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Sugar's gross habits often causes others to view her with disgust or shock.

Living in the world of pageantry, Sugar has developed a sense of confidence and determination used to win pageants. However, her fellow contestants can see her as very abrasive, especially to those who she despises. Also, due to her weird and disgusting habits, the other contestants see her as very gross and appalling. She is also very manipulative, and told many lies throughout the season.


Sugar has had a fair few interactions with bears over the course of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, especially a robot bear named Scuba Bear.

Chuk it up!

Sugar makes the bear regurgitate its stomach in order to get the monkey back.

In A Blast from the Past, while Sugar is fighting Samey, Scuba Bear emerges to attack the two of them, and shoves Sugar into the water.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Team Maskwak's monkey (which had the coin the team needed) gets eaten by a bear, so Sugar uses the Heimlich maneuver to make the bear regurgitate the monkey and the coin.

In This Is The Pits!, Waneyihtam Maskwak ventures into a gem cave belonging to Scuba Bear (as Bling Bear), to which Sugar "helps" her team escape by knocking them all into the water, where the bear doesn't follow.


"Back off furball! This ain't dinner for two!"

- Sugar

In Three Zones and A Baby, Scuba Bear (as Pasta Bear) attacks Sugar, but she viciously punches it in the stomach.

In Sky Fall, Sugar and Sky come across a whole cave full of sleeping robot bears. When Chris awakens them and the bears attack, Sugar uses the gas she had been building up in her gut to release a fart so powerful, it destroys every single robot bear.

In Pahk'd With Talent, Scuba Bear serves as a judge for the talent show, where Sugar's talent is singing. However her terrible singing hitting a falsetto causes Scuba Bear to malfunction, and eventually his head to explode.


Both Beardo and Sugar are placed on the Waneyihtam Maskwak at the beginning of the season. In So, Uh This Is My Team?, when Sugar decides to take a rest, Beardo makes a farting sound the moment she sat down. This greatly embarrassed Sugar and tries to defend herself. At the Campfire Ceremony, Sugar angrily glares at Beardo after discovering he made the farting sounds.


For most of the season, Chris views Sugar as one of the most disgusting contestants in the series. However, Chris will regularly side with Sugar during her conflict with Ella due to his hatred for the latter's singing, and to amp up drama. In So, Uh This Is My Team?, when Sugar attempts to convince her team that she did not fart, Chris yells at her for interrupting him, calling her "Fart Monster."

In I Love You, I Love You Knots, after Clucky shocked Rodney and his team for lying about Sugar being the most attractive female contestant, Sugar angrily tells Chris to "fix his chicken," believing what Rodney says to be the truth. Later, Chris was disgusted during Sugar's dare after she ate the tarantula that she was supposed to pet. However, he gives her a point for doing so.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, she hugs the vending machine and licks it. Chris tells her to go do the challenge and she becomes irritated.


Sugar demands Chris to give her more Juggy Chunks.

In Hurl and Go Seek, when Sugar begins to reminiscence on how she remembers the Juggy Chunk commercial, Chris sarcastically tells her to "save it for her next TV show." Sugar actually believes this until Chris tells her that he is just lying. After the pre-challenge and Sugar had drunk all of the remaining Juggy Chunks (despite Chris telling her she no longer needed to), Sugar holds out a jug and demands for more. Chris finally admits to Sugar that she is freaking him out. Furious that there are no more Juggy Chunks, Sugar shoves the jug very hard on Chris. During the Campfire Ceremony, Chris angrily tells Sugar to "stop talking forever," when she interrupts his speech.

When Chris is explaining the challenge in Sky Fall, he is interrupted by Sugar eating a cabbage. Much to everyone's disgust, Sugar is trying to cure her constipation, meaning she needs to encourage her farting. After the challenge has ended, Chris quickly tells Jasmine to take the Cannon of Shame before Sugar farts. Later, Chris coughs heavily while trying to sign off the episode while Sugar is farting.

In Pahk'd With Talent, Sugar disagrees with Chris when he places her last in the hurdles challenge, stating she collected the most hurdles (which she had dragged along with her), but Chris tells her since it wasn't a scavenger hunt, no one really cared. In Shawn's challenge, Sugar continues to climb up the tree, ignoring Chris's attempts to tell her she needed to cross from tree to tree. As the tree starts to sway she pleads for Chris to help her, which leads him to amusingly say: "It's like she doesn't even know me." In the final challenge (a talent show which Sugar came up with), Chris eliminates Sugar on the spot due to outright despising her atrocious singing. As he's about to fire Sugar from the Cannon of Shame, Sugar once again protests his decision, to no avail. Sugar then tries to give a pageant departure speech, but Chris fires her mid-sentence.


