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Harold Victory

Harold has a tendency to surprise his team with his resourcefulness.

Harold is a social outcast among the contestants. His outward appearance, plus his somewhat unhygienic behavior had the others label him as weird, among other names. In addition, he usually annoys them by telling them random facts they are not interested in. During challenges, Harold often tries to prove that he can be a valuable asset to his team, though he normally ends up embarrassing himself or inadvertently aiding the opposing team. This leads many contestants (notably Duncan and Courtney) to either pick on him or look down on him. Despite this, Harold never shows any real hatred for his fellow contestants and earns their respect when he did manage to help his team to win many times throughout the series. This, combined with his loyalty and niceness, has made him fairly likable.



Alejandro giving a pep-talk to Harold.

Harold is the first person to be eliminated due to Alejandro's manipulation. In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Alejandro gives a pep talk to Harold before the challenge starts, causing him to become overconfident. After Team Victory loses, Alejandro convinces him to quit the competition in order to maintain his honor, also adding that Leshawna will surely be impressed by his decision. Harold blindly follows his instructions and takes the Drop of Shame later that day despite DJ receiving the most votes.

Eventually, Harold comes to realize Alejandro's treachery and begins to hate him. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Harold and Bridgette join Leshawna in singing Sisters to express their hatred for Alejandro. In Hawaiian Style, Harold raises his hand when Bridgette asks who was eliminated due to Alejandro's actions. Like the majority of the cast, Harold chose to support Cody over Heather or Alejandro. In Hawaiian Punch, after Cody lost the tie-breaker challenge, Harold joins him in helping Heather beat Alejandro in the finale, even badmouthing him during Versus, forcing Alejandro to hurl a lightning bolt at him. In Heather's ending, Harold is one of the many contestants seen cheering when she beats Alejandro, and once Alejandro loses, Harold and the others (except Courtney) cheer for his defeat.



Harold talking about Beth's love life.

Beth and Harold are placed on opposing teams in Total Drama Island and have very little interaction with each other until after the merge in Total Drama Action. They develop a friendship at this point until one point, when Beth starts to believe that Harold has feelings for her. After much consideration, Beth willingly ends her relationship with Brady to give Harold a chance. After Harold is eliminated, Beth tells him that she will wait for him, much to his dismay. Harold is well aware of Beth's attraction towards him but he has no interest to start a relationship with her, claiming that he doesn't want to disappoint the other girls who he believes are attracted to him. In the exclusive clip, Harold states that he would be able to brag to his classmates that he had a girlfriend. However, he hesitates on whether he should tell them it was Beth.

In a video clip shown by Blaineley in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Beth is one of few contestants (along with Chef Hatchet and a bear) preparing to beat up Harold while he is explaining a very complicated mathematical equation.



Blaineley's annoyed that Harold is introduced first.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Blaineley is annoyed when Geoff chooses Harold as the first guest as she wanted to bring in Bridgette in order to humiliate her in front of of Geoff for cheating on him with Alejandro. After getting pushed onto Blaineley's lap by Geoff, Blaineley roughly pulls Harold up by the hair. She shows a short tribute video of Harold which only lasts a few seconds. Feeling under appreciated for a contestant who participated in three seasons, Harold demands a better recap of him, prompting Blaineley to reveal a video of him getting beaten up by the contestants several times during Total Drama Island for spouting out unnecessary information. Blaineley even brings up Harold's feelings for Leshawna and forces him to sing a song with the Drama Brothers though Harold doesn't seem to mind.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Harold and the Drama Brothers help Geoff humiliate Blaineley by playing back up for him while he sings Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley after she sent Bridgette to Siberia.



Courtney and Bridgette hugging Harold after he helped their team to win again.

Bridgette appears to be the most sympathetic towards Harold out of all of his teammates in Total Drama Island. While she sometimes finds Harold odd and questions his behavior, she is usually patient with him even when he messes things up. She also does not approve of Harold getting bullied by others, and does not join in the rest of the Killer Bass to not make fun of him whenever he gets injured or humiliated. Likewise, Harold will gives support to Bridgette during troubling times, and has helped her out when in some tough challenges.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Harold is almost hit by Bridgette's surfboard twice and tells her to watch it. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Bridgette accidentally hits Harold with a plank twice while building their team's hot tub.

