This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Izzy.


Izzy snake contestants scared

Izzy's quirks have a habit of scaring or weirding out everyone.

Izzy is well-known amongst the cast for her capricious personality. They fear for their safety in her presence and prefer not to try to understand her unique way of thinking. Although it sometimes may seem otherwise, Izzy is not mean, just mischievous. Moments in which she is genuinely negative towards another are rare. Additionally, she does not intend to inflict harm upon anyone despite what may ultimately result from her actions. Thanks to her kind heart, most of the contestants do not hate Izzy or share a major conflict with her, but they all agree that she is crazy and try to stay away from her.


Alejandro and Izzy

Alejandro holds Izzy back when she tries to get into the meat-grinder in Slap Slap Revolution.

Despite her relationship with Owen, Izzy is immediately smitten by Alejandro when he makes his debut in the competition. Throughout the season, Alejandro displays little patience for Izzy's strange behavior.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Alejandro instructs Izzy to talk to the camel. In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, she is one of three females who cuddles him for warmth. Alejandro manages to grab Izzy before she falls into their team's meat grinder in Slap Slap Revolution. Telling Noah to watch her, he throws her onto her physically weak friend.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Izzy angers Alejandro for messing around with Grant Wood's "American Gothic" instead of focusing on the challenge. To motivate her, Alejandro tells her that they are playing "sculpture piece bingo" and that Chef is winning. Upon hearing the name of her arch-nemesis, Izzy immediately gets her head in the game and rushes off screaming. By the end of the season, Izzy is well-aware of Alejandro's true nature and glares at him after he almost kills Cody during the tie-breaker challenge in Hawaiian Punch.


Izzy has a special closeness to animals. She befriends them, behaves like them, and can allegedly communicate with them as well.

In No Pain, No Game, Izzy mentions that she befriended a family of beavers while on the run from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and lived in their dam, though her claim is questionable.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Izzy claims she has been living with a family of prairie dogs, resulting in her now possessing prairie dog incisors.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Izzy understands "Camelese" and can talk to Team Amazon's camel, who Izzy names Ruby.


In Masters of Disasters, Beth annoys Izzy with her claims of having a male model for a boyfriend. Each time Beth mentions Brady, Izzy remains adamant at not "buying" it. After a while, Izzy finally snaps and yells at her to concentrate on the life-threatening challenge of which they are in the midst. In Full Metal Drama, Justin convinces Beth and Lindsay to vote off Izzy after she tells him that he is not good looking.



Bridgette interviewing Izzy as Brainzilla.

In No Pain, No Game, Bridgette is one of three people who scream in terror when Chris announces Izzy is returning to the competition.

Izzy spends most of the first Aftermath episode attempting to play peacemaker between the arguing Bridgette and Geoff. She also takes over the role as host when the couple becomes too distracted by their fight to do their job. In The Aftermath: II, Izzy annoys Bridgette with her attempts to reclaim her place as an Aftermath guest and calls Chef to get rid of her.

When Izzy is introduced as Brainzilla in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, her attitude towards Bridgette and Geoff is a departure from her usual wacky but kind demeanor. She appears disinterested, instead absorbed in her savant skills acquired from the previous episode. The hosts strap Izzy to a wheel for the Brain Blast segment, threatening to drop her into a pool of sharks if she answers even one question incorrectly. Bridgette, however, is opposed to this. Playing her common role as the voice of reason, she tries to talk Geoff out of it. He refuses, but Izzy doesn't mind participating. Bridgette later shows the most concern when Geoff ends up hurting her. She also observes that the impact has caused Izzy to turn back to her usual crazy self. When Geoff forces Izzy to defuse a bomb to save the Peanut Gallery, Bridgette pressures her to solve the problem immediately.


Cam jump Izzy

Cameron defeats the mutant spider (actually Izzy in disguise), in Finders Creepers.

In Finders Creepers, Izzy spends the episode dressed as a spider and capturing the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island contestants. In an unusual display of courage, Cameron breaks from his webbing and beats the disguised Izzy. He later says in the confessional that he cured of his fear of spiders but is now completely terrified of Izzy.

The two meet again in Suckers Punched in which the challenge involves each competitor having to face off against their greatest fear in a boxing match. Izzy is Cameron's, and as soon as she reveals herself, she tauntingly calls him "spider food," causing Cameron to scream in horror. When it is his turn to box, Cameron is relieved that at the very least, he wouldn't be forced to fight Izzy.

