Exclusive clips are bonus videos of Total Drama that aired on Teletoon and Cartoon Network on both television and their respective websites.

Audition tapes

Audition tapes are clips aired either after the episode in which a contestant was eliminated or in promos prior to the season premiere. So far, only the finalists of each generation cast's first season don't have audition tapes, except for Cameron and Lightning. Total Drama World Tour newcomers also don't have their audition tapes, although, in the case of two contestants, it is unknown if they have even recorded one.

Total Drama Island

Chef's exclusive clip

This is an exclusive clip of Brunch of Disgustingness. Chef is mopping the floor of the main lodge after the events of the episode. As he is doing this, he is complaining about how his life has turned out.
View Chef Hatchet's exclusive clip.

Izzy on Chris's talk show


Izzy on Chris's talk show.

This is an exclusive clip of No Pain, No Game. After her return to the game, Izzy appears on Chris's talk show. She tells Chris that after she escaped custody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during the Campfire Ceremony in Up the Creek, she came across an abandoned barge off the shores of Lake Huron. She discovered a cargo of maple syrup and cheap plastic souvenir beaver thermoses made in China. She uses the cargo to create Izzy's Happy Sap, becoming very rich (a "zillionaire" according to her). She then says that she started dating Justin around that time, but she broke up with him after she discovered that he's a liar. Chris agrees that he can't stand phonies and liars (even though both he and Izzy have constantly lied on Total Drama Island). The two then toast to being famous and drink Izzy's Happy Sap.

View Izzy on Chris's talk show.

Mr. Coconut's exclusive clip

This is the exclusive clip of Camp Castaways. It is nothing more than a film of Mr. Coconut sitting on a beach chair. After a while, it falls over.
View Mr. Coconut's exclusive clip.

Video messages from home

These videos were for the final five campers: Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, and Owen. The videos showed the parents of Duncan, Owen, and Heather, Gwen's mom and brother, and Leshawna's friend Jasmine, saying hello to the finalists.

Chef's Roadkill Café commercials


Chef's advertisement for the Chef's Roadkill Café in The Aftermath: I.

These videos take place in between The Very Last Episode, Really! and Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. Chef advertises his horrible food and, in the second commercial, tries to make Harold and Lindsay eat it. It is seen again in The Aftermath: I for the first time in-universe.

First clip

Chef talks about the café he owns. He also gives the viewers an up close impression of the café by saying that all of the meat is freshly run over and never rotten. He ends the video with an offering of a squirrel popper if one person mentions the words "Total Drama Island" to him.

Second clip

Chef serves Lindsay and Harold his "Blue Plate Special." Lindsay asks him if they can go home, which makes Chef yell at her to eat her food. As Chef explains the restaurant's unique dishes, Harold coughs up some raccoon hair. The video ends with Lindsay running away and puking off-screen.

In this clip, Chef reveals to the audience that Chef's Roadkill Café is located in Muskoka, just like Camp Wawanakwa.

Izzy's scary story

This video takes place in between The Very Last Episode, Really! and Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. Izzy tells a scary story to Beth, Lindsay, DJ, Owen, Duncan, and Heather around the campfire pit. She says she went to the hospital after she broke her leg tobogganing. She also says she met a guy with a worm in his stomach that came out of his mouth and ate a chocolate bar. Sickened by the story, Heather vomits behind her seat and Izzy proudly exclaims "I told you I could make her barf!" The other campers look surprised, except for Duncan who is smiling, and Lindsay who runs off looking like she may vomit too. This clip has been lost.

Heather's pre-special confessional

This video takes place in between The Very Last Episode, Really! and Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. In the confessional, Heather laments how Total Drama Island was a waste of a summer vacation and that she could have been in Whistler. She is glad the show is over so she can go home, get her hair fixed, and her life can get back to normal. Chris (in a circle where Heather can't see or hear him) disagrees with her plans and says that (once again) she didn't read the fine print of her contract. Chris then says on the Dock of Shame, "It's not over until I say it's over" ending the clip with a maniacal laugh.
View Heather's confession.

Gwen pre-special clip

This video takes place in between The Very Last Episode, Really! and Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. Gwen and Eva are relaxing on the dock of Playa Des Losers. Gwen is glad the show is over and doesn't care that she didn't win the money. Suddenly Owen appears with his big $100,000 check running on the dock gloating about his win. Gwen tells Eva (who is just sipping her drink from a straw) that she played honorably and was proud for Owen. When Owen continues to annoy her and chant "I got $100,000" over and over again, Gwen does something to him off-screen, then returns to her seat telling Eva it was an "accident". Owen is then seen without his check looking sad, wet and with his swimming shorts in a massive wedgie.

Total Drama Action

Since the audition tapes were used as exclusive clips in the previous season, this time each episode had bonus clips after the contestant's elimination, reflecting on the views of the ones voted off or, if it was a non-elimination, a confessional from a contestant discussing the challenge. In the case of Aftermath episodes, the exclusive clip took place either on the stage or in the green room of the Aftermath studio.
View the compilation of all exclusive clips.

Justin's confessional

Justin talks about how he was voted out early last time and plans to be a fierce competitor this year. He says that while he's the pretty boy in the outside, he's filled with rage to win in the inside. He states he'll make sure no one will stand in his way. In the end, he gets a mirror, promptly checks his looks, and describes himself as perfection.

Bridgette and Geoff's Lame-o-sine clip

As usual

The first post-elimination exclusive clip of the series.

