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Geoff and Gwen

A photograph of Geoff and Gwen taken before the former leaves.

These two characters are complete opposites in appearance and personality. Geoff is an upbeat guy in bright, revealing clothes with light, naturally-colored hair who likes to party. In contrast, Gwen is serious in nature, prefers to be left in solitude and dresses in dark, non-revealing clothing complete with matching dark, dyed hair. Although Gwen is initially rather guarded around Geoff, towards the end of Total Drama Island, her perception of him as a brainless party animal changes and she begins to see him as a friend. Their interaction in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon is an important turning point in Gwen's life, as Geoff helps her realize that she could afford to let loose every once in a while.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Since this episode, Gwen becomes notably annoyed with Geoff's relaxed attitude, especially disliking his "abuse" of words such as "dude" and "man", even commenting that if Geoff or Chris repeated those words, she'll puke.

Basic Straining


Geoff and Gwen bonding together as they are the finalists of the boot camp challenge in Basic Straining.

Gwen and Geoff are the final two contestants from their respective teams that survive Chef Hatchet's boot camp. Their final challenge is to hang upside-down from a tree for as long as possible without falling off. As their teammates cheer them on, Gwen claims she could hang on the tree all day long, to which Geoff enthusiastically shouts, "Rock on, sister!" being rather friendly about the competition.

X-Treme Torture

While talking to Bridgette, Gwen recollects Geoff trying to show-off to Bridgette but ends up crashing into the dock. After the girls find a love letter in the form of a haiku, Gwen jokes Geoff can't be the writer since he probably couldn't even spell haiku. However, this angers Bridgette and leads to the girls having a minor feud, where the two try to find out who wrote the love letter. Gwen considers Geoff as a "skater flake" and does not believe he is very intelligent.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

When Gwen wins the reward, Geoff, along with Leshawna, angrily stare at her but Gwen states they're just jealous.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon


Gwen is not amused by Geoff's upbeat attitude at the beginning of the episode.

It is revealed that Geoff feels that both Duncan and Gwen are gloomy and too serious. Gwen still finds Geoff too cheerful, even claiming that he was the camper annoying her the most on the island at that point, possibly even more than Heather, due to his upbeat, partying attitude, saying that he's always happy.

Geoff and Gwen are paired together for the challenge. Geoff begins telling her a tale of when he and his friend got the longest detention in their school's history, though Gwen tells him numerous times that she doesn't care about what he says.

Gg woohoo

Geoff gets Gwen to let loose, and get out of her depressing attitude.

When the two get to the island, Duncan and Leshawna begin wrestling over Duncan and Leshawna's weight, and Geoff jokes about it to Gwen. When Gwen begins yelling at him of how they were in the middle of the challenge, Geoff motions to his back and lets Gwen ride, to Gwen's pleasant surprise. Later, Gwen snaps at him for not taking the challenge seriously, throwing his camera into the lake. Geoff reveals that he always wanted to befriend Gwen, but felt that she wasn't the type who'd be interested in partying, though he assures her that if they went to the same high school, he would have invited her to all of his parties. Gwen admits that she sometimes wishes she could be more cheerful and "normal" like other girls, and also sadly states she never attended a party, horrifying Geoff. She shrugs it off as the whole thing not being part of her DNA until Geoff corrects her, saying partying and being upbeat is more like a state of mind. When Geoff manages to open Gwen's eyes to a new way of looking at life, she slowly warms up to him.

Snapshot 2009-02-12 21-32-33

Gwen and Geoff say goodbye to one another by taking a photo together.

After they win the second challenge, Gwen successfully shouts out in victory in an attempt to imitate Geoff. Though they lose the third challenge, Gwen fully warms up to Geoff and genuinely has fun with him. This leads to Gwen becoming upset when Geoff gets voted off in the same episode, solely because he was too nice, and the other contestants considered his popularity a threat.

Geoff is stopped by Gwen before boarding the Boat of Losers, where she gave back his camera that she had thrown into the lake earlier that day. She admits she went back to Boney Island to retrieve it and thanks Geoff for all he did for her. Geoff catches Gwen in the moment and snapped a picture of the two of them at the very end of the episode, symbolizing peace between them.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Gwen calls Geoff a "party-obsessed jerk" even though they had become friends a few episodes prior. Geoff chooses to root for Owen over Gwen.

Total Drama Action

The Aftermath: I

Geoff sides on "Team Gwen", standing up for Gwen and her choice to vote out Trent. Interestingly, he is one of her most vocal supporters.

The Aftermath: II

Geoff pokes Gwen

Geoff puts Gwen on the spot when she comes to the Total Drama Action Aftermath as a guest.

In a bizarre contrast to the previous Aftermath, Geoff now openly criticizes Gwen for breaking up with Trent, even more than Bridgette to boost the ratings. Gwen tries to drive away from the subject, but Geoff presses on. He goes so far as showing a clip of Gwen and Duncan allegedly almost kiss, because the video features Duncan playfully wrestling her to the ground a short distance away from her lips. This infuriates Courtney and makes Gwen look bad, even as she struggles to explain that they are nothing more than friends. The events of this episode force Gwen herself to question her friendship with Geoff. She even asks him about it, to which he responds that his new gig 'trumps' the times that he and Gwen made s'mores. Later, Geoff tries to force Gwen to sit in a dunk tank full of piranhas just for his own amusement, the action being stopped by Trent.

Camp TV


Gwen and Geoff cuddling in the Camp TV promo.

As seen in the unfinished prototype version of Total Drama Island, Gwen and Geoff were originally supposed to be love interests to each other, rather than platonic friends. However, this was eventually cut. Gwen is seen sleeping on Geoff's chest while the two sit on a lounge chair by the docks in the Camp TV promo. Additionally, Geoff has his hand around her waist on the promotional poster.


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