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This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Justin.


Bridgette, Geoff, Leshawna, and Harold stare at Justin in Monster Cash.

Upon Justin's arrival to Camp Wawanakwa, his good looks are immediately admired by most of the campers, even by the males (notably Owen), which continues throughout the season. However, it is revealed in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island that Justin has an antagonistic side to him and, unlike Heather, his true nature is well hidden, as the contestants are too busy fawning over him because of his good looks. Most of Justin's actions go unnoticed by the other contestants. An example is when Justin manages to push Gwen to the point she has to tell the Grips to vote Trent off. Gwen's team is also unaware that she was blackmailed by Justin to sabotage the challenge and vote her off without remorse.

Throughout Total Drama Action, Justin manipulates Beth and Lindsay into doing all the work and even gain their help in eliminating Izzy in Full Metal Drama. Soon after, Justin's charm starts to wear off on the two, as they no longer fawn over Justin, and the role of the main antagonist is taken over by Courtney. Justin begins to question his charms, and whether anyone really loves him after all. However, he decides to start using his mind rather than his looks, giving him more substantial interactions with the castmates. He eventually suffers defeat at the hands of Courtney in The Princess Pride. After this season, Justin reforms and starts making real friendships with the other contestants. He later joins The Drama Brothers with Cody, Harold, and Trent. The non-competing and eliminated females of Total Drama World Tour will often get excited when they perform on the Total Drama Aftermath show.


Although the two share many similarities, they have never competed against each other. Nonetheless, Justin's decision to support Cody over either him or Heather in Hawaiian Style suggests that he is aware of Alejandro's cruel nature. This possibility is enforced by the fact that in Hawaiian Punch, Justin cheers at his defeat, following Heather's victory in her ending of Total Drama World Tour.


A shark gives Justin CPR when he nearly drowns, eventually saving him.

Even animals are not immune to Justin's "powers." As a minor running gag, birds occasionally fail to notice the obstacle in front of them when under the effect of Justin's good looks and ended up crashing. The most notable animal to fall under Justin's charms is the shark, who stops all signs of hostility upon seeing him. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, two sharks are about to attack him but when he turns around, they become enthralled with his beauty and carry him to shore. In The Very Last Episode, Really! they gaze adoringly at Justin when he takes his shirt off. In Beach Blanket Bogus, after Justin nearly drowns, the sharks carry him out of the pool and administer CPR to try and revive him.


Beth gushes over Justin.

Beth has an immense attraction towards Justin throughout Total Drama Action. Justin is well aware of this; however, he planned on using this to his advantage, similar to how Heather used Lindsay to her advantage in Total Drama Island. Her attraction towards him wanes in the latter half of Total Drama Action, but returns on the World Tour aftermaths, and onwards.


Blaineley admits that she is attracted to Justin, stating that he has enough "flavor" for the whole Drama Brothers group in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, despite having no musical talent. The attraction is seen once more in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, as when The Drama Brothers are singing Baby, she excitedly asks him to marry her before fainting. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Justin is angry at Blaineley for sending Bridgette to Siberia and helps Geoff sing to humiliate her in Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley.


Justin shows some jealousy towards Brady throughout Total Drama Action. When he hears about Brady in Masters of Disasters, Justin becomes suspicious and starts to ask questions about why he has never heard of him before, also realizing that his information is from a modeling card. When he finally sees him for the first time, Justin is shocked by how much more attractive Brady is than himself, stating in Beth's ending that he wished he hadn't voted for Beth just because of Brady's attractiveness.


In Monster Cash, when Justin gets caught by the monster controlled by Chef, Bridgette admires Justin for his good looks, even though she is in a relationship with Geoff, who is also right next to her.

Chef Hatchet

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Chef lets himself get manipulated by Justin's good looks and allows Justin to take the keys to the airplane. In Monster Cash, the monster controlled by Chef drops Justin lightly after Justin gives the monster a charming, alluring look. Afterwards, Chef states that Justin is "hot." In The Sand Witch Project, when DJ wants to eliminate himself, Justin asks if they could vote off Chef instead of DJ.