In Dodgebrawl, Bridgette gives Harold some water after Courtney requests a time-out from Chef during the final round of the dodgeball game. She, along with the rest of the team, chants Harold's name when he faces-off with Owen. In Not Quite Famous, Courtney and Bridgette reluctantly choose Harold to compete in the talent contest since the remaining contestants either has poor talents or unavailable. Harold surprisingly manages to score enough points for the Killer Bass to defeat the Gophers for the second consecutive episode. This amazes Courtney and Bridgette and they hug him affectionately. In Up the Creek, Bridgette scolds Harold for using all their team's oars as firewood, leaving them stranded on Boney Island.

Bridgette and Harold

Bridgette and Harold high five after they manage to hit Heather.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Bridgette is reluctant to be her team's hunter even though Harold reminded her that that the game is "all pretend" and that they weren't really killing anything. Though unconvinced at first, he reminds her that Heather is one of the "deer" and this persuades Bridgette to compete in the challenge due to her dislike of Heather. After successfully shooting Heather, the two give each other high-fives. In Who Can You Trust?, Bridgette and Harold are assigned to the Blind Trapeze Challenge. Bridgette is terrified at first, but Harold tells her to trust him. Bridgette nods and jumps as Harold catches her, avoiding the stinging jellyfish in the pond below, resulting in their team winning the challenge.

The two are on the same team again in Total Drama World Tour. When Chris releases scarabs for the next challenge, Bridgette jumps up on Harold's shoulders to hide from them. When Harold takes charge of his team's commericial in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Bridgette is annoyed by his bossy behavior and insistence that she call him "Sensai". She is shon foricibly stamping his passport, and doesn't react when Harold quits the show in DJ's place. However the two are shown getting along during the Aftermath episodes, both join as Leshawna's backup dancers during Sisters and Harold is among those angry at Blaineley for sending Bridgette to Siberia. He also helps Bridgette properly reunite with Geoff by giving Bruno, the overprotective bear Bridgette brought back with her, a tea which relaxed him enough to stop attacking Geoff.

Chef Hatchet


Harold attempts to fight Chef in Alien Resurr-eggtion.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chef angrily yells at Harold when he begins to complain about him getting hypoglycemic if he did not get enough sugar. In Not Quite Famous, Harold's beat-boxing performance impress Chef enough to give the Killer Bass enough points to win the challenge. In X-Treme Torture, Chef was shocked to find out that Harold is the person who send the poems to Leshawna, not thinking that someone like Harold can be romantic or be a good poet. Chef reveals that he had read Harold's poems and states that the comments are "spicy." He is shown smiling when Harold runs to kiss Leshawna, only to pull him back to the Boat of Losers in annoyance. 

In Masters of Disasters, Chef caught the cast complaining about his dish. Harold notices him and tries to compliment his cooking by stating that it is "too complex for their taste buds," to everyone's agreement. Chef knows they are lying and says "I hate suck ups." Chef is quick to throw water on Harold when his guitar sets fire in Rock N' Rule , though this electrocutes Harold. In 2008: A Space Owen, Chef throws Harold into the Lame-o-sine after he is eliminated before Harold could reveal the true purpose of Owen's return to the other cast mates.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, during Harold's recap, Chef is in line with several other characters ready to beat Harold up, as he annoys them with his explanation of the square of "111,111,111" being a palindrome.



Chris demonstrates how to use the paintball gun by shooting Harold.

Like everyone else, Harold hates Chris's treatment towards the contestants while Chris dislikes Harold's geeky nature as well as interrupting him with his annoying facts while he is trying to explain the challenge. When Harold first arrives at the island, Chris is visibly disturbed by Harold's odd behavior. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Chris shoots Harold with a paintball gun to demonstrate the challenge to the other campers.