Bridgette and Geoff are in the Lame-o-sine complaining about how they were kicked off the show for making out. Geoff then says money isn't everything, but Bridgette disagrees. The two fight and very briefly break up until they literally kiss and make up.

Izzy's first Lame-o-sine clip

Izzy/E-Scope is in the Lame-o-sine after being eliminated. She is ecstatic and rambles about tying her ankles together and doing backflips down an up escalator. She also thinks she has a lot of skills to offer Hollywood when they "start calling."

Harold's confessional

Harold gives his take on the Hawaiian-themed party thrown for the Gaffers' win in the confession trailer. He ate poi with pineapple, explaining poi as "the world's most effective substitute for breast milk."

Trent's Lame-o-sine clip

Trent is in the Lame-o-sine after being eliminated. Trent is both disappointed at his early elimination and saddened by his break-up with Gwen. He says liking her made him crazy and that his team, the Killer Grips were probably better off without him.

  • Strangely, Trent's clip is not aired in Cartoon Network's "Red Carpet Rivalry" marathon, making him one of two characters (along with Justin) whose footage in the Lame-o-sine isn't aired.

Katie, Sadie, and Trent's post-Aftermath clip

Katie and Sadie went to Trent's dressing room after the first aftermath show. They argue over who Trent likes more. Trent then steps out of his dressing room and quietly sneaks away while Katie and Sadie continue to argue.

Gwen's Lame-o-sine clip

Gwen is in the Lame-o-sine after being eliminated. She says that she was relieved about leaving the show and asks the limousine driver where they are heading to. The driver says that they are going to the Aftermath show and tells her that Trent is there. Gwen is shocked and tries to ask the driver to head back to the studio lot, but fails.

Leshaniqua's confessional

In the first confessional of a contestant's relative, Leshaniqua is confused about how the confessional works, but she explains that if Leshawna wins the million dollars, "she'll probably make more friends."

DJ's Lame-o-sine clip

DJ is in the Lame-o-sine after his elimination and he says he hopes his mother isn't as mad at him as she was in his dreams. He also hopes that he still has integrity to the people who haven't seen the show.

Owen's confessional

Owen makes a confessional about how his jaw being wired shut is very impeding for him. He then grabs a bag of chips, soda, and a blender. At that point, he brings up the plus side and says that he "discovered the power of the blender." He also states how good pop and chips tasted together, and how he wants to open a restaurant that just sells blended food and call them "blendies." He then takes a sip and hurts his jaw.

Izzy's second Lame-o-sine clip

Izzy talks about how she doesn't care about her elimination, but knows that Justin was behind it and that she left Owen a surprise (paint bomb). She then accidentally drops a bomb on the floor of the limousine (it is unknown what happened next as the camera shuts off after she drops the bomb).

Gwen's post-Aftermath clip

This exclusive clip shows Gwen after the second aftermath. Gwen sits in the back waiting room and talks about how being a guest on the aftermath wasn't easy. She said that seeing Trent again was especially hard, and didn't realize that he had so many fans after him. She then mentions how she was happy that Trent stood up for her and that maybe he still likes her.

Owen's Lame-o-sine clip

Owen says that if Lindsay and Beth did not look so good, he would not have been eliminated. He says that he could not win it all, especially after all he went through, but he is happy that he is free and he can go wherever he wants. Owen then asks the driver to go to the nearest drive-thru. He does not have a Lame-o-sine clip following his elimination in Top Dog despite being eliminated together with Courtney.

Heather's confessional

Heather, covered in tar, complains about having too many reward challenges, and that she needs to hurry up and win the money for a makeover. She then excitedly pulls out the lock of hair she stole from Courtney earlier and sticks it to her head. However, a cameraman comes into the confessional and wrestles the hair from Heather. After he leaves, Heather sticks on her red wig. She then realizes that the wig wouldn't come off, and is excited to "finally have hair."

Heather's Lame-o-sine clip

Heather talks about how she has freedom to do as she pleases now that she is out of the competition and away from the "freaks," and that she plans on getting some hair. She mentions that her dad is really cheap and would probably give her horse hair, but then comes up with the idea of cutting off her mom's hair while she is asleep, saying she has nice volume.

Courtney and Lindsay's Lame-o-sine clip

Courtney and Lindsay are seen in the Lame-o-sine together, driving to the cheese factory as a reward for winning the challenge. Lindsay annoys Courtney a lot, causing her to open the door and drop herself off.

Leshawna's Lame-o-sine clip

Leshawna reacts that she was surprised about her getting sent home over Duncan and says that she should have seen it coming. Leshawna also talks about how if Harold got beat up one more time by Duncan, she would hurt him, to which she throws a cushion seat out the window. The scene cuts out but shortly comes back, revealing that she destroyed the entire back seat of the limousine. She ends by finding out that she broke her nail when destroying the limousine's back seat.

Owen's post-Aftermath clip

The exclusive clip shows that power was able to be brought back to the studio. Geoff is placed on a stretcher after his ordeal in the electric chair. Bridgette is at his side, tending to him, while Owen sits in their hosting chair talking about the device. He is happy that he was able to help Bridgette to turn Geoff back to his old self. He states that Geoff forgot that there are things in life to be thankful for. Owen excitedly brings up that he now has a cheese cellar to enjoy. He jumps up and starts dancing, hitting the stretcher and sending Geoff backstage with a loud crashing noise. Owen apologizes for his mistake.

Justin's Lame-o-sine clip

Justin is upset about being left with only a boot that did not even fit. He claims that although he misses Courtney, he played the game well, and was still left with his beauty.

