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Jo lead Vultures

Jo's domineering personality makes her instinctively take charge of her team.

Jo has a personality that demands to win, no matter the cost. She bears no hesitation nor remorse in bossing around her teammates, betraying alliances, or risking the life of another "expendable" player. Jo doesn't respect anyone even enough to call them by their real name; she more often than not uses insults that either describe the subject or plays on their name. She also conflicts with other authoritative contestants, such as Brick and Heather, for leadership of her team, and these fights become very intense due to Jo's burning desire to win and be the best.



Jo carries a paralyzed Alejandro.

An immobile Alejandro is carried by Jo to the front door of the spa hotel in Heroes vs. Villains. When his key is able to open the door, Jo is relieved that she can now take a break from pulling the carriage.

In Saving Private Leechball, Alejandro, Jo and Heather all try to pull Gwen (and, ultimately, Duncan) into an alliance, clashing immensely as they do. In the confessional when Jo makes fun of all her teammates, she calls Alejandro "Ale-hand-walker". Alejandro likely voted her off with the rest of the Villains that night for accidentally shooting Scott earlier in the challenge.

Anne Maria

Anne Maria Sweatpants

"Eesh okay, keep your sweatpants on?!"

Anne Maria and Jo do not get along from the moment they meet. After being placed on the same team, Jo has little patience with Anne Maria's laid back attitude, and criticizes her for her lack of contribution for the team. Anne Maria, on the other hand, never listen to her orders, and often goes against Jo. The two of them often exchange insults with each other, which sometimes end up becoming physical fights. Jo has also come up with several nicknames for Anne Maria, such as "Tan in a can", "Poofhead", "Sprayhead" or "Helmethead".

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, as Anne Maria jumps on the trampoline, she slams repeatedly on the totem pole. An annoyed Jo "helps" her by kicking the trampoline away. In Truth or Laser Shark, Anne Maria and Jo lock horns during the first part of the challenge, with the former wanting to quit and the latter wanting to win.

In Ice Ice Baby, while Jo climbs the cliff, Anne Maria remains on the ground styling her hair, so in order to get her head into the game, Jo calls her out, insulting her hairstyle. Upon hearing this, Anne Maria angrily clenches her spray can in frustration and climbs up the mountain to get back at Jo. Upon reaching the top, Anne Maria attempts to punch Jo but accidentally hitting Brick instead. During the second challenge, Jo once again notices Anne Maria lack of team effort and tells her to participate but the latter refuses. Jo finally forces her back into the game by throwing her spray can out of the fort. Frustrated, Anne Maria vows to get back at Jo.

Runaway Model (11)

Jo and Anne Maria arguing in Runaway Model.

In Finders Creepers, when Jo insults Brick, Anne Maria comes to his defense and joins the rest of the team in criticizing Jo's leadership. After Anne Maria finds the next clue on the gravestone, she starts boasting, but Jo angrily yells at her to hurry up. Anne Maria irritatingly tells Jo to "keep her sweatpants on." Later, when Cameron and Jo journey to the entrance of the cave, Cameron suggests to Jo that they should wait for Anne Maria and Mike (who are busy making out), but she scoffs at the idea and enters the cave herself.

In Runaway Model, while the girls are using the communal washroom, Jo and Zoey are choking on Anne Maria's hairspray. As the three girls mock each other, Jo proceeds to shave her armpit hair, much to the other girls' disgusts. As the campers gather near the stage, Jo and Anne Maria exchange insults again after Jo talks badly about fashion. During the last part of the challenge, Anne Maria helps to apply make up on Jo and is shocked to see what Chester did to her.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, after Jo and the Toxic Rats are captured by Ezekiel's giant gophers, Jo yells at Anne Maria to tell her "freaky boyfriend" to release them.


Brick confronting jo

Brick confronts Jo in Backstabbers Ahoy!.

