This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Gwen.



Gwen has been a valuable member of her team many times in the series.

Upon first arriving at the island, Gwen displays an antisocial attitude towards the others and prefers to be by herself. Despite her cold, harsh attitude, Gwen is a good person, but is rather suspicious and cautious about whom she lets into her life. Eventually, she manages to open up and make friends with the others, thanks to the efforts of those who truly care about her. This, along with her winning many challenges for her team, has made her among the most likable contestant on the show, even being labelled as a fan favorite by Geoff in The Aftermath: II. However, over the course of the series, her relationship with the others is severely strained on two different occasions due to her love-life.



Alejandro saves Gwen.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, after Gwen gets electrocuted repeatedly by electric eels, Alejandro dives in to rescue her, and later carries her back to the shore. However, he most likely did this in order to steal the gold chain she had found a few seconds prior to the electrocution, as he is seen wearing it while he carries her to safety. In Greece's Pieces, Gwen feels a little disturbed with Alejandro's flexibility and states in the confessional that "No man should be that flexible." Alejandro notices Gwen being nervous when she is with Duncan and finds out that the two kissed in the previous episode. He would then tell Tyler to relay this information to Courtney, indirectly playing a role in Gwen's future elimination in Picnic at Hanging Dork. Gwen, like most of the other contestants, chooses to support Cody over Alejandro and glares at him after nearly killing Cody in Hawaiian Punch.

In Evil Dread, Gwen accidentally trips on Alejandro during the challenge. He tells her that he appreciates her efforts and that she is "as wise as her skin is translucent". In the confessional, Gwen admires his eyes despite knowing he is "evil". Later, Gwen and the other members of the Villainous Vultures use Alejandro as a ladder to get onto the platform to assemble their landmark. She can be heard apologizing to him as she climbs his back.


Alejandro attempts to pull Gwen into an alliance with him by getting on her good side.

In Saving Private Leechball, Alejandro makes an attempt to form an alliance with Gwen before Heather and Jo. While walking next to her, he said that if she was his girlfriend, he'd defend her when someone glared at her, something that Duncan failed to do. Throughout the episode, Alejandro, Heather and Jo try to gain Gwen's loyalty by allowing her to take charge of the team. They also quarrel on who should partner with her.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Gwen defends Cameron when he is insulted by Alejandro and the rest of the Vultures. Later, she helps Courtney and everyone else to vote for him but was shocked to find out that he had the invincibility statue.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, when the contestants are required to find Chris in the mines, Gwen attempts to find a partner due to her fear of being buried alive. When she asks Alejandro, he refuses, as he wanted to claim the victory all for himself. However, after Alejandro has his foot stuck in between some rocks at a small stream, Alejandro yells for Gwen to help him, but fails. At the end of the episode, Gwen has the ability to send someone to Boney Island exile and she chooses Alejandro as he was too greedy.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Gwen is told by Zoey that Alejandro left Cameron hanging in the previous episode after refusing to help him. She then agrees to help her and Mike to vote off Alejandro that night. During the challenge, Alejandro attempts to warn Gwen about Mike's evil personality but Mal throws a tire at him before he can finish his sentence.


Gwen compliments Beth

Gwen compliments Beth's new look in Monster Cash.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Beth had sided with Owen against Gwen, even before he announced his plans to hold a party.

In the first episode of Total Drama Action, Gwen compliments Beth on her braces being removed. A minor conflict between the two arises in 3:10 to Crazytown, as Beth seems hurt by Gwen when she discovers that Trent was throwing challenges for Gwen's team and Gwen did not stop him. In The Chefshank Redemption, Beth teases Gwen about her earlier actions in order to gain an advantage for her team, much to her despair. In The Aftermath: II, Gwen states that she "loves Beth," showing that she does not harbor any harsh feelings towards her. In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Beth admits she misses Gwen and she too likes her. Additionally she knew the name of her pet lizards. In Beth's ending, Gwen looked worried when she saw Beth getting hit by the briefcase.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Blaineley supports Gwen during Gwen's continuing feud with Heather, calling her "weird, awesome and a total anti-Heather." In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Blaineley calls Gwen "New Heather" when she walks onto the stage. Blaineley also tries to start an argument between her and her ex-boyfriend, Trent (due to Gwen dating the person Trent initially blames for the cause of his and Gwen's break up last season) with no success. In Hawaiian Style, Gwen laughs at her misfortune after Geoff airs a clip of Blaineley crashing into a hut in China.