Lindsay's confessional

Lindsay compares going to the movies with Duncan with ordering the "Mega Combo" at the movies. At first, everything is working out fine; Courtney is losing her mind, Duncan is "pretty okay" most of the time, and the butter is glistening off the popcorn. But she then states by the time the previews are over, she's already finished both her popcorn and drink and starts to gets sick.

Lindsay's Lame-o-sine clip

Lindsay says that now that she's out of the competition, she wants to help the poor by making them prettier and creating a line of products called "Lindsay." She then mentions that she would never test her products on animals, the cute ones at least.

Duncan's confessional

In the confessional, Duncan is using a piece of cold steak to relieve the pain after Harold punches him. It turns out that Harold banished Duncan out of the feast. Instead of being disappointed or angry, Duncan is proud of him as he can't believe how fast "the student became the teacher." Then, Sasquatchanakwa interrupts his confession, begging Duncan to give him the steak and also let him sleep in his trailer. Although Duncan gives Sasquatchanakwa the steak, he refuses to let him sleep in his trailer and tells him to sleep in the woods like a normal Bigfoot.

Harold's Lame-o-sine clip

Harold tells the camera how he has two more years of detention for accidentally shooting the principal with an arrow, and how he spends a lot of time with the bad kids, doing their homework. He says that he can be their leader and then wonders how they'll react when he tells them he has an almost-girlfriend, but he then asks if he should mention that it was Beth.

Courtney's Lame-o-sine clip

Mad look

Courtney's exclusive clip is the last of the season.

Strangely, Owen is not present in the clip despite leaving in the same Lame-o-sine as Courtney. Courtney leaves the set saying that Duncan better win, since they had signed a contract to share the money 50/50. She attempts to call her lawyers, saying they'll pick up when they find out how much money she'll make them, but then angrily throws her PDA out of the Lame-o-sine's window and breaking it when she finds out they're out on a three week vacation. She then doesn't mind that they're gone, saying that she has everything she needed in the signed document, which she then holds in front of her until a breeze comes in and the document flies out the hole in the window with Courtney shouting in annoyance.

TDA Caught on Tape

An announcer says that cameras have caught the castmates of Total Drama Action on tape. Justin's voice is then heard, saying that he has been "checking himself out" all night. Justin then says that once he saw himself on the other side of the room, he just had to say hello. Duncan's voice is then heard, saying that blankie named "Mr. Buddlebottom" is the best blankie in the world. Duncan says that the best choice he ever made was to steal the blankie, and that the blankie's best choice was to steal his heart. Afterwards, Beth's voice is heard, saying that now that she has had her braces removed, she's going to slip into something more comfortable: a retainer. Beth then says that on the outside she might be a kind girl, but in the inside, there's a mild-mannered girl waiting to get out.
View TDA Caught on Tape.

Stoked/Aftermath teasers


Bridgette and Geoff in the first teaser.

The Aftermath was featured in six teasers for the show Stoked (also done by the creators of Total Drama). In the first teaser, Bridgette is watching Stoked on her laptop, thinking it's a real place in the world. However, Geoff interrupts and asks Bridgette if she actually thought that was a real place. Ashamed, Bridgette says no. In the second teaser, Bridgette is once again watching Stoked, and Geoff says that the stars on the show are a bunch of "unknowns." However, Bridgette states that Geoff is just jealous that he wasn't called for the show. In the third teaser, Geoff attempts to impress Bridgette by bringing out a surfboard and doing some "tricks" on it. Geoff then says that they need one more "bro" on Sunset Island. Bridgette attempts to say something, but Geoff falls off the surfboard and begs for a part on Stoked on the floor. In the fourth teaser, Geoff attempts to start the aftermath, but Bridgette is too busy watching the Stoked theme song. In the end, Bridgette and Geoff start to sing the theme song, but Chef cuts them out by disconnecting their plasma screen. In the fifth teaser, Geoff is sitting on the aftermath couch alone, while Bridgette is backstage watching Stoked. Geoff then comes backstage and asks how Bridgette is watching Stoked if it hasn't even premiered on Teletoon yet. Bridgette responds that she has connections. When a surfer falls off a board, Geoff says that she really stinks, but Bridgette responds that surfing is harder than it looks. Geoff insists it's easy and once again puts a surfboard on the table and attempts to surf. Much like in the third teaser, Geoff ends up falling off the surfboard.

View Stoked/Aftermath teasers.

Total Drama Action Alternate Realities

An exclusive promo called "Total Drama Action Alternate Realities" depicts what the contestants' lives would be like if they had not signed up for Total Drama.

Total Drama World Tour

Like in the previous season, the exclusive clips feature what happened to the contestants after their elimination and, in the case of non-elimination episodes, usually show them in the confessionals. Some bonus, not attached to the episodes were aired as well.

DJ's first pet

The clip reveals that DJ's first pet was a baby alligator named Vince that he accidentally flushed down a toilet after bathing it in the sink. DJ appears in the New York sewers after Broadway, Baby! and is reunited with his pet which turns out to be the giant alligator from the episode.
View DJ's First Pet.

Chef at Law

Chef is trying to sell his services as a lawyer.
View Chef at Law.

Owen's longest fart

Owen records himself sleeping. He sleep walks and farts, filling the room with gas. The longest fart is four seconds.
View Owen's Longest Fart.

Secret Blogger Bonus

Chef is trying to close a secret blogger's Total Drama World Tour website.
View Secret Blogger Bonus.