Jo and Brick have an on-going rivalry throughout Total Drama: Revenge of the Island due to their athleticism as they often compete with each other in anything; from who can run faster to who can eat faster. Additionally, the two often quarrel with each other over leadership of their team. Although the two of them have a friendly rivalry with a hint of respect with each other initially, their conflict intensifies after Finders Creepers when Jo's competitiveness clashes with Brick's code of never leaving a comrade behind no matter what the cause.



Jo forces Cameron into an alliance with her.

Jo shows immense hatred for Cameron due to his weak physical ability, and his initial timidity. Due to their differing personalities, they constantly clash heads while on the same team together. Jo often bullies Cameron and calls him names, believing him to be the weak link on the team. After the teams are disbanded, their conflict reaches its boiling point after she uses him for a challenge, and Cameron is able to stand up for himself, This results in him voting Jo off, with the help of Lightning.

Chef Hatchet

Heroes vs. Villains - 27

Chef pushes Jo out of the helicopter.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Jo laughs at Chef's misfortune after he falls off a trampoline and injures himself. Because of this, Chef becomes furious and throws a the trampoline at her. In Ice Ice Baby, while the contestants are climbing Mt. Looming Tragedy, Chef is throwing ice blocks at them. After dodging some of them, Jo mocks Chef for his failed attempts to hit her, making him mad.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Chef struggles to push Jo out of the helicopter and finally succeeds while she is insulting Chris.


In her audition tape, Jo is shown to have a punchbag with a picture of Chris's face taped to it.

In Ice Ice Baby, Jo is irritated with Chris for not counting her as the winner of the first challenge (since her entire team was not up yet), despite her reaching the top of the mountain first. In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, after discovering that Chris had made them carry bombs the entire time, Jo believes that Chris went too far with the challenge, describing it as "low", even by Chris's standards.

In Heroes vs. Villains, right before Jo is thrown of the plane, she says "you're a dead man McLean!" before being booted into Lake Wawanakwa by Chef Hatchet. Later when the teams are formed, she complains to Chris that the Vultures have one less player than the Hamsters, so Chris allows them to have the robot. In Saving Private Leechball, when Jo begins regretting her decision to eliminate Lightning, Chris shows her a prerecorded message from Lightning taunting her. This leads Jo to angrily tear off the monitor. When Jo is eliminated and flushed, Chris states that he won't miss her.


Dawn on the Beach

Jo cannot understand how Dawn was able to beat her to the island.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, the ever competitive Jo was shocked that Dawn was able to reach the island before her, without getting wet, much to Jo's disappointment due to her obsession in placing first in almost everything.

In Backstabbers Ahoy! Scott framed Dawn for taking Jo's whistle among other things from campers and Jo was going to beat up Dawn because of it before Scott intervened saying that she will be dealt with at the elimination ceremony.



Duncan compliments Jo's "killer zingers" in Heroes vs. Villains.

In Heroes vs. Villains, when Jo called Duncan by various insulting names, Duncan was impressed instead of feeling insulted, and compliments her. In the confessional, Jo was happy to finally found someone who "appreciates her killer zingers". Their team won the challenge and they give each other high fives at the Campfire Ceremony.

In Evil Dread, Jo, Duncan and Scott were discussing over breakfast on whether they should vote off Lightning. When their team lost, Duncan states how annoying Jo was throughout the challenge while deciding on who to vote for that night.

In Saving Private Leechball, Jo was trying to get Duncan to an alliance with her by gaining his girlfriend's trust, knowing that "wherever Gwen goes, Duncan follows". Later, Duncan glares at Jo after she accidentally shot Scott with their own cannon.


In Heroes vs. Villains, Jo is terrified to see a feral Ezekiel fall towards her and the other contestants after he is thrown out of helicopter.



Jo pretends to apologize to Gwen in an effort to pull her into an alliance.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Jo is able to save Gwen after hearing screaming underground. By saving Gwen, Jo is able to win invincibility for her team.

