The forest is a vast woodland area that takes up a large portion of the land in Camp Wawanakwa.


A large number of challenges take place in the forest. The forest contains a varied wildlife, most notably bears and the Sasquatchanakwa. The woods were most prominently featured in The Sucky Outdoors, and played a large part in the challenge in Are We There Yeti? The forest is also shown in Total Drama Action, once again playing a role in some of the challenges. The forest itself did not appear in Total Drama World Tour, as Camp Wawanakwa was not showcased during the season. However, it had a brief cameo appearance in a never-before-seen exclusive clip revealed in the first episode of Total Drama World Tour Aftermath.

Total Drama Island

The Sucky Outdoors

The challenge set for the campers in this episode is to spend an entire night in the woods. Katie and Sadie separate from the Killer Bass to go berry-collecting in the deeper parts of the wood and eventually have to hide out in a cave. Meanwhile, the Screaming Gophers are forced to take refuge on top of a tree when a bear stumbles onto their campground. On the other hand, the Killer Bass shield themselves from heavy rain under a large leaf held up by DJ after their usual tents are burnt down as a result of Bridgette's clumsiness.

Phobia Factor


Bridgette is scared by Cody in the forest.

As Bridgette's fear is to be alone in the forest, her challenge is to stay in the woods alone for six hours. However, she fails when a "monster" frightens her.

Paintball Deer Hunter

As part of the challenge, the campers have to be either deer or hunters. The hunters have to find the deer in the forest and shoot them with paintball guns.

Who Can You Trust?

The blind toboggan race, part of the day's challenge, takes place in the woods. This episode shows that the forest is located in a mountainous area.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Geoff burps so powerfully that he causes an earthquake in the forest. It knocks down four small trees, violently shakes a huge tree, and rattles the squirrels.

Search and Do Not Destroy

DJ needed to get his key from a tree branch in the forest. Bridgette failed to complete the challenge after climbing onto a tree to protect herself from a bunny.

Hide and Be Sneaky

The remaining male campers form their alliance in a cave in the woods. Geoff's hiding spot is on top of a narrow tree in the forest.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

Chris announces that an escaped killer is loose in the woods. The campers, with the exception of Heather, Gwen, and Duncan, spend the night wandering through the forest while trying to avoid the killer. It is also revealed that Chris set up a surveillance tent for himself deep within the woods.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

The campers are given a specific animal to capture, and go into the woods to get their animal. When Heather goes to the cave to capture her bear, Izzy shoots Heather with tranquilizer darts, mistaking her for a deer.

Are We There Yeti?

When the remaining campers are dropped in the forest by Chef, they are split up into teams of two and must escape the forest to win the challenge.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

The campers explore the woods while searching for the million dollar case. At one point of the challenge, the case hangs from a tree.

Total Drama Action

Beach Blanket Bogus


Owen eavesdrops on Gwen and Trent in the forest.

Since the challenge took place in Camp Wawanakwa, the forest returned and was featured along with the beach. The castmates are seen picking up firewood in the forest. It is also in the forest that Trent and Gwen make up after many misunderstandings, with Owen eavesdropping on them.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

The final five are sent into the forest to do kung fu themed challenges.

Top Dog


Beth panics upon thinking she is lost in the woods with her raccoon.

The castmates are forced to find their way back to the abandoned film lot from the forest with the help of their animal buddies in this episode.

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

The forest is featured in this episode in several hidden clips involving Harold. In one clip, Harold is seen annoying Justin about the size of the human bladder, which leads to Justin punching Harold. In another clip, Harold is pestering Heather, resulting in Heather fiercely kneeing Harold in the groin. In the last hidden clip, when Harold is talking to Noah about moose-hunting in Alaska, a moose suddenly appears and rams Harold against a tree.

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

During DJ's "World of Hurting Animals" segment, DJ is shown picking at his shoe while leaning on a tree. However, the tree falls over and lands on a bear while it was going to the bathroom.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!


The forest with barrels of toxic waste.

After being chased by a radioactive squirrel, the contestants race into the forest to determine the members of each team. After all the contestants arrive, they are placed on either the Mutant Maggots or the Toxic Rats by Chris.

Finders Creepers

The contestants have to navigate through the forest to find the various items needed to complete the challenge. The giant spider is also in the forest and captures the contestants one by one.

Total Drama All-Stars

Saving Private Leechball


The contestants of Total Drama All-Stars compete in a leechball fight in the forest.

Chris gathers the remaining contestants in the forest to explain the challenge. He instructs the two teams to locate the crates that contain the supplies needed to complete the challenge of a "leechball" fight. According to Chris, the crates are located in the heart of the forest. The crates are found by Zoey who climbed a tree and searched, and Gwen, who found a shortcut.

The second half of the challenge involves one of the forest's many caves. Sam is resting from his brutal night spent on Boney Island in the cave while Courtney guards him so that she can rest while the others compete. However, she states that it is to make up for not getting Sam breakfast.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Tree House Close Up

Pimâpotew Kinosewak's treehouse, located in the forest of Pahkitew Island.

This season's forest is not in at Camp Wawanakwa, as the camp sank in The Final Wreck-ening. Instead, there is a new forest placed on a new island named Pahkitew Island. It is also where the Pimâpotew Kinosewak construct their treehouse that remains until the end of the season, serving as shelter for them. The contestants participate in several challenges in the forest and forage for food for their teammates. Due to the island being mechanical, the scenery also has the ability to change. Trees, rocks, and other pieces can be controlled from the main control center located underneath the island.

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