Chef Hatchet


Izzy replies to Chef's request of forming an alliance with him by giving him a flying kick.

Chef is arguably Izzy's greatest enemy. Since Hide and Be Sneaky, they frequently engage in physical fights that Izzy usually wins. Additionally, Chef often falls victim to Izzy's pranks, which greatly annoys him. However, it appears that Chef has a certain degree of respect for her due to her exemplary combat capabilities that rival his own.



Chris and Izzy share a toast during an interview.

In an exclusive clip for Total Drama Island, Izzy and Chris share a friendly toast as he interviews her about a variety of topics. At her mention of Justin, she exclaims that she can't stand liars, to which Chris replies in an understanding tone, "I hear you, Iz." In No Pain, No Game, Chris eliminates Izzy from the challenge after she declines to be released from the poison ivy, going beyond the required ten seconds.

In Riot On Set, in order to satisfy her and get her away from the Total Drama Action set, Chris changes Izzy's name to "E-Scope." He also orders two interns to escort her into the Lame-o-sine. In Full Metal Drama, Chris is happy to have gotten rid of Izzy again, even saying, "For the last time, hopefully." In The Aftermath: IV, he appears irritated when one of the votes comes up as Explosivo, her latest alter ego. Chris glares at Izzy and she cackles back evilly. In Jamaica Me Sweat, he isn't concerned at all when the Total Drama Jumbo Jet crushes her and Owen.

Though they do not speak to each other in Suckers Punched, it is notable that Chris does nothing after Izzy is savagely beaten by Mal.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, while Izzy devises a plan to break into the studio, she tells Cody to get a lot of lumber, much to his confusion.

In Total Drama World Tour, Izzy scares Cody inside of the pyramid while wearing a mummy costume. Izzy and Cody are later temporarily placed on the same team. At the end of the season when Alejandro slams Cody into shark-infested water, she glares at him.


When Izzy collides with the Dock of Shame upon arriving at Camp Wawanakwa in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Courtney immediately runs to her aid, slightly disturbed when Izzy exclaims about having enjoyed it. In Haute Camp-ture, Izzy mockingly tells Courtney that all of the contestants are aware of her attraction to Duncan, as she was "all over him." In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Courtney hijacks Izzy's vine after believing that she has spotted the million-dollar case. This leads to a brief scuffle between the two. Later, Izzy falls on Courtney and snatches the case from her. As Courtney tries to chase Izzy and her team, the three of them manage to double back at the last second while Courtney fails to stop and slams into a wall.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Izzy's constant insisting she can speak "Camelese" irritates Courtney. Following Izzy's team switch, when Courtney orders her to help Team Amazon with getting the animal into their boat, Noah forbids it as she is now a part of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. In Jamaica Me Sweat, Courtney is the only person to acknowledge Izzy and Owen trapped underneath the Total Drama Jumbo Jet and tries to pull them out.


In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Izzy slaps DJ in the face to get him to calm down. He doesn't appear to be comfortable at all when she jumps from a vine onto his lap and pinches his cheek in The Aftermath: II. In the season finale, Izzy enthusiastically tells DJ to "hit it." DJ asks "what 'it' he's hitting," to which she responds that she means "DJ Jazzy Chef." In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, DJ is appreciative that Izzy caught the mummified dog he was trying to save himself. However, she smashes it anyway while celebrating her accomplishment.


In Search and Do Not Destroy, Duncan points out that Izzy has a snake wrapped around her. She responds that she knows and reassures the others not to worry, as the creature is "friendly." Duncan then shows concern for her as the animal bites her and she passes out. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Izzy claps for him when he enters the tent with the killer, who turns out to be Chef in a mask. In the next episode, Duncan finds it hysterical when Izzy unintentionally shoots Heather with a tranquilizer dart, believing her to be a deer. Because of his temporary alliance with Heather, Duncan votes her off that night. In an exclusive clip prior to the special, Duncan is the only person who enjoys listening to Izzy's scary story while others were either scared or disgusted.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Duncan fails to remember who Izzy claims to be the reincarnation of (her Granny Mavis). He adds, agitated, "She's such a freak, it could be anyone!" Izzy later compliments Duncan's breakdancing skills in season finale.



