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This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Heather.


Heather is Total Drama Island's most notorious contestant because of her cruelty...

Heather, as the first main antagonist of the series, enters the game with the primary goal to acquire fame and wealth instead of friends. Heather has employed numerous insidious methods to get ahead in the game, including manipulation, deception, lies, betrayal, and most notably, fake friendships. This leads in nearly every contestant hating her. After Total Drama Island, she continues to act callously towards the other contestants, although there have been times where she acts nice towards them (though usually for the purpose of forming alliances). Despite continuing her antagonism, three different contestants take the spot as top enemy over the next two seasons. In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the newcomers complain at the sight of her, showing that they dislike her as well.

Ironically, despite her disdain for the other contestants, there are times when Heather seems genuinely bothered that they don't like her. She is ecstatic when she has their approval, if only temporary, in Hawaiian Punch.

...however, she is still favored over Alejandro in Hawaiian Punch.

Despite her unpopularity, however, the contestants appear to at least favor Heather over her love interest and fiercest competitor, Alejandro. In Total Drama World Tour, a majority of them support her to win the season over him, but only once Cody gets eliminated, as they hate Alejandro even more. In Total Drama All-Stars, her team once again sides with her to eliminate Alejandro in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, but Alejandro manages to outsmart them and instead causes Heather's elimination. This results in her former teammates viewing Alejandro as one of the primary threats and targets to take down, which unravels in the next episode when they voice to Alejandro their displeasure over recent actions involving betraying Heather.


The climax of Alejandro and Heather's love-hate relationship in finale of Total Drama World Tour.

At the beginning of Total Drama World Tour, Heather is the only one to see through Alejandro's trickery, since she behaves similarly. However, as much as she can't stand him, he begins to lead her on by showing a particular interest towards her, with Heather nearly falling for it, even calling him "perfect" before snapping herself out of it. They continue to fight off their attraction for one another throughout the rest of the season. In the finale, they finally confess their love for each other, only for Heather to betray Alejandro seconds later for the money.

Two seasons later, Alejandro recovers from the injuries he had received in Hawaiian Punch, and the two of them are placed on the same team. They continue to argue, Heather angry at him for not calling him for the past year, while Alejandro wants revenge for her betraying him and causing his injuries. Heather would attempt to eliminate Alejandro in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition by rallying their teammates against him, telling them that he is targeting one of them. However, Heather's plan backfires when Alejandro reveals the McLean-Brand Chris Head that he stole from her and she is eliminated instead. After both their eliminations, the two finally become a couple and spend a majority of their time making out in the finale instead of helping Mal. However, upon hearing that anyone can win the million dollars, the two of them turn against each other and begin to fight again.


Heather and Beth's first meeting.

In Total Drama Island, Heather gets Beth to join her alliance, although Heather is just using her along with Lindsay. Beth, however, finally becomes brave enough to stand up to Heather and quits the alliance in Paintball Deer Hunter. Afterwards, their conflict continues throughout the rest of the series, even though Beth mostly chooses to ignore Heather in all their later interactions.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Blaineley covers Heather and Gwen's blog war (even having them appear on the show) and says that she sides with Gwen. When Blaineley becomes a contestant in Niagara Brawls, Heather greatly shows a dislike towards the former Celebrity Manhunt co-host, even expressing her dislike towards her during Blainerific. Blaineley is also mad when Heather got to be partnered up with Alejandro for the challenge.

Blaineley furiously hits Heather in Chinese Fake-Out.

Their conflict grows in Chinese Fake-Out. As they run, Heather tells Blaineley to stop breathing down her neck when she makes a comment, to which Blaineley responds by violently smacking Heather across her face. Later on, Blaineley mocks Heather, which prompts Heather to say that Blaineley is a diva that doesn't look like she's going anywhere anytime soon. At the end of the first challenge, Heather seems more determined to beat Blaineley than anyone else and isn't happy when she finds out that Blaineley had arrived before her. During the second part of the challenge, Heather accuses Blaineley of cheating because she seems to be getting normal food rather than the gross food everyone else was getting. Before she takes the Drop of Shame, Blaineley tells Heather and Alejandro to drop the act and make out. Blaineley is the only person to be on Heather's team originally in Hawaiian Style, although this is because Duncan put a team Heather flag in the injured Blaineley's sling.


Heather attempts to pull Bridgette into her alliance in Brunch of Disgustingness.

