This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Owen.


Owen Wins

Owen and all his friends celebrate him winning Total Drama Island in his ending.

Despite exhibiting disgusting behaviors and mannerisms over the course of the series, Owen manages to befriend nearly every contestant he has competed with, due to his friendliness and lack of unlikable characteristics. He is optimistic towards everyone he encounters, even those deemed unsociable, and struck good terms with them. However, his popularity and naivety has also earned him a few enemies along the way.


Murdering attempt

Alejandro about to hit Owen with the baby carriage.

Throughout Total Drama World Tour, Owen attempts to make friends with Alejandro and calls him "Al" because he is unable to pronounce his name properly. Unbeknownst to him, Alejandro despises Owen in every way. Throughout the season Alejandro takes every chance he gets to mock and hurt Owen. Eventually, this conflict becomes mutual after Owen is advised by Noah and Duncan not to trust him, however by this stage it is too late and Alejandro finally succeeds in orchestrating Owen's elimination in Niagara Brawls.


Owen and the bear stun

Owen is inside the bear's mouth.

Owen has multiple encounters with a bear, usually during challenges. In The Sucky Outdoors, Owen claims that he isn't afraid of bears, claiming that he once killed a huge bear during a hunting trip with his grandfather. However, when a bear raids his team's camp, he immediately runs away in fear and reveals the story was made up. It turns out however that the bear was actually Izzy in disguise. Moments later, an actual bear shows up at the Screaming Gophers' camp although Owen is convinced that it is Chris in a costume, trying to prank his team again. When he tries to pull its head, he ends up ripping part of its fur, making the bear mad and chase his team up to a tree where they stay the entire night.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Owen's key is chained around a bear's neck. While inside its den, Owen tries to take it but he accidentally wakes it up and is swallowed until the waist. Owen's effort in the end is wasted as his key doesn't fit in any of the chests. He and the bear are then tranquilized by Chris.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Owen has to perform Izzy's dare, giving a sleeping bear a "purple-nurple". Owen manages to perform this task and win a freebie although he is severely injured in the process.


Owen is partnered with a bear in Top Dog.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, a bear corners Owen, DJ, Tyler and Cody near the edge of the cliff after they steal the million dollars case from Justin, although, he once again believes it is Izzy in a costume until the bear roars at him after he opens its mouth. The group manages to land on Courtney's hot air balloon, with the bear hanging on one of the ropes.

In Top Dog, Owen chooses to train the bear as he claims they are practically related. During the first part of the challenge, the bear steals Owen's lollipop. The pair does not impress Chris and Chef and only get six out of ten. During the second challenge, while Owen and the bear are sabotaging the other contestants, the two of them get caught in a rope trap and have to eat many berries in order to break free. When they get back to camp days later, the bear defends Owen from Beth and Courtney after they find out about his position as the producer's mole.

In Niagara Brawls, Owen along with all of the guys are put into a slot machine by Chef. Chef then adds a bear into the slot machine, which causes all the guys to scream in terror, except for Owen who is heard saying: "Nice Doggy."



Beth cheers for Owen in Riot On Set.

Owen is the first to nominate Beth for elimination in If You Can't Take The Heat..., although it is likely just because she cursed the team. In Haute Camp-ture, Beth says that she wants Owen to win. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, she is one of the ten original campers who take Owen's side to win.

In Riot On Set, Beth cheers for Owen in order to motivate him to pull their team's trailer up the hill. In Beach Blanket Bogus, Beth gives Owen a friendship bracelet that she made though he ate it after mistaken it for candy. In Masters of Disasters, Beth is concerned when Owen breaks his jaw, and glares at Chris for not caring about his injury.