Nighty Night Chef

Chris films Chef in a dress playing with his bears.
View Nighty Night Chef.

Ask Chef

Chef answers the viewers questions.

  • Smellu2's Question: Who wins Total Drama World Tour?
  • Antsypants99's Question: Did you go to flight school?
  • Cassie's Question: Have you ever loved anyone?
  • Ben's Question: Who is your favorite contestant?
  • CoolPawz's Question: Why do you always cook nasty food?
  • 40dd9even's Question: What would you do with the million bucks?
  • Bookworm100's Question: What should I do if I'm really bored?
  • Lyra's Question: What's your favorite Total Drama couple?
  • Molly's Question: What's your biggest fear?
  • Jo3113's Question: Can Gwen write to me?

View Ask Chef.
View Smellu2's question.
View Antsypants99's question.
View Cassie's question.
View Ben's question.
View CoolPawz's question.
View 40dd9even's question.
View Bookworm100's question.
View Lyra's question.
View Molly's question.
View Jo3113's question.

Duncan's Drop of Shame

Duncan, struggling to put his parachute on as he plummets, angrily insults Chris for pushing him off the plane after he quit the show. He's disappointed about losing the chance at the money, and being away from Courtney, but is happy to be off "that armpit of a show" and still have his dignity. After finally opening his parachute, he gets stuck in a tree and scarabs surround him.
View Duncan's first Drop of Shame.

Harold's Drop of Shame

Harold, using the parachute Chris threw him, states that him leaving early in the game was for the best as he was getting claustrophobic on the plane. He soon lands and gets caught in a sumo wrestler's fundoshi. He continues to say that he will miss Leshawna and the world traveling but is interrupted when the sumo wrestler farts. Harold wonders if the sumo wrestler had eaten Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails, to which the sumo wrestler excitedly spins himself and Harold around to look for more fish tails. 
View Harold's Drop of Shame.

Bridgette's Drop of Shame

Bridgette is mad at herself for falling for Alejandro's tricks and fears Geoff's reaction when they see each other again. She eventually lands in Russia, smashing the world's largest cake that was mentioned by Owen earlier in the episode. Noticeably, when Bridgette is falling into the cake, the music of Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley can be heard in the background.
View Bridgette's Drop of Shame.

Sierra's apple game

Sierra talks about a game she learned from a blogger on her website. A person twists the stem of an apple while saying a letter and when the stem breaks off to a certain letter that is the initial of person you are going to marry. Sierra gets to "B" the first time and tries many times after to try and get a "C".
View Sierra's apple game.

Trent talks about the Drama Brothers

Trent talks about the possibility of The Drama Brothers getting back together. He figures that despite their artistic differences, and the one time Justin threw a tamborine at him, there are no real downsides. The camera pans out as he says he doesn't want to be someone who complains about attention from fans, revealing that he has been tied to the front of a bus by his fans. He asserts that this type of behavior isn't really a bad thing as it shows they care, and sings a song dedicated to them.
View Trent's post-Aftermath clip.

Leshawna's Drop of Shame

Leshawna is shocked at the revelation that Alejandro is evil and tells Harold that Alejandro meant nothing to her. She swears to get vengeance but harshly lands back in the German Alps. Soon after, the ferocious mountain goat from before appears and attacks her.
View Leshawna's Drop of Shame.

DJ and Lindsay's Amazon reward

As a reward for finally winning a challenge in The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chris lets DJ and Lindsay fly the plane. DJ thanks Chris and is happy that his curse is gone. However, a flock of geese appear and run into the plane. DJ is horrified and cries in despair over the situation.
View DJ and Lindsay's reward.

Lindsay's Drop of Shame

Following her elimination, Lindsay gets caught on a statue and hangs upside-down from her parachute. A mime arrives, and she tries to ask him for a phone. However, the mime simply mimics what she does, and Lindsay becomes confused and annoyed as she argues with the mime.
View Lindsay's Drop of Shame.

Owen and the Barrel

Owen digs through a large pot in the boathouse in Newfoundland, following the events in Newf Kids on the Rock. He finds various items in the pot; including underwear, an MP3 player containing Sea Shanty Mix, and a chicken hat. He then suddenly pulls out Ezekiel from the pot, and the two scream just before Owen slams the pot lid on top of him.
View Owen's exclusive clip.

Gwen's Jamaica time

As Gwen recovers from her eel shocks after the challenge in Jamaica Me Sweat, she tells the doctor that she has seen nothing but hoards of eels since the traumatic event. She attempts to calm herself and go to bed, but soon has a hallucination of two eels slithering to her bed.
View Gwen's exclusive clip.

Blaineley hates her job

Blaineley argues with the Total Drama producers, yelling at them to take her out of her contract. After hanging up, she continues to complain while wiping her make-up off. She then realizes that a cameraman is still recording, and after realizing that they are still on the air, she screams in horror.
View Blaineley's post-Aftermath clip.

Noah's Drop of Shame

After his elimination, Noah talks about his dislike for Alejandro while he falls. After his parachute fails, only being filled with corgis, he admits to being flattered by Alejandro seeing him as a threat and is glad that he will not have to deal with him anymore. He soon lands in a pond, but despite the smooth landing, a hoard of eels attacks him.
View Noah's Drop of Shame.

Sierra and Chef in the cockpit

The reward for winning in Greece's Pieces is one phone call, and Sierra uses it in the cockpit to call her audio blog. She fawns over Cody's attire in the tiebreaker challenge and goes into a dramatic explanation of the event. Her fantasies overheat her, and Chef is disturbed by her actions.
View Sierra and Chef's exclusive clip.