In Masters of Disasters, Chris is glad that Harold managed to save the others just in time or else he would have been sued if the contestants had died. In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, after the Gaffers find out that the money they received from the first part of the challenge was "non-negotiable Chris cash" that couldn't be used, Harold admits that he dislikes Chris's smile while staring at one of the fake bills with Chris's face on it. In Million Dollar Babies, Chris pits Harold against Lindsay for the boxing challenge as they did not do well during the training course. Despite Lindsay successfully knocking out Harold, Chris deemed Harold the winner of the challenge as he gained extra points for performing excellent slow motions. During the Awards Ceremony, Chris tells Harold that he is the only member of his team that is safe. As Harold is about to speak, Chris shuts him up and quickly gives him his Gilded Chris.


Chris gives Harold a comforting hug.

In Super Hero-ld, Chris is impressed with Harold's "Captain Alberta" costume and give him 7/10 in addition for "keeping it Canadian." After Leshawna is eliminated later that night, Chris shoves Harold aside to close the episode, breaking Harold's glasses in the process. Harold tries giving Chris CPR after he is "killed" in Get a Clue, and wails that he failed him when he and Beth run around panicking. In Rock n' Rule, Harold starts crying after Duncan calls him by his middle name, Doris, and ran into Chris's arms, breaking all the card board cut-outs in the process. Chris, despite rolling his eyes in annoyance, gives him a comforting hug as Harold continues crying. In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Chris compliments Duncan's training strategy of making Harold clean all his cars.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Chris is noticeably annoyed by Harold who kept telling him how to say numbers in Egyptian. In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Harold kept high lighting the cultural mistakes Chris made between Chinese and Japanese. Annoyed, Chris tells Chef to cut the plane door open, sending all the contestants out of the plane. Later, Chris is annoyed when Tyler and Harold begin talking while he is explaining the challenge and stops the conversation by hitting his "geek gong". When Harold jumps the Drop of Shame without a parachute, Chris throws one after him and wishes him good luck, before realizing Harold was just "screaming for his life" rather than responding to Chris. In Hawaiian Punch, Harold and the rest of the contestants laugh at Chris and Chef as their boat begins to sink after Ezekiel crashes into it.



Harold imagines Cody while singing I'm Winning This.

After Total Drama Action ends, it is revealed that Cody, Harold, Justin and Trent form a boy-band known as The Drama Brothers.

In a clip shown by Blaineley in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Cody is one of the people lined up to beat Harold up, after he is annoying everyone by explaining a mathematical phenomena to the point of using Harold's own nunchucks to do so. In Hawaiian Style, like the majority of the contestants, Harold chooses to side with Cody in the finale as he is the "least evil" among the final three, and is one of his biggest supporters. Harold goes to great lengths to show his loyalty, by interrupting Who You Gonna Root For? to rap about Cody, as well as representing him for the challenge. Harold also picks a deer for Cody's "spirit animal", due to his "large innocent eyes and tiny tail." In Hawaiian Punch, Harold continues to show his support for Cody by telling him to hit Alejandro in the kiwis. After Cody loses, Harold supports his decision to help Heather and joins him. After Courtney kicks Harold in the groin, Cody tackles her in retaliation. 


You and your snoring face!

Courtney yelling at Harold in Dodgebrawl.

Courtney greatly dislikes Harold due to his weird habits, and believes that Harold isn't a useful teammate despite Harold managing to help their team win several times. However, the real conflict eventually arises after Harold rigs the votes and causes Courtney to be eliminated in Basic Straining in order to get back at Duncan. After Courtney finds out about this, she vows revenge on Harold. Additionally, Harold's actions has also caused Duncan to further torment Harold throughout Total Drama Action. Their conflict intensifies after Courtney's return and begins to treat her fellow contestants poorly. After the merge, Harold teams up with Beth and Lindsay (who are also victims of Courtney's wrath) in order to get rid of Courtney. The conflict continues in the last few episodes of Total Drama World Tour as the two compete to make sure the finalist they support wins.



DJ tries to look at Harold's voting device in Alien Resurr-eggtion.

DJ and Harold have been close throughout Total Drama, being on the same team in all three seasons they participated together. Though at times, DJ helps Duncan and Geoff to bully Harold, Harold does not hold a grudge against him or Geoff. In fact, DJ is the first of the group to stop making fun of Harold. As the series progresses, the two of them grow to respect each other. Despite being on the same team in Total Drama World Tour, they had very limited interactions due to Harold's early elimination. It is notable that Harold actually saves DJ from elimination by quitting the competition, as it was DJ who received the most votes that episode.