In Heroes vs. Villains, when Jo volunteers to push their team's carriage, Gwen suggests that she should do the cliff diving instead. However, Jo instead yells at her, saying "nobody tells me what to do, goth-ball!" and even bring up Gwen's "New Heather" and "Boyfriend Kisser" status, much to Gwen's sadness.

In Saving Private Leechball, Gwen scolds Heather and Jo (who were arguing on who's fault is it that their team lost the previous challenge), making her unable to sleep. The next day, Jo pretends to apologize to Gwen for her behavior last night. In reality, Jo, like Heather, is only trying to gain Gwen's trust in order to pull her (and indirectly Duncan) into an alliance with her. For most of the challenge, Jo, along with Heather and Alejandro, tries to get Gwen on her good side by appointing her team captain and agreeing on her decisions. She also argues with Heather and Alejandro on who should partnered with Gwen.



Heather and Jo arguing over leadership over their team in Evil Dread.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Jo admits that Heather is a strong competitor and respects the strategies she used in the past seasons. However, she then adds that she hates her "girly" short-shorts. Like everyone else, Jo is angry at Heather after she steals the million dollars.

Tension between the two of them quickly arises in the next season as they were placed on the same team and their dominating personalities immediately clash as they constantly fight over leadership of their team.

In Heroes vs. Villains, when the Villainous Vultures are heading towards the cliff for the first challenge, Heather shoves Jo aside and says "watch it, newbie!" Jo glares at Heather and insults her back.

In Evil Dread, Heather and Jo argue on what strategy they should use in order to find their team's puzzle pieces. They also argue who should be their team captain, and gather their teammates to decide. Heather soon found their first piece but when Jo attempts to steal it from her, Heather drops it on Jo's foot. Jo then retaliates by pushing her into the pit of crabs. Though their conflict arise in this episode, Heather agrees with Jo about voting off Lightning.


Heather and Jo blame each other for losing the previous challenge

In Saving Private Leechball, the two of them continue to argue after the elimination ceremony, blaming the other for causing their team to lose. The next day, both Heather and Jo pretend to apologize to Gwen, hoping that they can secure her trust first before the other (and Alejandro) so they can pull her (and indirectly Duncan) into an alliance. When the challenge begins, Heather scolds Jo for voting Lightning off, believing that Lightning would be helpful in the challenge, but Jo tells her that the whole team voted him off. Despite the Hamsters early advantage, the Vultures reach the big crate first, containing a cannon and several paintball guns. Heather and Jo immediately argue who should take the cannon but ultimately let Gwen decide.

When Gwen decides that they should split up, Heather, Jo and Alejandro begin to argue who should partner with her. As the team were under attack by the Hamsters, Jo fires the cannon, accidentally hitting Scott and eliminating him from the challenge. Heather then scolds Jo for the friendly fire. In the end, their team loses again. That night, the two of them were the at the bottom two, but Heather was deemed saved while Jo was eliminated and takes the Flush of Shame.


Runaway Model (68)

Jo snatches Lindsay's mirror.

In Runaway Model, when Jo tries to rescue Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, Lindsay laughs at her because of the make-up Mike (Chester) applies on her. After punching Sasquatchanakwa, Jo snatches Lindsay's mirror from her to see what is she laughing about, which causes Lindsay to glare at her.

In the opening sequence of Total Drama All-Stars, Jo easily defeats Lindsay while they are battling on water platforms using jousting sticks.



Jo betraying Lightning, putting their conflict to a new level.

Jo and Lightning have a fierce rivalry due to their competitive personalities. Throughout Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Lightning refers to Jo as a boy, not realizing that she's a girl, which constantly annoys her. Jo also used Lightning constantly through the season to her advantage, even after the teams were merged, until Lightning and Cameron vote her off. The conflict resumes in Total Drama All-Stars as Jo belittles Lightning several times and votes him off in Evil Dread due to his arrogance and his stupidity. She later rethinks this decision in the very next episode, believing that he would be useful in the challenge.


