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This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Leshawna.


The contestants celebrate Leshawna's victory in Hide and Be Sneaky.

Leshawna's loud mouth, sassy nature and hot headed attitude didn't stop her from making many friends in the show. However, she has little tolerance for those who are rude to her and her friends, such as Duncan, Heather and Alejandro, and usually exacts her revenge on the offender. She made many friends throughout the first season and maintained those relationships through the next two seasons.


Leshawna gushing over Alejandro during Eine Kleine.

Starting from Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Leshawna shows an obvious attraction to Alejandro, even forgetting about her attraction to Harold because of him. In Slap Slap Revolution, however, Alejandro uses his charm to manipulate her, boosting her ego to the point that she inadvertently costs her team the challenge in order to attack Heather, who was warning her of Alejandro's treachery. Because of this, she is eliminated, and she turns against him after finding out he was the cause of her elimination. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, she sings a song that calls him out on his antagonistic nature.


Leshawna bonds with Beth after she shoots Heather.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Leshawna and Cody tease Beth for being afraid of jumping off the cliff by clucking like chickens. Beth and Leshawna become good friends after Beth quits Heather's alliance in Paintball Deer Hunter, with Leshawna supporting Beth's decision. In If You Can't Take The Heat..., even when it is discovered that Beth is responsible for the Screaming Gophers' losing streak, Leshawna still wants Heather voted off instead, and Leshawna sadly waves at Beth when she's eliminated.

In Total Drama Action, the two maintain their friendship, with Leshawna complimenting Beth's new look in Monster Cash. However like everyone else, Leshawna teases Beth and refuses to believe that she can have a model for a boyfriend. When Leshawna mocks her one time too many about her boyfriend's existence in Million Dollar Babies, Beth reveals to the others that Leshawna had been badmouthing everyone during her trip to the spa in One Flu Over the Cuckoos. Despite this, the two eventually make up and work together to vote off Duncan in Super Hero-ld. However, when Leshawna is eliminated instead, Beth shows sadness in her departure.

Their friendship is once again strained in The Aftermath: IV when it is revealed that Beth has a selfish side when she chose not to share a basket of cookies with the other girls.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Beth dislikes Leshawna's dance during Sisters and shuts her eyes in disgust.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Blaineley said that Leshawna's worst career move was her "Largest Loser Weight Loss Show" appearance, and she wondered why she wanted to "trim down her perfect booty". During Sisters, Blaineley is disturbed like the others by Leshawna's dance. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Leshawna is angry at Blaineley for sending her friend, Bridgette, to Siberia. Leshawna also laughs at Blaineley in Hawaiian Style when she saw the video where Blaineley gets injured after taking the Drop of Shame.


Bridgette thanks Leshawna for helping her with Eva.

Bridgette and Leshawna seem to be great friends throughout the series and are often seen hanging out with Gwen. They are initially on different teams in Total Drama Island but after the merge, Leshawna will occasionally defend Bridgette from the likes of Heather, Eva and Duncan. In The Aftermath: IV, Leshawna says that she will miss Bridgette and Geoff after the show ends. In the third season, the two of them are placed on Team Victory but were eliminated early from the competition by Alejandro, who orchestrated their respective eliminations by sweet talking them to lower their guards. This leads the two of them to show their hatred towards him by singing Sisters.

Chef Hatchet

It is implied that Chef Hatchet respects Leshawna due to her winning some of his challenges, such as the hide and seek challenge in Hide and Be Sneaky. She knocked out Chef so she could get an advantage in the challenge during Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. Also, in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Chef purposely left Leshawna in the bank vault. However, Leshawna knocked him down in Million Dollar Babies and called him a dummy, which angered him.


Like the other contestants, Leshawna dislikes Chris. In many episodes, Leshawna openly disapproves of Chris' challenges. In Search and Do Not Destroy, Chris destroys her trailer while having pleasure doing so by using a cannon. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Leshawna throws a wooden Sadie head at Chris after the host mocks Duncan's love for Courtney. In Haute Camp-ture, Chris counts a vote every time an eliminated camper says "Leshawna." Because of this, Leshawna is eliminated, since her name was said nine times (Sadie, Katie, Courtney, Lindsay twice, Izzy, Trent, and a parrot twice).

