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The contestants face a challenge that involves filling their stomachs and surviving their way through a nightmarish obstacle course without throwing up. A new villain tries to form an alliance while discovering a former enemy is truly trying to patch things up. Meanwhile, someone copes with his new hero status and at the same time, recognizes someone's voice from their past. While a gamer appears to win the challenge, a shocking revelation due to fearful necessity ends up making him forfeit the challenge for his team, which leads to his elimination.


Chef rudely awakens the Villainous Vultures by giving them their breakfast: gruel. Scott is shown to enjoy it, due to his upbringing in farm life, and heads over to the girl's side of the cabin to get more.

TDAS Scott.png

Mmm-mmm! I grew up on powdered gruel. Rich-people food has nothing on this stuff. It's the saw dust that makes it so tasty.

Alejandro spits up the gruel, which he finds disgusting, and bets the girls aren't being treated so cruelly. Courtney's scream is heard on the boys' side of the cabin, and Alejandro says that he stands corrected.

TDAS Courtney.png

I wish Chef would pass on the whole 'bed and breakfast' thing and let us starve instead! It would be more humane.

Scott meets with new teammate Courtney, who gladly tells him to take as much as he wants. After he leaves, Courtney considers forming an alliance with him, concluding that now that she is with the villains, she could use an ally.

TDAS Courtney.png

Hmm… Smelly, pit-stain-y… but I definitely need an ally now that I'm stuck on team Villain. So, hmm…

The Heroic Hamsters throw Duncan a welcome party.

Meanwhile, at the spa hotel, the Heroic Hamsters are giving Duncan a welcome party. Duncan, however, does not approve of their gesture, believing that they are building him up to betray him later.

TDAS Duncan.png

Ugh! To all my peeps back home and in juvee, I am not a hero! It must be a trap to gain my trust and then — bam! — they vote me off! Fat chance of that! But I can't let them know that I know, so yeah, I ate the cake. It was like eating the happiest day of my life!

Sierra tries to take a picture of their new member, only to discover that her phone has been destroyed.

TDAS Mike.png

Did I break her phone?

A flashback reveals that Mike's evil personality, is the culprit, showing the Malevolent One rubbing his hands while laughing malevolently. Distraught about the loss of her top five-hundred Cody photos, Sam tries to cheer Sierra up by telling her to picture Cody in her mind. Sierra does so, and sees each of her teammates with Cody's head.

TDAS Duncan.png

Man, I miss my villainous babe. I bet she's having a blast.
TDAS Gwen.png

This is the worst. I only came back to Total Drama to make things better with Courtney, but now she hates me more than ever. (sobs)

An eavesdropping Courtney is stunned by this confession but is still uncertain about her sincerity.

TDAS Courtney.png

She came back for me? Yeah, right! She probably knew I'd overhear, but… but how?

Chris gathers the teams, and introduces a foul-smelling Cameron back from exile. During his trip to Boney Island, Cameron made a bear urinate on him to allow him to explore the island without being harmed by the wildlife.

TDAS Sierra.png

(sighs) That's just what my Codykins would do! I'm gonna twert it. (giggles) Thankfully, I smuggled in some tape for emergency repairs.

Scott flirts with Courtney, much to Heather's disgust.

Following his explanation, Chris gives the first of the day's challenge. Both teams have been supplied a giant stack of pancakes. Each contestant must eat as much as they can in a minute's time, powering through hidden surprises such as animals, bombs, and mousetraps. Then, with full stomachs, they must make their way through an obstacle course from last season without vomiting, or they will be eliminated. The task is made even harder when Scott jeers at Chris that it is easy, causing the host to add an extra obstacle: the Salad Spinner (which he has never tested). Courtney scolds Scott for his comment but receives a flirty response in return.

Alejandro and Sierra are the first to represent their teams, and as they begin to dig in, Duncan blows a kiss at Gwen.

TDAS Duncan.png

Since when do I blow kisses?

Sierra eats what she thinks is blueberries, and Chris remarks that he finds it weird that she calls fish eyes "blueberries." Upon hearing this, Sierra vomits and is eliminated. While Cameron replaces her, Alejandro completes the course, managing to swallow his puke at the end.

TDAS Alejandro.png

Chris will pay for laughing at me.

