The first appearance of the golf cart and trailer.

The golf cart and trailer is a double vehicle used on land. It is debuted and most prominently featured in Total Drama Action. Although its final appearance has occurred in Total Drama World Tour, the golf cart can be detached from the trailer at any time, as seen in several episodes such as One Million Bucks, B.C. and Can't Help Falling in Louvre.

Total Drama Action


Several of the contestants riding on the golf cart cough due to the Lame-o-sine's exhaust.

This double vehicle had it's first appearance in Monster Cash. Shortly after the castmates were first dropped off at the abandoned film lot, Chris arrived in a golf cart, pulling a long trailer attached behind it with enough seats for the fourteen castmates to sit in. Chris then slowly pulled the trailer through the film lot, giving the cast a basic tour of the film lot, as well as an explanation of the season and how it will go. He then takes them right into the middle of the monster movie set, unceremoniously dumping them off there to start the challenge.  

The golf cart and trailer is seen once more at the very end of the episode, when Chris is riding it past the castmates as he tells them to get a good night's sleep for their next challenge. In this episode, Chris claims that the golf cart is rented by the hour, despite it having several more appearances later on in the season. It was also seen to have a special feature; when Chris pressed a red button, several panes of glass rose up to enclose the four open sides of the cart (where the windshield, windows, and rear window would be), so that when the cart passed behind the Lame-o-sine, the heavy cloud of exhaust being expelled from it would not affect him, but, instead, the fourteen castmates. Shortly afterwards, when Geoff becomes impatient and wants to get on with the challenge, Chris claims that the cart has an eject button and that he would use it if he wanted to, silencing Geoff. 


DJ, with Duncan and Izzy alongside him, faints and falls out of the trailer after seeing the monster.

In Masters of Disasters, the golf cart and trailer were featured in the first half of the challenge, when the roof of the trailer was removed so that Chris could attach a massive machine gun onto it that could fire golf balls at the contestants in order to simulate hail. Chef Hatchet is seen to be sitting in the golf cart that was attached to the trailer at the time. This is the last appearance of the trailer, but the golf cart is seen later.

In One Million Bucks, B.C., the golf cart is seen by itself for the first and last time in this episode. At the end of the challenge, when the Killer Grips emerge victorious, Chef drives up in the golf cart with their reward, a "mammoth-sized" slab of ribs, tied to the roof. However, he leaves the cart running, so the moment he exits, it instantly moves backwards and falls right into the nearby tar pit, with both the cart and the ribs sink.


Geoff and Bridgette make out in the trailer, with DJ and Duncan watching.

In Million Dollar Babies, it appears again when Chris rides up to the cast in it to tell them about the fifth and final challenge of the day: cheerleading. Due to the events of the previous episode, it may or may not have been the same one.

In The Aftermath: III, the golf cart is featured yet again in the "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" segment. The clip shows Chef driving the golf cart in the previous episode, on the way to deliver the doomed ribs to the victorious Grips. However, he accidentally rear-ended a similar golf cart, which was driven by the Sasquatchanakwa. It retaliated by pulling a golf club out of a bag in the back of his cart and repeatedly whacking the front-right tire of Chef's golf cart, then flipped him off.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, towards the end of the episode, Chef uses the golf cart and trailer to bring a massive safe over to the earthquake rig from Masters of Disasters so that he and Chris could launch it at the two finalists, Beth and Duncan, while they were running the course.

Total Drama World Tour


DJ gets beaten by the animals while trying to end his curse.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, the golf cart, without the roof attached, was seen in one of the many hallways of the Louvre museum. DJ, who had stolen a replica of a mummified dog from an Egyptian exhibit in hopes that he could somehow use it to lift his curse, hijacked the golf cart and started racing through the halls, heading back towards the pyramid court where his teammate Lindsay was. However, during his drive, the Sasquatchanakwa, the bear, and the baby seal that he ran over and nearly killed in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, all begin chasing him. They eventually reach him and all climb aboard the golf cart, starting to attack him and beating him up in the process. The cart continues driving around aimlessly. Eventually, it reached the pyramid court just as Lindsay was putting the finishing touches on their team's statue, and thus about to win the challenge for them. However, the golf cart crashed right into the statue, destroying both the cart and the statue, thus ruining their chances of winning, and eventually resulting in the elimination of Lindsay later in the episode.


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