Chris grows uncomfortable with Justin's flattery and getting close to him.

When Justin debuts in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chris admits that they chose Justin entirely based on his looks, which Justin happily accepts.

In Not Quite Famous, even Chris thinks that Justin deserved to stay in the game more than Heather.

Before beginning Justin's round on the surfboard challenge in Beach Blanket Bogus, Chris admires his beautiful looks and admits it almost made him believe in the inherent goodness of the human race (emphasis on almost). At the end of the episode, Chris compliments Justin for being good looking and crafty, also assuming Justin wishes the two could be related. Unexpectedly, Justin overhears this and tells Chris he does not want to be related to Chris at all. Chris cuts off their communication line and dismisses Justin as being delusional. He has shown in 3:10 to Crazytown to be jealous of Justin hogging the limelight. In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Justin tries to get Chris to give him the safe combination and gives him a shoulder massage. Chris is shown to be unnerved and uncomfortable by Justin's actions.


In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, after Justin refuses to give Cody, DJ, Owen, and Tyler the case containing the million dollars, Cody tricks Justin into thinking that the paparazzi have arrived. At the moment of distraction, Cody and his group manage to steal the case. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Cody and Justin have become members of The Drama Brothers along with Harold and Trent. Justin also glares at Alejandro when he pushes Cody down on the red carpet. In Hawaiian Style, Justin initially supports Cody, but Bridgette moves him to Heather's side. In Hawaiian Punch, Justin glares at Alejandro for nearly killing Cody.


Justin and Courtney about to kiss in The Princess Pride.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, when Courtney is talking to Owen, she stops and says "Wow!" when she sees Justin arriving.

Despite the rocky interactions between the two in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, they seem to get along better in Million Dollar Babies, and even smile at each other when Chris announces their team's win. Courtney heartily cheers for Justin during the basketball challenge.

In Super Hero-ld, Justin, at first, wants Courtney to be sent home due to her being a significant threat, but Duncan reminds him that she has invincibility due to her winning the superhero challenge.

In The Princess Pride, Justin compliments Courtney and says that he likes her feisty personality, despite criticizing her for her "physical deformities" which are left unspecified. Later on in the episode, he develops an infatuation with her after she sings her princess song, fighting Duncan for her honor. As Justin heads over to see Courtney, Chris tells him that they have to fight each other to win invincibility. Justin won't fight her because he doesn't beat girls, so Courtney pushes him off the tower with her sword, causing him to sustain numerous injuries. When Justin is sent home later that night, he asks if Courtney cares that he's leaving, to which she gives an apathetic wave without looking up from her PDA. Courtney reveals in the confessional that she never had feelings for Justin, and was merely using him to get further in the competition, knowing that he would surrender the sword fight.


When Justin arrives in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, while most of the campers are gushing over his beauty, DJ appears to look confused and uninterested. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, DJ, along with Owen, Cody, and Tyler encounter Justin with the briefcase and manage to steal it from him. There, DJ declares "We're not falling for your pretty boy games this time."

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Justin ropes DJ as he falls to the floor. Justin says "for a big guy you're pretty unstable." After this, they seem to have settled their minor conflict. In The Chefshank Redemption when the males are finding a way out of their trailer, Justin states that they need DJ's help, calling him "Mount DJ." In The Sand Witch Project, Justin, despite being on the losing team, protests DJ voting himself out of the game and asks if they can eliminate Chef instead.


Duncan "helps" Justin in The Princess Pride.

