The final nine travel to Greece to compete in various Olympic challenges. Two contestants are nervous about their kiss and, unfortunately for them someone has a big secret and he is forced to reveal it thanks to a manipulative contestant. A fight breaks out and tension between two others grows. After one team wins, three contestants are in the hot seat on the other, but someone else is eliminated instead, sparing another.


Courtney-Gwen 06

Gwen and Courtney talking about Duncan in first class.

The episode opens with Courtney and Gwen having "girl talk" about Duncan returning to the game. While Courtney gushes over her boyfriend, Gwen is very uncomfortable about the subject, mainly because of the kiss she shared with Duncan in the confessional in the previous episode. Courtney, not knowing about the kiss, continues to talk thinking Gwen is happy for her. Back in economy class, Owen has a nightmare about Noah's recent departure, and is worried that Noah is unsafe wherever he is, and that he's going to be the next one to go because of Alejandro and Tyler's new alliance. Tyler, not being very good with secrets, is also nervous about seeing Duncan kiss Gwen. Alejandro suspects that he is hiding something and tries to make him talk about it, but Duncan discreetly intimidates him into keeping quiet about it, by hinting that he'll kill Tyler if he tells.

In the economy class area, Chris explains the next challenge to the contestants: competing in the Olympics' birthplace - Rome. However, Courtney, Alejandro, and Gwen all correct him that the Olympics originated in Greece. Although Chris initially refuses to believe this, after further persistence from several contestants, Chris calls two interns up to him, with one of them looking noticeably worried. Chris decides that the nervous one is guilty of giving him false information and throws him off the plane. He turns to the other intern and sends him off to find out information about Greece, before heading to the cockpit to tell Chef to change course. While the two teams began to taunt each other about their teams' superiority, Duncan and Gwen smile at each other. Courtney notices this and questions Gwen, but she deflects suspicion by telling Courtney that she was staring at his mohawk and that Courtney should do something about it.

On the Acropolis, Chris explains that each competition will be one on one, due to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot being down one contestant and Team Amazon being "all girls", clearly humiliating Cody. The first event is hunting for gold in a maze of pillars, guarded by an Erymanthian Boar (which is actually just the bear with boar teeth tied to it). Gwen and Duncan volunteer for the competition at the same time. This makes them feel awkward and they try to back out of it. However, Chris forces them, especially Duncan, to compete in the challenge. In addition, Duncan is forced to sing for the rest of this challenge to make up for his time off the show, under the penalty of Chef following and towel-whipping him in the butt whenever he does not sing. While they compete, the rest of the contestants are taken to a wrestling ring. Courtney calls herself "the strongest Amazon", but Cody claims he's stronger than her. Courtney dismisses the claim, making Sierra issue a challenge to take on Courtney. On Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, Tyler mentions being on his grade-school wrestling team. Alejandro lets Tyler take his place in the ring, in exchange for a favor to be called in later.


Owen stands triumphantly over Courtney and Sierra after they knock themselves out.

Cody, Sierra, and Courtney wrestle against Owen and Tyler. Cody charges at Owen, but is quickly knocked out of the ring by Owen's large bulk, sending him flying towards the bear that Gwen and Duncan are up against. Sierra leg-locks Owen for hurting Cody, while Courtney fights Tyler. Due to Tyler's refusal to hurt a girl, he is knocked out by Courtney. Cody announces his return and willingness to help his team, which Courtney dismisses by calling him a pipsqueak. This incites Sierra to attack her, and they eventually put each other in a choke hold. When neither refuses to let go, and when Courtney smacks Cody when he attempts to break up the fight, they tighten their grips on each other. Soon after, both pass out due to lack of oxygen. Owen comes along and claims victory over them both, winning him two gold medals.

Gwen and Duncan are still in the ruins, looking for the boar-bear. They bump into each other, awkward in each other's company. Chris then signals for a song, but only Duncan must sing the whole song. They sing Greek Mix, during which Duncan and Gwen sing about the obvious problem looming, since Tyler had seen their kiss, where the boulder on Tyler represented the burden on his shoulders, and the Courtney statue represented her current innocence. Duncan tries to convince Gwen that he had no regrets about what he did, but Gwen retaliates by saying he would later regret it when Courtney finds out. Gwen also says that what they were doing had to stop, because it was all so insane. Alejandro listens in, figuring out the secret between them, while Courtney is too far away to hear the lyrics. In the end, Gwen is able to get the medal from the bear while it beats up Duncan.

