The seventeen remaining teams head to Paris, where they must partake in an art competition and traverse the catacombs before racing to a final stop at the Louvre. The rivalry between two teams further heats up while two others rather concentrate on having fun their own way while someone ends up regretting the previous challenge as their stomach nearly ruins things for them and their partner. Two rivals hope to use others misfortunes to their own advantage but ultimately don't cross the line in time, sending them sailing.


Devin and Carrie Moped

The Best Friends are the first to get onto their moped.

The episode begins at the Moroccan Chill Zone, where the contestants must race on mopeds to an airport, departing in the order in which they placed in the previous episode. Upon reaching the airport, the contestants must then book a flight to Paris, where their next challenge lies. The Police Cadets try to get an early lead by overtaking the Best Friends, only to be overtaken themselves by the Ice Dancers. MacArthur admits that the Ice Dancers had started getting on her nerves due to her being unable to comprehend their incessant smiling. While Father and Son do well at first, they fall behind after the Fashion Bloggers throw a carpet at them, due to the weight of the carpet slowing them down. Meanwhile, the Vegans decide to pedal their moped instead, not wanting to waste release fuel that would pollute the environment.

Geoff Drawing Brody

Brody poses for his caricature.

Having booked their flights, the first and second planes depart for Paris. After landing, the teams must take a cab to the Eiffel Tower. Although the Ice Dancers are initially excited due to being in the lead, this does not last long when they receive competition from the Police Cadets, who crash into their car in order to slow them down. The Police Cadets overtake the Ice Dancers and get to their tip first. The teams must now compete in a "Botch or Watch" in which the person who didn't eat the stew has to draw a caricature of their partner, which must be approved by an artist to get their next Tip. The Surfers Dudes are the first to complete their caricature and receive their next Tip. The next part of the challenge involves navigating through the catacombs underneath Paris and find a block of Roquefort cheese. The teams must then ride down the river with the cheese to get to their next Chill Zone. While some teams are finishing up their drawings, the Fashion Bloggers get a flat tire and decide to use the moment to do some late night shopping. Meanwhile, the Tennis Rivals are far behind the other contestants, due to their cab driver not knowing where they wanted to go after they fell asleep. Kitty becomes unhappy with Emma's mean attitude, but to her relief, she does allow Kitty to do the challenge by herself. As more teams take off into the catacombs, the Police Cadets get an early lead due to MacArthur's exceptional sense of smell. 

Owen Eats Cheese

Owen eating his team's cheese raft.

The Reality TV Pros have to take a small detour, due to Owen needing to use the bathroom, while some of the other teams begin to lose their sense of direction. By this stage, the Vegans and Tennis Rivals have finally completed their caricatures. The Tennis Rivals decide to follow the Vegans, believing they know where the cheese is although they are misled by Owen's stink. The Ice Dancers and Police Cadets are the first ones to find the cheese, and fiercely compete against each other to reach the finish line before the other. The Ice Dancers haste to get ahead causes them to forget their oars, so they paddle using their feet. Despite their efforts, the Cadets come in first place, much to Josee's anger. A few of the teams encounter trouble while riding their rafts, with the Daters losing their oars, while the Fashion Bloggers try to balance their shopping bags while riding on the cheese.

A bit sad

The Tennis Rivals make their departure.

Although the Reality TV Pros manage to arrive at the Chill Zone before a few of the other teams, Don, who refers to the team as "Noah and his Ark", gives them a twenty-minute penalty due to them not riding the cheese raft, as Owen ate it. As the final few teams arrive, the Tennis Rivals are the only ones left, due to taking excessively long when they decide to carry their cheese rather than roll it. They arrive at the Chill Zone just as the Reality Pros' penalty runs out, leading both teams to make a dive onto the Chill Zone. While it appears to be a tie, Don points out that Gerry's foot is not on the carpet, and comes to the decision that the Tennis Rivals are eliminated. After Gerry and Don argue, Gerry finally accepts his fate. They believe their time on the show was a disaster, but are happy to have gotten the chance at some publicity and new supporters.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques/Owen
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Darren Frost Chet
Jeff Geddis Devin/Tom
Neil Crone Dwayne
Stacey DePass Emma
Carter Hayden Ennui/Noah
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
David Huband Gerry
Lyon Smith Jay/Mickey
Ashley Botting Jen
Julie Lemieux Josee/Kelly
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Emilie-Claire Barlow Laurie
Carlos Díaz Lorenzo/Ticket Clerk
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Katie Griffin Miles
Adrian Truss Pete
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie
Bryn McAuley Taylor



