The contestants go digging through a beach for pieces of a statue from their world journey. A returned contestant plays a former flame for a fool with his malady; while two past villains fight for leadership of their team. Two contestants are nothing but a hindrance to their teams, while a new evil is unleashed within a kinder competitor. Ultimately, an acrobatic show-off gets the flush after his team loses due to his ineptitude.



Courtney becomes determined to win the next challenge and get into the McLean Spa Hotel.

The episode begins at the loser cabin where the Heroic Hamsters are asleep. Mike's personalities are active during Mike's sleep, as they discuss the return of an unnamed threat, which they all seem to fear. However they end their conversation when Mike awakens. Meanwhile, a mosquito is feeding on Sam, draining a large amount of his blood, causing him to grow pale. On the girls' side of the cabin, Sierra wakes Courtney up by taking a picture of her, much to the latter's chagrin. Meanwhile, at the McLean Spa Hotel, the Villainous Vultures, except Gwen, are seen enjoying their stay. Gwen still feels that she doesn't belong on the team. When Duncan questions her about her behavior, she covers up by saying she's wondering about Lightning's stay on Boney Island.


Lightning fights a Stymphalian Canadian goose for a fish.

The scene then changes to Boney Island, where Lightning is seen fishing. After successfully catching one, a Stymphalian Canadian goose grabs the fish, but Lightning manages to grab it back. Lightning then eats the fish raw, upsetting his stomach, and subsequently running to a large boulder to vomit. Back at the hotel, Jo comments that she hopes Lightning fails to find the McLean-Brand Chris Head, while she is given steak to eat and brings up the possibility of voting Lightning off. Scott likes the plan, and asks the Villains to throw the day's challenge to vote off Lightning, but Jo disagrees with the idea. He then comments about the luxuries of the hotel, mostly about the pillows. He complains about the pillows, back on the farm, being stuffed with live animals rather than feathers, and asks his team if they have ever had an animal from their pillow bite them in the middle of the night. Jo then orders him to be quiet so she can eat in peace.


Alejandro shows Heather that he can still walk, even with his legs asleep.

In a different room, Heather is watching Alejandro get a leg massage, courtesy of an intern. She angrily orders him to stop hogging the masseuse. He ignores her, saying that if he could feel the intern's arms, that they must be magical. Heather groans about Alejandro's legs still being asleep, while he says that he believes they'll never wake up, lifting up his head, revealing his to-be waxed eyebrows. The two then argue about how Heather is unable to text him in the robot suit, and she notices his eyebrows. Alejandro continues the argument, but Heather tears off the wax strips, causing Alejandro to scream with a shot of the spa. Heather states in the confessional that she believes that Alejandro is faking his legs being asleep, and that he simply wants sympathy. She claims that she won't fall for "him," but then quickly changes the word "him" into "it". Alejandro meanwhile makes a confessional right after, and asserts his feelings for Heather, and reminding the audience that he was trapped in the robot suit for a year. Chris then announces the start of the next challenge, and while Heather attempts to taunt Alejandro by bringing the baby carriage, he walks on his hands away from her, as Heather calls him a "show-off"


Sam is attacked by crabs after falling in the moat.

At the beach, Sam joins his team, feeling faint due to losing a large amount of blood. Meanwhile on the Vultures team, Gwen ignores Duncan's flirty comments directed towards her, while Lightning returns from Boney Island. Chris then announces that the contestants have to find seven 3D puzzle pieces that were buried under the sand, and assemble the pieces to form a landmark from one of the countries visited in Total Drama World Tour. Additionally, the contestants have to be careful of booby traps. Sam falls into a pit, and yells "Ahh! Crustaceans!", as crabs pinch him. As the winners of the previous challenge, the Vultures are rewarded shovels to aid them in the challenge while the Hamsters have to dig with their hands. Jo taps the sand around their platform with her shovel, causing it to collapse and reveal several traps. Meanwhile, Lightning shows off his skills, claiming he should use two shovels, one for each arm. This causes Heather to angrily hit him in the face with a shovel and take one


Heather and Jo fight over leadership of the team.

Once the challenge starts, Zoey forms a plan: the team should divide the beach into sections, and everyone choose a section. Courtney refuses, saying that they should divide the beach into quadrants, and each pick a quadrant. Cameron points out that Courtney's plan is the same as Zoey's, and Courtney says that they can use the plan that "Zoey and I" came up with. The team agrees, and gets to work. In the confessional, Courtney complains about all the "loving" on the team. She states that the show is called Total Drama, and not Total Friendship. On the other team, Heather and Jo once again argue over leadership of their team. Gwen, annoyed with both of them, continues to make remarks about their behavior. After triggering a trap, Cameron finds a hat which he gives to Mike, changing him into Manitoba Smith, whose treasure hunting skills allow them to find their first piece easily. The Vultures also find their first piece while Heather and Jo continue their struggle for power.


Alejandro charms Gwen, calling her "as wise" as her "skin is translucent".

An hour later, the challenge is still on. All contestants keep suffering various forms of mishaps, from triggering booby traps to falling into the pits of crabs, while looking for their pieces. Throughout the challenge, Lightning is busy admiring his body instead on focusing on the challenge while Sam keeps triggering trap after trap due to his drowsy state. Sierra, on the other hand, is seen digging in the exact same spot she started, resulting in a twenty-foot deep hole. She then explains to Cameron that she is pretending to find Cody. Heather is still trying to catch Alejandro in the act, believing he is faking leg injuries. After a while, she gives up, although Alejandro later reveals in the confessional that his legs are fine. Alejandro also charms a frustrated Gwen by saying that she is "as wise as her skin is translucent". In the confessional, Gwen acknowledges that Alejandro is evil, but still gushes over his eyes.