Owen eats the friendship bracelet Beth made for him.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, in order to get Owen out of the vault, Beth uses an elixir that  smells like roast chicken to put him into a hunger-induced trance and break the vault door. Because of his trance, Beth has to slap Owen numerous times during the episode. He is later seen chasing Beth and Lindsay, believing that they are food. After he is voted off that night, Beth and the others (except Courtney) request Owen to give them a farewell speech and once he is done, she gives Owen her Gilded Chris Award as a gesture of friendship. When Owen returns to the competition in Rock n' Rule, he excitedly hugs everyone (except Courtney) and Beth happily greets him.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Owen is supposed to sabotage either teams but ended up helping both after Beth guilt trip him into revealing Duncan and Harold's strategy. After Beth loss the challenge, Owen tries to wake her up but his attempts annoy Beth. Upon waking up, Beth grabs Owen's fan and slap him. In Top Dog, while Beth is watching Courtney and Duncan in disgust, Owen starts gagging, at first she believes Owen is sharing her view but then she realizes Owen is actually choking on his food and she immediately tries to revive Owen by performing the Heimlich maneuver. For the first part of the challenge, Owen opted not to sabotage Beth, believing that she has little chance of winning though he ended up wrong. Later, Beth is shocked when she and Courtney learn about Owen's sabotaging work, but nevertheless doesn't vote for him.

In The Aftermath: IV, Owen is seen glaring at Beth after watching her steal cookies in a secret video. Owen chooses to side with his good friend Duncan instead of Beth, because he was a "healthier eater" and he is "still one of the guys," but regardless he is still shown to be happy for Beth when she wins in her ending.



Owen helping Blaineley while singing I'm Winning This.

In Niagara Brawls, Owen shows friendliness and support to Blaineley throughout the episode and truly expresses a great sense of compassion towards her. He's the only one to show enthusiasm for her entry on the show when singing Blainerific and works well together with her and even supports her doing things she isn't used to with her celebrity lifestyle while with the contestants, including eating cake and releasing bodily functions, like farting. When Owen is eliminated at the end of the episode, Blaineley is sincerely sad to see him go and cries over his elimination, though quickly reveals the crying was fake as she asks if she'll gain fans for showing sympathy.

In Hawaiian Style, after both have been eliminated, Blaineley ends up as Heather's sole supporter as she cannot protest due to her injuries. Pitying her, Bridgette requests Owen assist Blaineley which he reluctantly does; this includes wheeling her around and interpreting what animal she is pointing at to represent Heather. Due to everything that happens to her during this challenge, Owen constantly apologizes for every mishap that occurs to her and begs her not to sue as he rides her like a surfboard during I'm Winning This


In Hide and Be Sneaky, as part of the guys' alliance, Owen votes for Bridgette along with the rest of the guys. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Bridgette initially sides with Gwen over Owen, but when Owen declares he will throw a party if he wins, Bridgette is one of the many contestants who switch to his side.

In The Aftermath: II, Bridgette talks about how sorry she feels for Owen after he breaks his jaw. Later in The Aftermath: III, Bridgette welcomes Owen when he walks to the stage and for most of the episode she tries to protect Owen from Geoff, who tries to make Owen lie by having him play "Truth or Electrocution". After Bridgette and Geoff break up, Owen forwards all her comments to him, as she doesn't want to talk to Geoff herself. Near the end of the episode, Owen helps Bridgette, Leshawna, and Heather to strap Geoff in the electric chair in order to make him realize the error of his ways. When Geoff finally admits his true feelings for Bridgette, Owen is touched by their reunion, saying that the two of them "share a spark."

In Hawaiian Style, Owen is annoyed when Bridgette forces him, Justin, Eva, and Leshawna to support Heather in the finals alongside Blaineley. Later on when Blaineley is chosen to be Heather's helper, Bridgette asks Owen to help her out due to Blaineley's injured state, since he's a nice guy, which he reluctantly complies.

Chef Hatchet

Owen pancakes

Chef dumps a pile of pancakes on Owen after getting angered by him, much to his enjoyment.

Owen is the only camper to appreciate Chef Hatchet's horrible cooking. Chef even acknowledges this in the confessional in The Very Last Episode, Really!, when he states, "at least somebody's appreciative." Despite this, Chef is mostly annoyed by Owen. A subplot between them occurs in Total Drama Action when Chef throws throws a huge book at Owen's face in Masters of Disasters, breaking his jaw and sending Owen to the hospital. Chef doesn't seem to care about Owen's injuries and is even more annoyed that he has to serve Owen blended puree in the next episode.


Bro hug

Owen hugs Chris when he welcomes him to the island.

