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Jasmine naturally takes up the leadership role on her team.

Jasmine quickly takes over the role of team captain for Pimâpotew Kinosewak. While she is known for being bossy and can sometimes be hotheaded (which she believes hinders her progress in making friends), she is generally compassionate towards others and gets along with a vast majority of her fellow campers. A majority of Jasmine's fellow campers admire her as a competitor and leader for her physical abilities. Despite her tough demeanor and overwhelming size, Jasmine manages to make quite a few friends throughout the season. She also manages to develop a budding, albeit temporarily complicated, relationship with Shawn, whom she quickly discovers possesses the same survival instincts as her. Despite her tough exterior and intimidating demeanor, Jasmine seeks friendship and is actually a very sweet person, helping her gain many friends made her be a well-liked and respected contestant.



Amy and Jasmine have a problem with each other upon their first encounter.

From the moment they meet, Jasmine and Amy clash with one another due to their contrasting personalities; Amy's arrogant, demeaning nature against Jasmine's commandeering instinct to lead. Jasmine also becomes involved with Amy's conflict with her sister, whom she befriends.

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Amy's first impression upon seeing Jasmine is cringing in fear and calling her a giant. Jasmine then responds by asking if they are going to have a problem. Frightened, Amy asks her sister to switch seats with her. During the challenge, when Samey comes up with an idea, Amy quickly interrupts her, claiming it as her own. Jasmine compliments Amy's idea but doesn't realize Samey was the one who actually spoke first.

At the beginning of I Love You, Grease Pig!, Jasmine accidentally awakens Amy, who annoyingly asks her what she's doing. Jasmine explains she's going to forage for food. Upon hearing this, Amy asks Jasmine if she needs any help. Jasmine happily accepts, expecting her to help, but Amy instead goes to wake up Samey by pushing her outside and forcing her to help Jasmine out. While conversing with Samey, Jasmine encourages her to stand up to her sister.

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine urges Samey to stand up for herself, leading Samey to defy her sister. During the challenge, after Samey manages to eliminate Dave, Amy tries to take credit for Samey's accomplishment. However, Jasmine doesn't buy it as she is able to tell both of them apart. In the confessional, Amy expresses frustration that someone would actually take Samey's side over her's. Jasmine then suggests the three of them stick together, as Samey is the only one who still has a balloon. She then leads the twins to Shawn's hiding spot and suggests that Samey take the shot.

Jasmine, Samey, and Amy fight over a balloon.

Amy complains that Samey would miss, and tries to take the balloon from her. Finally fed up, Jasmine snaps at Amy and intervenes. The three struggle for the balloon and end up popping it, eliminating them. Later, Jasmine proudly praises Samey for pulling off "the old switcheroo" by having Amy eliminated in her place.

From here, Jasmine plays along with Samey's act, not once hinting to the team that Amy was wrongfully sent home. In A Blast from the Past, when Amy returns and attacks Samey, Jasmine comments that "this is bad".

Chef Hatchet

In This Is The Pits!, Chef throws Jasmine to the ball, as she doesn't want to because of her claustrophobia. As Chef reaches down to pull Shawn out of the snow in his ending of Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Jasmine knocks him out of the way to pull him out herself.


Chris thinks of Jasmine as a fierce player, as seen in A Blast from the Past when he addresses her as someone who is major competition for her opponent and seems surprised that she is easily defeated by Dave.

In This Is The Pits!, Jasmine is overwhelmed by her claustrophobia to the point of cowering from the challenge. Chris attempts to motivate her by suggesting another closed space, the Cannon of Shame. When that doesn't work, he plays "good cop" by trying to calm her down, only to mislead her by getting Chef to force her into the ball anyway.

Jaz and chris

Chris calms down Jasmine before forcing her into the challenge.

After the island goes haywire in Scarlett Fever, Jasmine demands Chris explain to the contestants what is going on. The competitors are stunned to find out that the island is mostly artificial. While he is explaining the challenge, Jasmine asks him if this is only just part of the competition and if they really are in danger. Chris calls her silly in response, saying that their lives have always been in danger, just not this seriously. He later informs Jasmine and Shawn of the motion sensors barring them from the control room. She is aggravated that the host is safe from harm and "enjoying the show while they risk their lives". Chris tries to bring their attention back to the challenge when the couple kisses, thus forgetting about the alarms. As he converses with Sky and Sugar, Chris blames Jasmine and Shawn for getting distracted and releasing the robot animals.

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Chris shows Jasmine, along with Dave, previously concealed footage from the confessional of Shawn criticizing her plan for the million dollars, which the couple agreed to split at the end of the competition. This turns Jasmine against him; however, Chris offers her and Dave the chance to share the money by preventing Shawn and Sky from reaching the finish line.


In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Dave states in the confessional that he has picked up on Jasmine's attraction towards Shawn, noting that he thinks she has a cool accent.

Goodbye jaz

Dave knocks distracted Jasmine into the lake.