Izzy, Noah, and Eva prepare to exact their revenge on Justin.

Izzy is one of few people who get along well with Eva and doesn't seem to fear her wrath. Likewise, Eva tolerates Izzy's weird antics but agrees with everyone else that she is crazy. In No Pain, No Game, Eva is shocked to find out that, like her, Izzy was brought back to the competition. After Eva is eliminated again, she tries to tell the others that Izzy's story of befriending beavers after her elimination in Up the Creek was not accurate. The latter quickly changes the subject by inviting everyone to a party at the trailer Leshawna won.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Izzy, Eva, and Noah form an alliance to find the million dollars. After grabbing the case from Courtney, they bump into Justin, who proceeds to use his "powers" to manipulate them into giving up the case. The two girls fall for him and willingly fulfill his demands. After they come back to their senses, the three of them hatch a plan to retrieve the case back and take revenge.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Izzy jumps on Eva's back when the contestants are fighting over the peanut cans that would give them a chance at being put back in the competition.



Izzy jumps onto Ezekiel's shoulders when introduced in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 when Izzy debuts the season, she excitedly jumps out of the bus and onto Ezekiel's shoulders. He loses his balance and both of them tumble to the ground. Other competitors then trip on them as they exit the bus. Later in the episode, Izzy carries the mummified Ezekiel out of the pyramid. Izzy is elated when Noah cautions she's "carrying the undead," and wants him to bite her so she can be his companion.


In The Aftermath: I, Izzy freaks out Bridgette and Geoff throughout the episode as they interview her about her time on Total Drama Action. She also tries to play peacemaker, as well as host, when the Team Gwen/Team Trent situation puts the couple on different sides. In The Aftermath: II when she attempts to reclaim her spot as a guest, Geoff doesn't appear to be intimidated by her at all. His arms are crossed and he simply states, "You had your chance."


Geoff asks Izzy (as Brainzilla) trivia questions.

When Izzy is introduced as Brainzilla in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, her attitude towards Bridgette and Geoff is a departure from her usual wacky but kind demeanor. She appears disinterested, instead absorbed in her savant skills acquired from the previous episode. The hosts strap Izzy to a wheel for the Brain Blast segment, threatening to drop her into a pool of sharks if she answers even one question incorrectly. Geoff refuses to rethink it even when Bridgette tries to make him. However, Izzy doesn't mind participating. She responds effortlessly to all of his questions. Going into the next round, Geoff spins so forcefully that he sends her rolling off the platform and into the backstage area, where she again hits her head. When she recovers, Geoff challenges her to defuse a bomb in order to save the Peanut Gallery. He exclaims that Izzy instead hitting it with a hammer and blowing up the Aftermath studio is "awesome."


Graham, nicknamed "Graham Cracker," is Izzy's ex-boyfriend who took out a restraining order against her. He has never appeared onscreen, but she points him out in the audience upon being introduced in The Aftermath: I. She then proceeds to tell everyone the story of what happened between them. In the process, she reveals she still tries to see into his house with binoculars. Izzy says that she misses him before Bridgette and Geoff continue on with the interview.


In Search and Do Not Destroy, while a part of Heather's alliance, there is no evidence to support the idea Izzy is involved in the plan to destroy Gwen's relationship with Trent. In Haute Camp-ture, Izzy shows sympathy towards Gwen for what happened. She expresses that, should Gwen still be angry at Trent, she doesn't blame her. Izzy also tells him that he would be "seriously maimed" if the girls' positions were reversed. She later causes Gwen to be defeated by Owen in The Very Last Episode, Really!, though this is out of support for her boyfriend and not due to any animosity for Gwen.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Gwen calls Izzy out for breaking up with Owen and leaving the competition.



Izzy crashes into Harold in the theme song.

In the opening sequence, Harold stands on a log balanced over a gorge behind a waterfall, practicing his ninja moves. While doing this, Izzy swings on a vine and collides into him, sending them both crashing into the confessional.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Harold asks Izzy if the tracking device in her neck hurts, to which she says only when she hiccups. In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Harold checks whether anyone else is infected and reads off the symptoms. Upon reaching "blindness" he accidentally bumps into Izzy, and believes himself to be blind. Later on when the disease reveals itself as a hoax, Harold still questions the unexplained symptoms, but Izzy reassures him it's actually "first-year medical school" syndrome. In The Sand Witch Project, Harold glances at Izzy with jealously while she shuffles some cards professionally, believing he can do better than her.