Owen's positive attitude toward challenges seems to make Owen and Chris good friends. However, there are times when Owen, like most contestants, dislikes Chris while Chris on the other hand, is occasionally disgusted with Owen's weird habits. In Total Drama Action, Chris offers Owen 50,000 dollars (to pay off his family's debt) to come back to the competition so he could cause drama and mayhem between the remaining castmates. Owen reluctantly follow Chris's orders and stirs trouble after his return. However, in the end, Chris fires him after he is unmasked by Courtney and Beth.


Cody and owen run towards lake from the dock

Cody and Owen running on the dock.

Owen and Cody are considered good friends and are often seen together. In The Big Sleep, after trying to stay awake for most of the challenge, Cody finally falls asleep after Chris begins to tell the contestants a long story. Unbeknownst him, Cody had place his head on Owen's butt and didn't realize it until Owen farts. Cody immediately wakes up and begin choking from the foul stench. In Not Quite Famous, Cody and Owen are running on the dock and do a cannon ball splash together, however, Owen blames Cody angrily after Trent scolds them for splashing Gwen. In Up the Creek, Owen makes an off screen bet with Cody that if Cody is able to get a bra from Gwen, Owen will do Cody's dishes for the rest of the competition. By the end of the episode, Cody accomplishes his task and teases Owen for losing the bet.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Owen admits in the confessional that he is voting for Cody as he believes that Cody cost them challenge and is no longer useful anymore because of his injuries. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Cody is one of the very few people to stick with Gwen's side to the end because of his huge crush on her. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Owen, Cody, DJ, and Tyler form an all-male alliance with each other to find the million dollars. While the group mostly get along well, they immediately distrust each other after they find the case, believing that one of them will claim the prize for their own.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Owen and Cody end up on the same ice float. When the two fall off the float, Owen urinates in the water, disgusting Cody, who tries to swim away. Moments later, a polar bear attacks them and the two hold onto each other out of fear and back up to the opposite side of the float until both are saved by Sierra. In Greece's Pieces, Cody attempts to tackle Owen during the wrestling match but Owen easily deflects him using his belly and sends Cody away from the arena. In Hawaiian Style, Owen, like most of the contestants, chooses to support Cody for the finale as "he's the only non-evil person left." Unfortunately, Bridgette later transfer him, Justin, Leshawna and Eva to be on Team Heather instead much to Owen's frustration. In Hawaiian Punch, Owen glares at Alejandro after knocking Cody into the water in the tie-breaker.



Courtney trying to pull Owen and Izzy out of the plane.

Upon Courtney's arrival to the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Owen happily greets her. When Owen reaches the finale, Courtney is among those who supported him before he reveals his plan with the prize money. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, after getting caught in her hot air balloon, Courtney threaten to drop Owen and his team if they do not give her the briefcase containing the million dollars. Owen and his team refuses however.

In her first episode on Total Drama Action, Courtney immediately takes control of the Killer Grips and her controlling personality irks everyone on her team, to the point everyone tries to vote for her, even when Chris warned them that she had immunity. Thus, her sole vote to eliminate Owen is the only one that could be counted, as she apparently blames him for their team's loss. Before he leaves, the Grips demands a speech from Owen and even though Courtney protests, Chris allows since there is nothing in Courtney's contract forbidding him from doing so.

In The Aftermath: III, Owen says that he doesn't harbor any grudge against Courtney for her getting him eliminated, much to Geoff's annoyance. Owen later returns to the show in Rock n' Rule, which angers Courtney. At the elimination ceremony, Owen votes for Courtney even though she had invincibility, proving he was still a little sore about what she did to him (despite what he said in the aforementioned episode) and doesn't want to vote anyone else off.

By Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Owen has forgiven Courtney, since he refuses to sabotage her and Beth despite Chris's orders that he must sabotage at least one of the other contestants during the challenge. When Courtney sees Owen helping Duncan and Harold before the challenge, she calls him and asks he say the strategy of the boys. Courtney pinches his cheek gratefully. She also mentions in the confessional that Owen is very useful and even thought to include him in her girls' alliance with Beth.

In Top Dog, Courtney and Beth discover Owen's work as a traitor from Courtney's lawyers heeding Harold's warning. They try to confront him but Owen is protected by the bear he is partnered with. During the elimination ceremony, Courtney votes him off and calls him a traitor in the process.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, when Owen and Izzy get crushed by the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Courtney tries to pull them out. In Greece's Pieces, Owen places his foot on Courtney and Sierra once they knocked each other out, allowing his team to win. In Niagara Brawls as the contestants fall into the sea, Owen tries warning them of an incoming waterfall but Courtney ignorantly doesn't listen. In Hawaiian Style, Courtney is annoyed she was introduced together with Owen and "jerkface." She also taunts Owen during I'm Winning This.