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Leshawna mistakes Chris's description for the challenge for a comment regarding her weight until Trent explains what he meant to her.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Chris finds out that Leshawna fake-cried in order to claim the reward for herself and foreshadows the events that would befall her once her teammates find out about it.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Leshawna angrily complains to Chris for giving her team a stick instead of a method of transportation despite her team coming in first.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Leshawna finds out that some of the peanut cans are actually Chris-in-the-box and states that this is an insult to all peanuts.


Leshawna politely stops Cody's flirting.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Cody attempts to flirt with Leshawna, Bridgette and Lindsay when he first arrived, but before he could say a word, Leshawna stops him in a polite way and is rather amused by him instead of being angry. They both laugh at Beth and make clucking sounds together when she decides she doesn't want to complete the challenge for her team in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Leshawna chose to eliminate Cody, believing that he has outlived his usefulness as well as costing the team's defeat. Despite this, she still waved him goodbye.

In Hawaiian Style, Leshawna is shown to be supporting Cody to win, before being switched to Heather's supporting team by Bridgette. In Hawaiian Punch, Leshawna glares at Alejandro for nearly killing Cody in the tie-breaker challenge.


In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Leshawna shows concern to Courtney when she hurts her eye. Leshawna mentions in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon to Duncan that Courtney told her about the bunny, suggesting that they are good enough of friends to allow Courtney to tell her Duncan's secret. In Basic Straining, Leshawna laughs with Gwen at Courtney's need to vomit from eating too many ice cream sandwiches. In Haute Camp-ture, Courtney says she can't say anything bad about Leshawna, and tells Katie and Sadie to leave Leshawna in the game since they like her.

However, during Total Drama Action, things take a turn for the worse and both become enemies after Courtney returns to the competition. In Million Dollar Babies, Courtney's lawyers discover that Leshawna has been badmouthing the other contestants during her trip to the spa with Leshaniqua, including how Courtney always bossed Duncan around. This causes everyone to ignore her until Leshawna apologizes to them by complimenting them during the tie-breaker challenge. In the next episode, Courtney and the others continue to treat Leshawna coldly. In Super Hero-ld, Leshawna insults Courtney by calling her "Aged-Cheddar Chick," due to her having a strong stench after visiting the cheese factory in the previous episode. After the challenge has ended, Leshawna agrees with Beth and Lindsay to vote off Duncan (despite her alliance with him and Harold) in order to make Courtney mad. However, Courtney manages to convince Harold to vote off Leshawna and with their votes, along with Justin and Duncan's, Leshawna gets eliminated. In The Princess Pride, Leshawna sends a letter to Harold that she will "kill him" if he continues to sing and listen to that "skinny rich girl's" song while thinking about her.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Courtney cheers for Leshawna when she is slapping Heather.


DJ and Leshawna dance together during Come Fly With Us.

In the first episode in Total Drama Island, she gives DJ a high five, calling him her "brother." Because they end up on separate teams, they almost never interact until the merge. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, she tells him that he has to get a grip on his fears, suggesting an annoyance to his antics. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, DJ and Leshawna are seen holding onto each other as they are dragged to the dock. In Riot On Set, they are both assigned to the Screaming Gaffers team, allowing for much more interaction. In 3:10 to Crazytown, DJ gets shocked by telephone wires and she asks Chris if he was going to do something about it, demonstrating concern for DJ. Leshawna refers to DJ as "brother" in many instances throughout Total Drama Action. Leshawna sometimes shows signs of being annoyed or amused by DJ's actions, but not in a hateful way. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, DJ and Leshawna interact a lot, singing and dancing in Come Fly With Us together and later teaming up with Harold in the "Pyramid Down Under" challenge after she warns him not to let Izzy lick his finger. They are also put on Team Victory together. However, in Slap Slap Revolution, with only her, DJ and Lindsay left on Team Victory, the two voted each other off; Leshawna ends up eliminated, becoming upset with the two for voting for her.