The final competition is a hurdles race. Heather and Alejandro must compete since they are the only contestants who have not participated in a challenge. Both try to psyche each other out by showing off their flexibility, but Alejandro proves that he is more flexible than her, disturbing some of the other contestants. However, after the race starts, Alejandro starts to get too cocky, running backward and on his hands to show off even more. Eventually, when he looks behind him to mock Heather, and thus isn't looking where he is going, he knocks his head on the last hurdle, allowing Heather to pass him and win the race.

The tie-breaker competition is donning Icarus-like wings and using them to fly up to grab a medal dangling from a crane, dressed in "authentic Spartan costumes". Cody volunteers for Team Amazon, while Tyler volunteers for Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. To avoid the challenge ending in a close tie, Alejandro chooses the time to call in his favor and forces Tyler to spill his secret about Gwen and Duncan's kiss. Courtney violently turns to Gwen, outraged, proclaiming that she thought they were "friend-ish". She begins screaming her hatred at Gwen, kicking and punching, only to be restrained by Sierra.


Cody punches Duncan after finding out that he kissed Gwen.

Cody is flabbergasted and hurt, hearing about what happened between Duncan and Gwen. Cody then reaches his boiling point after Duncan insults his costume, to which Cody angrily punches him in the face, knocking him out. Tyler gets a head-start, but only because Courtney tells Cody to stay put. Sierra gets confused at first since that would mean Team Amazon would lose, but after looking at Gwen she realizes that's what Courtney wants. Courtney points out that when Team Amazon loses, Gwen will be eliminated, something she, Heather and Sierra agree on. However, Cody refuses to let Gwen get voted off, believing that Gwen would have to kiss him eventually, and chases after Tyler. The wings start melting, since they are only held together by wax, and Tyler's wings fall apart before he can grab the medal. Cody grabs the medal with his teeth before his wings give out, falling to the ground and landing on Tyler. Team Amazon wins the tie-breaker, while Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot goes to the elimination ceremony again.

Back on the plane, Sierra praises Cody for knocking out Duncan, while Heather tries to console a crying Courtney. Gwen, not wanting to be around her team at the moment, first sits apart from them, then heads to the confessional. There, she admits that the kiss she shared with Duncan was really great but then realizes that she probably won't last any longer in the game because of it and that Duncan will most likely be eliminated from the game. She then runs to watch the elimination ceremony from the side, worried about Duncan's fate. Chris explains why Alejandro, Tyler, and Duncan could be voted off tonight. However, he ignores their votes and an Intern gets "eliminated" instead because Chris wants to keep Duncan for the drama he caused. Chris then tells viewers to tune in for the next episode.

Exclusive clip

Sierra & Chef exclusive

Sierra talking about her team's reward and annoying Chef.

In the cockpit of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Sierra excitedly tells the viewers that her team's reward in this episode was a phone call to their loved ones. She then calls into her audio blog to give the viewers an exclusive taste of life inside the show. In her call, she states that she got to see Cody fly like an angel and that they should have seen him flapping his wings like a lopsided hummingbird, hoisting his manly rapt higher and higher into the heavens. She then gets flustered over imagining it and asks Chef if it got hotter in there and he answers saying she has to "chill".


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Peter Oldring Cody/Interns/Tyler
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Scott McCord Owen
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
  • Ezekiel makes a cameo appearance under the table in the cafeteria; however, he does not speak.



  • Sierra states that Duncan and Gwen have had feelings for each other since season one, and there is a fanbase dedicated to "Gwuncan".
  • This is the only time Chris forces someone to sing for the whole episode; in this case, Duncan.
  • Chris mentions that the wings were made of wax and feathers found on the jet turbines. This is another joke on the plane's safety hazards since birds getting caught in plane engines often causes the engines to explode.
  • It was revealed in an interview with Mark Thornton, Todd Kauffman, Keith Oliver, and Chad Hicks that this episode was originally going to take place in Italy, with a different challenge. However, Greece and the Olympics-themed challenge ultimately won out.
    • This is why Chris makes a reference to Rome, Italy in the beginning of the episode.
  • Courtney and Duncan break up in this episode, marking the third time they have broken up.
  • Both contestants who competed in the tie-breaker were both voiced by Peter Oldring.
  • Despite expressing disdain at singing in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Gwen sang during Greek Mix despite Chris telling her she didn't have to.