Tyler's Drop of Shame

Tyler is upset for losing, but he is excited to see Lindsay and claims that Total Drama World Tour is the best season yet for him. An alien suddenly appears, and while he isn't afraid of just one, a hoard of aliens arrive and attack him.
View Tyler's Drop of Shame.

Gwen's Drop of Shame

Gwen complains about her allergies getting her eliminated. She makes a threat towards Courtney, but her allergies make her unable to speak properly. After landing, a kangaroo appears next to her and violently kicks her.
View Gwen's Drop of Shame.

Alejandro's massage

Team Chris is in first class, receiving their Swedish massage award. However, Alejandro, who is the first to get a massage, screams in agony as it turns out a brutish viking is giving it to him. Owen and Duncan stare in shock as Alejandro continues to struggle with the massage.
View Alejandro's massage.

Blaineley in a box

Blaineley tries to make a phone call while wedged in a box. She complains about the conditions of her transports and affirms that it is unfair, despite her behavior in the Aftermath. As she continues to complain, the screen shows the box being taken by helicopter to the competition.
View Blaineley's post-Aftermath clip.

Owen's Drop of Shame

This clip was aired in the Central East of Europe. Owen is sad about his elimination but goes on to list foods that he'll be able to eat now that he's out. He eventually lands on a dinner table surrounded by sharks, and the clip ends as the sharks toast for their meal.
View Owen's Drop of Shame.

Courtney's Drop of Shame

Courtney is angry about the fact that Chris did not have a tie-breaker after she and Blaineley tied in Chinese Fake-Out. She goes on to say that the show is fixed, but is glad to have gotten away from Duncan. She then realizes that she is about to land and desperately tries to open her parachute, but it is too late, and she crashes into the Chinese woman's house. She tries to communicate with her, but as the woman just finished fixing the hole Sierra made in the episode, she is angered and throws her hammer at Courtney.
View Courtney's Drop of Shame

Duncan's second Drop of Shame

Duncan is happy about his second elimination. He's ecstatic about no longer having to sing, live in the plane, or be around Chris or Alejandro. He gives Gwen a message that he'll see her soon, but after landing in a quicksand pit with a lion inside it, he quickly states that he might have to see her later.
View Duncan's second Drop of Shame.

Sierra's blog

This clip was aired in Cartoon Network Romania, Hungary, and Poland. Sierra records a post for her blog. During the recording, she fantasizes over Cody and films him as he sleeps in economy class.
View Sierra's blog.

Chris mourns over the Jumbo Jet

Chris tells the viewers that if this catastrophic event taught him one thing, it's how important the objects used in the show are. He hopes that some of the props were spared and says that on the bright side, at least his teeth will remain snow white.
View Chris's exclusive clip.

Courtney complains

As the couples of Total Drama relax on the beach, Courtney boasts about her win in the episode and bashes the finalists, believing that she would have made a better one. She then goes on to sing a song about Duncan and Gwen, but since the two are right next to her, Duncan gets annoyed fast and throws a sandal at her to shut her up. Satisfied, Duncan and Gwen happily kiss.
View Courtney's post-Aftermath clip.

Ezekiel's pre-finale clip

Following the events of Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Ezekiel tracks Heather's scent to a single feather on the beach in Tijuana Beach, then looks up at the sky. He then hallucinates and sees the sun transform into a giant green money bag with a yellow dollar sign on it. With wide eyes and a weak, hopeful smile, he slowly walks into the ocean towards Hawaii.
View Ezekiel's before the finale clip.

Alejandro's post-finale clip

Star wars

Alejandro inside the Drama Machine in the last exclusive clip of the season.

This is the only exclusive clip to be attached at the end of the episode no matter if the country aired previous exclusive clips or not. Chris is in a black robe with a hood and cape, asking Chef if the machine will work, to which Chef shrugs noncommittally. Alejandro is seen on an operation table. His skin is charred, most of his hair is gone, and his limbs crushed, twisted, and mangled from the cast trampling him. He is placed into the Drama Machine with the mask slowly lowered onto his disfigured face. He arises as the machine and asks if the money is safe, to which Chris informs him of its fiery demise. Alejandro dramatically screams "Nooo!" and in response, Chris only chuckles and then calls him a "spaz," ending the episode.

View Alejandro's post-finale clip.

Interview with Erin


Chris introduces Erin before their interview.

In between Total Drama World Tour and the premiere of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island a contest was made by Teletoon in which a real-life fan named Erin won and earned the right to interview the host of Total Drama, Chris. Erin's first question regards Chris's favorite moment on Total Drama, which is the blossoming relationship between Owen and Mr. Coconut. Erin then asks Chris to sing, since he barely sang in Total Drama World Tour. Chris states that he was supposed to sing during the season but couldn't because of his old boy band Fametown. After being asked about Chef's dresses, Chris says that he has nothing to do with it and that it's Chef's decision to wear dresses. When Erin asks who Chris thought was going to win the season, he truthfully tells her Ezekiel will not. He also adds he was rooting for Lindsay but after she got eliminated early he didn't really care who won. When asked about the past contestants appearing in the next season, Chris admits that they will due to their contract. Afterwards, Chris also announces that season four's team names will be the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots. The interview ends after Chris states that season four will take place at Camp Wawanakwa and a janitor farts, disgusting both Erin and Chris.

View Erin's Interview with Chris.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Sam and Dakotazoid

Dakota prepares to fight in a wrestling match.