DJ calms Owen down in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

Despite their rough past in Paintball Deer Hunter in which Owen deliberately mocks DJ during the challenge and DJ retaliates by throwing him off the cliff, the two of them get along when all the boys move to the same cabin. When Owen reaches the finale, DJ initially sides against him until he and a few others accept Owen's offer. In Total Drama Action, Owen is shocked to find out that not only DJ is willing to quit the show, he is also the one who cooked the contestants dishes for the past few days. Owen begs DJ not to leave even after DJ enters the Lame-o-sine.


In French is an Eiffel Language, Don tells Owen and Noah that they broke the rules, as Noah rode on Owen rather than a giant cheese wheel. Owen tries to point out that since the cheese was inside of him, technically Noah still rode on it. However, Don does not accept this excuse and slaps a twenty minute penalty on them.



Duncan claims he caught an animal, referring to Owen.

Despite their contrasting personalities, Duncan and Owen are shown to be good friends over the course of the series. Although there are times Duncan is shown to be annoyed by Owen's weird habit, Duncan doesn't seem to hold any real animosity toward him. The two of them support each other when one of them reaches the final two of a season. In Total Drama World Tour, Owen and Duncan become teammates following Duncan's return. Duncan becomes Owen's closest ally following Noah's elimination and Tyler allies with Alejandro. Taking Noah's warning into consideration as well as his own distrust towards Alejandro, Duncan warns Owen not to trust Alejandro. When Owen was eliminated in Niagara Brawls, he bids his friend farewell and show sadness for his absence as he had no more allies left in the competition.

Emma and Kitty


Owen attempting to be friendly to the Sisters.

During The Ridonculous Race, Owen and Noah find themselves allying with the Sisters after they help the girls reach first place in Hello and Dubai. Though Emma doesn't fully trust them and is only using their experience in reality shows to get further in the game, Kitty genuinely likes the two. In addition of helping each other to get further into the race, Owen and Kitty are aware of the growing feelings between their respective teammates and try many ways to pair the two together.


In No Pain, No Game, Owen chants along with others to persuade Bridgette to pick Eva to battle Sasquatchanakwa. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, when Owen sees a wooden head sculpture of Eva, he shrieks. Eva is one of the very few people to choose Gwen's side in The Very Last Episode, Really! even when Owen announces of the party that he is going to throw if he wins. She is shown to cringe in shock when Owen kisses Izzy's hand in Total Drama Drama Drama Island.



Owen realizes that the "mummy" isn't Izzy.

Ezekiel is one of the ten campers who first takes Owen's side in The Very Last Episode, Really!. In his ending, Owen is seen holding him, along with Harold, under his arms. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Owen mistakes the wrapped Ezekiel for Izzy and almost kiss him until Noah points out that the mummy wasn't Izzy, prompts Owen to flee from Ezekiel. After Izzy exits the pyramid with Ezekiel, he sarcastically thanks Owen and Noah for leaving him behind. In an exclusive clip for Newf Kids on the Rock, while Owen searches through a pot, he finds Ezekiel and becomes terrified seeing him in there. The two exchange screams towards each other till Owen slams the lid on top of Ezekiel. In I See London..., Owen is shocked to see that Ezekiel (who was dressed as Jack the Ripper at the time) kidnaps Noah and send a pack of corgis to attack him. After trapping Ezekiel in a burlap sack, Owen farts at him.