Due to Justin's early elimination as well being in opposite teams, the two of them have no interactions in the first season. In The Chefshank Redemption, Duncan is annoyed by Justin when the latter refuses to help open the trailer door, due to the fear of ruining his manicure. In Super Hero-ld, Justin proposes to form a new Guys' alliance with Duncan and Harold, as the four remaining girls outnumber them, which both Duncan and Harold agree to. Both of them agree to, and successfully vote off Leshawna that night. In The Princess Pride, the two became fierce enemies when Duncan pranks Justin, and he finds out that Duncan has been cheating. Duncan finally found out of Justin's true nature as he attempted to steal Courtney, who at the time Duncan still had feelings for, from him. The two even have a sword fight with each other over Courtney. During the elimination ceremony, they are in the bottom two, and they glare at each other. When Justin is the one who gets eliminated, Duncan bids him farewell sarcastically. In The Aftermath: IV, video footage shows Duncan showing his sweet side by putting Justin's sleeping mask on. Despite this, Justin still ends up voting for Beth.


Eva falls for Justin's charms.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Eva joins every girl in swooning over Justin's good looks. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Justin charms Eva and Izzy, forcing them to hand over the million dollar case, to which Izzy does. However, once Eva breaks free from his charm, she is enraged and threatens to "crush his skull" once she finds him, though she settles for a less violent punishment after Noah points out that skull-crushing is a tad excessive. Later, Eva follows Izzy's plan and throws a bucket of chum at him with Noah.


In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Justin laughs when Blaineley uses Ezekiel's name and "cool" in the same sentence. In Hawaiian Punch, Justin appears to be surprised of Ezekiel's newly obtained feral state.


In Monster Cash, when Justin gets caught by the monster controlled by Chef, Geoff admires Justin's good looks, along with everyone else. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Justin goes along with Geoff when forming a rescue party which unfortunately disqualifies both of them from the next season. Throughout the Total Drama World Tour Aftermaths, Justin will play music alongside his bandmates to aid Geoff during a song, most notably in Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley.


Justin confronts Gwen about Trent throwing the challenges for her.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen calls Justin "fame hungry" in her confessional rant of the other campers. Despite this, Justin is initially on Gwen's side before switching when Owen announces his plans for a party. Heather later utilizes Justin's alluring, chiseled body to distract Gwen from completing the obstacle. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Gwen lets herself get manipulated by Justin's charm and good looks.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, after he witnesses Gwen breaking up with Trent (due to him throwing challenges for her), Justin confronts Gwen over this and tells her that she "owes" Trent's team for all the challenges he had thrown. Gwen is distressed by this but accepts the terms. Justin's blackmailing caused many of the contestants to lose trust on Gwen (except for DJ, Duncan, Geoff, and Cody) until Trent finally stood up for her in The Aftermath: II. Gwen is currently one of the only girls, along with Eva and Izzy, who knows of Justin's antagonistic nature and no longer falls for him.


Justin punches Harold after he annoys him with facts.

In Monster Cash, Harold admires Justin in the moon bounce. In The Chefshank Redemption, while the guys attempt to escape the locked trailer, Harold irritatedly tells Justin to "forget about it" when he begins complaining about a hangnail. Before the challenge in The Sand Witch Project, Harold sniffles and mucus escapes his nose, prompting Justin to tell him he should get that "checked out." Offended, Harold replies and insists that they are allergies.

Harold and Justin compete against each other during the challenge in One Million Bucks, B.C., but when woolly beavers chew through Harold's wooden column, Harold falls off. In the process of falling, he grabs onto Justin's loincloth and rips it off, exposing Justin naked and causing them both to fall into the tar pit. In Million Dollar Babies, while Justin shows off his slam dunk, he throws the ball at Harold and knocks him back. In Super Hero-ld, Justin deduces that the girls have the guys outnumbered and convinces Harold and Duncan to form a guys' alliance with him. In The Princess Pride, Harold agrees to help Justin, as the latter offers to let him win the challenge to keep Duncan from Courtney. When Harold is about to shut down the monster, Justin betrays him and says he would've done the same for Leshawna, prompting Harold to vote Justin off and mock him at his elimination.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special reveals that Harold and Justin joined a band with Cody and Trent called The Drama Brothers, implying that they settled their differences.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, a never-before-seen clip shows Harold annoying Justin while he urinates, causing Justin to punch him. Shortly after in the same clip, Justin, wearing boxing gloves, prepares to beat up Harold along with several other characters. When Blaineley tries to make Harold sing after insulting him about Leshawna, Justin speaks in Harold's defense and asks "You're really going to do that to him now?" He, Trent, and Sasquatchanakwa then join Harold as he sings Baby .