Since this season features a new cast, the exclusive clips are once again audition tapes, except for the episode in which Dakota was eliminated for the second time.

Sam and Dakota (post-mutation)

As Dakota prepares to presumably fight in a wrestling match, Sam tells her how much he loves her mutation.
View Sam and Dakota (post-mutation).

Total Drama All-Stars

Like in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, this season's exclusive clips show what happened to the contestants after their elimination, except for a few.
Bonus Clip Compilation.

Lindsay's Flush of Shame

Lindsay winds up in a sewer after being flushed and encounters Vince from Broadway, Baby!.
View Lindsay's Flush of Shame.

Lightning's Flush of Shame

Lightning floats to the surface of a river in Paris. A nearby mime attempts to mime out a warning to him of an incoming Swan Boat, occupied by Bruno and now-healed Blaineley, but Lightning does not catch on quick enough. The mime then calls him an imbecile.
View Lightning's Flush of Shame.

Jo's Flush of Shame

Jo lands in the sewers of Egypt. After asking what next, she eyes several scarabs crawling around. Jo scoffs, telling them to do their worst, only to regret it when more surround her.
View Jo's Flush of Shame.

Sam's Flush of Shame

Sam winds up in the sewer and thinks turtles are video game sprites and jumps on their shells and goes down the pipe (a la Super Mario).
View Sam's Flush of Shame.

Cameron's confessional

Cameron expresses shock about being on the villains team, as he doesn't have an evil bone in his body and even pulling out an X-ray of his body to prove it. He then tries to laugh evilly, which causes him to fall back inside the confessional toilet.
View Cameron's confessional.

Heather's Flush of Shame

Heather lands in the Yukon and gets her tongue is stuck to a pole (just like Bridgette in Total Drama World Tour) before getting attacked by a polar bear.
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Sierra's Flush of Shame

Sierra lands inside the Black Box building in Area 51. As she excitedly remembers the challenge from season three, several pods open up revealing multiple Cody Clones. Sierra happily carries one of the clones while chasing after the others.
View Sierra's Flush of Shame.

Duncan in prison

Duncan writes a letter to his mother from prison. In a voice over, he informs her that he was disqualified from Total Drama All-Stars as a result of his misbehavior. He then explains a bit of what prison life is like and ends the letter by wishing her a happy birthday. When he looks over at his cellmate, the man flashes him a menacing grin. Duncan adds more to his letter, begging his mother to send him a lawyer as fast as she can.
View Duncan in prison.

Ezekiel's exclusive clip

Ezekiel emerges from the ground, arriving in the Fun Zone. When he realizes that he is surrounded by many of the mutated inhabitants, Ezekiel offers them the 100th anniversary cake he stole from Chris. As a result, the radioactive monsters celebrate him and give him the 100th episode celebration cake, which leaves a big smile on his face.
View Ezekiel's bonus clip.

Alejandro's Flush of Shame

Alejandro lands in the Yukon and begins to shiver due to the freezing temperature. Suddenly, someone drives over to him in a snowmobile and steps out of the vehicle. He gasps: the driver is Heather. She slaps him across the face and he responds with, "I missed you too." Heather smiles and the two drive off together as harmonic music plays in the background.
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Courtney's Flush of Shame

Courtney floats to the surface of the ocean by a beach. Sharks surround her and she screams. In order to fend them off, she presents them with the sundae she made and encourages them to eat it. They are disgusted after they sniff the sundae and promptly vomit all over her. She screams "Not the hair!" and starts crying.
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Gwen and Scott's Flush of Shame

Gwen floats to the surface of Niagara Falls. She takes a deep breath and exclaims triumphantly that she made it. Beside her, Scott emerges from the water and the two enthuse over the fact that they are still alive. However, the two become frantic when they realize they are floating towards the edge of a waterfall. They attempt to swim away but are pulled off the edge. Gwen screams "I hate you, Chris!" as she and Scott fall off the edge.
View Gwen and Scott's Flush of Shame.

Post-finale clip

Mike and Zoey are seen with the million dollar prize one of them won. Mike is given the question of whether or not he was going to miss his personalities. His answer to this is, "Maybe. Then again, maybe not." He, Zoey, Cameron, and Gwen then watch Heather and Alejandro being chased by Fang.
View the post-finale bonus clip.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Like Total Drama Island and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, this season introduces a new cast, which means the exclusive clips are audition tapes again. Just like in the first season's case, there is no exclusive clip for the final episode. There is however one additional exclusive clip. It's possible this is the exclusive clip meant to be aired after the finale.

Chris picks the contestants

This clip is only available in Italian. Chris talks about Pahkitew Island and all its wonders. He then says that he'll review all the audition tapes to pick the contestants for the season, but he accidentally hits the pile of audition tapes with his hand, as all but fourteen fall onto Chef. Chris then tells the viewers to tune in for Pahkitew Island as Chef is seen glaring at Chris.
View Chris and Chef's bonus clip.

Total DramaRama

Unlike Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars, it doesn’t show what happened to contestants after elimination. Instead, they show humorous scenes during credits.


Leshawna is doing a drawing on a table. When Owen comes by, she shows him a flipping page of Chef farting, which causes them both to laugh.

Duck Duck Juice

Harold and Izzy have a staring contest without blinking, and Harold ends up losing.

Cluckwork Orange

Harold performs a magic trick with pulling several of the kids out of a hat. First comes out Izzy, then comes Bridgette, and last, as he struggles hard, comes out Owen, who was eating, as Harold storms off.