Snapshot 2009-02-08 01-39-03

Izzy accidentally shoots Heather with a tranquilizer dart in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!.

Izzy's conflict with Heather is not nearly as intense as some others, but nevertheless, they share a mutual dislike of each other. Heather occasionally questions Izzy's insanity and almost never calls her by her name, nicknaming her "crazy girl" or "psycho hose beast" instead. Izzy has assisted Heather on occasion, helping her to vote off Justin in Not Quite Famous and apparently joins her alliance after her return, though she does not take the alliance seriously and isn't involved with breaking Trent and Gwen apart.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Izzy accidentally shoots Heather with a tranquilizer dart after mistaking her for a deer. In retaliation, Heather obtains Duncan's help to vote her off that night. This conflict also brings up Owen's hatred for Heather in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon as Heather's continuous insult towards Izzy in front of Owen, disregarding his feelings for Izzy, eventually gets him fed up with Heather. In the finale, Izzy sits behind Heather on the bleachers and begins picking on her wig, much to Heather's annoyance.

In a promo for Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island,  Izzy tells Heather and several other campers a scary story. Heather was disgusted with her story, the first person vomiting from it. Izzy then proudly exclaims that she can get Heather nauseous to the other campers.

Their conflict lessens in intensity in Total Drama Action, though at one point Izzy bluntly states that she and other contestants do not like Heather. Despite their conflict, like everyone else (except Courtney), Izzy prefers her over Alejandro and cheers when she wins Total Drama World Tour in Hawaiian Punch.


In an exclusive clip featuring Izzy and Chris, Izzy reveals that she and Justin dated at one point, although it is unknown whether it was before or during Total Drama Island. However, they broke up (also off-screen) after Izzy discovered that he is a liar. However, given Izzy's tendency to exaggerate, it is unknown whether or not this is true. While they never mention their past (alleged) relationship, Izzy and Justin greatly dislike each other.

In Not Quite Famous, Izzy agrees to help Heather vote off Justin along with Beth, Lindsay, and Owen, despite Heather's earlier actions.

Try this

Izzy steals the million dollar case back from Justin.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Izzy and her group (consisting of herself, Eva, and Noah) encounter Justin on their way to the Dock of Shame after they retrieve the million-dollar case. Knowing about his "powers," Izzy tells her group to not look in his eyes. Despite this, along with Noah's warning, Izzy and Eva fall under his control as soon as he takes off his shirt, and they give him the case. He mockingly thanks her and leaves. Izzy snaps out of the trance a few seconds later, and after being informed of what she has done by Noah, she announces a vendetta against Justin for taking advantage of her. The trio is able to get their revenge later on, with Noah and Eva throwing buckets of chum and fish at him while Izzy takes back the case, but not before throwing another bucket on his head.

In Total Drama Action, the two of them are once again placed on the same team, although neither of them voice any concern. In Riot On Set, Justin and the rest of the team are annoyed by Izzy, who keeps persisting they call her "E-Scope." She also begs them to let her perform in the acting challenge. The Grips all shout, "Okay, fine!" to pacify her. Later that night, Justin most probably votes for her, due to Izzy losing to Duncan. In The Aftermath: I, Izzy knew that Gwen was actually blackmailed by Justin to convince the Killer Grips team to vote Trent off, making her one of the few (if not only) people who knew that Gwen was not entirely at fault during the events of 3:10 to Crazytown.

In Masters of Disasters, Justin accidentally drops the note containing the latch combination during a struggle with Lindsay, rendering the code unreadable. Frustrated by their stupidity, Izzy yells, "I'm surrounded by loons!" and runs away screaming when they are literally searching for loons.

In Full Metal Drama, Izzy infuriates Justin after she calls him unattractive, and manages to convince Lindsay and Beth to vote for her that night. In the exclusive clip, Izzy reveals that she is aware that Justin convinced the others to vote for her. Surprisingly, Izzy isn't mad at her ex-boyfriend.

Katie and Sadie


Izzy agrees to switch teams with Katie, so she and Sadie could be on the same team.