Gb hug

Bridgette and Gwen hug after resolving their bickering in X-Treme Torture.

Gwen seems to have a good friendship with Bridgette. In X-Treme Torture, they worked together to find out who wrote a love letter to one of the girls at camp. Bridgette also originally rooted for Gwen to win in The Very Last Episode, Really!, although she later sides with Owen instead when she heard that Owen will use the money for party. Gwen also referred to her as one of five people who were actually sane. Despite their usually strong friendship, Bridgette sided with Trent post Gwen's breakup with him on the Aftermath show.



Gwen gives Cameron a friendly kiss on the cheek in The Final Wreck-ening.

After Cameron was shifted to the Villainous Vultures in Moon Madness, Gwen is the only person on the team to treat him nicely and the two of them bonded quickly as they are the only "good guys" in a team of villains. However, in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Cameron starts to distrust Gwen after he believes that everyone, including her, is out to get him. Later in the episode, Gwen manages to save Cameron several times, restoring Cameron's trust in everyone and they continue to be friends.

Chef Hatchet


Chef gave Gwen a salute after she manage to help her team to win in Basic Straining.

Aside from the disgusting food he serves, Gwen hates Chef as much as everyone for his sadistic and harsh treatment towards the campers in Total Drama Island. Chef, on the other hand, had little patience for Gwen's constant complain of the island's condition and often scold or yell at her every time she does so. As the series progress however, Chef appears to have developed a degree of respect towards Gwen, seeing her as a strong contestant who can do well on her own without the help of an alliance or cheating.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Gwen seems to complain about Chef's food, saying that it's moved. Chef proceeds to smash it with a hammer, causing it to splatter all over Gwen. In Who Can You Trust?, Chef raised his voice at Gwen when the latter makes a sarcastic remark, forcing Gwen to retract her previous comment. When Chef is in charge of the challenge in Basic Straining, Gwen constantly makes sarcastic comments about him and doesn't believes that he was previously in a war. At one point, Chef heards her and angrily yells at her through a megaphone. After completing one of his courses, Gwen asks Chef if she can go to the bathroom, but lands up cleaning the bathroom floor under Chef's orders instead. When Gwen was able to win the final challenge Chef congratulates her and said that he would go to war with her any day. Gwen sarcastically says that she will keep that in mind when she is choosing her career. In Are We There Yeti? he refers to Gwen and Heather as "Grim and Grimmer." At the elimination ceremony, Chef reveals he wanted to read Gwen's diary while she was in the forest. Gwen gasps when he says this. In Gwen's ending of The Very Last Episode, Really! Chef is seen cheering when Gwen crossed the finish line.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Gwen apologize to Chef when she calls his food disgusting. Chef sarcastically replies "none taken" and drops her serving on the floor, leaving Gwen with nothing to eat. In The Chefshank Redemption, Chef handcuffs Gwen when she is eliminated and escorts her to the Lame-o-sine saying "Dead girl walking." In The Aftermath: II, Chef pushes Gwen to the Aftermath stage against her wishes as she feels guilty with the things she had done before she was eliminated. At the end of Hawaiian Punch, Gwen laughs as Chef and Chris as the boat they are on begin sinks into the ocean after Ezekiel crashed into it.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Chef fetches Gwen back from Boney Island and pushes her off his jeep when they had reached the camp. In The Final Wreck-ening, Chef mentions that he uses a fracking machine to create the moat but Gwen mistaken him for saying a foul word and tells him not that he couldn't say it on live television.


Poor Contract

Gwen rips up the contract given to her by Chris.