Free Chili

When Chef is walking by, Noah, Izzy, Harold, and Duncan run after him, as he tries to shoo them away. As he limps in the opposite direction Duncan and Izzy are on, while Noah clings on his leg. When suddenly Owen runs by and climbs up, they all to fall down with everyone laughing.

The Date

In a version of Pac-Man, Owen is going through eating pizza and sandwiches, while avoiding vegetables. Later Chef is chasing him down.

Aquarium for a Dream

While Chef is checking on the kids during nap time, Duncan gives him the slip by escaping the daycare. Only for Chef to grab him, put him back on his sleeping bag, and put his binky in his mouth, and walks away. Duncan gives an angry pout, when suddenly, he falls asleep.

Cuttin' Corners

The kids are playing musical chairs, as Chef turns the stereo on and off. Only the kids run around at least one chair for them all to get up on.

Sharing is Caring

Izzy is making a blocks, when suddenly Owen runs over them playing tag with Jude. As Izzy chases after Owen, Jude is doing the blocks, only for Owen to hit them again, causing them to resume playing tag again as Izzy builds them.

Ant We All Just Get Along

Chef is wearing his reading glasses for story time. Duncan puts on another’s pair of glasses with eyes on them from a book he got out of to sleep, pretending to be awake. Owen pulls a sandwich out of his book and eats it. Harold pulls out a mini-book from his book, and Beth pulls out a blue cat and hugs it, then puts it back in the book.

Germ Factory

Owen is playing hide n seek with his friends, he looks around in the play room, but couldn’t find anyone. Saddened when he walks away, Izzy, Harold, Courtney, Cody, Leshawna, and Duncan all come out of their hiding spots, having gave Owen the slip. But they quickly hide again when Owen looks around again.

Cone in 60 Seconds

While Chef is working in his office, Jude enters, running away from a pack of chickens in his underwear. He manages to escape from them by hiding behind Chef's desks only to be chased again after he comes out.

The Bad Guy Busters

Jude, Harold, and Izzy are playing "The Floor is Lava" by skipping on various furniture in order to get to the other side of the room before stopping on a table. Chef enters the classroom while holding a cup of Rainbow Juice and teases at them for running out of furniture to jump on, but as he takes a step into the room, Chef sinks into the floor.

That's a Wrap

A mix-and-match style picture game cycles through three sections of the twelve children's faces, beginning on CodyBridgette, and Harold and finally ending on Noah, Duncan, and Beth.

Tiger Fail

At the whiteboard, a drawing of Owen comes to life and feels hungry. The drawing walks out of the the picture and draws a ham with a red marker pen before returning to the picture to eat it.

A Ninjustice to Harold

Chef is holding up cards with animals on them for the kids to imitate. He holds up a card with a moose on it, which Owen imitates by getting on all fours and mooing. Chef then holds up a card with an elephant on it, which Noah imitates by flailing his arm like a trunk. Lastly, he holds up a card with a frog on it, which Beth imitates by squatting as a fly buzzes past her, which she grabs and eats, to the disgust of the other kids.

Having the Timeout of Our Lives

The credits go through a kaleidoscope effect, shuffling through shifting images of the kids spinning around and shrinking, until finally coming to an end as Chef’s face pops out, using the same effect until it shrinks into nothing.

Hic Hic Hooray

Beth shows off her plate twirling skills first performing with one plate, then one on each hand, and then balancing three plates with one hand while standing on one hand.

Bananas & Cheese

It's lunchtime and everyone pulls out something from their lunch boxes. Duncan pulls out a large ham hock and takes a bite from it. Harold opens his which contains live crabs and is pinched by one of them before closing his box. Owen takes out multiple dishes from his and ties a napkin around his neck before eating. Courtney pulls out a phone from hers and calls someone. Beth shows up with a slice of pizza and feeds Courtney. Satisfied with her service, Courtney pays Beth and the latter runs off after receiving her payment.

Inglorious Toddlers

Jude stares at a mirror and removes out his beanie to reveal different types of hats underneath it. In order, he wears his beanie, a viking hat, a party hat, a blue cap with the Ridonculous Race logo, a fruit hat, an upside down recycle bin a red and white snow hat with the Canadian maple leaf, a top hat and a rabbit. After the rabbit jumps down, Jude puts on a panda hat and continues with a crown, a cowboy hat and a bunny ear headband before putting his beanie back. Jude then turns around to see Gwen glaring at him with the most of the hats he thrown on her head including the bunny.

Not Without My Fudgy Lumps

Izzy is playing a card matching game on her tablet with each card representing a character from the show. Each time she gets it wrong, the character will either frown or appear to be shocked. When she is correct, the character either cheers or smiles before their cards disappear.

Paint That a Shame

At the playground, Owen attempts to ride a spring horse but is launched away when he hops on it. He tries it again and is successful.

Snots Landing

At the top of the treehouse, the kids take turns to slide down to the sand pit. The camera shifts to the bottom of the slide showing the person leaving it; Duncan, Noah, Courtney, Izzy, a goldfish inside a bowl, Owen, a pizza box, Gwen, and finally a bear which shocks everyone except Owen who is eating the pizza.

Know it All

It's Arts & Crafts and the kids are assigned to do different assignments. Courtney and Bridgette put butterfly stickers on a drawing board while Noah, Beth, and Harold randomly scribble on theirs with crayons. Duncan and Leshawna, on the other hand, are doodling on a shirtless Owen's body while Jude watches them.