Harold's patience with Duncan has finally ended.

Harold's conflict with Duncan dates back to the first episode of the series. Throughout Total Drama Island, Duncan frequently picks on Harold by pulling several pranks on him. Harold will eventually retaliate by rigging the votes in Basic Straining and causing Courtney's elimination. Duncan eventually finds out about this and their conflict becomes even more intense in Total Drama Action. Being the final male members of their team, however, the two of them are often paired with each other during challenges and are able to lead their team to victory. Eventually, Duncan and Harold try to end their conflict but due to Owen's interference, this fails and their conflict continues.


Eva is shown cringing sympathetically when Harold accidentally lands in a split off the cliff in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2 . Harold is shown to be very worried when Eva rages due to losing her MP3 Player in The Big Sleep and narrowly dodges a book thrown by her. Because of her temper, Harold most likely voted for her that night with the rest of the team. In Hawaiian Style , the two join Team Cody with a majority of the others. Eva smiles at Harold as everyone else laughs for describing Cody as a deer.


Harold mad at Zeke

Harold once again vocalizes his anger at Ezekiel for losing their team's stick.

Harold apparently didn't get along well with Ezekiel. Despite sitting together and sharing a joke about Katie and Sadie in the first challenge , in Haute Camp-ture, Ezekiel asks Trent why he's still helping Harold after what he did to Courtney in Basic Straining. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Harold glares at Ezekiel for messing up Lovin' Time, forcing everyone to sing another song while they are paddling the Nile River. After Ezekiel loses their team's stick, Harold glares at him for making their team lose in what was supposed to be a non-elimination challenge despite giving him the idea to use the stick. At the elimination ceremony, Harold voices his anger by wondering if "Zeke" has fed their passports to alligators, to which Ezekiel replies, "I already said I was sorry, Holmes". Harold then angrily stamps Ezekiel's passport several times.



Geoff gives Harold a chance to participate.

Throughout Total Drama Island, Geoff and Harold have a mixed relationship. Geoff will at times help Duncan to bully Harold. However, there are a number of occasions Geoff has showed kindness towards Harold, with the latter appreciating this. Harold also doesn't seem to hold a grudge towards Geoff like he does with Duncan.

In Dodgebrawl, Geoff pats Harold on the back in sympathy when Courtney tells him to sit out, and he allows Harold to participate the final round of the dodgeball match. He also gives Harold a motivational talk along with Courtney. Throughout If You Can't Take The Heat..., Geoff, DJ and Duncan decide to teach Harold a lesson so that he does not keep his clothes lying around by stealing all his clothes, leaving him nothing to wear except his pajamas. They finally carry his bed to the Dock of Shame while he is asleep, leaving him naked in front of the girls when he wakes up the next morning. Forced to admit defeat, Harold promises not to leave his underwear lying around anymore. In Basic Straining, Geoff and Duncan would again pull several pranks on Harold.

The two have virtually no interactions in Total Drama Action due to Geoff being eliminated first, though they share a bunk bed when the guys recieve their trailer. 

During Total Drama World Tour, Harold is one of the most active members of the Peanut Gallery, and often helps Geoff out or annoys him with unnecessary facts. In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Geoff brings Harold out as the first guest, in order to postpone having to meet Bridgette, after an incident. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Geoff praises Harold for being the first to get some donations, even if he extorted it from his mother. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Harold and the rest of The Drama Brothers help Geoff to humiliate Blaineley by performing Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley. In Hawaiian Style, Geoff is annoyed when Harold and Courtney interrupt him and Bridgette while they are singing Who You Gonna Root For?



Gwen smacks Harold with their team's shovel.

Like most of the contestants, Gwen dislikes Harold's geekiness but seems more or less indifferent to him. In The Big Sleep, during the morning exercise, Harold and Gwen are walking side-by-side, although Gwen tells him not to walk beside her after he asks how much longer they have to go. In Not Quite Famous, she asked him for help in getting revenge on Heather by giving her his ant farm. She and Bridgette do not consider Harold to be a possible author of the romantic poem that they find during X-Treme Torture, and is shocked when he reveals that he wrote them for Leshawna; she is among those to find their kiss sweet. In the finale of Total Drama Island, while voicing out her opinions on the other campers, Gwen describes Harold as "really weird." Harold is among those who supported Owen from the beginning.