From the moment she arrived on the island, Gwen was greatly annoyed by Chris. Throughout the series, Gwen would openly mocks Chris as well as openly express that she hated him. While Gwen greatly dislikes Chris, Chris seems to like her as she is one of the few contestants that is able to help to boost the shows ratings due to her love life. In Total Drama All-Stars, Chris puts Gwen on the villains team and often calls her "evil" whenever she hurt Courtney by accident. Chris would later put her and Courtney's relationship to the test by pitting them against each other in Suckers Punched. In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Chris is disgusted at Gwen for putting bear feces at his painting and eliminates her despite Scott's poorer performance than her.



Cody tries to get Gwen in the canoe with him, but Gwen retaliates.

Gwen explains in Up the Creek that she thinks of Cody as an "annoying younger brother," despite his unrequited crush on her. Throughout the aforementioned episode, Gwen responds to Cody's advances with annoyance and anger, even twisting his arm behind his back and hitting him with a canoe paddle at one point. However, once Cody offers to help Gwen get together with Trent, she becomes more accepting of him and even helps him win a bet by lending him her bra. Two seasons later, Cody would attempt to woo Gwen again since she is no longer dating Trent. His attraction towards her become increasingly unpleasant for Gwen as it also makes Sierra to hate her. Even after Gwen's new relationship with Duncan, Cody remains loyal to her and does everything he can to defend Gwen from the members of their team. Her elimination made Cody depress for a duration and is unable to focus on the challenge in Sweden Sour, to the point he build a wooden sculpture of her head. When Cody reaches the final three, Gwen is among those who support him.


Courtney-Gwen 03

Gwen impresses Courtney in I See London...

Throughout much of Total Drama Island, not much interaction occurred between the two girls (aside from a minor conflict such as in Dodgebrawl) due to them being on different teams. In Haute Camp-ture, she complains that Gwen was never a team player (and how she should be in the final five instead of her) while the other campers tell her she is wrong. However, in Total Drama Action, Courtney accused Gwen of stealing Duncan away from her. By the episode Slap Slap Revolution of Total Drama World Tour, the conflict seems resolved and the girls have developed a sort of friendship until Greece's Pieces, where Tyler told everyone that Gwen and Duncan kissed, causing her to hate Gwen once again.

In Total Drama All-Stars, Gwen tries to end their conflict and attempts to apologize to her several times but ended up injuring Courtney each time. After Gwen breaks up with Duncan, Courtney began to warm up to her and by Suckers Punched, the two of them finally settled their conflict and become friends again, embracing a heartfelt hug. However, their friendship ended again when Gwen found out that Courtney will eventually try to eliminate her in order to reach the finale with Scott instead of the two of them reaching the finale together like they promised. Angered at her, Gwen refuses to trust Courtney anymore and convinces her to vote for herself that night. With Courtney's betrayal and disloyalty, and Gwen showing no remorse for Courtney after she is eliminated, their friendship has ended again.


Although not much of a conflict, in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Dakota tosses Gwen aside once she digs her up. However, she does so in order to find her crush who is also buried in the same hole as Gwen is.


High five

Gwen and DJ became great friends in Total Drama Action.

In Total Drama Island, Gwen considers DJ as one of five sane campers on the island. When Gwen reaches the finale, DJ initially sides with her, but ends up changing over to Owen after he declares that he will host a party if he wins. This prompted Gwen to call him and those who changes sides a traitor though she doesn't personally hold a grudge towards them.

In Total Drama Action, their friendship continues to grow, with DJ being the only member of Gwen's team (other than Duncan) that would show her any respect, which she highly appreciates. In The Aftermath: II, DJ keeps Gwen calm when she is nervous to enter the stage and is the only person to not boo her when she is introduced.


EP 13 (11)

Gwen and Duncan sharing their first kiss.

In Total Drama Island, Gwen and Duncan start off as friends, albeit with minor conflicts occasionally such as in Camp Castaways, as their similar tastes and views drew them to each other. The two became even closer during Total Drama Action, to the extent that their interactions were thought to be a couple on several occasions by the other contestants.