Dave and Sugar are both placed on the Waneyihtam Maskwak at the beginning of the season. Sugar is one of the many members of his team Dave comes to hate, being disgusted by her repulsive habits, though is not as vocal towards her, fearing her aggressive behavior.

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Dave becomes annoyed that Ella grabbed glitter instead of something useful. Sugar agrees with him, but only because she believes that the glitter should be hers. Dave looks at her in disbelief.

Secon II

Dave is horrified when Sugar pukes on him in This Is The Pits!

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, Dave suggests that Sky should go last in the challenge because of her athletic prowess. However, Sugar insists that Leonard should go last instead and when Dave argues with her, Sugar gets close to him and angrily says "Two words: Wiz-ard." Dave, out of fear, agrees to have him go last. When Dave yells at Leonard for his "magic" not working, she tells Dave to give him a chance.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Dave asks Sugar to pass him the banana, which was going to be used to catch the monkey, but is dismayed to find out that Sugar had already ate it. Dave becomes disgusted with Sugar when she is performing the Heimlich Maneuver on the bear and later puts her hand down a monkey's throat for the coin.

In This Is The Pits!, Sugar spends most of the time trying to prevent Dave and Sky from bonding any further. Each time she saw them about to kiss, Sugar interrupts them; first by vomiting on Dave, and later burping in between them.


Sugar tries to cheer Dave up after Sky is swapped onto the opposing team.

In Three Zones and A Baby, Sugar attempts to cheer Dave, who remain depressed due to Sky being on the opposing team now.

In Hurl and Go Seek, Sugar finds Dave at the top of a tree and easily tags him after throwing Dave's shoe at him. Now following her, Sugar notices Dave's poor mood as a result of being rejected by Sky and uses this as her advantage. She persuades Dave to tell her of Sky's location in order to prevent her from winning the challenge. Dave accepts in an attempt to get Sky out of the game for breaking his heart.


Sugar's poem

Sugar rejects Ella's friendship poem in A Blast from the Past.

Early on, Sugar is shown to have a great dislike for Ella. Their one-sided conflict intensifies when they are both placed on the same team. Though Sugar downright despises her, Ella seems to sincerely like Sugar and thinks of Sugar as her friend. This adds on to Sugar's hatred of her, along with Ella's constant singing.


I win jaz

Sugar drops a tree on Jasmine in Sky Fall.

Jasmine and Sugar are not placed on the same team, and therefore do not interact often. Jasmine is usually seen to be shocked or disgusted by her actions, like abusing Ella or eating a tarantula. However, in Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine drops balloons on both Ella and Sugar, irritating her.

When Sugar is laughing at Ella's heart being broken, Jasmine, along with everyone else, glare at her for being unsympathetic to Ella's feelings in Mo Monkey Mo Problems.

In Sky Fall, both of them are the last two competing in the race for the third spot in the semi-finals. While trying to catch her breath, Sugar leans against a tree and accidentally causes it to fall onto Jasmine, greatly slowing her down. Sugar takes the opportunity to overtake Jasmine, laughing at her along the way, and reaches the finish line first, eliminating Jasmine.



Sugar is happy to have a wizard on her team.

Sugar believes Leonard is a real wizard, and holds a high degree of respect towards him. She often refers to him as "Mr. Wizard" and believes he can do anything. Her respect eventually turns into feelings of affection towards him. She will viciously defend any badmouthing of Leonard, especially from Dave.

Sugar agrees to all of his plans, believing that his "magical" powers would help the team win. She eagerly agrees to his idea to build a Wizard's Tower along with Ella and Beardo. She is shown flinching when the tower topples on top of him, and she holds no blame towards him despite the fact it was his fault for costing them the challenge. She is relieved when he is saved from elimination that night.

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, Sugar threatens Ella and tells her to stay away from Leonard. Before the challenge, Leonard attempts to lead his team, though Dave doesn't agree with his plan to which Sugar then threatens Dave to listen to him. During the last leg of the race, Leonard is unable to use his "magic" to complete the course. Sugar sees this and asks why his "magic" isn't working, and Leonard explains that it isn't working because someone doesn't have full trust in his magic. Later at the elimination ceremony, Sugar says she's definitely not going to vote off "The Wizard." Sugar is devastated that Leonard is eliminated (being the only person outside of Leonard to not vote for him), and as he is shot out of the Cannon of Shame, she tells him that she loves him.

In Three Zones and A Baby, Sugar tells Dave that Max is a genius, and says that they "shouldn't mess this up like they did with the wizard," showing that she still has faith that he was a strong player.