Leshawna and Duncan talking in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, she and Duncan had a conflict at first and exchanged verbal abuse, with Leshawna even physically attacking him on occasion. During the eating challenge, the two arm wrestle violently to see who would be the eater, during which Duncan cheats to get the upper hand. Leshawna gets revenge by force-feeding him against his will. However, while the two are alone during the canoe-ing challenge, Duncan opens up and reveals why he acts the way he does. Leshawna forgives him, and the two fist-bump, having befriended each other, and told him that his secret was safe with her. However, despite the friendship, in Total Drama Action, Leshawna grew annoyed by Duncan's pranks against Harold, not knowing the real reason behind the pranks. Duncan also lost respect in Leshawna and even left her locked in a cage in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, after she had fake-cried to get away from the show. Duncan was also angry at Leshawna when she insulted him in a never-before-seen video. Duncan votes Leshawna off in Super Hero-ld along with Courtney, Justin and even Harold when he betrayed her after she formed an alliance with him and Harold in the previous episode.


Leshawna tells off Eva.

When Leshawna first greets Eva in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, she rudely ignores her. When Eva returns in No Pain, No Game, the two develop a rivalry after Leshawna protects her friend, Bridgette, from Eva's wrath when Eva wants to take Bridgette's bunk. The two are the final two campers in the challenge, but in the end, Leshawna is declared the winner, who then proceeds to taunt Eva. By The Very Last Episode, Really!, the two had more or less put their differences aside and support Gwen in the finale, but when Leshawna tries to get her to show some support to Gwen, Eva simply says that she doesn't cheer.


Ezekiel and Leshawna have never been seen to interact at all in the entire series so far, mainly due to them being on opposite teams, having opposite places in the competition, and being separated by different seasons in Total Drama Action. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, they are both put on Team Victory and cheer about it. However, in the next episode, Leshawna votes Ezekiel off the show due to him causing the alligator to eat their reward. She was noticeably one of the angriest members of the team towards Ezekiel, as she firmly stamped his passport with an angry glare.


Leshawna tells Geoff off for his recent behavior.

In X-Treme Torture, Geoff, along with Owen, wanted to see Leshawna's chest after he thought Harold did. In That's Off the Chain!, Leshawna showed concern when she heard Geoff crying over Bridgette's elimination. Also, in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon when the campers were in the confessional talking about the final six, Geoff stated that he thought Leshawna was cool, and that she and Owen were the only remaining campers he liked (although he befriended Gwen later in the episode). In The Aftermath: III, Leshawna shows concern because of Geoff's altered personality and states that he used to be "as sweet as honey." Leshawna also cornered Geoff into the electric chair along with Bridgette, Heather, and Owen in order for him to get a taste of his own medicine. In The Aftermath: IV, Leshawna admits that she will miss Bridgette and Geoff after the show ends.


Leshawna comforts Gwen after she saw Heather kissing Trent.

Leshawna and Gwen seem to be very good friends, along with Bridgette (who became friends with them a bit later), during the entire series. For example, in The Very Last Episode, Really!, Leshawna was one of the few campers who took Gwen's side, something Bridgette did not do, and cheered for her during all of the final race.


Leshawna and Harold start a relationship.

Despite their awkward first meeting in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Harold is secretly in love with Leshawna. For some time, Harold has been sending love letters to her and finally reveals his feelings to her X-Treme Torture after he was eliminated. The two of them share a brief kiss before Harold takes the Boat of Losers. However, Leshawna ends their relationship in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, believing that they are moving things too fast. Despite this, Harold still harbors feelings for her and has been trying several times in order to impress her.

In Total Drama Action, they were placed on the same team where Leshawna frequently defends Harold from Duncan's bullying. After Harold and the others discover that Leshawna not only pretend to cry in order for her to claim the reward all for herself but also insulted everyone including him, Harold was deeply hurt. Despite this, he and Duncan refuse to vote for her and let her stay a little longer.

In Total Drama World Tour, Harold became jealous after seeing Leshawna being attracted to Alejandro. Meanwhile, Leshawna has become less patient with Harold, frequently scolding him and shows little to no concern after Harold was eliminated in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan. After discovering Alejandro's true nature, Leshawna apologizes to Harold about her behavior and he accepts it by being her back up dancer while she sang Sisters.


Heather and Leshawna form a truce in Million Dollar Babies.