Despite being on different teams, Bridgette knows of Heather's cruelty and has a few minor scuffles with her early in Total Drama Island. While the conflict briefly foreshadows in the first episode, it truly begins in Not Quite Famous when Heather attempts to stir up drama with the Killer Bass by accusing Bridgette of sabotaging Courtney on purpose so she could get her "fifteen seconds of fame" and further mocks Bridgette of gaining extra weight if she eats too many potato chips. In retaliation for the second comment, Bridgette throws her bag of chips at her. Later, when Heather reads Gwen's diary out loud to the campers and the entire viewing world, Bridgette agrees with Courtney that it was mean of Heather to do so.

Bridgette's dislike for Heather makes her abandon her peaceful nature and shoot Heather with paintballs in Paintball Deer Hunter after Harold reminded that Heather is one of the "deer" in the challenge. The conflict intensifies in Brunch of Disgustingness as Heather attempts to pull Bridgette into forming an alliance with her and Lindsay, though Bridgette ends up choosing her friends Gwen and Leshawna over her.

Their conflict isn't as intense in later seasons, though Bridgette dislikes it when Geoff calls Heather "the hottest girl on the show" in The Aftermath: I. When Heather appears as a guest in The Aftermath: III, Bridgette makes fun of her new wig.

When Heather becomes part of the final three in Total Drama World Tour, Bridgette pities her for having only one supporter and forces Owen, Justin, Leshawna and Eva to join Team Heather. While she is shown visibly annoyed when Heather arrives first in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, she still cheers for her after she beats Alejandro in her ending of Hawaiian Punch.


Heather makes fun of Cameron on his first day on the Vultures.

Like the others, Cameron greatly dislikes Heather, especially when she steals the prize money and tries to run away with it in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon. While chasing the zeppelin, Heather throws several Gemmie statues at Cameron, one of which hits him in the groin. Eventually, Cameron's rocket crashes into the zeppelin, defeating her and winning the challenge.

The two of them become teammates in Total Drama All-Stars after Cameron switches to the Villainous Vultures in Moon Madness. However, Heather doesn't seem to like Cameron and insults him on his first day along with Courtney and Alejandro. In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Heather tries to convince Cameron and Gwen to help her to vote off Alejandro by lying that he is targeting Cameron for the next elimination. Although Cameron questions why should they help her in the first place, he and Gwen indeed vote for Alejandro that night. In The Final Wreck-ening, Cameron stands up to Alejandro and Heather and refuses to let them pass, professing his loyalty to Zoey.

Chef Hatchet

Chef successfully captures Heather and Lindsay.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Heather's key is located inside Chef's fridge but when she opens it, she finds an evil-looking Chef inside and leaves with a terrified look on her face. Heather eventually manages to retrieve her key after Chef falls asleep with Lindsay's help.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chef finds Heather and Lindsay hiding in his kitchen. He chuckles before declaring it's "Forbidden Territory," then proceeds to chase after them and manages to hit both of them with his water gun. Later, Heather informs Chef that she had found DJ and Owen, thereby winning invincibility for herself.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, as Heather goes to take a shower in the communal bathrooms, she hears someone outside. Assuming it's Duncan, she comes out to scold him, only to come face-to-face with Chef dressed as the killer, leading her to scream with fear. In Are We There Yeti?, Chef reveals that he stole Heather's make-up kit and was going to use it while the contestants are away, much to Heather's shock. In I Triple Dog Dare You!, as part of the final challenge, Chef tries to shave her head, but Heather kicks the razor out of his hand and it lands on her head, shaving her anyway. This leads to her getting humiliated and eliminated from the competition.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Chef makes sure to hit Heather with his paintball gun, taking pleasure in doing this as an attempt to get back at her for lacing one of his muffins with laxatives (specifically referring to his muffins in The Very Last Episode, Really!) The force of the shot caused Heather's wig to fall off her head and through a grate, making it impossible for Heather to ever recover it and forcing her to spend the rest of Total Drama Action bald.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Chef constantly interrupts Heather during her confessions in the cockpit confessional. When Chef retrieves Team Amazon in The Am-AH-Zon Race, Heather, who was treated by the Zing-Zings as their queen, demands Chef to bow down to her. However, Chef reveals that the natives are actually hired actors and her being their queen has been an act all along. In Newf Kids on the Rock, Chef pulls Heather off the chair she holds and laughs as he watches her bounce on the water with the chair's cushion. In Rapa Phooey!, Heather crashes into one of Easter Island's many heads, which lands on him.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, while Chef and Chris observe the contestants participating in the challenge, Heather uses one of Chris's Gemmies to knock out both of them and throw them off the zeppelin in order to claim the million dollars for herself.


