The Flush of Shame is the elimination exit in Total Drama All-Stars. Every time a team loses a challenge, they must vote one member of their team off. That eliminated competitor must take the Flush of Shame, which is an oversized toilet that sits at the end of the dock. It has a tendency to have a large splash of water erupt from it when it is flushed, and while Chris always has an umbrella in order to avoid it, it sometimes lands on the contestants watching.

Chris introduces the Flush of Shame in Heroes vs. Villains. Most of the Heroic Hamsters are disgusted at this new mode of exit, but Sierra seems unfazed and takes a picture of it with her smartphone.

Lindsay is the first person to take the Flush of Shame, because of her incompetence in the challenge, as she was a slow driver. During her elimination, she asks if she has to take the "scary catapult thing", which allows Chris to correct her and introduce the Flush of Shame. The entire team watches and gets splashed by the toilet's water.

Lightning takes the Flush of Shame in Evil Dread, as his arrogance and stupidity annoys his teammates.

Jo takes the Flush of Shame in Saving Private Leechball, after she loses the challenge for the Villainous Vultures, as well as accidentally taking her own teammate out of the challenge.

Sam takes the Flush of Shame in Food Fright after he was caught cheating during the challenge, making his team's initial win a loss. However, he gets stuck as the toilet flushes him down, due to the size of his body. Chef Hatchet comes over with a giant plunger to get him unstuck.

Heather takes the Flush of Shame in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition due to Alejandro using the stolen McLean-Brand Chris Head to save himself, and his sole vote against Heather getting her eliminated, while the rest of the team's votes were for Alejandro. Alejandro sees her off and says that they are a perfect couple. Heather pushes him away and says, "Let's do this." She screams as she gets flushed down, spinning.

Sierra takes the Flush of Shame in Suckers Punched after the Villainous Vultures vote her off from the Heroic Hamsters team and cries in the toilet before she gets flushed.

Cameron is forced to withdraw from the competition in Zeek And Ye Shall Find after sustaining major injuries from the challenge. Once he is in the toilet, Chef pops the bubble he is in and he is instantly flushed by Chris.

Alejandro takes the Flush of Shame in The Obsta-Kill Kourse after receiving the most votes, thanks to Mal persuading the others. As he is about to be flushed down, Alejandro warns Zoey about "Mike" and sends a cryptic message by saying "the truth is in the art", referring to a note hidden in one of Chris's self portraits. 

Courtney takes the Flush of Shame in Sundae Muddy Sundae after Mal exposed her for planning out an elimination chart which made everyone else lost trust in her. She attempts to stall Chris by trying to eat her sundae, but Chris flushes her anyway.

In the recap before The Bold and the Booty-ful, Sasquatchanakwa uses the Flush of Shame as a toilet, to which Chris objects to. At the end of the episode, Gwen takes the Flush of Shame after she repainted one of Chris's paintings with bear poop during the challenge, and Chris got mad at her for 'defacing' his painting. Scott follows her shortly, as Zoey chooses to bring 'Mike' to the finale with her, thinking she can bring him back.

After the final challenge in The Final Wreck-ening, Sasquatchanakwa attempts to use the Flush of Shame again, though is shocked to see water gushing out of the giant toilet.


  • Duncan, Mike, and Zoey are the only contestants to never take the Flush of Shame.
    • Zoey and Mike were the finalists of Total Drama All-Stars, while Duncan was arrested by the authorities due to him blowing up Chris's cottage.
    • They are also the remaining members of the Heroic Hamsters before the merge.
  • As shown in the exclusive clips, the contestants that take the Flush of Shame end up in a location that was shown in Total Drama World Tour, and usually face some sort of danger upon entry.
  • Scott is the only contestant to be physically shown being put in the Flush of Shame.
  • This is the only elimination exit in which no two contestants take it at the same time. While Gwen and Scott were eliminated in a double elimination, they were flushed separately.


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