Initially, Izzy and Sadie are placed on the Killer Bass while Katie is on the Screaming Gophers. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Izzy feels sorry for the two of them being separated and agrees to switch teams with Katie so that they can be reunited. In Haute Camp-ture, Izzy spends most of her time inside the swimming pool, disturbing Katie, Sadie, and Noah. When Sadie falls into the pool, Izzy takes the opportunity to bite her in a similar fashion to a shark. Later, Izzy urinates while still inside the pool, earning the disgust of the three (along with Trent), who quickly lift their feet up from the water.



Izzy takes Leshawna for an "exciting" bike ride around the island.

Izzy's friendship with Leshawna is ambiguous, as it often strays throughout the series. Like everyone else, Leshawna agrees that Izzy is crazy. In Up the Creek, Leshawna shows zero interest in Izzy's stories as they paddle to Boney Island. At one point, she points out something she believes is illegal and ends up shaking her head at Izzy when she laughs it off. After Izzy accidentally helps the Killer Bass win the challenge, Leshawna is furious, exclaiming that she is in deep trouble. Izzy is unfazed and warns that she's lucky her "license to kill is currently expired." The latter then picks up a paddle and chases her off-screen.

In No Pain, No Game, while trying to dispose of suspicion raised by Eva, Izzy pushes Leshawna towards her new trailer and invites everyone to a party. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Izzy finds Leshawna's hiding place underwater. Leshawna signals her not to tell, and she nods happily, earning a grateful expression. Izzy keeps her promise, later high-fiving Leshawna when she wins the challenge.

In That's Off the Chain!, Izzy invites Leshawna to ride on her bike, with Leshawna sitting at the front. Izzy notes that they will have greater speed thanks to her weight. Though she is a little insulted, Leshawna decides to take it as a compliment. Izzy then starts cycling rapidly with Leshawna screaming the entire time. They don't participate in the episode's challenge, not even arriving at the location until someone has already been eliminated. In Haute Camp-ture, Izzy is annoyed that everyone keeps mentioning Leshawna's name, which counts as a vote for her to be kicked off. She angrily yells at the others to stop voting for Leshawna, but this goes against her and she covers her mouth.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Leshawna tells DJ not to give his hand to Izzy, telling him that he would catch Izzy's craziness if he touches her.



Izzy and Lindsay working together in order to ensure Owen's victory.

Izzy and Lindsay have a rather strange friendship. They both frustrate each other with their most famous qualities (Izzy's insanity and Lindsay's stupidity), but nevertheless get along well. In Search and Do Not Destroy, Izzy tries to help her friend although it ends badly. They later team up in order to help Owen win in the final episode of the season. When Izzy tells the campers a scary story sometime before the special, Lindsay expresses disgust from her story and runs off nauseous.

In Riot On Set, Lindsay is particularly annoyed when Izzy persists that everyone calls her "Kaleidoscope" while she is equally annoyed when she believes that Tyler is still in the game. In Masters of Disasters, Izzy's annoyance by Lindsay's lack of intelligence reaches its peak. She yells that she's "surrounded by loons" eventually runs off screaming. In Full Metal Drama, Lindsay and Beth were convinced by Justin to vote off Izzy.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special reveals that Izzy has been telling secrets about her fellow contestants to Sierra, including Lindsay having four ingrown toenails.

In the Total Drama World Tour opening sequence, Izzy frightens Lindsay with a polar bear costume.



Izzy can see past Mal's eyes and into his mind where Mike is trapped.

Mike is up against Izzy in a boxing challenge in Suckers Punched. Right off the bat, she senses something is wrong with him. She smells something foul and describes him as being "good on the inside, poison on the outside." Inside his subconscious, Mike tries to plead for help, but Mal closes the window allowing him to see what is going on. Izzy hears Mike and asks who Mal is, which surprises Mal. In the confessional, he reasons it was his eyes that gave his identity away. When the fight begins, he proceeds to viciously beat up Izzy, silencing her and easily winning the round.


In Monster Cash, Izzy gets up close and personal with the mechanical monster controlled by Chef - doing exactly the opposite of what the challenge was. He takes her on a romantic date, which she clearly enjoys. From the sidelines, her actual on-and-off boyfriend Owen is noticeably jealous. Later in the episode, the monster smashes the girls' trailer. Izzy declares in the confessional that she has officially gotten over him.