Geoff and Owen high five.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Owen, Geoff, Duncan, and DJ form an alliance. In That's Off the Chain!, Owen hugs Geoff after his sad reaction to Bridgette's elimination. In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Geoff high-fives Owen after he finds paper towels, and in the next episode Owen surprisingly votes Geoff off, though mostly from Heather's influence. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Geoff is one of the original ten eliminated campers to take Owen's side instead of Gwen's. In Monster Cash, Geoff is one of the many people to gush over Owen eating a whole buffet of foam core and sawdust. Geoff then sees Owen as more than just a party dude, but actually a pretty stand-up guy. In The Aftermath: III, after Geoff's fame has gotten to his head, Owen says that he has turned kind of mean now. As part of Bridgette's plan, Owen, Leshawna and Heather place Geoff on the electric chair and make him see the error of his ways. Right before the show is over, Owen accidentally electrocutes Geoff. In the exclusive clip, Owen talks about how Geoff finally returns to his old self but accidentally bumps into the stretcher Geoff is on, sending him crashing off-screen. In French is an Eiffel Language, Owen admires Geoff and Brody's friendship and wishes he would have a similar friendship to that with Noah.


Owen and Gwen

Gwen comforts Owen after his relationship with Izzy had ended.

Gwen is one of the many campers to like Owen and calls him, Cody, Bridgette, DJ, and Leshawna one of the few only sane people around. During Total Drama Island, Gwen is constantly annoyed by Owen, but is still able to become friends with him. Owen appears to be a little attracted to Gwen as he calls her a "hottie" many times in the series. The two of them will eventually team up to eliminate a common enemy in order to reach the final two of season one. They have limited interaction in the next two seasons as they are on different teams both times.


Buddies H&O

Harold puts his arm around Owen in I'm Winning This.

Owen and Harold's interactions are limited in Total Drama Island, due to being on different teams and Harold's early elimination. However, there are several indications of friendship between the two. In Total Drama Action their friendship becomes much more evident, with both of them making it past the merge. However, their friendship gets challenged when Owen is hired by Chris to become a mole, and Harold discovers the truth, which leads to the latter getting eliminated. Although, Harold doesn't appear to hold this against Owen in the next season.


TDI Heather and Owen 3

Heather intimidates Owen in X-Treme Torture.

Before Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Owen likes Heather, despite everyone else hating her and Heather insulting him several times. However, Owen eventually grows to hate Heather after she insults Izzy, whom Owen has feelings for, even causing him to swear at Heather. This leads to Owen team up with Heather's sworn enemy, Gwen, in order to get rid of her. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Heather is one of the ten original campers who take Owen's side, although it is only because of Heather's dislike of Gwen, which outmatches her dislike of Owen by far. In the next two seasons, their conflict has subsided as they were on different teams though Owen still retain his dislike for her. When Heather reaches the final three in Total Drama World Tour, Owen initially sided against her but is transfer to Team Heather by Bridgette much to his annoyance. Despite this, Owen cheers for Heather after she defeats Alejandro in her ending.


Owen izzy tdwt theme song

Owen and Izzy appear together in the Total Drama World Tour opening sequence.

Owen and Izzy have an on-and-off relationship throughout the series. The two of them bond early in the first season and become a couple not long afterwards. Although their relationship is put on a hold immediately after an incident involving Owen running from the Psycho Killer (actually Chef in disguise) and pushing Izzy towards him, by the end of Total Drama Island, Izzy has forgiven Owen and the two of them continue their relationship. For most of Total Drama Action, the relationship, while not as bad as other couples, is slightly strained due to Izzy's increasing odd habits and insisting to be called by other names. Nevertheless, they are considered the most stable couple of the season, being the only one that didn't break up. This however doesn't last however as in Total Drama World Tour, while the couple started off strong, Owen started to feel tired of Izzy's antics and plans to break up with her in Jamaica Me Sweat. Before he could do this however, Izzy suffers a blow to the head and becomes a super genius known as "Brainzilla." Feeling that they are incompatible, Izzy breaks up with Owen and leaves the competition. With Izzy's departure and the end of their relationship, Owen is left devastated and sings a song about his feelings for her and his regrets of letting her go. The status of their relationship is left ambiguous as Izzy returns to her usual persona in the next episode and they had not talked to each other since.


In Lord of the Ring Toss, when the Reality TV Pros and Ice Dancers share the same plane to the Arctic Circle, Owen suffers from another panic attack from his phobia and Josee makes it worse by stating that the chances of them crashing is high, in order to mess with his mind.


What a pants!

Owen admires Justin's new pants.

Despite his relationship with Izzy, Owen is among the few male characters who is charmed by Justin's good looks, a trait that sometimes disturb the other contestants whenever he is gushing over him. While Justin has no problem in manipulating the girls into doing his dirty works, his friendship with Owen seems to be genuine, being somewhat patient with his weird habits. Justin initially sided with Gwen during the finalist of Total Drama Island but switches to Owen's side when the latter declare that he will throw a yacht party if he wins.