Chris is pushed to the ground by Heather in The Chefshank Redemption.

Despite his own similarly antagonistic behavior, Chris still doesn't approve of Heather's actions throughout the series. Many times in the series, Heather disapproves of Chris' challenges and "rules," but her complaints get her nowhere and Chris simply throws in more and more life-threatening challenges to her and takes pleasure whenever she or her fellow contestants get hurt. After Heather was eliminated in Total Drama Island due to a technicality, she swears to sue Chris, though she doesn't follow up with her threat. For the next few seasons, the two continue to be at odds with each other, most notably with Heather stealing Chris' zeppelin with his Gemmies on board and Heather accusing Chris of stealing the McLean Brand Chris Head from her in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition.


Heather holds Cody and tells him to hurry up in Versus.

Cody and Heather didn't interact much in Total Drama Island, though the latter often teases Cody for his weaker attributes. Two seasons later, they are on the same team again. When they reach the final four, Heather would attempt to get Cody to team up with her under the promise of her defending him from Sierra. Despite Heather indirectly causing his defeat in Hawaiian Punch, Cody still supports her against Alejandro, because he nearly killed him. Cody even calls her a "good guy", to try to get her out of the cage he accidentally trapped her in. In Heather's ending, he applauds Heather, like the others.


Heather and Courtney fighting during the challenge in Sweden Sour.

For the first two seasons, Courtney and Heather are placed on opposing teams, but appear to be conflicted towards one another. This includes trying to be the better leader in Dodgebrawl and Heather becoming obsessed with gaining Courtney's hair in One Million Bucks, B.C. They were both put on Team Amazon in Total Drama World Tour, where their conflict rises due to wanting the leadership role and, later on, both of them having a romantic interest in Alejandro. In the finale, Courtney chooses to support Alejandro and goes to great lengths to prevent Heather from winning. Two seasons later, their rivalry continues (albeit shorter) after Courtney transfers to the Villainous Vultures as they once again fight over leadership of the team.


Heather bursts into the confessional while DJ uses it.

DJ is apparently one of few contestants that Heather has a soft spot for, even showing concern for him in The Sand Witch Project when his recent guilt becomes too great for him to handle. While DJ sometimes dislikes Heather's mean attitude, he still treats her politely as he does with everyone else. When DJ loses confidence in continuing Total Drama World Tour after becoming the final member of his team, Heather offers to protect DJ with the condition that he becomes allies with her team. Heather would go to great lengths in Newf Kids on the Rock to gain DJ's trust, but DJ outright refuses her help any further after being tricked into singing as well as completing the first two challenges. Ultimately, DJ decides to ally with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot instead. When DJ is eliminated in the next episode, Heather sarcastically mocks him for choosing the wrong team to ally with. DJ initially chooses to support Cody in the finale, but after he is eliminated, he switches to Heather's side due to his bigger hatred for Alejandro.


Duncan hits on Heather, only to be rejected by her.

Initially, Duncan displays attraction to Heather when everyone arrives at Camp Wawanakwa (though Heather always rejected him), and continues to show small signs of attraction in future episodes. However, he grows to hate her like everyone else does soon enough, even finding her cold in That's Off the Chain! when she abandons Lindsay. When accused of being just as nasty, Duncan retorts that he is at least "straight with people." However, he would try to deceive Heather later on in the season as it came down to the final four, only to have it turn around on him and results in his own elimination. Additionally, he wrongly accuses Heather of being the cause of Courtney voted off the island. In Total Drama Action, he continues to dislike Heather, particularly when she mockingly calls him "pretty boy." He informs her that the last person who calls him pretty looked a lot less pretty. Eventually, Duncan loses all signs of attraction for her and the conflict between them becomes intense.


Heather doodles on Eva's picture while voting for her.