In Total Drama Action, Gwen chose Harold to be the final member of her team. Though Harold believes that she chose him because of his "mad skills" and knowledge in filmography, Gwen simply wants to him to be quiet, and also because there are no other male contestants left to choose. Harold somewhat plays a role in Gwen and Trent's break up as he supports Duncan's theory that Trent's obsession with the number 9 has something do with their relationship.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Gwen uses her team's shovel to whack Harold on the head in order to slow her team down and give the Killer Grips a winning chance, though she did look remorseful for it and appears to stay by his side until Izzy shows up in their tunnel. Ironically, Harold is not mad about this but develops an attraction to her instead. Despite this, Harold votes for her later that night as he felt it was better than either having to break a shovel over her head to even the score, or fall in love with her.


HH team

Harold comforting Heather after nobody else trusts her anymore.

After Total Drama Island ends and her true nature is revealed, Heather finds herself without an ally due to nobody trusting her, but found an unlikely friend in Harold who shows sympathy for her. Even after Heather betrays him in the special, Harold bares no hard feelings and continues to help her later on in the episode. After a brief talk, Heather agrees to be friends with Harold, although she looks at the camera and shakes her head, signifying she had no intentions to do so.

In Total Drama Action, Heather and Harold are placed on the team though they spend more time fighting with each other, often with Heather joining Duncan in mocking Harold's geekiness. However, there are moments the two of them get along well.

They did not interact much in Total Drama World Tour due to Harold's early elimination. However, during the finale, Harold decides to help Heather beat Alejandro due to his greater dislike for the latter. When she wins in her ending, Harold and a majority of the contestants cheer for her.


In the opening sequence of Total Drama Island, Izzy accidentally crashes into Harold while she swinging on a vine.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Izzy claims she has been abducted several times and has a tracking device in her neck. Harold looks at her neck and asks if it hurts, to which Izzy says only when she hiccups. Harold was also with her and Owen when Heather joins them, and Izzy says that she, Harold, and Owen do not want an alliance with Heather. In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, the two put DJ into a quarantine bubble, and Harold knocks into Izzy which convinces him he's blind. When the contestants realize the sickness is a fraud, Izzy assures Harold that his symptoms are the result of his paranoia inducing a placebo effect and he isn't sick at all. In The Sand Witch Project, Harold appears to be jealous of Izzy after seeing her superior card shuffling skills, and tries to show off his own card tricks in the confessional. Izzy questions what Harold is doing as he builds his human Tetris game in The Aftermath: IV



Justin persuades Harold to help him in The Princess Pride.

Justin and Harold do not interact much in Total Drama Island due to them being on different teams as well as Justin's early elimination. In Total Drama Action, they get along well despite being on different teams again. In The Sand Witch Project, Justin realizes Harold has a runny nose and advises him to visit a doctor. In Dial M for Merger, Justin worriedly asks Leshawna and Beth where Harold is as they hide in a trailer, not realizing he had shut the door on Harold moments before. In Super Hero-ld, Harold and Duncan agree to form a new Guy's alliance with Justin as the girls outnumbered the boys at the time.

In The Princess Pride, Justin convinces Harold to help him win the challenge and Courtney's heart to which Harold agrees as he does not want Duncan to win either. However, Justin later betrays Harold in order to claim the prize all for himself and even claims that Harold would have done the same thing if Leshawna was the prize. During the final moments of the challenge, Harold criticizes Justin for his hypocrisy when the latter describes himself as a fair knight. After Justin is eliminated, Harold mockingly bids Justin farewell in many ways which clearly annoys him. After the second season ends, the two of them form the The Drama Brothers along with Cody and Trent.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Blaineley shows a video featuring Harold annoying his fellow campers back in season one. In one of the clips, he tells Justin about the human bladder being the size of a football when it is full while Justin is urinating. Annoyed, Justin punches him. In a different clip, Justin is seen wearing boxing gloves and is about to attack Harold along with Beth, Heather, Cody, Chef Hatchet and a bear while he is explaining a complicated mathematical equation to them. Justin later speaks up in Harold's defense, asking if Blainely was really going to make him sing about Leshawna. He and Trent, plus Sasquachanakwa, then join Harold in performing Baby



Harold attempts to impress Leshawna in Beach Blanket Bogus.

