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This forum is about user conduct guidelines which help identify when a user is breaking wiki rules.

Abusing multiple accounts

Creating two or more accounts with intent to use them consecutively on the wiki is prohibited. Users are permitted to change their username by signing up again; however, they must either ask Wikia to globally disable the first account or request that a Total Drama Wiki staff member blocks the account. A user is also abusing multiple accounts if they create or log in with another username whilst they are blocked from the wiki.

Discrimination and harassment

Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of people on the grounds of their class, gender, mental capacity, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Harassment is intentionally provoking or threatening a user. Discrimination and harassment should immediately be reported to a staff member with a link or a screenshot. Users should remember to treat others as they would like to be treated.

Nonconstructive edits

Nonconstructive edits include any revisions that do not improve the quality of the wiki or compromise the wiki's integrity. A user will be warned if their edits are fruitless unless the wiki's staff believe the user is being purposefully nonconstructive; this is considered vandalism. Examples of nonconstructive edits/vandalism are: adding false information, creating superfluous blogs, uploading too many duplicate files, and illegitimately blanking a page.


Plagiarism is the act of copying any content from the wiki and using it elsewhere without a source or permission from a staff member. A user who plagiarizes will receive an indefinite block if they refuse to remove the pirated content.


Profanity is any form of speech that is strongly impolite or offensive. Anyone who uses any of the wiki's banned words (or a plural form or related word) may face a block.


Pornography is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter. Any files on this wiki containing nudity will be deleted, and files depicting sexual acts will also be deleted whether or not they contain nudity.


Spoilers disclose information from a season or episode that has not aired in North America. Spoilers are prohibited on the wiki regardless of whether the spoiler is minor or not. Users are allowed to discuss the events of episodes that have already aired in North America.