Scott is next, but his stomach becomes upset due to eating too much of the gruel for breakfast. Cameron performs badly as his lightweight means he is more affected by the obstacles, and is kicked further by the boot and hurtles past the Salad Spinner. He lands on the tree and is repetitively hurt as he is knocked against the branches, especially when he lands in a bird's nest and is pecked by the birds. Despite skipping the Salad Spinner, Chris counts this as completing the course (as he enjoyed the pain inflicted upon Cameron), much to Heather's annoyance.

Duncan notices something familiar about Mike.

Duncan is up next as Scott walks slowly. His weight makes the obstacle course malfunction, but he still manages to get through the course. Courtney argues with Heather about her refusal to go next, but she is spared when Gwen decides to go next.

TDAS Gwen.png

If I don't puke, maybe I can still fix things with Courtney… and win!

Courtney is worried that Gwen might leave a trap for her, but Heather points out, Gwen is too busy dealing with her own traps, as crabs jump out from the pancakes and attack Gwen. She catches up to Duncan on the spinning log who is concerned for her, but she just points at his swollen lips.

TDAS Duncan.png

I'm not one to care about my looks, but man! Check out my lips! It's like two worms having a street fight down there.

Gwen runs the course with a green look on her face, evidently trying not to puke, but she is unable to hold it in any longer and pukes on Duncan before falling off the course. Duncan, on the other hand, completes it successfully. Mike and Courtney are up next.

TDAS Mike.png

Even if I could access my alternate personalities, I don't think they'd help: Svetlana only eats veggies; Vito's a total carnivore; Manitova hates carbs; and Chester would just complain there's too much syrup.

As Courtney eats the pancakes, green jelly explodes all over her, making scream and run in panic, which confuses Cameron and asks why she's freaking out. Sierra, all the way from the bench, explains that she is terrified of green jelly because of the Phobia Factor challenge from season 1. Then, a dynamite booby trap explodes on Mike, sending him directly to the Salad Spinner. After exiting it, his evil personality takes over and sabotages the contraption by turning the settings to the extreme. This causes the machine to move at a very high speed, flinging Courtney into a tree.

TDAS Courtney.png

(shivering in fetal position) Seen future. Must… stop… eating cake.

Sam catches up to Alejandro in the challenge.

As Alejandro mocks the Hamsters, Sam feels insulted and tags Zoey out so he can end the challenge himself. Chris allows it, under the condition that the Vultures do the same. Alejandro replaces Heather, and the two boys race to clear their pancakes. Duncan is rooting for Sam from afar, but remembering his former status as a villain, denies it. Mike reassures him that "it's okay to be a team player." However, upon listening to Mike's voice, Duncan realizes that he sounds familiar and believes that he may have met Mike somewhere before. Although Sam finishes first, he is too tired to move. Alejandro continues to insult him calling him a "Game Child," which angers Sam and causes him to "power up." Alejandro is taken by surprise when Sam catches up and grabs onto him before they're both kicked into the Salad Spinner. After both try to hold back their puke, Sam manages to exit first; however, Alejandro grabs onto his pants before he touches the ground. Unfortunately for him, a bee stings Alejandro on his "sexy cheek," causing him to let go of Sam and give the Hamsters another victory.

TDAS Sam.png

Chalk one up for the game guy. Sure, it wasn't easy, but me and old iron tummy didn't get banned from all the Barney Buffet's at the tri-county area for nothing!

The Vultures are declared the winners after the Hamsters lose on a technicality.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris makes several shocking announcements. Firstly, Gwen did not injure Courtney in any way for the entire episode, to which Courtney replies that the day isn't over yet. He then reveals that the Heroes did not complete the challenge. Having reviewed footage and laughing a lot, the host requests Sam to turn out his pockets. When he does, small pancake pieces fall out, and he explains that he saved them in case he had to go back to Boney Island. Since the Hamsters failed to finish the pancakes, Chris declares the Vultures the actual winner of the challenge. Scott then volunteers to go on exile, believing that he can find the idol, like last season.

TDAS Scott.png

Last season, I found the invincibility sculpture in no time flat! Now I get the whole night? It's in the bag!

Sam is voted off and takes the Flush of Shame. Halfway through, however, he gets stuck and Chef has to use a plunger to unclog him, annoying Chris as he tries to sign off.

Exclusive clip

Sam winds up in a sewer system after taking the Flush of Shame.

