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It is crime-solving time on set, as the cast participates in three mystery-themed challenges. As one castmate starts to apply herself, another continues to be fed up with them. As a result, these two find themselves butting heads quite often. To make matters worse, the host is found dead on a moving train, and the murderer seems to be amongst them. In the end, someone wins a reward and uses it to make someone else jealous, asserting their strategic prowess.


Harold finds a flash drive inside his breakfast.

The episode opens with the castmates eating "breakfast tacos" in the craft services tent as they discuss how Chef has truly run out of ideas for breakfast foods. Harold bites onto something unusual in his breakfast, which turns out to be a flash drive, which causes the castmates to believe that Chef has run out of ingredients as well. Beth suggests putting it into Courtney's personal digital assistant to find out what information it holds, but an annoyed Courtney tells Beth that her PDA isn't going anywhere near it. Duncan grabs it, reminding her that if she wants to win, she will have to play along. She finally complies and inserts the flash drive into her PDA. It shows a video of Chris subtly giving the castmates clues to use to open a safe. Chris talks about the breakfast, saying he is on "cloud nine," and that he could have had a "dozen" of the eggs, and then he says "86." Duncan and Harold immediately decide not to compete, since it would be nice to not have a challenge for once.

Lindsay complaining about not being heard anymore.

Lindsay suspects that Chris is dead since Chris mentions that he was on "cloud nine," which is like Heaven, and goes on to say that since the common thing to do with dead people is bury them, they should start to dig. No one listens to Lindsay.

TDA Lindsay.png


No one ever listens to me anymore since Courtney got here! What's so weird about Chris being buried alive?

Courtney eventually figures out what the clues mean, saying "Go figure, I actually have a brain." She begins to leave the craft services tent and directs the castmates out. Lindsay reminds everyone that she also has a solution, but no one listens to her. Beth touches her shoulder and says, "You did, sweetie," but follows Courtney anyway.

TDA Beth.png


I felt really bad for Lindsay, but that was some pretty good thinking on Courtney's part! 'Safe and secure'? Genius!

Then, the final five arrive at the bank vault from the bank-heist challenge, following Courtney. Using the numbers that Chris said in his video, Courtney opens the safe and sees Chris inside. Chris thanks the castmates for freeing him, with something in his mouth. He claims it is chewing tobacco, disgusting the castmates. Chris then admits that he was joking, and tells them it is black licorice, also disgusting the castmates. Chris agrees and spits out the licorice. When Chris mentions trains, Harold brings up his solar-powered train back home. After Chris explains the challenge, Courtney demands a prize from Chris, but Chris says that he never said this was the challenge, and just thanks Courtney for freeing him.

Chris then explains to the castmates that throughout the day, they need to collect DNA samples from their fellow castmates.

TDA Duncan.png


All you have to do is go to the provincial police headquarters. You can get all my info there.

Lindsay does not fare well in the challenge.

The castmates then leave to start the challenge. Back at the trailers, Lindsay and Courtney are shown getting into an argument, which Courtney resolves by offering Lindsay a spa treatment. Courtney then tricks Lindsay into giving her a DNA sample by giving her a "new trendy spa treatment," which Lindsay agrees to since she loves to be trendy.

TDA Courtney.png


Man, I am good!

Duncan is then shown leaving the trailer, and almost getting caught in Harold's elaborate trap, which Duncan sidesteps to avoid. Duncan then finds Harold hiding in the bushes, waiting for the trap to work. Duncan then jumps on him and gets a DNA sample from him. Courtney then decides to shower. Lindsay attempts to get her footprint by getting Courtney to walk in paint and then on a sheet of cardboard, but Courtney, now wet from her shower, drenches it with water, ruining Lindsay's efforts. She pats Lindsay on the back for trying. Next, Beth and Lindsay sit in the craft services tent. Beth's retainer falls into her spaghetti, and Lindsay takes it out for her. However, this is just a trick for Beth to collect Lindsay's DNA sample using the sauce on her hands.

TDA Beth.png


Okay, so I felt a little guilty about taking advantage of Li—(gasps) Ow!

Then Harold gets a DNA sample from Beth during that confessional, after attempting to get a sample from Duncan again. Courtney is then seen tricking Duncan into giving her another sample through a fake date. Courtney stands up to give Duncan a head massage and plucks out one of his hairs. Duncan angrily asks Courtney why she did that if she already had a sample from Lindsay. Courtney responds by saying she did it for fun.