Noah sarcastically agrees with Izzy's plan.

At the beginning of Total Drama Island, Izzy is just as annoyed with Noah's laziness as the rest of the Screaming Gophers in Dodgebrawl. Later at Playa Des Losers, they appear to still have a minor conflict, with Izzy making him a prime target for teasing. A friendship is revealed to have developed between the two in the special. They team up on the hunt for the million dollars with Eva. Both of them competing in Total Drama World Tour on the same team allows it to blossom even more.



Izzy leaps into Owen's arms while they are watching a horror movie in Hook, Line, and Screamer.

Izzy and Owen have gotten along since early on in Total Drama Island. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, their relationship becomes romantic as they make out while on the run from the fake killer. The beginning isn't exactly flawless as Owen uses her as bait for the killer, but eventually she learns to forgive him. Both show affection towards one another, and Izzy is appreciative of the fact that he "gets" her. In Total Drama Action, she begins using the nickname "Big O" for him. Owen frequently gushes when talking about her throughout the series, sometimes annoying her in the process. While he loves her strange tendencies, they have a habit of coming in between their relationship. He finally has had enough of Izzy's hijinks in Jamaica Me Sweat and considers breaking up with her. However, before he can break the news to her, a major accident happens causing Izzy to change into her super-smart persona Brainzilla, who in turn breaks up with Owen first. Owen immediately regrets his decision and is saddened at letting Izzy go.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Izzy prepares to escape from the RCMP again.

The Aftermath: I reveals that Izzy is number eight on the RCMP's Most Wanted List. It is unknown exactly why they are after her. It has been suggested that she accidentally blew up a kitchen, but because she has a tendency to lie, this is unclear. The sudden appearance of the RCMP causes her first elimination in Up the Creek. Just as Chris is about to announce who has lost between Izzy and Lindsay, a helicopter flies in and officers declare that Izzy is under arrest. She screams back that they'll "never get her alive" and they chase her off-screen.

In No Pain, No Game, Izzy tells the contestants that she escaped from the RCMP and had to survive in the forest before being brought back into the competition. In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, she panics when she heard the sound of a siren, believing that the police are coming for her. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Izzy sells competitor information to Sierra in order to get them off her back.



Izzy agrees to switch teams with Sierra in order to be with their respective love interests.

Sierra and Izzy appear to be good friends and knew each other prior to Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, despite their limited on-screen interactions. The special also reveals that Izzy has been feeding information about the cast to Sierra for her blog in order to pay the RCMP to stop chasing her. The two girls later have a couple friendly chats in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. Sierra tells Izzy that with Courtney and Duncan separated after the former quit in the previous episode, she and Owen are now the power couple of the season. At the Nile River, Sierra switches teams with Izzy in order for her to be with Cody and for Izzy to be with Owen. It takes Sierra a little bit of sweet talking to Chris, but eventually, he agrees to let it happen.



Izzy listening to Trent's explanation of his obsession with the number nine.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Trent is the first to realize how long Izzy has been gone and calls out for her. He is taken aback by her prank of scaring their team with a bear costume. After she reveals her true identity, Trent doesn't seem to be angry with her at all. When Izzy points out a bear that has come to their campsite, Trent amusingly replies that it's probably Chris trying to scare them.

In Haute Camp-ture, Trent gets involved in Izzy and Noah's argument, siding with her about Noah kissing Cody in The Big Sleep. When Trent states that he hopes Gwen isn't still mad about the "Heather thing," Izzy adds that she would be if she were Gwen and that he would be "seriously maimed" for his actions. Trent is uncomfortable with Izzy's statement and tells her it was a little harsh. Izzy then points out that Trent did kiss Gwen's mortal enemy. Trent rebuts that by saying he was tricked, but Izzy still thinks that he enjoyed kissing Heather and responds by saying that that's what all boys say about being "tricked" into kissing someone. Later, Izzy urinates in the pool, causing Trent and everyone else around to pull their feet up from the water in disgust.

