems noticeably jealous of Trent as he feels like Bridgette may have some sort of infatuation with him. When Trent is brought onto the show, Geoff asks him questions, Trent brings up that he valued Gwen over the million dollars. Geoff awaits a hammer to crush Trent, but is disappointed that this never happens. In The Aftermath: II, Geoff introduces a video guest to Trent featuring a fan named Kelsey, who starts kissing a doll resembling him nine times, which makes Trent uncomfortable.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Geoff reveals that he held a party for the other non-competing contestants in order to cheer them up for not participating Total Drama World Tour which included a piñata but Trent angrily reminds him that it was his guitar.


In Phobia Factor, Geoff, Duncan, and Bridgette make fun of Tyler when he is eliminated by making chicken-related jokes as Tyler failed to conquer his fear of chickens.

In The Aftermath: I, Geoff notes Tyler's presence to the audience and jokes that someone should inform Lindsay about her boyfriend's whereabouts, referring to Lindsay frequently mentioning Tyler despite him not being in the competition.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Geoff allows Tyler to take his time during the Second Chance challenge as not only does he wants to prolong the show to ensure Blaineley doesn't get paid, he pities Tyler as he is severely injured.



Geoff being punished in The Aftermath: III for his behavior throughout the aftermaths.

Though he was considered the "nicest person around" in Total Drama Island, Geoff is targeted by Heather, Owen, and Duncan in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon as they realized his popularity would be an advantage should he reach the finale.

Geoff is well-liked in the first season, but in the second season, he is greatly hated while hosting the Aftermath show as he becomes obsessed with the fame he gets and tries many ways to pull the show ratings up, even if it means embarrassing or hurting his friends. This includes attempting to make his friends lie so that they would be injured during one of the segments and revealing that Gwen and Duncan's friendship is closer than what people believed in order to make Gwen look bad and Duncan look as if he is cheating on Courtney. This earns him the moniker "Captain Hollywood", while Bridgette compares him to a clone of Chris. His change in behavior strains his relationship with Bridgette, who eventually loses patience and breaks up with him. Bridgette then gains the help of Owen, Heather, and Leshawna to give Geoff a taste of his own medicine by strapping him to the electric chair. After a few painful shocks, Geoff apologizes to Bridgette for his actions and she forgives him.

Geoff is partially responsible for making Trent, Justin, Beth, Eva, Katie, and Sadie unable to participate in Total Drama World Tour, leading to some of them being angry at him. However, by Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, they have already forgiven him as they realize that being on the show with Chris and Chef torturing them isn't worth the money.

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