Heather uses Justin as a distraction for Gwen (and unintentionally for Owen).

In Not Quite Famous, Heather and several others dreamily stare at Justin after he extinguishes a burning bush, and proposes Justin be in the talent show. After the challenge is over, Heather can remove the target on her back by convincing several of her teammates to vote off Justin. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Heather is disgusted by his wooden head carving. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Heather rips off Justin's shirt to use his "powers" to charm and slow down Gwen, but it backfires, as it affects Owen.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Justin asks Heather how she got into the group that he was on (implying a partial dislike with her), only to be told that there aren't any groups yet.

Justin, like most of the contestants, chooses to support Cody over Heather or Alejandro in Hawaiian Style. However, he and a few others are forced by Bridgette to support Heather instead, much to their displeasure. Although Justin laughs at her misfortune at the beginning of Hawaiian Punch, he later cheers when Heather wins in her ending of the episode.


Izzy tears up a picture of Justin in an exclusive interview, showing her hatred towards him.

In Not Quite Famous, Heather can persuade Izzy to vote off Justin, despite Heather's earlier action. Izzy agrees, and Justin is successfully voted off.

In the exclusive clip of No Pain, No Game, Izzy says she was Justin's girlfriend after her elimination. Izzy has since broken up with Justin, calling him a liar with "powers."

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Justin tricks Izzy into handing him the case filled with a million dollars by taking off his shirt. He mockingly thanks her and leaves. Izzy snaps out of the trance a few seconds later, after being informed by Noah, she announces a vendetta against Justin for taking advantage of her. She leads Eva and Noah in an attack on Justin, instructing them to throw buckets of chum and fish at him from atop the communal washrooms, while she steals the case from him. The plan works, and Izzy slams a bucket down on Justin's head as a final insult before taking the case and running away.

The two of them again place on the same team in Total Drama Action. Justin, along with the others, votes her off in Riot On Set, as she keeps telling them to call her E-Scope, and lost the challenge for the team. In The Aftermath: I, Izzy knows that Justin forced Gwen to vote Trent off.

During the submarine challenge in Master Of Disasters, Justin snatches the note from Izzy and accidentally drops it into the water during a struggle with Lindsay. Because of this, the code written on the note becomes unreadable. Izzy becomes so frustrated by Justin and Lindsay's naïvety that she yells that she is "surrounded by loons."

In Full Metal Drama, after Justin gets his face scratched, he asks Izzy if she thinks he's cute to which Izzy replies by saying that he is unattractive, and also adds that she never thought he was all that handsome to begin with. Angered, Justin manipulates Lindsay and Beth to help him vote Izzy off. In the exclusive clip, Izzy is aware that it was Justin who rallied the others to vote her off, but surprisingly, doesn't seem to be angry about it.

Katie and Sadie

Katie and Sadie dance as they watch Justin pose.

The two girls have been madly in love with him since Total Drama Island, and constantly gush over and fight with each other for his love and affection. However, Justin's feelings are not mutual, and he secretly hates them.

In the Total Drama Island opening sequence, Katie and Sadie are seen gazing at Justin, while he admires himself in a mirror.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Katie, Sadie and all of the girls are seen swooning at Justin upon his arrival at the island. Sadie finds him so attractive that she even faints when he walks past her. They also swoon over him when he is taking a swim in Haute Camp-ture.

Katie and Sadie follow Justin, teaming up with him.