  • This is the first episode Duncan has sung in since Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.
  • This is the second episode in which the originally-planned location was changed due to a technicality, the first time being Jamaica Me Sweat.
  • This is the second episode that Alejandro is seen with a ponytail. The first is Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon.
  • Duncan's theme music plays when Owen and Tyler stand fiercely before entering the fighting grounds.
    • This marks the second time Duncan's theme is used for someone else, and the second time it is used for Tyler, the first time being in The Am-AH-Zon Race.
  • This is the first time in the series that more than one member of a team attempts to throw a challenge. In this case, Heather, Courtney, and Sierra all intended to lose to vote off Gwen.
  • This is the first time Chris chooses who gets to be voted off. This is also the first time that Chris deliberately ignores the official vote just to keep someone whom he favors in the game.
  • This is the second time in the series that a non-contestant was eliminated. The first time was in Total Drama Island, in Camp Castaways, when Mr. Coconut was eliminated.
  • In addition, this marks the the second/third time a non-contestant takes the Drop of Shame, as two interns were kicked off the plane. The first was the meat grinder Heather threw out in Broadway, Baby!
    • This is the second false elimination of the series so far, after the fake ceremony in The Am-AH-Zon Race.
  • The list Courtney makes of Duncan's faults is similar to the one she expects him to memorize in Top Dog. This time, however, instead of a thirty-two page letter, it is a single list with forty-seven things that Duncan needs to fix in order to be perfect.


  • The title is a reference to the candy, Reese's Pieces.
  • In the intro, Chris says "Oopah!", the Greek equivalent of "Cheers!"
  • Owen guessed that the Olympics started at Mt. Olympics. He was close, as the Olympics got their name for being played at the base of Mt. Olympus, the presumed home of the gods.
  • The myths of Hercules and Icarus are referenced in this episode.
    • The myth of the latter was used during the tie-breaker challenge, particularly the part where the wings instantly fall off when Tyler gets too close to the sun.


  • When the plane flies to Greece, the map shows it leaving North America, but the last location visited was London.
  • When Courtney is concerned because they won't watch Duncan and Gwen's scavenger hunt, Tyler's tracksuit symbol is on the wrong side.
    • When Tyler is hit by Courtney, the logo completely disappears.
  • When Owen hits Cody with his stomach, Cody appears to have a full row of teeth.
  • When Duncan is sleeping on the plane, his undershirt is the same color as his main shirt.
  • When Duncan is in the confessional, talking about how Tyler saw him and Gwen kissing, the walls around the sink are much wider than when Tyler and Alejandro are in the confessional.
  • When Duncan is asleep, he is all beat up from being attacked by the bear, yet when he gets up, he looks fine. However, when he arrives at the competition site before Cody knocks him out, he is back to looking beat up. He then looks normal for the remainder of the episode.
  • When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is in economy class, the safety harnesses are not present.
  • Chris mentions towards the beginning of the episode that, if they had to do a tie-breaker, they would resort to nudity. However, when they did end up doing the tie-breaker, no nudity was forced on the contestants.
  • When the first intern is thrown from the plane, the door he was thrown out of is much wider than it usually is. Also, after the plane rights itself, the sound of a door closing can be clearly heard, but the door itself remains wide open.
  • When the hurdle challenge is announced, the general view showed five hurdles, but Heather and Alejandro jump over six during the challenge.
  • When Gwen takes the gold medal off of the bear, it could have only been taken off if ripped. However, it remains fully intact for the rest of the episode. The same happens with Cody after he rips his medal on the hook, and is seen wearing it on the plane.
  • There are a few errors with Tyler's outfit during the tie-breaker challenge:
    • Before the wings are put on, both Cody and Tyler have gold braces, but after Tyler puts his on, his braces permanently change to silver.
    • Before the wings are put on, both pairs have one strap, but after Tyler puts his on, his has two running across his chest.
    • When Cody sees Tyler flying, the top strap constantly disappears and reappears as Tyler flaps his wings.
  • After Duncan is whipped by Chris the second time, he has two eyebrows instead of his usual unibrow.
  • When Chris is explaining the challenge at Greece, Sierra's ponytail is missing.
  • During the challenge when Duncan bumps into Gwen, his sleeves are shorter than usual but returns to normal when he turns to her.
  • Gwen is not wearing her medal in her final confession of the episode, but when she arrives at the elimination ceremony, she is wearing it.


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