  • The girl who worked at the airport in The Aftermath: IV and is seen serving the first class passengers in Total Drama World Tour appears in the background in this episode.
  • Noah and Owen become the first team to face a penalty in this episode.
  • Those who competed in the Botch or Watch are: Carrie, Jacques, Ellody, Noah, Stephanie, Geoff, MacArthur, Kitty, Lorenzo, Taylor, Mickey, Junior, Rock, Ennui, Gerry, Laurie, and Jen.
  • The known caricatures drawn are:
    • Surfer Dudes: Brody flexing his muscles.
    • Best Friends: Initially, a shirtless Devin lying down being surrounded by flowers. However, it is changed to a simple Devin waving his hand.
    • Reality TV Pros: An enormous Owen eating the Eiffel Tower.
    • Father and Son: Dwayne as a stick figure talking.
    • Adversity Twins: Mickey giving a thumbs up.
    • Fashion Bloggers: Tom posing.
    • Rockers: Rock playing an electric guitar and giving the signs of horns.
    • Sisters: Emma folding her arms angrily with horns sprouting from her head and a black cloud above her.
    • Stepbrothers: Chet's head being drawn as a garbage bag.
    • Goths: Crimson in a dress and bat-like wings on her back.
    • Mother and Daughter: Kelly as the Bride of Frankenstein.
    • Tennis Rivals: Pete as a baby.
    • Vegans: Miles as a sunflower.
  • Of those with caricatures, Josee, Mary, Ryan and Sanders were never revealed.
  • The border around Carrie's drawing of Devin is similar to the one seen whenever Rodney falls in love with another contestant.
  • The first three teams to arrive at The Chill Zone are the final three of the season.


  • This marks the second time Owen and Noah visited Paris. The first time is in Can't Help Falling in Louvre.
  • Similar to the events of Slap Slap Revolution, Owen eats the food the contestants are supposed to ride on and his team/partner rides on him instead.


  • The judge of the art contest looks similar in appearance to Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.
  • Taylor's rendition of her mother is an interpretation of the titular monster from the 1935 film The Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Don calls the Reality TV Pros "Noah and his Ark", a reference to the Bible story.



The comparison of Leonard's stick.

  • During the recap, the spherical orb on Leonard's staff appears to be purple. However, when he used it in the previous episode, it is blue.
  • When the Fashion Bloggers put the carpet on their moped, part of Jen's shoulder is missing.
Twin's scared

One of many times when Mickey's gap in his teeth is missing.

  • Mickey's gap in his teeth is briefly missing several times in the episode:
    • When he hits a road sign.
    • When he and Jay are scared of the Goths.
    • When the Adversity Twins are seen paddling along with some other teams.
  • Don says that those who didn't make the Botch or Watch in the previous episode must draw a caricature of their partner. However, Rock's picture is a caricature of himself, although Spud could have drawn Rock's caricature and Rock shows it to the artist.
    • Similarly though, Mickey is supposed to do this Botch or Watch and is originally shown trying to overcome his pencil phobia, but later on Jay is shown presenting a picture of Mickey instead.  
  • When the Sisters arrive at the Chill Zone, Kitty's sleeve cuffs are missing.
The Reality TV penalty is over

Part of Noah's undershirt is red instead of white.

  • Don says that the last four teams are racing during the Reality TV Pros' penalty, when there are in fact six teams still racing. 
  • When the Reality TV Pros' penalty is about to be over, the part of Noah's white undershirt underneath his neck is red.
  • When the Reality TV Pros and the Tennis Rivals jump on the Chill Zone, Gerry's facial hair is missing.


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