Eva is the first person to be eliminated due to Heather's scheming. In The Big Sleep, Heather steals Eva's MP3 player and then returns it to her later on after Eva had destroyed the Bass' cabin in an attempt to find it. This leads to Eva being voted off by her teammates. When Eva returns in No Pain, No Game, Eva frightens Heather when she enters the cabin and when she questions the presence of the tape that Heather placed on the floor in the previous episode, Heather quickly removes it, stating that it isn't important. After the challenge ends, Heather votes for Eva, calling her a "rageaholic" and scribbling devil horns and a pointed beard on her picture. Likewise, Eva chooses to vote for Heather.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Heather is spooked by the presence of two wooden carvings of Eva's head (and even called it upsetting) during the third challenge. By Haute Camp-ture, Eva finds out that Heather was responsible for her initial elimination and vows revenge. Throughout the episode, she constantly badmouths Heather. After the winner is declared in The Very Last Episode, Really!, Eva tells Heather that she stinks, due to her being locked in the confessional after Owen had used it.

In Hawaiian Style, Eva initially sides with Cody, but Bridgette forces her to support Heather instead, much to her displeasure. Despite this, she still cheers for Heather when she wins in her ending.


Ezekiel tries to attack Heather in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles.

Despite their lack of interaction, Ezekiel admits that he finds Heather bossy in Haute Camp-ture. Heather is also incensed at Lindsay and Beth rejecting her offer to team up in favor of Ezekiel in Total Drama Drama Drama Island

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, when Heather's nemesis Alejandro boards the train she is on, he releases a restrained Ezekiel to attack her, his dislike imminent. Despite a sudden disappearance (which left the rivals to fight each other themselves, resulting in Alejandro being pushed off the train), he reappears again and attacks Heather. She tries to talk to him by bringing back memories of Camp Wawanakwa when he was "still semi-human." Ezekiel is not moved, however, and after a brief yet rough physical confrontation, he manages to throw her out of the train.

In Heather's ending of Hawaiian Punch, Ezekiel attacks Heather and manages to grab the case from her, though he ends up falling into the volcano.


Geoff gets pleased when Heather is electrocuted.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, after Heather tricks Trent into kissing her, Leshawna tells Geoff to vote either Trent or Heather off the show. In That's Off the Chain!, Geoff glares at Heather as he witnesses the dramatic scene of her abandoning her long-time alliance-mate, Lindsay.

Geoff admits that Heather freaks him out with her strategy talk in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. In that same episode, Heather votes him off because she fears that his overall niceness would end up becoming a problem for her own survival in the future, as being the nicest camper is a huge threat to everyone else.

In The Aftermath: I, Geoff claims Heather to be the most attractive female on the show, which puts a massive strain on his relationship with Bridgette. Despite finding her hot, Geoff claims that he would certainly never date her, seeming disgusted with the idea.

In The Aftermath: III, since Heather was one of the guests in this episode, Geoff straps Heather into the electric chair as part of the "Truth or Electrocution" segment and laughs whenever she is caught lying and is electrocuted as a result. When Bridgette, Leshawna, and Owen agree that Geoff has become much more sadistic and harsh, Heather clutches her hands and comments on how proud she is. She later joins Bridgette, Leshawna, and Owen to get Geoff into the electric chair as a taste of his own medicine. Bridgette becomes concerned about him not acting like himself by wanting to hurt the other contestants. She asks him who he thinks is the hottest girl on the show, somehow aware of his comments in the previous aftermath shows.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, while interviewing Leshawna, Geoff asks if it felt good to have repeatedly slapped Heather during Slap Slap Revolution.

In Hawaiian Style, Geoff once again compliments Leshawna for beating up Heather in Slap Slap Revolution. During Who You Gonna Root For?, Geoff states that everyone hates Heather. While describing the final three contestants, Geoff scribbles on the monitor of Heather's image, drawing her as a vampire. He explains this is because she is both "evil and unstoppable."


Gwen and Heather begin to fight in Who Can You Trust?.

Gwen and Heather begin to dislike each other from the moment they met. Throughout the series, Heather often calls her "weird goth girl" to show her hatred towards her. Gwen joins her friend Leshawna who also has an intense hatred towards Heather. Initially, the conflict is mainly verbal between the two, but reaches a new level when Heather kisses Gwen's love interest Trent causing her to believe that Trent is cheating on her. Gwen eventually gets her revenge on Heather with the help of Owen in I Triple Dog Dare You!, and she was eliminated. The conflict continues for the next few seasons and they once again try to get rid of the other by teaming up with other contestants and getting involved in many other verbal and physical altercations. Ironically, they have been on the same team more than any other two contestants.


Heather and Harold fight each other in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.