Despite denying any sort of attraction for each other, Gwen and Duncan began to fall in love and the two started a relationship in The EX-Files after Duncan broke up with Courtney. In Total Drama All-Stars however, their relationship slowly crumbles due to Gwen seemingly losing interest in Duncan and repeatedly ignoring him. She ultimately dumps him in Moon Madness after he constantly asked her what Courtney was saying about him which made her realize that Duncan still wasn't over her. For the next few episodes, Gwen insulted Duncan several times together with Courtney (whom she finally become friends with again) and refuse to take his advise on a potential threat among the remaining contestants.


Eva's relationship with Gwen is ambiguous though it appears that Gwen is one of the few people Eva gets along with. In No Pain, No Game, Gwen voted for Eva, calling her a freak because of her temper. However, Eva and Gwen have been hinted to get along on other occasions, including Eva choosing to support Gwen over Owen final episode and remain loyal to her after Owen announced his plans to set up a party if he wins. In the promotional clip for Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, they are shown getting a tan together at Playa Des Losers. In The Aftermath: I, Eva calls Bridgette and Geoff on her her cell phone and yells, "Gwen and Trent stink! Go team Eva!" in a falsetto. This may show that Eva doesn't care for either of them, and thinks that the Trent vs. Gwen debate is a waste of time.


In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Gwen is immediately taken aback by Ezekiel's ignorance to Chris's slang and seems perplexed by his general weirdness, commenting with a "wow" after he is introduced. In the finale of Total Drama Island, Ezekiel is one of the few contestants who sided with Owen over Gwen from the beginning and Gwen describes Ezekiel as a redneck. When Gwen notices Ezekiel's overconfident demeanor in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, she puts her hand on his shoulder, claims she's "so not trying to be mean" and points out that he was the first contestant to be eliminated in Total Drama Island. Ezekiel simply grins and explains that this won't happen again.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Gwen and the other contestants initially refuse to rescue Chris from Ezekiel whom she described as "psycho crazy." Cameron and her are the last two competitors remaining in the challenge after everyone else has been captured by the deranged former contestant. When Ezekiel causes Cameron to be crushed by several rocks, Gwen takes personal vengeance on Ezekiel by blasting him with Chef's spaghetti gun and successfully winning the challenge.


Geoff and Gwen

Geoff's photograph with "just a little bit of Lake Wawanakwa in it."

At the start of Total Drama Island Gwen dislikes Geoff's bubbly persona, and does not enjoy being around him. However, after the two are chained together in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, she is forced to spend the day with him. At first she is annoyed by his relaxed attitude and laid back responses, to the extent that she throws his camera into a lake in Boney Island; however, Geoff is able to coerce Gwen into admitting that she only hated him because he acted like the popular teenagers in her high school, and that she had never been to a party. Horrified, Geoff immediately promises to invite her to one of his parties once the game is over, and then manages to get her to cheer with him. From this point on Gwen grows fond of him and they become friends. Unfortunately, their time apart caused the friendship to deteriorate throughout Total Drama Action, leaving them indifferent towards one another by Total Drama World Tour.


In Total Drama Island, Gwen is generally put off by Harold's geekiness, calling him really weird while talking about her opinions on the other campers in the finale.

In The Big Sleep, the two are walking side by side during the morning run but Gwen tells him not to stand by her. In Not Quite Famous, Gwen asks Harold's help in getting revenge on Heather by dumping his red ant farm on her. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Harold is among those who supported Owen over Gwen before the former announces the party he is going to held.

In Riot On Set, Gwen chooses Harold as the last member of her team though Gwen states it is "for no other reason than to shut him up" as he is ranting about his film knowledge. Harold tells her she made a wise choice, only for  to Gwen retort that he was the last male contestant available. Her and Duncan snicker and fist bump when Harold sticks a painful landing in Beach Blanket Bogus. 

In The Chefshank Redemption, Gwen uses her team's shovel to whack Harold on the head in order to slow her team down and give the Killer Grips a winning chance, though she looks concerned immediately after and stays by him until Izzy shows up. Ironically, Harold was not mad about this, he said it was just what regular prisoners would do, but he developed an attraction to her instead and told the viewing world not to tell Leshawna, Heather or Gwen herself. But in spite of that, Harold voted for her later that night as he doesn't want to break a shovel over her head or fall in love with her, which he believed to be his only options. It should be noted that Harold is also involved with Gwen and Trent breaking up as he supports Duncan's theory about Trent's addiction with the number 9.