In Total Drama Action, Izzy causes frustration for Trent for the short time they are on the Killer Grips together. In Riot On Set, he doesn't seem pleased to have to accept her as a team member. When Trent calls her over to his side, Izzy doesn't budge. Lindsay reminds him that her current nickname is "Kaleidoscope," "E-Scope" for short, which is the only name she will respond to. Exasperated, he complies with this demand, with Izzy happily joining her new team afterward. When the Grips try to decide who should act during the challenge, Izzy forces herself on Trent while imitating her deceased grandmother, Mavis. To satisfy her, he allows her to perform.

In The Aftermath: I, Trent and Izzy share positive interactions as both are on the Total Drama Aftermath chair. Izzy cheers for him when Geoff suggests they bring him out. Later, she tears up as Trent sings a breakup song and claps for him afterward with a huge smile on her face.


Izzy calls tyler stupid

Izzy ridicules Tyler when Eva pushes him to the ground.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Izzy mocks Tyler when Eva pushes him down, calling him a "stupid guy" and running off laughing. In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, while Tyler pulls their team's sleigh, he tells Izzy to call out if she spots anyone, to which she replies by saying that she sees Tyler, which greatly annoys him. In Newf Kids on the Rock while the contestants are singing Sea Shanty Mix, Tyler calls Izzy "a nutbar" but also compliments her fishing skills as she manages to catch a large fish. She thanks him, calls him "right kind," and says that if he wants the next one, he can have it.


Throughout the series, Izzy's fellow contestants appear disturbed at her strange antics and stories, not to mention frustrated that she is often too busy having fun to focus on challenges. Her love of all things destructive and unsafe has the competitors fearing for their own wellbeings in her presence.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Izzy dresses up as a bear to pull a prank on the Screaming Gophers. The team has mixed reactions, with Heather angry, Gwen annoyed, Lindsay confused, and Trent and Owen quickly brushing it off.

In Up the Creek, Izzy makes an unexpected exit when the RCMP tracks her down. Her teammates are extremely shocked, each of them with their own wide-eyed expression and nothing to say in response.


Some of the contestants are shocked (and unhappy) to find out that Izzy is returning to the competition in No Pain, No Game.

In No Pain, No Game, while the contestants are not necessarily opposed to Izzy's return, some fear it, familiar with the mayhem that comes with her. Gwen questions the validity of her latest story and they appear put off by her ear-scratching and howling. During the challenge, Izzy nominates herself to receive the poison ivy spa treatment. The competitors all exchange disturbed looks. At the end of the episode, everyone seems suspicious of Izzy when Eva confirms her story of living with beavers was false. She changes the subject by inviting everyone to a party at Leshawna's new trailer, which seems to succeed in getting everyone to forget Eva's words.

In Haute Camp-ture, Izzy pees while still being in the swimming pool, which disgusts some of the eliminated contestants. Later, she tries to remedy the damage of popular cast member Leshawna accidentally being voted off by the other losers by screaming at everyone to stop saying Leshawna's name, which only worsens the problem.

In Riot On Set, Izzy's insistence to act in the challenge and to be called "E-Scope" annoys the Killer Grips throughout the episode. They let her perform to satisfy her, yelling their consent angrily.

In The Chefshank Redemption, the newly returned Izzy helps the Screaming Gaffers in the challenge before rejoining the Grips. The Grips do not welcome her back with open arms. She reminds them that they previously voted off E-Scope, and lets them figure out for themselves that Izzy is "still technically in the game."

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Izzy unintentionally scares Cody, Heather, and Sierra while being dressed as a mummy.


Everyone feels the effects of Izzy's antics when she accidentally destroys the Aftermath studio.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Geoff tasks Izzy to save the tied up Peanut Gallery from a bomb near detonation, blindfolded. Izzy hits the bomb with a hammer to verify that it is, in fact, a bomb. The move blows up the entire Aftermath studio, with Geoff, Bridgette, and the Peanut Gallery scattered across the stage amongst fallen set pieces.

In Finders Creepers, Izzy spends her cameo disguised as a spider, capturing the new cast of contestants, tying them up, and attaching them to a web in a cave.

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First generation Alejandro | Beth | Bridgette | Courtney | DJ | Duncan | Ezekiel | Geoff | Gwen | Harold | Heather | Izzy | Justin | Leshawna | Lindsay | Owen
Second generation Cameron | Jo | Scott | Zoey
Third generation Dave | Jasmine | Shawn | Sky | Sugar
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