After Total Drama Island ends and her true nature is revealed, Heather finds herself without an ally, as none of the contestants are willing to trust her, but found an unlikely friend in Harold who sympathizes with her. Even after Heather betrays him in the special, Harold bears no hard feelings towards her and continues to help her later throughout the episode. After a brief talk, Heather tells Harold that they can be friends, although she looks at the camera and shakes her head immediately after.

In Total Drama Action, Heather and Harold are placed on the same team, though they spend more time fighting with each other, often with Heather joining Duncan in mocking Harold's geekiness. However, there are moments the two of them get along well. They did not interact much in Total Drama World Tour due to Harold's early elimination and being on different teams. However, during the finale, Harold decides to join Cody to help Heather beat Alejandro due to his greater dislike for the latter. When she wins in her ending, Harold and majority of the contestants cheer for her.


Izzy picking at Heather's wig.

As a running gag in Total Drama Island, Heather always calls Izzy impudent names such as "psycho hose beast" or "crazy girl." Izzy and Heather do not have any major confrontations with each other, but tend to argue with one another. After Izzy's return, she apparently joins Heather's alliance, but has little involvement in helping her. A few episodes later, Heather votes off Izzy for shooting her with a tranquilizer dart. In the following episode, Heather continues to mock Izzy in front of Owen, leading to Owen to blow up on her.

In an exclusive clip prior to the special, Heather vomits in disgust after listening to Izzy's scary story. Izzy then proudly exclaims "I told you I could make her barf!"

They have little interaction in the next two seasons, but Izzy chooses to support Heather over Alejandro in Hawaiian Punch and cheers for her when she wins in her ending.


Heather and Jo fight over who gets to lead their team.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Jo respects Heather's strategies in the past and admits she is a tough contestant, but dislikes her shorts, considering them too "girly-girly." Heather also angers Jo for stealing the million dollars. Later, Heather throws several of Chris's Gemmies at Jo; during said engagement, Jo encourages the mutant flying goats to burn down Heather's zeppelin.

When they are placed on the same team in Total Drama All-Stars, their dominating personalities clash as they argue who should be in charge of their team. In the first episode, Heather pushes the "newbie" out of the way, only for Jo to push and insult her back.

In Evil Dread, they both argue on how they should dig up the 3-D puzzles. They both continue to argue who should be a leader, to the point where they physically hurt each other. At the elimination ceremony, Jo glares at Heather when Chris announces it's time to vote someone off.

The conflict between the two finally reaches a boiling point in Saving Private Leechball. Heather and Jo spend most of the time trying to get Gwen's loyalty in order to get her into an alliance. Jo angers Heather when she votes off Lightning, as she believes that he is a much better teammate. During the challenge, Heather scolds Jo for shooting at Scott with their own cannon. That night, both of them place in the bottom two and Heather presumably votes for Jo, resulting in the latter being eliminated.


Heather's plan to eliminate Justin in Not Quite Famous is a success.

In Not Quite Famous, Justin charms Heather when he takes off his shirt after extinguishing a burning bush. Heather then allows him to take part in the talent contest, along with her and Trent. After their team loses, Heather knows that she is the prime target for elimination, and as a last ditch effort, she shifts the target to Justin. She then convinces Lindsay, Beth (in an alliance with her), Izzy (crazy, though Izzy's alleged past relationship with Justin could have been the main reason of Izzy helping her), and Owen (bribed with a piece of cake) to vote off Justin. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Heather rips off Justin's shirt and uses his "power" to distract Gwen in an effort to slow her down. However, this backfires, as it also distracts Owen.

In Hawaiian Style, Justin initially sides with Cody, but later supports Heather by the orders of Bridgette. In Hawaiian Punch, Justin and the others watch and laugh at Heather's misfortune at the beginning of the episode. When she wins in her ending, Justin cheers for her.

Katie and Sadie

At Playa Des Losers in Haute Camp-ture, while discussing about Heather, they both consider Heather to be extremely bossy, with Sadie even pondering how Heather is in the final five when everyone hates her. Both of them make a big deal out of the Heather-kissing-Trent ordeal from Search and Do Not Destroy in The Aftermath: I, trying to discern who is at fault for the deception, and ultimately agree it is Heather's doing. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Heather makes fun of Katie and Sadie with puppets of them, mocking their shrill voices and choice of words. In Hawaiian Punch, Sadie is one of three contestants moved by Alejandro and Heather's confession of love to each other.


Leshawna and Heather's first fight.