At the beginning of Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Justin is shown posing in a pool at Playa Des Losers with Katie and Sadie looking on and admiring him while listening to him talking about the potential modeling contracts after the show. Later in the episode, Katie and Sadie team up with Justin to search for the million dollar case. At first, Justin enjoys the attention the girls are giving him and begins telling them about his modeling career. However, Justin eventually gets tired of their constant talking and decides to leave both of them behind. He tricks them into spending the remainder of the challenge in a cave, saying he needs to go to the bathroom. While they wait for Justin to come back, the girls get into an argument over who he likes better.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, as the contestants are waiting outside the awards show, Justin says that he is worried that he is going to be "just another pretty face." In response, Katie and Sadie say he has pretty abdominal and pectoral muscles to try to make him feel better. Later, Katie and Sadie eagerly volunteer to join Geoff's rescue group, because Justin volunteered too.

During the Aftermath shows of Total Drama World Tour, the two girls continue to fawn over Justin and even have a slap fight with Beth when he is performing Baby with The Drama Brothers in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water. Upon hearing that Justin and the Drama Brothers are performing again in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Katie, Sadie and Beth squeal in excitement.


Leshawna hugging Justin in Dial M for Merger.

Leshawna is one of the few people not to vote him off the island in Not Quite Famous, when she also gets impressed with Justin's "talent." She also lets herself get manipulated by his good looks in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. She continues to be notably attracted to him in Total Drama Action, as she teams up and clings to him in Alien Resurr-eggtion. She also flirts with him briefly in 3:10 to Crazytown. In Million Dollar Babies, she says he has a big ego, also during the slam dunk challenge she throws the ball hard at his chest and gets the ball in the hoop along with him. Leshawna hugs Justin in Dial M for Merger when Chris tells them the building they are in is going to explode and says that she would miss his smile.


Justin's charms starts to fail on Lindsay and Beth.

In Not Quite Famous, Heather convinces Lindsay to vote off Justin, which is successful. Lindsay falls for Justin's charms in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, and hands him the million-dollar case without resisting when he comes down on a parachute. She admires him in Monster Cash, clings to him in Alien Resurr-eggtion (along with Beth and Leshawna), and continues to hang around him in Beach Blanket Bogus. She, along with Beth, sit next to Justin during breakfast; Lindsay offers bacon for him to eat. She cheers on Justin during challenges and often sits by him during the Awards ceremony, despite already being in a relationship with Tyler.

In Masters of Disasters, Justin saves Lindsay from falling into a hole. Her attraction to Justin wanes from Full Metal Drama and onwards. Likewise, in One Million Bucks, B.C., he helps her out of the tar, which suggests they are friends. Lindsay had no reaction or care when he was eliminated in The Princess Pride.


In Dodgebrawl, Justin is seen glaring at Noah when he says that the Screaming Gophers' did not put in enough effort after losing the challenge. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Noah calls Justin the "anti-me." Later, Noah helps Izzy and Eva to get revenge of him as Noah and Eva threw buckets of water and fish at his hair. When the cast bus falls of a cliff in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special Justin is seen hugging Noah.


Justin and Owen hug each other learning that they're safe from elimination.

On numerous occasions, Owen is shown to be attracted to Justin's good looks and often regrets it for saying so out loud (even if it was in the confessional). He sometimes disturbs other contestants with his gushing over Justin. He, and possibly Chef, are the only men to be swayed by his charming good looks in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. He outright tells Justin he is hot in 3:10 to Crazytown and the two hug during the awards ceremony, but they immediately let go and apologize out of embarrassment. When Owen is eliminated in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, he gives a speech, including Justin in it. Justin then gives Owen his Gilded Chris as a friendly gesture.


Trent and Justin high-five each other.

In Dodgebrawl, Trent gives Justin a high-five when he gets his marshmallow implying that they might have had a friendship. Trent is annoyed when Gwen and Leshawna give all their information out to Justin in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. He later selects Justin as a teammate in Riot On Set. In 3:10 to Crazytown, Justin finds out about Trent throwing challenges for Gwen's team and blackmails her. Feeling guilty, Gwen persuades the Grips to vote Trent off. Despite this, Justin and Trent later join The Drama Brothers together, implying that they have forged a friendship after Total Drama Action.


In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Tyler, Cody, DJ, and Owen, run into Justin while he is holding the million dollar case. Tyler threatens Justin to give them back the case, saying that he would mess him up if he didn't.


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