Gwen beating Heather during an interview with Josh.

Gwen and Heather have a long and detailed rivalry, comparable to Leshawna's conflict with Heather. The conflict first arises in Total Drama Island and intensifies as the series progresses. Ironically, they are always placed on the same team.

In the first season, Gwen is the most prominent victim of Heather's cruelty; from revealing the secrets written in her diary to the entire viewing world, to kissing her love interest, Trent, effectively breaking her heart. By the end of the season, Gwen eventually gets even with Heather by teaming up with Owen (who was also occasionally mocked and tormented by Heather) and eliminating her in the final three. For the next few seasons, the two of them continue to be on each other's throats and occasionally tries to find a way to get rid of the other.


Gwen finds Izzy strange, but doesn't hate her. The two of them usually get along, but don't have a lot of interaction. Despite Izzy being a member of Heather's alliance at the point of Search and Do Not Destroy, there is no evidence to indicate Izzy was involved in the plot to destroy Gwen's relationship with Trent. In Haute Camp-ture, Izzy was mad at Trent for cheating on Gwen with Heather. While Gwen has no conflict with her, it is Izzy along with Lindsay who causes her the loss in The Very Last Episode, Really! In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Gwen isn't as annoyed as Courtney and Heather by Izzy's claims that she can speak to camels. Gwen was also upset at Izzy for dumping Owen in Jamaica Me Sweat.



Jo insults Gwen.

Jo is able to save Gwen in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, when Gwen is buried alive and yells for someone to save her.

Conflict arises between the two in Total Drama All-Stars as Jo belittles and insults Gwen several times while Gwen dislikes Jo's arrogance.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Gwen suggests to Jo that she should dive from the cliff during the challenge, only for Jo to say "nobody tells me what to do, goth-ball!" and calls Gwen a "kisser", referring to how Gwen hooked up with Duncan two seasons prior. Later in the challenge, when the Villainous Vultures fall behind, Gwen blames Jo in the confessional.

In Saving Private Leechball, Gwen is furious over Heather and Jo's quarreling that she can't sleep. The next morning, Jo apologizes to Gwen and also acts nicely towards her in order to pull her into an alliance before Heather does. Gwen knows of their plan and was just playing along. Throughout the episode, Jo often agrees with Gwen and also argues with Heather and Alejandro on who should partner with her. Jo was eventually eliminated later in this episode, meaning Gwen was among many of her teammates who have voted for her.


In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen does not consider Justin sane, and calls him "fame-hungry" in the confessional. Justin originally sides with Gwen for the finale but switches over to Owen after he announced the party he is going to throw. During the challenge, Gwen was distracted by Justin's good looks after Heather rips off his shirt in an effort to slow down Gwen though this also affects Owen. Luckily, Trent managed to snap Gwen out of her state of trance. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Gwen once again falls for Justin when she, Leshawna and Trent meet him. Under the control of his "powers," Gwen and Leshawna tell him the area that their group has already covered, narrowing down Justin's search effort for the million dollar case.

The real conflict between the two rises in Total Drama Action after Justin discovers that Trent has been throwing challenges for her team in 3:10 to Crazytown. However, he lies to his team that the two of them are in an alliance to make it to the finale. Pressured, Gwen had no choice but to tell the Killer Grips to vote off Trent in order to prove there is no alliance between them. In the next episode, Justin and his team constantly bring up Trent's name in order for her to throw the challenge for their team. Feeling guilty for what she did to Trent, Gwen has no choice but to comply. It is also revealed that she was ordered by Justin to vote for herself that night. With this, Gwen become the fourth person who knows of Justin's true antagonistic nature. In The Aftermath: II, Gwen's trust issue with the others continue, showing that Justin's action has severely affected her reputation and relationship with the other contestants until Trent tells the truth to the audience.

Katie and Sadie


Katie and Sadie are guests on Gwen's blog show.

