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Gwen is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Gwen's personality differs greatly than in the main series, who is simply a Goth loner. In this series, she has deeply embraced the Goth culture and speaks in a rather ominous tone that scares her friends. Carrying a rather ominous aura around her, Gwen tends to frighten her classmates with her love for the supernatural and creepy stuff. Like her original counterpart, Gwen prefers to be alone as she doesn't like to do "normal kids stuff", which causes her to be labeled as an outcast. In fact, she is often seen reading a book at the egg chair instead of hanging out with her friends though she is sometimes seen playing with them. As a running gag, she will often emerge from the shadows to voice her opinion before disappearing in the same way.

Total DramaRama

In Venthalla, Gwen makes a habit of emerging from the shadows to give ominous warnings to the other kids, terrifying them in the process. When Owen announces that he had won a prize from a crane machine, Gwen scares her friends on the number of crane-related deaths the previous year. When the kids plan a heist to break into Chef's office to steal Owen's ball back, Gwen is the only person who refuses to take part and tells her friends that they are going to die in the vents before disappearing into the shadows.

In Aquarium for a Dream, Gwen is the only person to notice that Richard Swimmins, the class fish, is killed when handled by her classmates and wonders how Chef keeps bringing it back to life. She initially believes something supernatural is at work but concludes that Chef simply replaces the dead fish with another one. Gwen tries to convince Chef to tell her classmates about their irresponsibility but to no avail until the others eventually find out about it as well.

In Tiger Fail, Gwen is the only kid who doesn't want Chef to buy chocolate ice-cream, choosing the odd tiger tail flavor instead. To decide on which flavor, Chef suggests the kids play the quiet game with the winner gets to choose the flavor. Gwen is up against the other kids but being the quietest child in class, she is able to stay quiet for the entire time. The other kids try to make her make a sound only for Gwen to turn the tables on them. In the end, Cody is the only person left Gwen has to face and the game continues for 78 years in which Gwen wins after Cody gives out his final breath. Gwen is finally rewarded with her ice cream only to realize that chocolate tastes better.

In An Egg-stremely Bad Idea, Owen and Izzy decorated Gwen's egg chair to brighten up her day. Angered that her prized possesion is ruined, Gwen screams so loud that she started an earthquake and a hurricane. Chef tries to get rid of the chair, but Gwen still kept on screaming and it caused a hurricane. An old man passed by and advice them to bring back the way it was. Thus, Owen and Izzy leaves the daycare in search of the egg chair. On they way back, the chair is flung into outer space before returning back to Earth as a meteorite. Despite the chair being damaged, it suits Gwen's preferance and she thank the duo for their wonderful gift. At the same time she stopped screaming, the natural disasters also stop.


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  • Gwen's appearance in this series is drastically different than her original counterpart, more so than any of the other children:
    • Gwen in the main series has black eyes, but here they are a dark almost navy blue.
    • Her hair is tied up in pigtails.
    • Her hair is now fully teal instead of black with teal streaks. Unlike her original counterpart, it's hereditary as revealed in Mother of All Cards.
    • Her outfit now consists of a blue dress (with no green) with a black vest that doesn't show her midriff and cleavage like her older self.
  • Gwen doesn't seem to be claustrophobic in this continuity, as she is often seen inside her egg chair with the blinders closed.


  • Whenever Gwen speaks, an ominous tune plays in the background.
  • Despite the daycare's strict no toys from home policy, Gwen is seen holding a doll with her, indicating she has been able to hide it from Chef for a long time.
    • The actual rule is that toys from home can only be brought into the daycare with permission, so Gwen might have gotten authorisation to have her dolls without risk of being confiscated.


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