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Which personality of Mike's is your favorite to voice?
My favourite personality of Mike's to do has to be Svetlana. Simply because Svetlana can kick anyone's butt in a challenge. She can flip, run and dodge almost anything. Plus in the recording booth, I got to crazy with her lines. It's not often that I get to do the voice of a female Russian Olympic Gymnast. Seriously, when will THAT ever happen again!

Do you support Zoey and Mike or Anne Maria and Mike as a relationship?
I'm a big softy at heart so I have to support Zoey and Mike. No knock against Anne Maria, but Zoey seems to be a better fit with Mike. Now if the question was who would I support more Zoey and Vito or Anne Maria, then I'd totally go with Anne Maria. She and Vito get along perfectly. So long as they don't run out of hair product that is.

Besides Mike and Zoey, who are your favorite TDRI characters?
Cameron. Him and Mike just seem to get each other the best. They're both 'Outsiders'. And Cameron seems a trust worthy guy. He's got Mike's back, which is not something you can say about most people on the Island.

If you had to give Mike another personality, what would it be?
If I could give Mike another personality... I'd have to go with a total crazy guy like the Joker or The Monarch (Venture Bros.). I think someone over the top and addicted to mayhem would be great. It's such a departure from Mike and his other personalities. It's a good thing I don't get to decide these things. I don't know how well they would go over with Scott on the Island.

Did you have fun voicing five different characters?
YES!!!! Doing all those voices at the same time was awesome. Easily one of my favourite characters of all time. I get to tap into so many unique voices all while conforming to the overall identity of Mike. I can't think of an actor who wouldn't love the chance to play all those people in one day. It's a bit of the voice actor's dream.

Was your original audition for Mike? Who else would you have liked to voice throughout the series?
I did originally audition for Mike. But I also got a chance at Scott and Cameron. Cameron was the other character I really would have liked to play, but Mike was by far and away the part I wanted to voice. No question.

Did you get any input on creation of the personalities Mike has? Or were they all chosen by the writers?
I'd love to take credit, but that certainly goes to the writers. They came up with Mike and all his intricacies. However our job as the voice actor is to bring these characters to life. So often lines we change or improv during the recording session get used. I didn't come up with Mike and the gang, but I do feel I got some creative input through my line reads and improv moments.

If you could give Mike a label for his default personality, excluding all his others, what would it be?
Hmmmm..... I'd say maybe... 'Hopeless Romantic' would be a good label for Mike's default personality, which is Mike by the way. The personalities branch off from Mike himself. But yeah. Hopeless Romantic works.

What is your favorite challenge of the season?
My favourite challenge is any one that involves the laser shark...... I just like saying it. Laser shark.......

How many times on average does it take you to rework your voice to match one of Mike's alternate personalities?
No time at all. I usually did all the characters at the same time flowing from one to the next. When I was younger it would take me time to switch up voices, but after years of practice it's like having a conversation with yourself. It does get trick though when all the personalities are arguing with each other. Then I get a little fuddled and think, 'Wait, who am I again?!"

Do you think Mike really LOVES and CARES about Zoey when he's not Vito or someone else?
Yes. I do think Mike cares about Zoey whenever he's himself. When he's someone else, I don't think that's the case. But yes, Mike as his normal self absolutely cares about her.

Who is your favorite of the original 22 contestants and why?
My fav original contestant is Harold. My really good friend Brian Froud does the voice for him, and I'm always a fan of the characters my friends voice. Sorry. Real life bias.

What was your first impression when you read your first line as Mike? Did you like his personality at first?
My first impression when reading Mike's lines was, "Holy crap.... this guy is awesome! I really hope I get a chance to do this!" Svetlana, Chester, Vito, Manitoba Smith..... C'mon! That's awesome.

From TDI-TDRI or Jimmy Two Shoes, Is there any character who is just like any of Mike's Personalities?
The closest cross-show comparison on Mike's personalities would be Chester and Grandpa Lucius (Jimmy Two Shoes). They're both crotchety old fart's who give people a hard time. Just like I'll be when I get to be ancient.

Would you prefer that Mike had no MPD at all, or everybody knew about it?
I love that Mike has MPD. it makes him the handy-man character. He can do anything. Solve any problem, or at least of one his personalities can. It's great. He has limitless potential. As for everyone else knowing, that has it's good and bad. Good because he wouldn't have to hide it, and Zoey would understand. Bad because you know someone would take advantage of it.

What was your favorite personality by the end of the series, when you had a good idea of who each personality was?
By the end of the season, I think Vito was my favourite just because of the whole love triangle that came from it. It gave Mike a real hard time trying to win over Zoey, and it's fun to see him scramble to make it up to her.

Do you have multiple personality disorder like Mike and are afraid to show it?
Yes. And Yes. But don't let any of my personalities know that I told you this.

By the end of the season, who do you think Mike will end up with: Zoey or Anne Maria?
Can't tell you that! I thought this was no spoilers!

Hey, Cory! Was it hard trying to voice all 5 of Mike's different personalities? Also, loving Mike so far! You do really well at voicing him.
Thank you! I really appreciate the compliment. As to your question. no it wasn't too hard. But whenever several of the personalities would talk to each other, it got a little hectic. Really felt like I was working hard then.

If you could pick one newbie to win TDROTI (other than Mike), which would it be?
Can I say Vito? Or Svetlanna? Or would that be cheating... ;)

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