In A Blast from the Past, Dave and Jasmine are pitted against one another in the challenge. Jasmine, distracted by Shawn's absence, is defeated by Dave when he knocks her off the platform.

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Jasmine predicts that beating Dave and Sky in the final challenge will be like "taking candy from a very sad baby" referring to Dave crying every time Sky rejected him in the past. After Shawn's betrayal is revealed by Chris, Dave tells Jasmine that he loves her idea of a flower shop or cage fighting business. However, he promptly reveals in the confessional he didn't actually mean it and just wanted to get on her good side. Dave and Jasmine work together to try to prevent either Shawn or Sky from winning the competition. They appear to be civil with each other, though each has different preferences pertaining to how much they want their respective player hurt.


In Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine overhears Ella singing and Sugar shouting at her because of her singing. Jasmine comes by swinging from a vine and drops balloons on the both of them, eliminating the two from the game. She laughs and tells them that they should be quieter next time.

In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Jasmine, along with almost all of Pimâpotew Kinosewak, are touched when Ella states that what she would change about herself is whatever is keeping her and Sugar from getting along.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Jasmine appears to sympathize with Ella and her broken heart, staring angrily at Sugar for laughing at her. Later, Ella is eliminated and acknowledges Jasmine during her final song, saying she will "miss everyone from tall to small", referring to Jasmine, making her smile.


In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Jasmine saves both Leonard and Shawn while they are free falling onto Pahkitew Island, due to them having dysfunctional parachutes. Leonard, however, doesn't realize what happened as he is absorbed in his spell book, believing he saved himself.


Who vote you for leader

Max insults Jasmine's leadership in Mo Monkey Mo Problems.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Max tells Jasmine that he does not want to take orders from her anymore. Jasmine, already frustrated by Shawn's past actions and Topher's absence due to his "errands", tells him that she will handle the challenge by herself. She proceeds to give him a wedgie and leaves him hanging by his underwear from a tree branch, angering him. Behind her back, Max says that she has a "dumb face disease and is a stinky, bad person". When the monkeys throw "mud" at Max, Jasmine explains to him that it isn't mud. Later, she is furious at getting caught in Max's trap and warns him that he's going home if they lose. After their team loses, Jasmine, along with Topher, glare angrily at a satisfied Max.

In This Is The Pits!, Max is displeased when Jasmine jumps off the roof of Pimâpotew Kinosewak's treehouse, noting her "giant feet". He vents that she interrupted his dream of being carried like an Egyptian king by his minions, while she says her dream was about him being blasted from the Cannon of Shame. She also makes fun of him when he gets covered in ants.



Rodney tries to kiss a disturbed Jasmine.

Rodney has a tendency to fall in love with almost every girl on his team through the simplest of misintrepretations by him that may hint towards a relationship. Jasmine is the first of three girls Rodney ends up falling in love with, after the two both attempt to take up the leadership role on their team. Like he does with Amy and Scarlett, Rodney rapidly goes between falling in love with Jasmine and 'breaking up' with her throughout his stay, juggling who is his 'truest love'. Jasmine however is mostly just confused by the weird impression Rodney gives off, even admitting at one point that she hasn't understood one word 'farm boy' has said to her.


Samey and Jasmine

Jasmine tells Samey to imagine Sugar as her sister in A Blast from the Past.

Jasmine and Samey bond during their time foraging for food for their team and when Jasmine gives Samey the confidence to stand up against her sister. Jasmine considers Samey the "underdog" and tells her to channel the "fight and honor" within her. Eventually, Samey follows her advice and exacts her revenge against Amy, with Jasmine being the only member of Kinosewak aware of the "switcharoo" she has pulled. Additionally, she coaches her in imitating Amy's rude demeanor. Samey thinks of Jasmine as her closest friend and the leader of their team.


During the challenge, in So, Uh This Is My Team?, Jasmine says that the wood is the most important piece of supplies to build their shelter with. Scarlett disagrees and raises her hand to correct her, to which Jasmine says that Scarlett can just "bark it out". Scarlett instead suggests that the wheelbarrow should be a top priority because they can carry their supplies in it.

In This Is The Pits!, while Jasmine is with Topher, she comments that if they lose, Max and Scarlett would probably vote one of them out, as the two of them are "practically married".


Jasmine and Scarlett work together.

In Three Zones and A Baby, Jasmine tries to assure Sky that Scarlett is all right, although a little strange. When they are faced with a lion, Scarlett hands Jasmine her baby, jumps onto her back, and starts showing it that they're "the boss". Jasmine praises the idea and participates in intimidating the lion. Once they reach the second zone, they work together again to scare off Pasta Bear, which doesn't succeed because he is blindfolded.

In Scarlett Fever, Jasmine is forced to turn against Scarlett due to the latter blackmailing Chris into giving her the million dollars or else she would destroy the island and everyone on it, including Jasmine.



Shawn saves Jasmine from the "zombies" in Hurl and Go Seek.