Gwen didn't interact with the two of them much in Total Drama Island, due to being on different teams. They do however, side with Gwen before moving over to Owen's team. In Gwen's ending, they are shocked when she crosses the finish line, yet smile at her when she agrees to go out with Trent. In Total Drama Action, however, the two seem to share a strong dislike to Gwen due to her break up with Trent, even going as far as to start an Anti-Gwen Club. However, once Trent told the truth, the two are be able to patch up their conflict with her. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Gwen invite the two of them as her assistant for her blog show although they are more of a nuisance than being helpful. Nevertheless, they help Gwen to go green by wearing green color variations of their usual outfit to the Gemmies.



Gwen chooses Leshawna for her team.

Leshawna and Gwen seem to be good friends during the series are often seen together in their spare time during Total Drama Island, with Bridgette and/or Trent occasionally tagging along. The two share a common dislike for Heather and often have each others back against her. When Gwen is in the finale, Leshawna is among those who still support her.

Their friendship however faded slightly in Total Drama Action as Leshawna was furious at Gwen for hitting Harold on the head with a shovel and was purposely trying to slow their team down, giving the Killer Grips the victory. She would then vote her off with Harold and Heather and shows little remorse in doing so.


In Evil Dread, Gwen is annoyed by Lightning's constant annoying phrases and mannerisms. In the confessional, Gwen questions how he made last season's finale. She is, however, thankful when Lightning catches the shovel that was thrown at her and then hands it over to her.



Gwen and Lindsay laughing at Heather's misfortune in If You Can't Take The Heat...

Gwen gets annoyed at Lindsay very easily, due to Lindsay's stupidity, but Gwen holds no personal grudge against her for it. Lindsay on the other hand finds Gwen likeable especially after she left Heather's alliance. Gwen and Lindsay team up in If You Can't Take The Heat... to make the flambe in the challenge although their results were considered horrible by Chris. Gwen was upset that Lindsay was eliminated instead of Heather in That's Off the Chain! and supported Lindsay when she badmouthed Heather. Lindsay says in Haute Camp-ture that she wants Gwen to win. Gwen later says in season two, during the second aftermath, that she "loves Lindsay."



Mike (as Mal) is about to hit Gwen.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Mike tells the others to hurry up and save Gwen, afraid that she will not have much air left.

In Heroes vs. Villains, after Zoey gives Mike a kiss on the cheek for good luck, he stumbles backwards and accidentally knocks Gwen and himself off the cliff. In Saving Private Leechball, Mike ruins a heartfelt moment between Duncan and Gwen, eliminating her from the challenge. He shows no remorse and explains that he "couldn't resist taking a shot." In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Gwen refuses to believe Duncan about Mike's malevolent intentions, believing that Mike is one of the friendliest campers around. This would turn out to be a huge mistake on the girls' parts especially when Mal started to target them in later episodes.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Gwen and Mal continuously stay neck-in-neck throughout the challenge. Desperate to win, Mal does whatever he can to slow her down, such as dunking her in swamp water and sending the Drama Machine to attack her. In addition, Mal attempts to make Zoey turn against Gwen by explaining that with Courtney friends with Gwen and a couple with Scott, they are outnumbered.

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Mal begins to target Gwen by first telling Scott to believe it was Gwen's fault that Courtney was eliminated in the previous episode, turning Scott against Gwen and preventing Gwen's attempt to form an alliance with him. During the challenge, Mal appears behind Gwen and is about to hit her with a steel pipe but Gwen managed to turn around before he hits her. When she asked what is he doing at the remains of Chris's cottage, "Mike" claims that he is trying to find Chris's award. In the confessional, Gwen is able to see through Mal's lie and admits that she found Mike becoming meaner recently and find that he enjoys seeing other people in harm like Chris. Despite her point of view, she agrees to let him search Chris's cottage with her for his pirate loot. As she walks off, she warns him of how fragile the structure is. Mal then smiles evilly and kicks over a column, burying her in rubble. After she had lost the challenge, Mal grins evilly as another contestant has fallen.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Gwen and Cameron are selected by Zoey to help her defeat Mal. By now, Gwen is fully aware that Mike was actually Mal the entire time and convince Zoey not to take mercy on him. At one point, Gwen tries to attack Mal, but he easily thwarted her attack and threw her down the moat. After the destruction of the island, Mike (who had regained control of himself) asks if they should compete again to which Gwen, Cameron and Zoey angrily yelled out "No!". Also, in Mike's ending, Gwen congratulates Mike on winning the game.