When Harold first meets Leshawna, he immediately develops an attraction to her. Their first conversation, however, is uneventful as Harold accidentally makes Leshawna mad by unknowingly insulting her. Nevertheless, Harold had been secretly sending her love poems and by the time of his elimination, he confesses his love for her. Upon hearing this, Leshawna shares a kiss with him before he takes the Boat of Losers. However, when the two meet again during the special, Leshawna breaks up with him, claiming that they are moving things too fast and that she felt sensitive at the time. Harold takes this well but does not give up on getting her to date him, believing that he will be able to win her back.

Throughout Total Drama Action, Harold would try and impress Leshawna but would have little to no success. Though Leshawna continues to reject him, she still defends him from Duncan's bullying. Upon finding out that Leshawna had been lying to claim a reward for herself, Harold is torn between his team and his love for Leshawna. He defends her but when the contestants found out that she also insulted everyone during her trip to the spa, Harold is heartbroken and loses trust in her until she sings an apology cheer. Because of this, Harold and Duncan decide to vote off Heather instead of Leshawna. Upon reaching the merge, Leshawna successfully pulls both Duncan and Harold into an alliance with her, something she has been trying to do earlier on in the season. However, the two would go behind her back and form their own alliance with Justin and vote her off. Despite this, Leshawna forgives Harold and the two part in good terms. Harold frequently mentions Leshawna after her departure, even naming a snail after her in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen.

The two are placed on the same team again in Total Drama World Tour, though Leshawna seems to be more impatient with Harold and pays more attention to newcomer, Alejandro, than him. After being eliminated as a result of Alejandro's treachery, Leshawna apologizes to Harold for her mistreatment towards him. As of now, their relationship is strictly platonic, though Harold's love for her is still strong.



Harold takes on Lindsay and Courtney in Hawaiian Punch.

Harold and Lindsay have limited interactions in Total Drama Island due to them being on different teams. Lindsay is among those gathered at the dock as Harold takes the Boat of Losers, and finds his kiss with Leshawna sweet. 

In Million Dollar Babies, Harold and Lindsay are pitted against each other for the boxing match as Chris states that they had the worst performance in the training course. The fight between the two goes back and forth but ultimately, Lindsay is able to knock out Harold with a powerful punch. Despite this, Harold is declared the winner of the challenge as he gained extra points for performing in slow motion. Lindsay and Beth both gush over how sweet Harold's burrito tribute to Leshawna is in the beginning of The Princess Pride, even ignoring Justin to do so. The two are then cast in the challenge as Sleeping Beauty and one of her dwarves. In Rock n' Rule, Harold agrees to help Lindsay and Beth vote off Duncan in order to make Courtney mad. However, the plan fails as Lindsay accidentally votes for herself instead. As she enters the Lame-o-sine, Harold smiles alongside the others when Lindsay says friends are worth more than winning.

The two of them are placed on Team Victory in the third season but due to Harold's early elimination, they didn't have much interaction that season. When Harold stabs himself with a toy lightsaber in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Lindsay is the only person to look concerned. In Hawaiian Punch, both Harold and Lindsay are chosen as helpers for the finalists, but are on opposing sides. They end up fighting each other, until Cody distracts Lindsay and she runs off.



Noah getting annoyed by Harold showing off his extensive knowledge.

The two have very limited interactions, but generally Noah has a great dislike of Harold, barring Dodgebrawl , in which he drops his book in shock when witnessing Harold's dodging skills. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, while the contestants are at Playa Des Losers, Harold tells Noah some facts about beavers, though the latter has no interest whatsoever, and makes several suicide impressions. When Harold offers to lend his journal to Noah if he promised not to ruin it, Noah sarcastically says "No thanks. I'm good."