Though Jasmine and Shawn are placed on different teams, they regularly interact while foraging for food. They are shown to be impressed by each other's survivalist knowledge, and it doesn't take long before they are visibly attracted to one another. However, Shawn is hesitant to begin a relationship, because he fears Jasmine will turn into a zombie, and he will not be able to kill her due to his feelings. His paranoia coupled with Dave's trickery strains the friendship until Hurl and Go Seek when Shawn vows not to repeat his mistake. As of Scarlett Fever, their relationship becomes official as they share their first kiss and Jasmine calls him her boyfriend.


In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, when Kinosewak gets caught in Max's trap, Jasmine at first angrily believes that Sky is the one who set it up until Max takes credit.


Jasmine welcomes Sky, her new teammate.

When Chris decides to split up Max and Scarlett, Sky is placed on team Pimâpotew Kinosewak. Jasmine welcomes her to the team by giving her fruit from her morning breakfast expedition. After Sky sulks because she used to have breakfast with Dave, Jasmine firmly warns her that Dave can no longer be trusted, recalling her own betrayal by Shawn. Sky finds this news of her attraction shocking, but Jasmine says that it's over between them. She also assures Sky that she can rely on her as long as they're on Kinosewak together, but no one else, while Sky firmly agrees. Throughout the episode, Jasmine stresses to her that Dave is now the enemy, and she needs to be dedicated to her new team. When Sky throws the bike honker at Dave, Jasmine congratulates her on the idea.

In Scarlett Fever, Jasmine and Sky both agree that Chris is being "typical" for lying about shutting down the self-destruct system, only for them to realize it's Scarlett. When Sky is confused on what button to hit for the self-destruct system, Jasmine tries helping out, which is a success. In Sky Fall, Jasmine is shown to be concerned for Sky's safety when Sugar lets her fall from the mountain.

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Sky mentions in the confessional that when it comes to choosing a helper, she'd normally choose Jasmine, but decides not to, as she realizes that Jasmine would rather work with Shawn. When Jasmine watches Dave cry in front of Sky, she taunts both to Shawn, believing that they can win as it'll be like "taking candy from a very sad baby". After the finalists' secrets are revealed to the helpers, Jasmine and Dave use everything in their powers to stop Sky and Shawn from winning. Unlike Dave, however, Jasmine grows concerned for both of them after a while. Despite that, when Shawn and Sky fall down the mountain, Jasmine only asks if Shawn's okay, but doesn't ask if Sky is.


In Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine easily eliminates Ella and Sugar by throwing her balloons at them while swinging from a vine, laughing that they should be more quiet next time.


Sugar excitedly explains to Jasmine what she has just been through.

In Hurl and Go Seek, Sugar leads the search for Jasmine after she has all the other contestants on her team, excluding her and Shawn. Sugar is determined to catch her, yelling at her to give up and even climbing a tree after her. However, Sugar and the others are knocked down by Shawn jumping off.

In Scarlett Fever, Jasmine and Shawn meet up with Sky and Sugar after the latter two fall from a hatch in the roof, Sugar excitedly telling Jasmine what she just went through. Even after the intercom says that there's fifteen minutes till the island self-destructs, Sugar thinks it's enough time to talk to her.

In Sky Fall, she and Sugar are the last two competing in the race for the third spot in the final three. Jasmine races past Sugar, but is trapped under a tree after Sugar pushes on top of her. Even though it is accidental, Sugar is still glad that it happened. Jasmine tries with all her might to catch up to a terrified Sugar, but is still eliminated.


Toph hug

Jasmine squeezes Topher out of fear, causing him to pass out in This Is The Pits!

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Jasmine becomes irritated and confused when Topher leaves his team to go run an "errand".

In This Is The Pits!, Jasmine and Topher are separated from the rest of their team during the challenge. As they are walking through the caves, Topher narrates what they're doing, which bothers Jasmine. When they reach what appears to be a bottomless pit, Jasmine's claustrophobia causes her to hug Topher too tightly, which causes him to pass out. The two of them end up falling into the pit only to find out that it's merely a few feet deep. Topher leads Jasmine to the surface after Chris's stolen cell phone detects a signal in a small tunnel along the walls. She uses him to fight through the gophers blocking light and forms an exit by smashing his head through the ground.

In Three Zones and A Baby, when Topher accidentally adds another twist to the challenge, she along with the rest of the contestants "thank" him sarcastically. Throughout the episode, he is seen constantly using Chris's cell phone to check if the producers left him a response, which provides nothing but trouble for Jasmine and the rest of their team. Jasmine finally tells Topher to "step up his game" or she'll "step on his game", threatening to vote him off. After Topher finally receives the call from the producers, and cheers he causes an avalanche that buries them. Jasmine threatens to "rip [him] a new...", before being cut-off by more snow burying them. At the campfire ceremony, Jasmine and the others vote him off. She also is shocked, along with the others, when Topher says that he's the new host of the show.

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