A girl scout is determined to earn her final badge but the task requires her to be friend with the lone wolf of the class. Can she overcome their creepy habits in order to claim their prize?


Duncan, Harold and Owen are getting to play their favorite game, "Sniff It Till You Barf", where they sniff disgusting moldy foods until all but one ends up throwing up. Before they begin, Courtney comes by and places smiling stickers on them, claiming they're her friends, even Duncan. The boys ask her what she's doing, and she tells them she's trying to make a new friend so she can earn her final Wilderness Girl Badge. She has collected every other badge, including one where she removed her own appendix, being the only scout to do so, and making a new friend is all she needs to do to complete her badge collection. None of the kids know what will happen if she completes the set. Owen guesses she'll get a lifetime supply of cookies, Duncan guesses she'll get a party on a yacht, and Courtney guesses they will build a statue in her honor. As she goes off, the boys begin their game.

Courtney sadly realizes she's already friends with everyone at daycare, but Gwen assures her they're not friends. To test her, she asks Courtney some questions about her, none of which she gets right. Put off by her creepy demeanor, Courtney decides to put Gwen aside and think of a plan B. Meanwhile, Owen wins Sniff It Till You Barf and retains his champion status.

Courtney decides to try befriending other things other than people. She asks a magic 8 ball if it'll be her friend and it answers no. She tries hugging a sentient tree, but the tree doesn't like it. She tries befriending Richard Swimmins, but the Wilderness Girl committee calls her saying that befriending a fish doesn't count, much to her annoyance. Out of options, she decides to try Gwen. Gwen does not like the idea of being friends with Courtney, but Courtney assures her she can be fun. Gwen decides she will give Courtney a chance on the condition they play Gwen's way. Courtney is willing to go through with it.

Meanwhile, Owen watches Harold and Duncan play another round of SITYB, which will determine who will be runner up.

The first thing Courtney and Gwen do is a game called Monster Toy. Gwen breaks toys, mixes the broken pieces together, and fuses them into a new toy. She wants Courtney to do it. Desperate to get her badge, Courtney follows suit and breaks the toys. First, she accidentally fixes them. Then after another failed attempt, she manages to make a monstrosity of a toy, making Gwen think a friendship could work after all. Next, they take worms and put them in a boom. Gwen slams the worms in the pages and asks Courtney if worms are good for anything, and Courtney can't think of a legitimate use for them and slams them in like Gwen. Next they flick the light switch for the boys' room off. Dunca. Comes out screaming (assuming he lost to Harold) a d unintentionally reveals his fear of the dark. Gwen and Courtney flick it off again, scaring him away. They then proceed to frighten the other students, like Jude with a fake shark fin on a skateboard, dressing up as zombies and scaring Beth, and dressing up as spiders to scare Cody (who still wears diapers). Their last target is Chef, who Gwen admits is tricky. After Courtney suggests some ludicrous ideas, Gwen suggests they settle for something less extreme. They place a joke pretzel container and tie it to a horse. Chef opens the container to find that it's empty, and the girls send the horse running off with Chef in tow still holding the can. Courtney and Gwen laugh; the latter admits it was the first time she ever laughed so hard.

Gwen decides she and Courtney are now friends. Excited, Courtney asks Gwen to sign a form that their friendship is official for her Wilderness Girl status, which she neglected to tell Gwen. Upon hearing this, Gwen is shocked that that was the main reason she wanted to be friends with her and it didn't seem real, but she signs anyway because it was a "well played" idea of Courtney's.

At her next Wilderness Girl meeting, Courtney finally gets her final badge and asks when her statue will be built. Just then, a cookie falls from above and Courtney notices, to her horror, an avalanche of cookies falls on top of her. Owen comes by and announces he was right about her reward and starts eating some cookies.


Harold is performing a magic trick by summoning random objects out of his hat. Each time he waves his wand over his hat, something came out from it. First a rabbit, followed by a penguin, a bouquet of flowers and finally an angry Chef Hatchet, scaring Harold away.  Unable to find a way out of Harold's magic hat, Chef bounces off.


Voice actor Role(s)
Deven Mack Chef Hatchet
Sarah Gadon Beth
Wyatt White Cody
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Lilly Bartlam Gwen
Darren Frost Harold
Christian Potenza Jude
Bahia Watson Leshawna
Scott McCord Owen
  • Izzy appears, but she has no lines, however she can be heard screaming.



  • Unlike the original series, Beth, Cody and Duncan's fears have been changed from what their original counterparts have in Phobia Factor. Coincidentally, all these fears were fears of other contestants from the original timeline.
    • Beth is now afraid of zombies (Shawn's fear) instead of being covered by bugs.
    • Cody is now afraid of spiders (Leshawna's fear as well as Cameron's original fear) instead of attempting to disarm a bomb under pressure.
    • Duncan is now afraid of the dark (Brick's fear) instead of Céline Dion standees.
  • Jude's fear is the same as Scott's fear, as both characters are afraid of sharks.
  • Like her original counterpart, Gwen has a pet iguana.
  • The manner in which Courtney becomes Gwen's friend under false pretenses is reminiscent of their conflict in Total Drama All Stars. 



  • This title of episode pun "From Bad to Worse".



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