Runaway Model (62)

Mike as Chester applies make-up on Jo.

Jo does not get along well with her fellow competitors, with Mike being no exception. Aside from Svetlana's athleticism, she appears to have little to no respect for him. In Truth or Laser Shark, Jo forcefully tells Mike to sit down when he tries to get out of the "Getting to Know You Trivia Challenge".

In Ice Ice Baby, during breakfast, Jo tells Mike to lose his "old man" impression; however, she seems impressed with Svetlana's athletic ability. During the snow fort challenge, Jo tells Mike to invoke his Svetlana in order to capture the Toxic Rats' flag, but had a hard time doing so without certain conditions.

In Finders Creepers, Jo gets on the nerves of her entire team, with her bossy and demanding personality. Mike gets tired of this, and tells Jo that her cut-throat attitude stinks since she chose to push on with the challenge without attempting to look for Zoey and Brick.

In Runaway Model, Mike, as Chester, haphazardly applies make-up on Jo's face before she confronts Sasquatchanakwa when he grew impatient with Anne Maria's and Zoey's efforts. When Jo sees Mike's shoddy make-up job, she throws wooden barrels at him. Mike, unaware of Chester's actions, asks what he did to make Jo attack him.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Jo pushes Sam down into the water, somersaulting over him while she is swimming towards the shore.

In Evil Dread, Jo laughs at Sam when he gets stung by the jellyfish. When Jo enters the cave in Saving Private Leechball, she immediately claims Sam is in there due to the smell of sweat and bacon.


In the promotional picture of the season, Jo is seen glaring at Scott, as his arm is around her shoulder.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Jo and Scott immediately clash when they are introduced, with Jo threatening to kick Scott in the "kiwis" unless he stays out of her way, to which Scott insults her gender by saying "Right back at ya". In Truth or Laser Shark, Jo and Scott are pitted against each other in the "Mad Skills Obstacle Course" with her glaring at him while Chris explains each component of the course. In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, when Chris said that no one cares about Scott, Jo laughs at Scott along with everyone else.

I'll drive

Jo and Scott fight over who's going to be the driver in Heroes vs. Villains.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Jo and Scott fight over who gets to drive the baby carrier, before Lightning approaches and Jo manages to trick him into getting rid of Scott. In Evil Dread, Jo and Scott are seen talking about eliminating their teammate Lightning at breakfast. Jo is then bothered by Scott because he kept talking while she was trying to have breakfast. In Saving Private Leechball, Jo shows no remorse when she accidentally shoots Scott with their own cannon. Instead, she blames him for standing in the line of fire.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Jo pushes Staci out of the way while she is swimming towards the shore, causing Staci to nearly drown.



Zoey defeats Jo in Saving Private Leechball.

Jo and Zoey seemed to have gotten along during their time on the Mutant Maggots. However, Jo thinks very little of Zoey, believing that she is weaker than her and by Total Drama All-Stars, they are put on different teams and develop small conflict when they face off against each other.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Jo pushes Zoey out of her way during her mad dash swim to the shore. In Ice Ice Baby, Zoey doesn't seem to have a problem with Jo being the temporary captain of the team and obeys her commands. In Finders Creepers, after Zoey is abducted by the giant spider, Jo shows no concern for her disappearance. She then tells Brick and the others that she went away, in order to successfully motivate the team to keep going without her.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Jo is impressed by Zoey's anger and tells her to channel that anger against the Toxic Rats in the challenge. However, Jo berates Zoey after she accidentally crashes the team's dinghy on a rock face. In Runaway Model, Zoey and Anne Maria apply makeup on Jo in order for her to save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, but show signs of conflict with Jo as they laugh with each other at her expense.

In Saving Private Leechball, Jo hunts Zoey after she takes out Alejandro. Near the end of the challenge, the two of them exchange shots until Zoey finally hits Jo, scoring the victory for her team.

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