In Total Drama Action, Owen apparently joins Justin's alliance, although he does not take it seriously and does not actively help him out, unlike Beth and Lindsay. He is also oblivious of Justin's antagonistic behaviour for most of the season. When Owen is eliminated in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Justin, Lindsay and Beth demands that he give a farewell speech and after he finishes, Justin gives Owen his Gilded Chris Award.

Katie and Sadie

In Haute Camp-ture, both Katie and Sadie vote for Owen to win because he was so much fun, but add they thought he was a little mean in the Dodgebrawl challenge. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, they are two of the six campers to switch from Gwen's side to his after he announces that he will throw an awesome party if he wins the $100,000. They both cheer for Owen when Chris congratulates him on winning the $100,000 in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.


In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, while waiting for the elevator to arrive, Owen compliments Leonard on his cloak. However, when Leonard claims his cloak has magic powers and unsuccessfully attempts to prove that he is invisible, Owen is slightly weirded out and openly shies away from him.



Leshawna and Owen compete in an "eat-off" during Brunch of Disgustingness.

After the Gophers win the first challenge of the season in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Owen and Noah join Leshawna in her victory dance. In the next episode, she defends Owen after Heather insults him. In Dodgebrawl, Owen and Leshawna high-five each other when she throws the ball at Harold. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Leshawna, Beth and Lindsay are grossed out by Owen when he uses his urine to hide his scent. In X-Treme Torture, Owen and Leshawna high-five each other when they hear Lindsay collected a flag, before Leshawna realizes Owen's hand is sticky from marshmallows, grossing her out. At the end of the episode when the guys think Harold saw Leshawna's breasts, Owen asks her if they could see hers, to which Leshawna laughs and declines.

In Monster Cash Leshawna is one of the many people to gush over Owen eating a whole buffet of foam core and sawdust. She is worried about him when he breaks his jaw, and glares at Chris for not helping. Leshawna is seen fanning Owen with a leaf to make him feel better in Full Metal Drama.



Owen hugs Lindsay upon his return to the game.

Near the end of Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Lindsay smiles when Owen hugs her, albeit naked. At the end of That's Off the Chain!, Owen is upset and on the verge of tears when Lindsay tells him and DJ she didn't get her Christmas wish of a bike from Santa. Owen seems very upset with Lindsay going home. Seeing Owen's face, Lindsay hugs him and states that she will miss Owen the most and Owen sadly said goodbye to Lindsay on her way to the Boat of Losers and pulls her into a bone-crushing hug. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Lindsay reluctantly switches to Owen's side to win over Gwen after he mentions his party would be on a yacht.

In Total Drama Action, Lindsay mispronounces Owen's name several times, calling him "Omar". Lindsay is worried about Owen when he breaks his jaw in Masters of Disasters. She, along with Beth and Justin demand a speech from Owen after Courtney got him eliminated, after his speech she yells that they love him and they all give him their Gilded Chris. In the next episode, she is sad that Owen is gone. In Rock n' Rule, when Owen returns, he gives her a hug. When Lindsay is voted off, Owen waves goodbye to her as she enters the Lame-o-sine.

MacArthur and Sanders

In Little Bull on the Prairie, after Owen lets off a massive wave of flatulence after eating a pot of beans, MacArthur is impressed by Owen's feat, while Sanders wears a gas mask.

Mr. Coconut

When Owen is separated from the other campers for eleven minutes in Camp Castaways, he becomes delusional and befriends with a coconut whom he names "Mr. Coconut." Owen carries Mr. Coconut with him throughout the episode even after he is reunited with the others. During the elimination ceremony, Chris decides to "eliminate" Mr. Coconut for the sake of Owen's sanity. Shocked that his friend is eliminated, Owen tries to hold onto Mr. Coconut but Chris manages to grab the coconut and throws it into the lake. Before the credits roll, a devastated Owen mourns the loss of his friend and say, "Don't worry Mr. Coconut, I shall never let go!"


Noah owen hug bridgette cuddle

Owen hugs Noah in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better.

