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Questions and Answers

1. Okay, this may seem like a spoiler, but I've seen the trailers for Total Drama, the many are there in it?

Unfortunately, I can't disclose that information due to the contract, haha, but I can tell you that it's the funniest season so far, and I'd say majority of your favourites are back on! You're just gonna have to tune in when it premieres!

2. Was Duncan your first choice of who you were going to play, or was there another character you were interested in more?

Aww, thanks - I actually read for a few characters. Believe it or not - Chris was one of them, Cody, Owen, and a few minor ones, even read for Chef! But Duncan just seemed to fit quite effortlessly out of all of them. Obviously the creators and producers agreed!

3. Did you get in trouble like Duncan when you were a kid?

Haha...not to the extent of juvie hall or jail or anything like that! All kids get into trouble from time to time. It's just important to know that what you did was wrong and to concentrate on how you can be a good person, and promote positivity in the world.

4. Not sure if this counts as a spoiler but, why did Duncan go to Juvie?

Well, that's his secret. Who knows, maybe they'll explain that in the new season. You'll have to keep tuning in to find out!

5. I'm sure many people are wondering your opinion on this; what is your take on the possibility of Duncan and Gwen as a couple? Like, could you see it happening, support it or hate it?

Yeah, I could definitely see it happening. I think Gwen and Duncan have a similar style and vibe to them. They're both kinda emo goth types, with the same attitude. I guess we'll have to see what happens in the new season!

6. In your opinion, who do you think is better for Duncan? A lot of people like Duncan and Courtney as a couple, but others like Duncan and Gwen or Duncan and Heather.

I personally think Gwen is the best fit for Duncan. Courtney and Heather are both hotties, but way too high maintenance. I think Duncan's ideal girl would be someone who doesn't care too much about their physical appearance, someone who loves music and going to concerts, is street smart, and of course loves to skate and snowboard!

7. Do you think Duncan would've been a good team captain for the Gaffers?

I think Duncan would make a good leader no matter what team he played for. He's a born leader, just misunderstood, haha.

8. Do you want Duncan and Harold to become friends, or do you like them better as enemies?

Personally, I have nothin' but love for Harold. I'd love to see them become friends. How could you hate on such an innocent, funny, and kind-hearted guy? Much like my bud Brian Froud, who voices him.

9. What are your opinions on the relationship between Duncan and Courtney? Did you think so many people would like it?

Well, I was totally surprised at how many people wanted to see them together. Personally, I don't think it's very healthy for him in the long run. She seems like a heartbreaker. However, she's got a really great sense of humor, so we'll have to see.

10. Do you support Duncan's interactions with other campers?

I do, it's a competition, there's strategy involved. I like the fact that Duncan isn't as sneaky as the other characters though. He's pretty straight up with what he wants and doesn't "sugar coat" his opinions about others. He's starting to soften the more he gets to know everybody, so I'm sure he'll be smiling a lot in the next season, haha.

11. Are there any scenes featuring Duncan that was your favorite?

Huh...that's a tough one. I'd have to say I really enjoy any scene with Owen. I feel like him and Duncan are like the "odd couple". Plus, I love being in the booth with the brilliant Scotty McCord, so it's an added bonus when they have scenes together!

12. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while voicing Duncan?

Ummm, well I was once horribly sick, super stuffed up with a gravelly voice trying to do Duncan which was coming off completely wrong. So they had me do Chef for an episode. Haha...just kiddin'. Um, I guess another funny moment was when Deb, our voice director, had me do a couple voices for some minor characters, and I came up with these ridiculous accents for them. We couldn't stop laughing the whole time. That was a fun day!

13. Out of all the characters, who would you want Duncan to be with?

Well, I'd have to say Owen. His warm embrace would take alllll his troubles away. Haha...for real though, I'd say Gwen would be the one for him.

14. Do you like the idea of Gwen and Duncan being together, or do you prefer him with Courtney?

Gwen all the way, baby! Courtney's cute, but not enough edge to her.

15. Why do you think Duncan sometimes shows he has a heart, but is mostly a bad boy?

Well, he's just a bad boy on the surface. He's human, like all of us, and is totally capable of feeling love and being emotional in front of others. Because of his tough upbringing, he just chooses not to reveal as much so that people can't take advantage of him as easily. He's a good dude, just misunderstood.

16. What are your views on Duncan's conflict with Harold?

Well, I understand why they're "beefing" at the moment, but I bet you if it wasn't a competition they'd be at least acquaintances, if not buddies. Things may change in the new season. We'll have to watch and see.

We are all very thankful to Drew for answering these questions.

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