A Licking Time Bomb

The kids are playing Giggle-Doh for Arts and Craft. While Bridgette makes a unicorn, Owen throws a handful of clay, Harold makes a blue fish, Cody smells his clay after molding it, Noah stacks several blocks of clay to form a wall which collapses after some of the clay thrown by Owen hits it, and Izzy creates a miniature clay version of herself that keeps falling over.

From Badge to Worse

Harold is performing a magic trick by summoning random objects out of his hat. Each time he waves his wand over his hat, something came out from it. First a rabbit, followed by a penguin, a bouquet of flowers, and finally an angry Chef, scaring Harold away. Unable to find a way out of Harold's magic hat, Chef bounces off.

Toys Will Be Toys

Chef enters the classroom to see the kids making a mess with blue paint. While Harold and Noah are making hand paint artwork, Duncan is hand painting on the wall, Izzy, Jude, and Owen are covered in paint. Chef is angered at this and punished the kids to clean the room.

All Up In Your Drill

Courtney, Owen, and Izzy do yoga, with Owen struggling with it more so than the girls.

Snow Way Out

Harold and Izzy compete against each other in a Breath Holding competition, in which the latter won after Harold passes out from lack of oxygen.

Stay Goth, Poodle Girl, Stay Goth

The kids make papier mache projects. Beth tries to make a replica of the school, but it falls over to her disappointment. Courtney makes a shark and notices Owen who made papier mache cookies. He sprinkles them with red paint, eats them, and washes them down with yellow paint, only to realize what he just ate.

Gum and Gummer

Harold does magic with his hat once more. First, Beth pops her head out, followed by Gwen, and then Cody. Finally, another Harold jumps out, attacks the original, and stuffs him in the hat.

Invasion of the Booger Snatchers

Harold throws a paper airplane where it does tricks until it lands at an airport replica.

Wristy Business

Leshawna shows Owen a flipbook she made of Duncan driving a car and driving into many things, until his car crashes.

Melter Skelter

Jude is skating through the daycare within a video game. He loses all of his lives when he crashes into a pink blob.

The Never Gwending Story

The kids playing in the hallway while Chef tries to get them to stop. They get into all sorts of hijinks that he can't stop no matter how hard he tries.

There Are No Hoppy Endings

Owen finds a plate of spaghetti and meatballs on the lunch table and slurps up a long noodle that turns out to be something else. This happens three times. The first time, it's the thread on Chef’s shirt. The second time, it's the fur on a bear. The third time, it's the thread on Owen's own shirt.

Too Much of a Goo’d Thing

Chef brings various pigs for a pig petting zoo. Gwen and Noah run over excitedly to play with a couple pigs. Izzy is seen riding one around. Duncan hops out of a pile of leaves some pigs are seen eating, only to be disappointed that they weren't scared. And Owen is chasing a pig, acting like it, until he attempts to catch it, only for it to run away.

The Price of Advice

Izzy and Harold are dancing with each other in the style of the Take on Me music video by A-ha. When one is animated show style, they look in a mirror at the other. who is pencil sketch. It alternates between the two.

Mother of All Cards

Izzy does a parody of Pac-Man, collecting juice boxes and rainbow juice as a power-up, with Chef as the "ghost". She finally "loses her life" when she hits a vegetable drink.

Duncan Disorderly

Bridgette is having a tea party with her stuffed animals and is pouring hot water into their cups. Richard Swimmins is afraid that Bridgette might pour the hot water into his fish bowl but the camera pans out to show he too has a cup for Bridgette to pour in, much to his relief.

Soother or Later

Owen is spinning pizzas on top of sticks while performing tricks until he eats them.

Camping is In Tents

Izzy is giving Cerberus a manicure and a nail polish.

Mutt Ado About Owen

Owen and Cody are playing a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Owen is O's, and Cody is X's. After a few moves, Owen stops and thinks about where to put his next O. He thinks about it for so long, he and Cody go through their childhood, their teen years, and their old age until eventually Cody dies and Owen marks two O's, lining up three in a row. Owen wins.

Simons Are Forever

On a rainy day, Harold, Duncan, and LeShawna are playing a Dungeons & Dragons-style role-playing board game in a treehouse.

Stop! Hamster Time

Izzy is playing with a ball, doing various tricks.

Driving Miss Crazy

Chef takes all of the class (minus Harold) on a walk through various scene changes, including woods, desert, and tundra.

Weiner Takes All

Owen, Izzy, Leshawna, Duncan, and Harold are playing hide-and-seek. When Owen is hungry, he eats food all night, leaving the kids to remain hiding until all but Harold fall asleep.

Apoca-lice Now

The kids are putting on a musical act. Izzy has her shakers, Owen is on drums, and Duncan plays the guitar. As we zoom out, Leshawna and Beth are also in the band, with the former rocking her pink guitar and the latter banging on the pots and pans. Harold, Jude, and Noah are dancing along to the rhythm, while Gwen watches on. Chef enters and joins in on the fun with his guitar.

Gnome More Mister Nice Guy

Gwen comes across a magic book she takes out of the bookshelf, but the book sucks her, Izzy, and Noah and traps them all inside.

Look Who's Clocking

Bridgette dresses several animals outside in the yard.

Harold Swatter and the Goblet of Flies

Owen, Bridgette, Duncan, and Jude go trick-or-treating.

Stink. Stank. Stunk.

The kids are decorating a Christmas tree and Izzy gives Chef Hatchet a drawing of himself for his present.


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