Although Owen and Noah are placed on the Screaming Gophers during Total Drama Island, their interactions are minimal due to Noah's short stay on the island. However, the two form a great camaraderie during Total Drama World Tour as friends and buddies, protecting one another while on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. For most, Noah tends to be patience over Owen's odd antics and will reply his silly comments with sarcastic yet humorous replies. Over time, Noah warms up to Owen, and becomes accustomed to his antics. After Noah is eliminated, Owen is devastated and often mention missing his dear friend.

The two of them go on to participate in several reality shows together, before joining The Ridonculous Race; where they become known as the Reality TV Pros. The two of them fight hard, but are ultimately eliminated in Got Venom. Throughout the Race, Owen tries to help Noah in getting closer with Emma, even giving him some words of encouragement.


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Owen is disturbed when Sierra knew of the contestants' personal information. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, when Sierra is put on Owen's team, Owen and Sierra politely wave at each other.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Sierra converses with Izzy about Owen and states with Duncan gone, she and Owen have a chance of being the favorite Total Drama couple on one of her fan sites. Izzy then mentions how Owen is magical and that his nose whistles the national anthem. Sierra promptly looks over at Owen who indeed is breathing the anthem, before she comments "super cute".

Greece owen sierra choking

Sierra chokes Owen when Cody bounces off Owen's stomach.

In Greece's Pieces, Cody charges at Owen during the wrestling match, but is bounced off his stomach and is sent flying into the air. This provokes Sierra, causing her to wrap her legs around Owen's neck and suffocate him. After Sierra and Courtney knock out each other, Owen places his foot on them, claiming the victory for his team.

In Niagara Brawls, Sierra angrily kicks Owen's leg while she is fighting with Blaineley. At the end of the episode, Sierra agrees to help Alejandro to vote Owen after he acted as "witness" to her marriage with Cody. In Hawaiian Style, Owen explains that the reason Cody is unable to fend off Sierra is because she is being persistent.



Owen and Trent in Beach Blanket Bogus.

Owen is one of Trent's closer friends since Total Drama Island. Notably, Trent is among the most patient person with Owen's odd antics, rarely scolding him. Despite their friendship, Trent is among those who sided with Gwen over Owen during the finale, due to Trent's relationship with Gwen. In Total Drama Action, Trent chooses Owen to be on his team, seeing his past accomplishment as a finalist will be beneficial. Their friendship is slightly strained in the season due to Owen finding out from Gwen that Trent has been throwing challenges to the other team. In addition, Owen indirectly plays a role in ruining Trent's relationship with Gwen as Owen was the one who told Trent that "girls like winning", leading to Trent into throwing challenges.


In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Tyler is one of the original ten campers who takes Owen's side before he announces what he would do with the money if he wins. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, he, Owen, Cody, and DJ form an all-male alliance with each other.

On the first episode of Total Drama World Tour, they were both placed on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot; both also were displeased with Sierra's choice of the team name. In Broadway, Baby!, Owen pulls a battered Tyler out of the water. In Greece's Pieces, Tyler glares angrily at Owen for talking in his sleep. Later on Owen repeatedly high-fives Tyler while chanting "gold" after seeing how well Alejandro is performing in the hurdles race. In The EX-Files, after Owen is captured by Area 51 security system, Tyler desperately attempts to rescue him, even climbing an electric fence to do so (oblivious that the actual entrance is nearby) and attempts to break the door to the machine Owen is in with his bare hands.



One of Owen's sabotages during his alliance with Chris.

In The Aftermath: III, Owen finds out that his family were bankrupt as his mother had bought a very expensive cheese cellar. Chris agrees to help out in his financial problem by bringing Owen back into the competition to sabotage the other contestants' challenges in order to stir up more drama. Initially, Owen is reluctant and guilty of his actions, but he starts to enjoy it over time. When Harold finds out about Owen's role in 2008: A Space Owen, he is furious and calls him a "traitor", but is voted out before he can tell the others. Eventually, Courtney and Beth also discover his status as a traitor from Courtney's lawyers in Top Dog. With almost everyone in the competition (except Duncan) finding out his secret, Chris fires Owen. While his actions had strained his relationship with several contestants, this issue has not been brought up again. It is also unknown whether or not Chris kept his side of the bargain by paying Owen $50,000.

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