Heather and Leshawna arguably have the most detailed rivalry of all the characters in the entire series. Leshawna occasionally backs up Gwen whenever Heather insults her and engage in many verbal and physical altercations. In season two, the conflict between the two continues, with Leshawna mocking Heather's lack of hair while Heather insults Leshawna's weight. In Riot On Set, Leshawna suggests to Gwen to choose Heather for their team for strategic purposes. After Million Dollar Babies, the two might have gotten along on better terms, but the conflict was brought back up in Slap Slap Revolution, due to Alejandro manipulating Leshawna, and slaps Heather multiple times, resulting in her elimination.


Heather hits Lightning with the case.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, once Lightning crashes into the zeppelin, he tries to take back the million dollars from Heather, and the two engage into a fight for it. Heather fake-cries to gain Lightning's sympathy but then hits him several times with the case when he lets his guard down, prompting him to call her crazy. During their fight, however, he attempts to warn Heather that Cameron is about to ram into the zeppelin, but abandons her when she doesn't listen to his warning.

In Evil Dread, Heather smacks Lightning with a shovel after he refuses to hand her one of the shovels he holds. Like the others, she is furious at Lightning for miscounting the number of pieces their team has that costs the Villainous Vultures the win. Later that night, Heather most likely votes off Lightning due to this reason.

In Saving Private Leechball, Heather gets upset at Jo for making the team vote off Lightning, because Heather felt that the team would've been better with Lightning's athletic skills.


Lindsay gives Heather the finger.

Lindsay and Heather have one of the worst conflicts. Initially, Lindsay, along with Beth, was part of Heather's alliance, formed during the early episodes of Total Drama Island. For most of the season, she would help to establish Heather's dominance over their team and to eliminate anyone Heather declares a threat. Even after Beth left the alliance, Lindsay continues to help Heather under the belief that Heather is her best friend and wants to bring her to the finale with her. However, Lindsay finds out in That's Off the Chain! that Heather is only using her for her own selfish needs after she double-crosses her. Angered of her betrayal, Lindsay begins to hate Heather at this point. In later seasons, Lindsay continues to ignore Heather, while the latter continues to insult her for her lack of intelligence.


Mal attempts to throw Heather to the Toxic River.

In Saving Private Leechball, Mike shoots Heather with a leech while distracted, eliminating her from the challenge. In The Final Wreck-ening, Heather becomes a helper for Mal. In the confessional, he states if she or Alejandro tries to stop him from winning, he would "bury them alive." While pondering on how to cross the toxic moat, Mal picks Heather up and attempts to throw her in. However, Alejandro stops him and gives him the alternative of using a strong stick to pole vault across, to which Mal throws Heather on the ground.


Noah frustrates Heather for not participating in the challenge.

In The Big Sleep, Noah bumps into Heather during the twenty kilometer run around the lake, to which Heather finds annoying. Though later when Owen tries to revive a supposedly unconscious Noah, Heather appears to be worried about him. In Dodgebrawl, Heather vocalizes the teams' irritation with Noah for his refusal to participate in the challenge throughout the episode. In turn, he is slightly annoyed because Heather is the one that urges him to participate the most. Also, when Noah is hit by a dodgeball, Heather laughs at his expense. When Gwen tells Noah to shut it after the Screaming Gophers lose, Heather actually agrees with Gwen. In Haute Camp-ture, Noah implies he was happy when Leshawna locked Heather in the fridge. In Are We There Yeti?, Heather compliments Noah about his intelligence, calling him "one seriously smart guy" in the confessional.

In I See London..., Noah indirectly insults Heather by calling Alejandro "Heather with social skills." In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Noah appears to be angry that Heather made it to the final two first instead of Cody. However, in Hawaiian Punch, Noah happily cheers for Heather in Heather's ending after she defeats Alejandro and smiles when she wins the final challenge.


Heather scolding Owen in the season finale for taking his time.

Heather treats Owen poorly throughout the series, and despite Owen's claims, he seems to be frightened of her most of the time. He finally snaps at her in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon when Heather continuously insults Izzy, his crush, during their challenge. He demands the Wimp Key to remove the handcuffs (which would make them automatically lose) and later enters to the confessional to curse her out. In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Owen shares half of his freebies with Gwen and teams up with her against Heather, successfully eliminating her off the show by using all their freebies and making her do the dares instead. Due to her bigger conflict with Gwen, Heather chooses to support Owen in the finale and does whatever she can to ensure Owen's victory.