In Pahk'd With Talent, after Sugar is eliminated and blasted from the Cannon of Shame, she yells, "I'm coming wizard!"


Evil is so funny

Sugar laughs at her new teammate in Three Zones and A Baby.

When Chris announces that Max is required to switch teams with Sky This Is The Pits!, Sugar cries in the confessional and states that "their love was so beautiful," referring to Max's "relationship" with Scarlett.

In Three Zones and A Baby, Sugar finds Max hilarious and thinks that he is a real evil genius. Max, on the other hand, views Sugar as nothing more than an annoyance. Throughout the episode, Sugar finds Max adorable when he shows affection towards the baby he is taking care of. At one point, Max tries to ambush the other team by throwing pepper at them, but Sugar startles him, causing his plan to backfire when Chef hits him with his meatball bazooka. Sugar then attempts to free him by eating the spaghetti that binds him, to which Max tells her to hurry up.


In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Rodney must confess who he thinks is the most attractive girl on the island. He picks Sugar, after she says that she is obviously the most attractive girl, in hopes that no one will find out about his feelings for Amy, Jasmine, and Scarlett. When Ella and Rodney are facing off in the sudden death round, Sugar roots for him even though they are on opposing teams.



Sugar beating up Samey in A Blast from the Past.

In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Sugar, like most contestants, believes that Samey is the mean one instead of Amy and begins to bad-mouth her, not knowing that the twin that still remains in the competition is actually Samey disguising herself as her sister.

In A Blast from the Past, Samey and Sugar are put up against each other a few times in the challenge. To psych themselves up, they pretend that the other are their worst enemies (Amy for Samey and Ella for Sugar). Once they arm themselves, the two begin fighting each other, giving insults meant for the actual people they hate. Eventually, Sugar gains the upper hand on Samey but before she could finish her off, Scuba Bear appears and pushes her off the boardwalk.


In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Scarlett and Sugar first interact on their way to Pahkitew Island. Scarlett corrects Sugar saying that if she were to toss Topher out the window, that he would hit the ground in three minutes and six seconds, assuming that they are flying at the right speed and distance.

In This Is The Pits!, after Chris forces Max to switch teams in order to split Max and Scarlett apart, Sugar states in the confessional how she felt "their love was so beautiful", even crying as she speaks.

In Scarlett Fever, Scarlett attempts to take over the island and lures Sugar along with the rest of the contestants into a room full of Killer Chris Robots. Later after Scarlett is tricked into opening the door thanks to Sky's plan, Sugar tackles Scarlett and hogties her with her hair.


Shawn no like alliance

Shawn does not like the prospect of allying with Sugar in This Is The Pits!

Shawn and Sugar initially showed no hostility to one another. Sugar appeared to respect Shawn's leadership and Shawn was generally nice to her, save for sometimes being annoyed at her disgusting habits

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, Shawn tells Sugar to take the last leg of the race, but she gives it to Leonard instead. In Twinning Isn't Everything, Sugar tackles Shawn to the ground when he returns to the cave with some fruit.

In This Is The Pits!, Shawn declines Sugar's offer to form an alliance in order to break Sky and Dave apart. However, Shawn objects the idea of teaming up with Sugar and exclaims that he rather be eaten by a zombie in the confessional. In Three Zones and A Baby, after witnessing her sadistic behavior, he comments that she "scares him for a living person." In Pahk'd With Talent, both of them and Sky battle fiercely with each other. During her challenge, Sugar underestimates Shawn and believes that he has little to no chance of defeating her, but to her shock, the judges enjoyed his talent. In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Shawn cringes in disgusts when the monitor stops at a picture of Sugar posing.



Sky is less than delighted to team up with Sugar in Scarlett Fever.

Being placed on the same team, Sky and Sugar interact frequently. Though they are usually seen getting along, both have slowly grown a dislike for each other. Sugar does not like how close Sky is with Dave, and Sky is disgusted with Sugar's habits and also how she is always interrupting her time with Dave. Though they dislike each other, Sugar joins an alliance with Sky after the merge, which adds on to their dislike of each other. After Sugar betrays Sky, the conflict escalates and the two of them become rivals in getting the other eliminated in the final three, with Sky ultimately winning in outlasting Sugar.


Scuff my pageant shoes

An annoyed Sugar threatening Topher.

At the beginning of So, Uh This Is My Team?, Topher's persistence of trying to find where Chris is bothers Sugar so much that she slams him against the wall and threatens to throw him out the window.

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Sugar states in her confessional that Topher "is as wily as a hog with a library card. I wouldn't trust him any farther than I can throw my tractor, and that ain't more than 3 feet."

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