Leshawna and Heather had a very long, detailed conflict, similar to another conflict with Heather; even as seen in the opening sequences of both Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. In Million Dollar Babies, however, this conflict seemed to be resolved and the two became friends. This happened after Heather said that she didn't mind about Leshawna's nasty comments about the contestants. Later, after Heather had been eliminated and was entering the Lame-o-sine, Leshawna said that her and Heather can be friends, but Heather then gave Leshawna her wig, as something that Leshawna can remember her by, "and something to where when your hair looks as bad as it does today." Unfortunately, the conflict was brought back up in Slap Slap Revolution when Leshawna beats up Heather several times due to falling under Alejandro's spell and was eliminated because of that.


Izzy is not afraid of Leshawna's threat for causing their team the challenge.

During Total Drama Island, Leshawna showed disdain towards Izzy, thinking of her as unstable and insane, even threatening to attack her with a paddle in Up the Creek. However, in Hide and Be Sneaky, after falling off the docks Izzy discovers Leshawna's hiding place, but does not tell Chef Hatchet where to find her despite the fact it would have won her immunity. Once Leshawna wins the challenge, Izzy high-fives her. Leshawna also agrees to ride with Izzy on her bike in That's Off the Chain! in order to win the challenge, but both fail to even show up. Leshawna is also a little insulted when Izzy mentions Leshawna's extra weight, but she just takes it as a compliment.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Leshawna angrily snaps at Izzy when she asks for DJ's hand, telling DJ not to let Izzy touch him in case he catches a "case of crazy" from her, while glaring angrily at Izzy, who pulls back her hands quickly.


In Leshawna's video log, Jasmine uses her air-time to start acting out Romeo and Juliet and has to be reminded by the cameraman to do something nice for Leshawna, to which Jasmine offers Leshawna a framed image of herself.


In the Total Drama Island special, Leshawna falls for Justin's charm, giving him information about the case. In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Leshawna gushes over Justin, once they are locked in a room. However, in Million Dollar Babies, Leshawna says that Justin has a big ego. In Dial M for Merger, when the explosion is supposed to go off, Leshawna calls Justin "hot-stuff" and says that she'll miss his smile.

Katie and Sadie

In Haute Camp-ture, Katie and Sadie fail to understand Chris's explanation about which of the final five will be joining them and mention Leshawna's name as she would be fun to have around, not realizing that they are voting for her to be eliminated. This leads to several of the other contestants (and a parrot) mentioning Leshawna's name, leading to her elimination.


Leshawna is happy to see Leshaniqua.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Leshaniqua is said to be Leshawna's best friend, out of the competition, and favorite cousin. In an exclusive clip however, Leshaniqua says that if Leshawna wins the million dollars, she'll probably make more friends.


Lindsay helps Leshawna and Beth to lock Heather in the freezer.

In The Sucky Outdoors, everyone on the Screaming Gophers team get scared when they first see a bear, or Izzy dressed in a bear costume. Leshawna and Lindsay are seen holding each other in fear. In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Lindsay helped Leshawna in locking Heather in the fridge. At the end of That's Off the Chain!, Leshawna hugged Lindsay on her way to the Boat of Losers, and she said if it were up to them, she would've stayed on the island, Lindsay tells Leshawna to kick Heather's butt. Leshawna says that it will be her pleasure to do it. However, in Million Dollar Babies, Leshawna bad-mouths Lindsay saying that she has 'half a brain cell' and 'only brings it to the mall.' In Super Hero-ld, Leshawna, Lindsay, and Beth decide to vote off Duncan. When Leshawna is eliminated in the same episode, Lindsay and Beth are sad to see her go, which would mean that they have forgiven her for the rude comments she had said about them in that video during Million Dollar Babies.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, they are both placed on Team Victory. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, when Lindsay worries about the incorrect definition of a divining rod, Leshawna harshly corrects her. In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan when Lindsay was trying to come up with an idea for the commercial, Leshawna constantly corrects Lindsay about her diction on Japanese food. In the end, after their commercial was shown, Leshawna pointed out that Lindsay's idea probably wasn't so bad, to which Lindsay frowns and tells her "See? I told you!"


Leshawna and Noah cross a street together in the Total Drama World Tour opening sequence.