Gwen and Noah look at each other uneasily when Blaineley announces the special surprise in store for them.

Gwen appears to dislike Noah's attitude, as she tells him to "shut it" when he makes a hypocritical comment after avoiding helping the team during the challenge in Dodgebrawl. She also throws a marshmallow at him after the elimination ceremony. However, when Courtney insults Gwen in Haute Camp-ture, Noah defends Gwen by telling Courtney to "get over it". In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Gwen laughs at him when she discovers that Noah was working for Chris. Later, after Noah mocks Harold's idea for slowing down the Total Drama Dirtbags, Gwen asks him if he has any better ideas in an annoyed tone. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Noah sits next to Gwen during the first part, and the two share uneasy glances upon hearing that Blaineley has a "surprise" in store for them and are also the only contestants who are not interested in returning to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.


Owen Gwen hug

Gwen and Owen share a hug in Gwen's ending of The Very Last Episode, Really!

In Total Drama Island, Gwen seemed to be frequently annoyed by Owen, but they were still able to become friends. Throughout the series, Owen repeatedly calls Gwen a "hottie," but not to her directly indicating he is a little attracted to her. After getting rid of Heather, the two of them become the final two of the first season. Their friendship continues in the next two seasons despite being on different teams.


In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Gwen is buried underground along with Sam. When she attempts to call Chris, she is disgusted by Sam's fart and passes out for a while.



Scott scolds Gwen for causing Courtney's elimination.

In Suckers Punched, Gwen mocks Scott's bad hygiene while she and Courtney are lifting him after his match with Fang.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Scott knocks Gwen aside while she is climbing the snowy mountain. Near the end of the challenge, after Gwen suffers from brain freeze while eating her ice-cream, Scott laughs at her. Gwen notice this and retaliates by saying he has "no brain to freeze."

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Scott was convinced by Mike/Mal that if it wasn't for Gwen messing things up, Courtney wouldn't have been eliminated in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Gwen is in need of a partner and tries to console Scott but he instead gave her a threat.


The two appear to have a conflict, as Gwen seems to find Sierra's strange habits disgusting in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, and Sierra is jealous of Gwen because Cody, who Sierra has a crush on, is attracted to her. Sierra's dislike of Gwen grows after Gwen kisses Courtney's boyfriend; although Sierra still helps Gwen out by restraining Courtney from attacking her in Greece's Pieces. In The EX-Files, she cuts out a paper doll of Gwen and bites its head off while singing a disturbing song. Once Gwen is eliminated in Picnic at Hanging Dork, Sierra is ecstatic, but is quickly disappointed when she realizes that Cody is still moping after her.

In Total Drama All-Stars, as Cody isn't around, Sierra is less hostile towards Gwen, though the latter is still disgusted by her stalker-like behavior especially when Sierra develops a crush on Cameron, believing that he is Cody.



Gwen and Trent sitting next to the camp fire in the opening sequence.

Trent is the first person Gwen open up to on the island and the two of them bonded early in the season with obvious signs of Gwen having feelings for Trent. As a running gag of the season, whenever the two of them are alone, they are often disturbed by the other contestants, notably Cody, who also have feelings for Gwen and treats Trent as his rival. Their relationship has a rocky start at first due to Trent forgetting about Gwen when she is buried alive in the beach and Gwen getting mad about this incident. However, Gwen eventually forgave him and the two share their first kiss in Search and Do Not Destroy after Trent helps Gwen in her challenge. Shortly after this, Heather, not wanting another alliance other than hers in the competition, break the two of them apart, by kissing Trent while Gwen is watching. Gwen was heartbroken and Leshawna helped her friend by getting the help of the other contestants to vote off either Heather or Trent that night. After Trent was eliminated and Heather reveals her scheme, Gwen and Trent make amends and bids each other farewell. By the end of the season, the two of them are reunited and began dating.


Trent and Gwen breaks up in 3:10 to Crazytown.