The conflict between them tones down a little in the next few seasons, but Owen still refuses to be acquainted with Heather, still finding her untrustworthy. When Heather is in the finale of Total Drama World Tour, Owen was forced to support her by Bridgette much to his annoyance. However, when it comes between her and Alejandro, Owen genuinely shows his support to her due to his bigger dislike for Alejandro.


In Evil Dread, Heather joins the other villains in laughing at Sam when he gets stung by a jellyfish.


Like the other newcomers, Scott is not happy to see Heather during her return to the island in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon.

In Total Drama All-Stars, the two are placed on the Villainous Vultures and have a minor conflict with each other. In Food Fright, Scott disgusts Heather with his attraction towards Courtney. In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Heather tries to get Courtney and Scott to vote for Alejandro by lying that Alejandro is targeting Scott.


Sierra seeks "therapy" from Heather in Rapa Phooey!.

Upon Sierra's debut into the competition, Heather immediately tries to make an alliance with her, which Sierra accepts. However, Sierra's repeated viewings of every Total Drama episode educated her on Heather's game tactics, adding that she is only pretending to be friends with Heather and secretly plans to vote her off. After the merge, the two of them continue to hate each other but put it aside in the end in order to eliminate Alejandro.


Heather kisses Trent in front of Gwen.

In the beginning of the series, Trent treats Heather with respect, even when it wasn't mutual. However, he grows to hate her once she manipulates him into kissing her in Search and Do Not Destroy, breaking up his relationship with Gwen and later causing his elimination.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Trent rebels against Heather by stating that Gwen was justified to dump Harold's red ant farm onto Heather's bed as revenge for reading her diary in Not Quite Famous, calling it "harsh" on Heather's part. In Up the Creek, she interrupts a conversation between him and Cody, calling them "ladies" and asking them if they were finished with their "tea party."

In X-Treme Torture, Heather shows no remorse for Trent after he falls thousands of feet straight into the ground, resulting in full-bodied injuries. She even counts on this happening when she draws a chalk outline of his body on the ground. When pulled on a stretcher by Chef Hatchet, she blames Trent for losing the challenge.

Heather sees Gwen and Trent's relationship in Search and Do Not Destroy as the formation of an alliance, and thus a threat to her. To that end, Heather conspires with Lindsay to break up Trent and Gwen. After luring him onto the dock, Heather tricks him by telling him Gwen's feelings aren't genuine and that he is being used. Upon Gwen's arrival, Heather kisses Trent in front of him. This event leads to Trent being the target of elimination by the other campers rallied by Leshawna as Heather has immunity. After Trent is eliminated, Heather confesses that everyone fell for her plan. From here on, Trent's conflict with Heather becomes mutual.

Trent never forgives Heather for her actions in this episode, evidenced in Haute Camp-ture, when Trent says he never wants to meet anyone like her ever again. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, he asked Leshawna and Gwen if they should help Heather while she was stuck head-first in a beaver dam and getting attacked by beavers; however, within moments, all three of them burst out laughing at the suggestion.

In the premiere episode of Total Drama Action after Chris begins the challenge, Trent shoves Heather aside while shouting "outta my way!" In Beach Blanket Bogus, Trent accidentally throws salt and pepper in her face, causing her to scream in pain and sneeze uncontrollably. Later in 3:10 to Crazytown, Trent asks how they would be able to tell the difference between the cowboys and cattle. When Chris answers his question, saying that cowboys would wear hats and the cattle would wear udders, an annoyed Heather remarks, "You just had to ask."

Trent initially sides against her in Hawaiian Style and also laughs at her misfortune at the beginning of Hawaiian Punch. After Cody is eliminated, however, Trent switches to Heather's side and cheers for her when she defeats Alejandro in her ending.


Heather ends Lindsay and Tyler's moment together.

Heather scorns Tyler solely because Lindsay has a crush on him (which distracts her from their alliance), even though he is on the opposing team. Seeing this as a threat, Heather is determined to keep them apart. In Dodgebrawl, Heather throws a dodgeball at his groin when he blows a kiss to Lindsay. Later, when he and Lindsay make out under the dock, Heather throws a kayak at him. On numerous occasions, she makes sure Lindsay does not get too distracted by him.

In Hawaiian Punch, Tyler cheers for Heather after she defeats Alejandro in her ending.


In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Zoey is at first excited to see Heather but then gets offended when Heather calls her a loser, retorting that she's not a loser unless everyone thinks she is.

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