The first guys' alliance is formed in Hide and Be Sneaky.

The guys' alliances are alliances formed by multiple male contestants throughout the series. The first guys' alliance was created in Hide and Be Sneaky, with DJ, Duncan, Geoff, and Owen.

Total Drama Island

Hide and Be Sneaky

The guys decide on eliminating Bridgette.

After the events of Search and Do Not Destroy in which Trent is eliminated, Duncan realizes they are outnumbered by the girls six to four. As a result, Duncan gets his friends DJ, Geoff, and Owen to meet in the cave during the challenge, and to discuss their course of action. He proposes forming an alliance before the girls have a chance to eliminate the rest of them. Owen feels guilty about joining it, until Duncan forces him to join by scaring him. However, Owen accidentally blabs about the alliance to Gwen, leading the girls to try and vote off a guy as well. In the end, the guys' alliance succeeds in eliminating Bridgette, but fail to accomplish anything else in Total Drama Island.

That's Off the Chain!

Duncan reminds DJ and Owen they're part of an alliance.

The alliance is mentioned by Heather, who is displeased by the group. In addition, the guys interact and stick together throughout episode, especially when they help Geoff get over Bridgette's elimination.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

As it is not mentioned from this point on, it is presumed that the alliance dissolved after DJ was eliminated in this episode.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Regardless of the alliance disbanding, a member of the alliance still manages to make it to the finals of Total Drama Island. All the members root for him to win, although DJ initially sides with Gwen and changes to Owen after hearing about his plans for a party.

Total Drama Action

Super Hero-ld

The next guys' alliance is formed by Justin.

This is the start of the second stable guys' alliance. At the beginning of the episode, Justin points out that they guys are outnumbered and need to band together to overpower the girls. All of the guys agree to work together and the second guys' alliance is formed. After the superhero challenge, the guys try to decide which of the girls they want to eliminate. Justin wants Courtney eliminated, but Duncan reminds him that she had invincibility. Duncan suggests getting rid of Leshawna, much to Harold's refusal. Later, Duncan convinces Courtney to vote Leshawna off, and Courtney manages to convince Harold to do the same. The guys prevail and Leshawna is voted off, to the other girls' surprise, but Harold confesses his actions to Leshawna and begs for forgiveness. She forgives him before leaving in the Lame-o-sine.

The Princess Pride

Duncan is out of the alliance in The Princess Pride when he and Justin start fighting over Courtney. In the final challenge, Harold and Justin keep the alliance going to defeat Duncan, but then Justin betrays Harold. When Justin is eliminated, Harold and Duncan show no concern at all, indicating that the short-lived alliance had ended.

Similar case

Total Drama Island

Cody, DJ, Owen, and Tyler team up in the special episode.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Owen, DJ, Tyler, and Cody forms an all-guy group to find the briefcase with the million dollars in it. The team is the first to obtain the case, but immediately become paranoid and distrusting of each other, resulting in Cody tying the team together to prevent the team from splitting up. The team ultimately loses the case to Harold and Heather when they drop it while Owen is going to the bathroom. They regain the case from Justin, but lose the case again for good after Courtney steals it from them. DJ and Owen move on to participate in Total Drama Action, while Cody and Tyler do not.


Guys' alliances
Character Formed Dissolved
DJ, Duncan, Geoff, and Owen Hide and Be Sneaky Hook, Line, and Screamer
Duncan, Harold and Justin Super Hero-ld Super Hero-ld


  • Trent is the only male in Total Drama Island to make it to the merge, without being in the alliance, due to being voted out in the episode prior to the formation of the alliance.
  • Owen is the only male in Total Drama Action to make it to the merge, without being in the alliance, due to him returning after the alliance was formed and ended.
  • The guys' alliance in Total Drama Island is composed of a friendship, while each person in the guys' alliance in Total Drama Action seems to have a conflict with one another.
  • Duncan is the only male to be part of both seasons' alliances.
  • In every guys' alliance so far, one of the possible season's winner is a member of it.
  • Both of the main guys' alliances only accomplish to control one elimination each.
    • Both of these eliminations occur in the seventeenth episode of a season.
    • In both cases, one member of the alliance wasn't willing to vote off someone who they were attracted to.
      • However, this female is still eliminated by the end of this episode.
  • Geoff is the only member of the original guys' alliance to not compete on Total Drama World Tour.
  • Counting the unofficial alliance in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, the only male competitors from the first season to not be part of a guys' alliance are Trent, Ezekiel, and Noah.
  • The first guys alliance had DJ, Duncan, Geoff, and Owen.

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