At the end of Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Noah (along with Owen) joins Leshawna in her victory chant after the Screaming Gophers win a challenge. However, Leshawna is angered by Noah's attitude at the end of Dodgebrawl, telling him that he needs to learn some respect. She also calls him "turkey" before he leaves the island. In Haute Camp-ture, however, Noah said that he wanted Leshawna to win for locking Heather in the fridge in If You Can't Take The Heat.... Also, in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Leshawna gains some respect for Noah after he angrily kicks the television set and calls Chris a schmuck and replies to this by saying that she didn't know he had it in him. In the Total Drama World Tour opening sequence, Noah and Leshawna are seen walking across a street together, and ducking to avoid the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. In Slap Slap Revolution, after getting slapped twice followed by electrocution by Chris and Chef, an angry Leshawna violently kicks Noah in the stomach and sends him flying off the dance mat, despite the rules indicating that players are only allowed to use slaps.


Owen and Leshawna high-five in X-Treme Torture.

Although Owen and Leshawna appears to be friends, there are many times Leshawna was disgusted by Owen's odd habits such as in Paintball Deer Hunter when Owen splashes himself in own urine to hide his scent from the Killer Bass. In the next episode, Leshawna scolds Owen after he ate their team's main course, causing the Screaming Gophers to lose again. Earlier in the season, Leshawna encouraged Owen when he was about to jump off the cliff and complimented him when he won round 2 of the dodgeball challenge. Despite Owen causing them the cooking challenge, Leshawna also votes for Heather due to her wanted the curse to hit her and she did say in Paintball Deer Hunter that Heather was a pain in her butt since day one. She was one of the only four contestants to support Gwen to win over him in the final episode even after he had announced his plans to throw a party. This was likely nothing personal against Owen but a result of Leshawna being closer friends with Gwen. In Full Metal Drama, Leshawna is worried about Owen due to his indigestion and is seen fanning him before the second challenge begins.


Leshawna and Trent talk in Beach Blanket Bogus.

The two seem to have a good friendship at first, mainly due to Gwen's relationship with Trent, and since Gwen was Leshawna's best friend, she also liked anyone that Gwen considered "alright". However, their friendship changes drastically in Search and Do Not Destroy, when Leshawna immediately "jumps the gun" when she hears that Trent kissed Heather. She instantly assumes that Trent is equally guilty, calling him a "two-timer," and tells everyone to vote for either him or Heather because she was so close to Gwen and wished to avenge her. Only after Trent learned of his elimination did Leshawna confront him about cheating on Gwen, which only confuses him even more. Eventually, the issue is straightened out, and everyone learns the truth about how it all was just one of Heather's tricks, and that they have all been "played." Leshawna then apologizes for getting Trent mistakenly voted off, and waves goodbye to him as he leaves the island. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, she joined forces with Trent along with Gwen. He also seemed very happy to be in Leshawna's team in the finale, saying that one of the best things he did on the island was meet her and Gwen. In Beach Blanket Bogus, Trent explains "surfer lingo" to Leshawna while putting his hand on her shoulder kindly. In 3:10 to Crazytown, Leshawna pushes Trent out of the way after he accidentally touches Gwen's arm when it is injured. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Leshawna makes a friendly bet with Trent that Lindsay will remember Tyler's name, and playfully teases him to "pay up" when he loses, which he does.


Tyler and Leshawna perform surgery in one of their reality shows.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, it is revealed that Tyler and Leshawna have appeared together on numerous reality shows as contestants, showing a sense of friendship between the duo. The two appeared to have a conflict, or at least interact more frequently in Camp TV, as seen in the original promo, Tyler apparently insults Leshawna and Leshawna tackles Tyler down to the ground.


Leshawna attempts to restore everyone's trust in her with a cheer.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Leshawna fake cries so her team, the Screaming Gaffers, will give her the reward of a free spa day. In Masters of Disasters, they find out and are very angry with her. Duncan and Heather in particular are very annoyed with her, while Harold is seen to be very reluctant to be angry with her, due to his still-lingering feelings for her. In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, her team continues their anger throughout this episode and even keep her locked in a safe for the whole episode. After this, she seems to be forgiven. The forgiveness soon ends in Million Dollar Babies, once Beth finds a video about her and Leshaniqua insulting the remaining contestants on Courtney's personal digital assistant, which only sparks their anger again, even greater then before, and also makes the other team hate her as well. She is seemingly forgiven by the end of the episode, but is eliminated two episodes later. However this issue was no longer mentioned again.

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