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Shawn's paranoia leads him to constantly mistake others for zombies.

While Shawn is generally quite nice to others, his paranoia makes him easily suspicious of them, as shown how he refuses to sleep near his team out of fear they would turn into zombies while he's asleep. However his survival skills have also proven to be quite resourceful to his team, and they come to respect him over time. Early on his fear of the undead caused him to be extremely cowardly, and he would abandon all of his friends without a second's hesitation. This changes after his cowardice costs him his relationship with Jasmine, which lets him learn that there is more to life than ensuring his own survival against the zombie apocalypse. Following this incident he becomes more selfless and will be more willing to protect others from danger in addition to himself.


In A Blast from the Past, Shawn sees Amy emerge from the lake covered in vegetation in the middle of the night. Mistaking her for a zombie, Shawn flees in terror.

Chef Hatchet

Shawn and Chef

Chef apprehends Shawn in A Blast from the Past.

In A Blast from the Past, when Shawn is absent during the challenge, Chris sends Chef to find Shawn. Unknown to everyone, Shawn has become hysteric the night before after seeing what he thought to be a zombie and covered himself in garbage to protect himself. Eventually, Chef finds Shawn walking like a zombie and starts chasing him after. Shawn mistaken him for a zombie and runs away in fear. However, upon hearing Chef speak English, Shawn realizes he isn't a zombie and tries to warn him about the zombie apocalypse adding that they can hide behind the waterfall he found, but when he looks back it has disappeared, wondering where it went. Chef dismisses it as Shawn "hallucinating from the stink" before tossing him into the back of his jeep. He later throws him harshly onto the dock.


Jasmine, Shawn and Chris

Chris scaring Shawn with a zombie mask.

In the opening sequence, when Shawn and Jasmine are gazing at each other, Chris interrupts their moment by coming between them while wearing a zombie mask, which scares Shawn away, making Chris laugh. In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Chris compliments Shawn's ability to blow boogers, but then mocks him by pointing out he didn't complete the challenge correctly resulting in Chris shocking him and his team.

In A Blast from the Past, after everyone (especially Jasmine) notices Shawn is not present, Chris speculates he may have gotten lost on the crazy island. Chris also gleefully announces that if Shawn doesn't show up before the challenge ends he will automatically be eliminated. After Chef brings Shawn back, under the belief that the island is under attack by zombies, he angrily calls Chris a "crazy man" for commentating on the game at a time like this.

In Scarlett Fever, Shawn, along with the rest of the competitors, is unhappy with Chris lying to them about the island and leaving them to die. When Jasmine and Shawn accidentally release the robot animals, Chris makes sure Sky and Sugar know that it was the couple's fault. Shawn also single-handedly destroys an army of Chris Promo Bots, something Chris berates him for when he sees what Shawn has done.

In Sky Fall, Chris is delighted by seeing Shawn get eaten by a crocodile robot, but becomes disappointed when Shawn busts out from the inside.

In Pahk'd With Talent, Chris announces Shawn's idea of finding a document confirming the existence of a zombie virus, stating it came from Shawn's "twisted uneaten brain". However, he rejects the idea which causes Shawn to go into a conspiracy rant before Chris cuts him off. During the final challenge, Chris loves Shawn's talent of armpit farting and calls it a musical piece. He then cries before giving him a top score of nine.

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Chris mocks Shawn several times before the challenge begins, which includes throwing a coin into his eye. He also probes at Shawn's reluctance to share the prize money with Jasmine. He eventually strains Shawn's relationship by showing Jasmine his past confessionals on how he feels about splitting the prize money with Jasmine, and footage of him insulting Jasmine's idea to spend the money.



Shawn is frightened that Dave has to kiss him I Love You, I Love You Knots.

Although Dave initially viewed Shawn to be weird like the rest of his team, while Shawn refused to get too close to others in case they become zombies, the two of them eventually get along. After a while, Shawn notices that his friend is slowly beginning to lose his mind while trying to win Sky's heart and does all he can to make sure Dave doesn't go insane. However, he has little success. Eventually, Dave loses his sanity after Sky rejects him and finding out that she already has a boyfriend, which also ruins his friendship with Shawn as seen in the finale.


In Twinning Isn't Everything, Ella is grateful for Shawn for bringing the team some food and she shows her gratitude by singing a song, only for Sugar to interrupt her. Annoyed by her singing, Shawn politely sends her away to go sing to the opposing team. In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Shawn and Dave hold an enraged Sugar back when she tries to attack Ella. In A Blast from the Past, Ella cheers for Shawn along with the rest of their team after he wins the challenge for the Waneyihtam Maskwak.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Shawn runs into Ella looking for Sky (as Dave prepared a romantic picnic for her). However, Ella who has become attracted to Dave since the previous episode, is also looking for him and asks Shawn about his whereabouts. Shawn tells her Dave's location and that he is waiting for his love, but doesn't specify who he is waiting for which leads Ella to misunderstand that Dave is waiting for her.



Jasmine and Shawn share their first kiss in Scarlett Fever.