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, while Harold is explaining to everyone his plan for slowing down the Total Drama Dirtbags, Noah, finding the plan stupid, sarcastically compliments him. Harold then angrily glares at him.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Noah is once again annoyed by Harold as he begins to talk about the difference between aerophobia and aeronausiphobia. After he leaves the bus, Noah sarcastically tells Harold that he will be "aero-nauseous" of him if he keeps telling his "fascinating facts."

In a clip shown by Blaineley in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Harold is seen telling Noah that in Alaska, it is illegal to talk to someone while moose hunting. Suddenly, an actual moose appears and rams Harold against a tree, much to Noah's shock.



Harold angrily confronts Owen after discovering the true purpose of his return.

Aside from a heated dodgeball challenge, Owen and Harold didn't interact much in Total Drama Island, though Harold did support Owen when the latter reaches the finale of the season. The two of them are still on opposing teams in Total Drama Action, but they had more interaction than last season since all the boys are staying in the same trailer. After Owen returns to the season, he and Harold get along very well. However their friendships becomes challenged when Harold comes to realize Owen sabotaged the challenge in 2008: A Space Owen, leading them to try vote each other off, but Harold gets eliminated due to having the most votes. This hostility appears to have subsided by Total Drama World Tour where they are shown getting along again.


Sadie and Harold

Sadie and Harold are partnered together in If You Can't Take The Heat...

In Up the Creek, Duncan chooses Harold and Sadie as his canoe partners in the beginning of the episode. In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Harold and Sadie are partnered together for the cooking challenge with the two of them cutting the cheese. Throughout the episode, Sadie laughs at Harold when he gets repeatedly pranked by Duncan, DJ and Geoff. In The Sucky Outdoors, Harold, alongside the rest of the Killer Bass, is angry with the pair for costing them the challenge and likely voted for one of them that night.

Throughout Total Drama World Tour, Sadie is shown fangirling and squealing in delight alongside Katie and Beth whenever Harold and his bandmates perform during an Aftermath episode. 


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, she is shown stalking Harold and the Drama Brothers at their pool party incident and excitedly announces "H-Bomb" is the first to arrive at the Gemmies. After Harold gets his own book thrown at him by the jeering crowd, Sierra believes that it's due to the excitement of Harold's fans.

The two do not interact in Total Drama World Tour, though Harold seems weirded out by her obsession with Cody in some group shots, and are two of his most vocal supporters during the end of the season


In Haute Camp-ture, Trent feels sorry for Harold, who is hiding from Courtney, and gives him some food. When Ezekiel asks Trent why he is still helping Harold, he said that Harold doesn't deserve to starve even if he is a traitor. After Courtney finds Harold, Trent laughs at his misfortune and calls him a "poor sucker".

In Monster Cash, as the cast begins to push each other while exiting the cart, Harold knocks out Trent with a karate chop. In Riot On Set, Trent has trouble deciding wheter to put either Harold or Owen into his team as he considers both of them to be odd, asking how he's supposed to choose "between flakier and flakiest". He ultimately chooses Owen because of his placement in the previous season, which causes Harold to rant about his qualifications until Gwen chooses him to shut him up. In Beach Blanket Bogus, Harold supported Duncan's idea that Trent's obsession with the number nine has something to do with his feelings for Gwen.

After Total Drama Action had ended, the two of them, along with Justin and Cody, formed the Drama Brothers. However, the band broke up after Trent insulted Harold's beat-boxing, leading Harold to go solo. Despite this, the band eventually got back together.

During the Aftermath shows of Total Drama World Tour, Harold, Trent and Justin will play back up for some of the songs. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Harold and Leshawna have an off-screen bet with Trent to see whether or not Lindsay remembers Tyler, in which they won.



Tyler and Harold reveal they love to watch Japanese game shows.

In Dodgebrawl, Tyler is quick to tell Harold he throws like a girl, before Courtney points out Tyler is even worse at the game than Harold. Harold later accidentally spits some water on Tyler while getting a motivational talk from the other teammates. Tyler cheers for Harold, along with the other teammates, when the latter wins the challenge for their team. Harold puts Tyler in charge of loading their bra catapult with Owen's caramels in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Harold and Tyler are seen hugging each other for dear life while they are singing Before We Die. The two of them are excited about the upcoming challenge as they both love Japanese game shows and begin to talk about their favorite scenes from "Human Itchi My Car Go-Go."

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