At the other end of the Flush of Shame, Sam finds himself inside a sewer system and sees two snapping turtles. Suffering from video game withdrawal again, Sam sees everything around him as an 8-bit video-game-styled world. Not realizing the difference, in reality, Sam plays along by jumping over the turtles and then goes down a pipe.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Alex House Alejandro
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Cory Doran Mike
Brian Froud Sam
James Wallis Scott
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
  • Chef Hatchet and Zoey appear, but have no dialogue. However, Zoey can be heard cheering and gasping.
  • A butler appears but has no dialogue.

Elimination Ceremony

Elimination Ceremony 4:
Heroic Hamsters
Status Contestant
Not Shown Safe
TDAS Cameron.png
TDAS Duncan.png
TDAS Mike.png
TDAS Zoey.png

Cameron, Duncan, Mike, Zoey
TDAS Sam.png
TDAS Sierra.png

Sam, Sierra
TDAS Sam bw.png


Still in the running

TDAS Lindsay bw.png
TDAS Lightning bw.png
TDAS Jo bw.png
TDAS Sam bw.png



  • With this episode, three second-generation contestants have been eliminated in a row.
  • This is the fourth episode in a row in which a male introduced in season four is exiled to Boney Island.
  • With Sam's elimination, Scott is the only member from the Toxic Rats left in the competition, including members introduced through team swaps.
  • According to Julie Giles, there was a pancake-eating challenge planned for the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island; however, it was dropped due to time constraints. It was later salvaged as a challenge for this episode.
  • According to the storyboards, the scenes in the girls' cabin early in the episode was different.
  • This is the first episode since "Hawaiian Punch" to not feature Lightning, as he was merely seen on a pre-recorded message in the previous episode.
  • Starting from this episode, marshmallows are no longer given out at campfire ceremonies, instead, Chris just announces who is eliminated.
  • Courtney is the only female to be seen in the Salad Spinner. The other females never enter the structure because Sierra and Gwen were benched, while Heather and Zoey switched out.
  • Mike reveals in this episode that Svetlana is vegetarian, Vito only eats meat, and Manitoba hates foods that contain carbohydrates.
  • This is the last episode of the series in which marshmallows are given out at the elimination ceremonies until Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.



  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "food fight."
  • Sierra says she's going to "Twert" something, which is a reference to tweeting on the site called Twitter, although she previously called it "Tweeter" in "I See London..."
  • Chris says "say hello to my metal friend" after Scott isn't impressed with the challenge, which is a reference to a line from the 1983 film, Scarface.
  • Like in "Truth or Laser Shark", many of the challenges in the obstacle course are similar to those in Wipeout.
  • Chris's line "tastes so nice, he ate it twice!" is a nod to a similar line said in the movie, Pineapple Express.
  • In the exclusive clip, Sam imagines the world around him similar to the original Super Mario games.


Heather's hair is slightly larger at the back.

  • When Heather and Scott are cheering for Alejandro to complete the challenge, Heather's hair looks much larger than usual.
  • When Duncan makes his first confession of the episode, the string on his party hat is missing.
  • Before Scott steps on the rolling pin and breaks it, he is not walking on the ground.
  • When Scott's eating time is over, his stomach looks normal, but when he steps on the rolling pin, his stomach increases size, even though he doesn't eat anything between those two particular moments.
    • Additionally, as soon as Scott's body makes contact with the giant boot, his stomach looks normal; however, when he exits the Salad Spinner in the next scene, its size increases again.
  • When Sam sighed after eating the rest of the pancake, he had only three chin hairs instead of five.
  • Courtney went before Mike, though Mike's signal to start came before Courtney's.
  • Before Alejandro's time is up, the back of his hair seems to be tied in a small ponytail, but in the next scene his hair appears normal.
  • The first time the giant boot kicked Scott is visually softer than the other competitors.
    • On a related note, it needed full force to kick Scott with his weight slightly increased into the Salad Spinner, but it only took normal force to kick the combined weight of Sam and Alejandro in the same place.
  • When Alejandro goes into the Salad Spinner for the first time, his hair can be visibly seen blowing to the wind. However, when he goes in it for the second time with Sam, his hair doesn't move at all.
  • When Gwen is inside the confessional, it is nighttime, but when Courtney is shown outside, it is daytime, then when Courtney makes her confessional immediately after, it's still daytime.
  • At the ceremony, when Chris announces that the Heroes actually lost, Alejandro's eyes turn black.


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