Very early on, Shawn and Jasmine take a liking to one another. However, Shawn is at first hesitant about forming a relationship, out of fear that she would turn into a zombie. His cowardice later proves costly, when he strikes Jasmine after mistaking her for a zombie, making her lose faith in him. She spends the next few episodes giving him the cold shoulder, while Shawn vainly tries to make amends. He finally manages to regain her trust after saving her in Hurl and Go Seek, and Jasmine forgives him and they start an official relationship. A few episodes later, the two discuss sharing the prize money, which Shawn reluctantly agrees to, due to needing the money to build his dream zombie bunker. After Jasmine is eliminated, Shawn spends most of his time mourning her loss, but is also relieved he can now keep the prize money all for himself. Once Shawn reaches the finale, Jasmine is randomly selected to be his helper. After seeing how helpful she is, Shawn rethinks keeping the prize money for himself. However, Chris reveals his past confessions, making Jasmine mad at him and determined to keep him (along with Sky, with the help of Dave) from winning. Despite this, Jasmine is still worried about Shawn's well-being. In the end, whether Shawn or Sky wins, Jasmine forgives Shawn and the two of them leave Pahkitew Island as a couple.


In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Shawn, along with most of the team, supports Leonard's idea to build a Wizard's tower and cheers for him. In I Love You, Grease Pig!, Leonard is impressed by Shawn's ability to forage for food and states he would make a great "kitchen wizard". Shawn is unsure of what to make of this and awkwardly thanks him. 

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, as Shawn lists off all the competitors in order of physical ability, he adds at the end he would be fine with anyone other than Leonard.


In Twinning Isn't Everything, Shawn constructs a giant slingshot and fires two paint-filled balloons at Scarlett and Max, which hit them, covering them in paint. This angers Max and leads him to shout "Revenge!" When Dave tells him that someone had bursted Sky's balloons, Shawn doubts it was Max, seeing how incompetent he is.


While on the zeppelin in So, Uh This Is My Team?, Rodney overhears Scarlett's explanation of the velocity and comments to Shawn that Scarlett has some "serious brains"; however, Shawn mishears the word "brains" and immediately becomes paranoid by shielding his own brain in fear, which baffles Rodney.


Jasmine,Shawn and Samey

Shawn educates Samey of the Manchineel fruit's toxicity in I Love You, Grease Pig!

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, whilst Jasmine and Samey are foraging for food, Jasmine stops Samey from eating a poisonous apple. Shawn overhears this and explains to Samey that the apple is a deadly poisonous Manchineel fruit. After Samey's hand begins to blister, Shawn gives her advice on how to treat it. Samey will eventually use this information to get back at her sister in the future.

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Shawn once again approaches Jasmine and Samey during their usual morning foraging. As Shawn and Jasmine stare dreamily at each other, Samey leaves the two of them in private.


In Scarlett Fever, Scarlett lures Shawn and the other contestants to a room filled with Chris Promo-bots to prevent them from interfering with her plan to blackmail Chris into surrendering the million dollars to her. However, Shawn manages to destroy all of her robots after believing that they are zombies.


Be careful what you say Shawn

Sky mocks Shawn for blabbing in the confessional during Lies, Cries and One Big Prize.

Although Shawn and Sky normally get along, Shawn's paranoia of zombies prevent him from spending any quality time with his team as he believes that they might turn into zombies and eat his brains. Once they reach the semi-finals, the two of them become rivals for the million dollars, spending most of their time trading insults to each other. In the end, the two of them reach the finale and they continue to insult each other and their opponent's helpers. Despite their rivalry in both episodes, the two of them depart the season with Jasmine on friendly terms.


Shawn and Sugar initially showed no hostility to one another. Sugar appears to respect Shawn's leadership, while Shawn is usually nice to her, though is disgusted by her sometimes. They eventually develop disdain for each other however.

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, Shawn instructs Sugar to take the last place due to her pig handling skills. While she agrees with his decision, she instead insists the "wizard" should take her place. In Twinning Isn't Everything, Sugar tackles Shawn to the ground cheerfully when he brings food back to the cave, much to his annoyance.


"Yeah, you scare me quite a bit for a living person."

- Shawn

First signs of a possible conflict emerge in This Is The Pits!, where Sugar offers Shawn to form an alliance with her to counter Dave and Sky, but he's weirded out by her idea and declares in the confessional that he'd rather be eaten by a zombie. He is also disgusted by her actions throughout the episode. In Three Zones and A Baby, Shawn sends Sugar back to fetch the baby she had left behind. After doing so she intentionally awakens a rattlesnake, causing it to bite a lion, before it gets eaten. Shawn is disturbed by this, and states that for a living person she really scares him. In Scarlett Fever, Shawn congratulates Sugar for defeating Scarlett.

In Pahk'd With Talent, when they reach the final three with Sky, the three of them try their best to win in order to get one of them eliminated. When it comes to Sugar's challenge, Sugar taunts Shawn and Sky that they are "gonna get Sugar-ed bad," since they have no experience in talent shows while she does. After witnessing his performance, Sugar believes Shawn will get low points but is shock that the judges give him full points. During her own performance, Sugar labels Shawn "Zombie Freak".

In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, when Chris mentions how the previously-eliminated contestants will be selected as Shawn and Sky's helpers, they cringe in disgust when the monitor stops on a picture of Sugar posing.


During the challenge in I Love You, Grease Pig!, after Topher witnesses Shawn falling off the cliff, he smugly states that he has learned from Shawn's mistake. In Three Zones and A Baby, Topher provides commentary on Shawn's failure to woo Jasmine.

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