The castmates are then seen giving up their samples to Chris. Harold, Beth, and Duncan hand one sample each, Lindsay is the only one with no samples at all, and Courtney hands in two samples. Upon giving Chris two samples, Courtney demands a prize. Due to her whiny persistence, Chris ends up giving Courtney a bag of cheese puffs that he was going to have on the train to shut her up. The castmates then enter the train, after Chris says "All aboard!" Chris takes everyone's prints as a regulation to ride the train, and Chef Hatchet brings in a tray of food for everyone. When Lindsay expresses happiness at getting to eat all the good food, Courtney states that she will only eat her cheese puff reward, and does not share it with Beth after she asks for some.

Chris is found dead by the castmates.

While onboard, the castmates submerge in darkness. Suddenly, Chris is heard shouting to someone that they "can't kill the host." The lights turn back on, and on the floor of the train lies the dead body of Chris McLean. Courtney kicks the body several times, trying to prove that Chris is faking it. The castmates are frightened, and Courtney demands that Harold performs CPR on Chris. The action does not work, and Beth and Harold shake. The castmates begin to panic, as Harold and Beth run around the train cart wildly. Duncan grabs them and forces Harold and Beth to pull themselves together. Lindsay then compares the situation to her trip to a girl at her cheering camp.

TDA Beth.png


I gotta admit, I was kinda curious to know where Lindsay was going with this.

However, the story leads nowhere. Courtney ignores her and asks if anyone except Lindsay has any ideas. Harold directs Beth to call the train's conductor, but no one answers. Courtney, in frustration, kicks Chris's dead body again. As she does so, Harold and Beth cringe at the sight.

TDA Beth.png


Listen, I'm obviously a little old for make-believe, but Courtney is not somebody I would've had over to my pretty pretend palace, ever. She'd always want to be the daddy, the doctor, and the prime minister of all my dolls! And they won't like that one bit! I mean, wouldn't. If I still played with them... which I don't!

Then, Courtney tries to contact her lawyers but gets no reception in the train. Meanwhile, Lindsay outlines Chris's body with lipstick, wondering why they do that.

Courtney convinces Duncan to climb on top of the train car's emergency exit, which she is convinced is fake, like the airplane in Full Metal Drama. Duncan refuses at first, and so Courtney says that Duncan is the only one who can "handle it," knowing that she's "good." Duncan climbs out of the train through the emergency exit, but the train is revealed to be real. The hatch closes, and Duncan grows closer and closer to a tunnel and begs the others to open the hatch. While Duncan is outside of the train, the lights turn off once again, and Chris's body disappears. Harold ends up on the ground, brushing up against Lindsay's leg. Duncan falls from the hatch and assures everyone that the train is real.

Duncan is accused of murdering Chris, and Courtney promises to clear his name.

Harold finds one of Duncan's green hairs where the body used to be. He holds up a magnifying glass and insists that he does not want to be murdered while playing a sound effect on his keyboard. Lindsay mimics him, doing the same with her fingers. The castmates (with the sole exception of Courtney) immediately blamed Duncan for the disappearance, prompting them to handcuff him to a guardrail in the car. Courtney objects to this and insists that the rest of the castmates should stop listening to Lindsay. Lindsay states her reasoning, and it is similar to Harold's.

TDA Harold.png


Why suspect Duncan? Any good detective knows 50% of the time the husband or wife is whodunit. The other 50% of the time it's the guy with the mohawk! He's the killer! (suspense piano music) I love this thing! (plays suspense piano music again)

As Courtney tells Duncan that she will get him out of the situation, Lindsay gives commands to Harold and Beth to search for more clues. When Courtney confronts her, Lindsay says that she could be just as right about this as anybody.

TDA Courtney.png


I have to admit that I was still unsure about the whole murder thing, but Lindsay didn't have to know that. The key to being a leader is making decisions. I've made all of my decisions for the next four years. Wanna know what I'm having for breakfast next April 22nd?

Lindsay and Beth work as their team, searching for clues. Lindsay becomes distracted and starts applying makeup.

TDA Beth.png


Look, I love Lindsay! But I'm not sure if I want to put all my eggs into that basket. Two heads are better than one, but three heads are better than two... and any head is probably better than Lindsay's.

Courtney then manages to get Harold to assist her in trying to stop the train so they can get off of it. Courtney throws Harold's magnifying glass down, shattering it. Harold throws down several items to attempt to stop the train, which all get thrown back at him, including feathers and a soda bottle.

Lindsay with her unflattering drawing of Courtney.

Meanwhile, Beth and Lindsay investigate for more clues, and Lindsay finds a napkin with orange fingerprints on it. Lindsay is then able to connect the dots, remembering that Courtney had orange cheese puffs, and did not share them with anyone – meaning she could be the only one with orange fingerprints. Lindsay maps this out for the other castmates through an unflattering drawing of Courtney.