In Total Drama Action, their relationship became increasingly unstable due to the stress of the competition after they were placed on separate teams. Furthermore, Gwen was quickly becoming closer friends with Duncan, which caused Trent to become jealous. Desperate to save their relationship, Trent attempts to impress her by throwing challenges for Gwen's team. She become aware of this and believes that she is responsible for Trent's mental stress. This leads to the two of them breaking up and subsequent elimination that was orchestrated by Justin. Though Trent is at first devastated with their sudden break up, he comes in terms with her in The Aftermath: II.

In Total Drama World Tour, the two of them met again in Aftermath Aftermayhem after Gwen was eliminated from the competition. While still in the game, Gwen started a relationship with Duncan but despite his prediction coming true, Trent was not jealous like he was last season and is still be able to interact with her in an awkward but friendly manner.


During Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, when Owen hugs both of them, Tyler tells Gwen that at least she didn't have to sleep next to Duncan. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Gwen gets mad at Tyler for tripping the rest of them. They once again did not directly interact during Total Drama World Tour, although a flashback during I See London... features Tyler taking a photograph (at Cody's request) of Cody cuddling Gwen while she is asleep and in a bikini. He also agrees with Owen about Gwen being hot in The EX-Files. Unlike Duncan, Gwen is not angry at Tyler for revealing the kiss between her and Duncan.



Gwen hugs Zoey after being found by her.

Gwen and Zoey rarely interact early in Total Drama All-Stars as they were on different teams. After the merge, they get closer especially after Zoey saved Gwen from her worst fear in Zeek And Ye Shall Find. For the next few episodes, the two girls were often seen chatting and making jokes about their upcoming challenges. After Gwen was eliminated, she wishes Zoey good luck in the finale. Gwen also helped Zoey in the finale.


While she was well liked in Total Drama Island, her actions in the next two seasons were misunderstood (due to the actions of Justin and Alejandro), causing her to be disliked by most of the contestants although at both times she was eventually forgiven.


Gwen is even criticized by one of her closest friend for the way she treated Trent.

In Total Drama Action, her relationships with the other contestants were heavily strained due to the combination of her break-up with Trent and Justin's involvement in it. In 3:10 to Crazytown, Justin lies to his teammates that Gwen made a deal with Trent to get them into the final two. To prove her innocence, she told them to vote Trent off. Feeling guilty over Trent's elimination and due to Justin's blackmailing, she started to throw challenges in The Chefshank Redemption, causing her teammates (including her best friend Leshawna) to vote for her (she also votes for herself). However, the Peanut Gallery (and Bridgette) are oblivious of Justin's role and the majority of them side with Trent as they accuse her of selling Trent out without hearing Gwen's side of the story. When she appears as a guest in The Aftermath: II, she was booed by the audience, Courtney, Katie and Sadie (the latter two even to the point of forming an anti-Gwen club). Eventually, Trent stood up for her and told everyone that he threw the game and not Gwen. Trent's actions managed to fix Gwen's reputation and her relationship with the others including Katie and Sadie (who become her assistants for her blog show in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special). Courtney however continues to hate Gwen as she believes that Gwen is trying to steal Duncan from her.

Gwen3 (BFKisser)

Gwen's team singing a threatening song on her for stealing Courtney's boyfriend.

In Total Drama World Tour, Gwen and Duncan kiss after his return and Courtney finds out about this in the next episode from Alejandro and Tyler. Courtney then gathers the rest of Team Amazon (except Cody) to get rid of Gwen, which they succeed at doing. However, Gwen is mostly regarded as the protagonist in this conflict by the other contestants and the audience didn't boo her like last time when she appears in Aftermath Aftermayhem. This is most probably because of everyone's greater dislike of Courtney. It should be noted that Sierra and Heather only help Courtney to vote Gwen off because they have their own reason to have Gwen eliminated (Heather because of their long-standing rivalry, and Sierra because Gwen stands in the way between her and Cody's affection) and not necessarily because they pity Courtney. While this issue was no longer brought up again, it can be presumed that all of the contestants (except Cody and Courtney) support Gwen's new relationship with Duncan.

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