Maleficent one appears

A resting evil awakens within Mike.

At one point, Scott crosses over to the other team's area in an attempt to hide one of their pieces on his team's side of the beach. He digs up a piece, and takes it to his side. However, due to Cameron helping Mike become Manitoba Smith earlier, he is able to find the piece that Scott hid. While threatening Scott, Scott accidentally releases an angry swarm of bees from one of the traps. Scott, in a panic, hits Manitoba in the head with his shovel, knocking him out. The scene switches to the inside of Mike's head, where Manitoba has fallen down. The room, inside Mike's brain, contains a table, a few chairs and a portrait of Mike. Chester, Svetlana and Vito are playing Go Fish, and are surprised to see Manitoba. Manitoba warns the personalities of someone "coming", as they begin to panic. A fire lights up on Mike's portrait, burning it off, and revealing another unknown personality.

Lighting miscounted

Lightning miscounts the pieces of his team's sculpture.

The scene switches back to the beach, where the contestants are still gathering pieces. After all the pieces are seemingly gathered, both teams begin to assemble their statues. It is then revealed that both models (the Statue of Liberty for the Hamsters and Big Ben for the Vultures) are still missing one piece each. The Vultures scold Lightning, as he miscounts the number of pieces they have, calling it a conspiracy against him. The Hamsters manage to find their final piece, just before Jo collects her team's final piece. Zoey throws the torch from a distance, and it lands perfectly, completing their team's statue. Sam then volunteers to go to Boney Island to make up for his lack of digging skills. He also tries to say something else, but is cut off by Chef, who puts him on the boat to Boney Island. Gwen, once again, tries to apologize to Courtney, but she accidentally triggers a trap which launches a garbage bag at her. Gwen manages to deflect it with her shovel, but it ends up hitting Courtney, covering her in garbage. Chris then taunts her, stating that she is indeed on the right team, saddening her.


Lightning and Jo in the bottom two, before the former's elimination.

At the elimination ceremony, the Vultures decide who to vote for. Mike, in the Peanut Gallery, transforms into his evil personality, stating that one-by-one, all the contestants will fall. However, he quickly changes back when Zoey questions him. Mike, not knowing that he had switched personalities, says that nothing happened and he has been here the entire time. Chris gives Jo and Lightning their reasons for being in the bottom two; Lightning's stupidity in the challenge and Jo's "annoyingly pushy" campaign to get Lightning voted off. Upon hearing this, Lightning becomes angry at Jo. In the end, Jo receives the final marshmallow and Lightning is eliminated. As he is about to swear at Jo, Chris quickly activates the Flush of Shame, flushing Lightning away, stating that it is a family show.

Exclusive clip

Bruno and blaineley

Blaineley and Bruno hugging while their swan boat runs over Lightning in Paris.

Once Lightning manages to swim to the surface, he spots the Eiffel Tower and believes he is in Germany. A nearby mime tries to tell him to swim away, and Lightning, calling the mime a "German" mime, mistakes the mime's swimming gestures for wanting to show him his muscles. A swan boat, with Bruno and Blaineley hugging, appears and knocks Lightning out. The mime then leaves, annoyed, calling Lightning an "imbecile".


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Alex House Alejandro
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Laurie Elliott Jo
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Cory Doran Mike
Brian Froud Sam
James Wallis Scott
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • Blaineley makes an appearance in the exclusive clip, but has no lines.
  • A mime in the exclusive clip speaks but it is unknown who voiced him.




  • This episode's challenge featured a nod to the sculpture-building challenge from Can't Help Falling in Louvre.
  • This is the first time Alejandro has gotten a symbol of immunity. He never received a barf bag in Total Drama World Tour, as Chris stopped using them after Slap Slap Revolution and he never received a marshmallow in Awwwwww, Drumheller as he was the intended person to be eliminated.
  • This marks the first time Gwen isn't the first member of her team to be eliminated since Total Drama Island.
  • This is the second time Scott has caused a effect within Mike concerning his multiple personalities. The first is in Grand Chef Auto.
  • This marks the first time in Total Drama history that one team does not win the first two challenges.
  • The butler in this episode has the same design as the guard in I See London....
  • Sierra mentions having a problem with internet withdrawal last time she competed. This is shown in episodes such as The Am-AH-Zon Race and I See London..., where she used a pizza box as a laptop.
  • It's revealed that Alejandro's legs have recovered somewhere between Heroes vs. Villains and this episode, but he hides this from the others by walking on his hands. He revealed it to be a fake to the other contestants in a future episode.


  • The title is a reference to the horror film series Evil Dead.
  • Chef putting his head into the hole on the door of the girls' cabin while saying "Here's breakfast" is a reference to the famous Jack Torrance scene from the 1980 film The Shining, based on Stephen King's novel of the same name.
  • Chester's line mentioning "There's a storm acoming" is very likely a reference to a near-identical line said by Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.


  • Manitoba's hat disappears and reappears throughout the challenge after the Mal's introduction.
  • Right before Jo pushes Heather into the moat, her legs abnormally overlap.
  • When Jo and Heather fight over the puzzle piece, Heather's belly button disappears and then reappears.
  • There is an error in how many pieces the Villainous Vultures had, as well as Lightning's "miscounting". Initially both teams had seven. Heather, Scott, Jo, Gwen, and Alejandro all found one each, and Lightning finds three. Mathematically, this would make eight pieces, so Lightning could not have miscounted. When Jo found the supposed final piece, it ended up being nine pieces.
  • At the elimination ceremony, Chef is holding a plate with nine marshmallows. However, when Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro, Scott, and Heather receive theirs, only one remains.
  • In the scene in which the Malevolent One reawakens, Svetlana has dark shadows on her eyes.


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