Courtney protests, insisting that she is innocent, but to no avail, as Lindsay directs Beth and Harold to handcuff Courtney. Just as the castmates are about to handcuff Courtney, Chris walks back into the compartment, alive and well. He announces that Lindsay won the challenge, much to Courtney's dismay. Chris refers to Lindsay as "Detective Lindsay," and Lindsay says that she prefers to be called "Detective Lindsay, Her Hotness." Chris then tells Lindsay that she gets to choose someone to take to the movies with her, as her reward. Beth anticipates and expects Lindsay to pick her, remarking that it's been a long time since she's been to the movies. However, Lindsay surprisingly chooses Duncan and apologizes for wrongly accusing Duncan. Duncan forgives Lindsay, stating that it happens all the time.

TDA Lindsay.png


I really should've really brought Beth, at least we'd have something to say to each other, but it was a good, strategistical, logical move... because it messed with Courtney's head!

TDA Beth.png


How could I be mad at Lindsay? Watching Courtney be jealous was the best! Especially when she tried to pretend she didn't care!

TDA Courtney.png


This is not fair! Who cares? Not me! I couldn't care less! Not if I tried to care less. I... do... not... care. (screams angrily)

Chris then signs off the episode, after admiring his rubber replica.

Exclusive clip

Lindsay compares a night at the movies with Duncan to eating too many movie snacks.

TDA Lindsay.png


Going to the movies with Duncan? It reminded me of ordering a megacombo at the movies—at first, you think it's gonna be fun: Courtney's losing her mind; Duncan's pretty okay most of the time; the butter's glistening off of the popcorn. Good, right? But by the time the previews are over, you've been over the bucket, then there's the drink, and you're feeling a little bit sick. [burps]


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Brian Froud Harold
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay

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Tied for 14th
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  • This episode contains many similarities to "Hook, Line, and Screamer," such as:
    • Courtney dismisses everything as fake, similar to Heather in that episode.
    • Chris pulls various stunts to feign reality in both episodes.
    • Murder plays a major part in this episode, similar to the killer "butchering" campers in that episode and Chris being "murdered" in this episode.
  • The zombies that Chris fights are redesigned models of the cameramen from "Riot On Set" and "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island." These two cameramen adopt Duncan and DJ's Camp TV design.
  • Justin's exclusive clip is shown in the recap.


  • This episode marks the first episode in which Courtney hasn't won the challenge or immunity since she joined the competition this season, despite winnning the first part.

Chris in his badminton film.

  • This is the second episode that mentions that Courtney watches Total Drama Action before her debut into the competition.
  • This episode references the events of past episodes from the season:
    • "Full Metal Drama": Courtney reminded the rest of the contestants that they have already been in a fake transportation system as a part of a challenge.
    • "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine": Courtney reminds the others that Chris was in the safes from the bank heist challenge.
    • "Million Dollar Babies": Part of Lindsay's reward is watching Chris's badminton movie.


  • This episode shares the same name as the phrase, Get a Clue.
  • The hat Chris wears is similar to that worn by Sherlock Holmes. Furthermore, Chris is shown smoking a pipe and talking in a British accent, displaying more similarities with the famous detective.
  • Courtney refers to the board game, Clue when she says: "Oh, come on! Next, you'll be saying it was Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the bacon sandwich!"
  • This episode is possibly based on Agatha Christie's classic novel, Murder on the Orient Express.
  • The way Harold tried to trap Duncan to get his prints and DNA is similar to a Rube Goldberg machine.
  • The music during the DNA montage is a homage to the theme from the television series, The Pink Panther.


  • When Lindsay is in the confessional, her hand vanishes for a moment.
  • When Beth grabs the handcuffs, they have a chain link between them, but when Duncan is cuffed to the door, they have a metal rod between them.
  • When Chef wheels in the cart full of snacks there is no soda, but later there is when the castmates throw soda into the wheels.
  • When Duncan goes on top of the train and falls back down, his green mohawk is damaged, but after he comes back from another room to look for Chris, his mohawk is back to its original state.
  • The handprints in the evidence bags have five fingers rather than four.
  • Beth screams in this episode, even though she said she couldn't scream during "The Sand Witch Project." This has been a reoccurring goof throughout the season.
  • Chris said that Courtney has her own bathroom in "One Million Bucks, B.C." However, Courtney was shown showering in the communal bathrooms in this episode.
  • The napkin used as the "murder weapon" would imply Chris suffocating, however, when the lights went out, there was the noise of so and no gasping for air, implying Chris was smacked with something instead.
  • When Courtney hands in her evidence, she is seen to have two sets of handprints and hair samples. However, she only collected Duncan's hair, not his handprint.
  • When Chris paints Courtney's hand on the train, she puts her hand down, but when she appears again there is no paint on her hand at all.


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