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Who can u trust (1)

Gwen and Heather's conflict grows into one of the fiercest rivalries throughout the show.

From the moment they first meet, Gwen and Heather display a strong dislike towards one another, similar to many other contestants who have interacted with Heather. In Total Drama Island, Gwen is the most frequent victim of Heather's cruel actions, and is even given the nickname "Weird Goth Girl." A notorious example of this bullying was in Search and Do Not Destroy, where Heather deceives Gwen into believing that her love interest, Trent, was cheating on her with Heather. However, Gwen usually exacts her revenge on Heather, sometimes with the aid of her friend, Leshawna, who has a similar hatred towards Heather. It was due to Gwen orchestrating a brief alliance with Owen in I Triple Dog Dare You! that Heather suffers her greatest humiliation to date: accidentally having her hair shaved off. Heather is eliminated from the competition in the process and Gwen advances to the final two with Owen for the $100,000.

Their intense rivalry and conflict continues in Total Drama Action when they are placed on the same team again. They immediately butt heads from the moment they step off the bus that carries them to their new location, an abandoned film lot. Although Gwen still despises Heather due to her actions in the first season, she reluctantly selects Heather for her team, the Screaming Gaffers, due to Leshawna's advice to "keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer". Their conflict is heightened (though was cut short) in The Chefshank Redemption, when Gwen is eliminated over Heather after she finds out that Gwen was throwing the challenge. Following the conclusion of the second season, it is revealed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special that the two girls engaged in a heated video blog war with each other, confirming that the conflict was still active.

The conflict continues as of Total Drama World Tour, as Gwen and Heather once again end up on the same team, but has lost some focus. However, early in the season, Gwen and Courtney team up against Heather, attempting to vote her off at any chance they got. Their first chance ultimately fails, due to Heather being spared in a fake elimination. In I See London... Gwen is caught kissing Courtney's boyfriend Duncan behind her back, as revealed by Tyler; this scandal completely took the target off Heather's back as Courtney furiously turned against Gwen and desperately tried to get her eliminated. Although Heather teams up with Courtney for a while against Gwen (it was later revealed that Heather had her fingers crossed), she eventually lost her patience with Courtney, due to her going so far as to throw challenges to get their team to lose just so that Gwen could be eliminated. Since Heather disapproved of this, considering winning more important than eliminating Gwen, she ironically ends up teaming up with Gwen against Courtney, only for Gwen to be eliminated in the same episode that they teamed up in, due to a tiebreaker between her and Courtney.

Despite being on the same team a fourth time, Gwen and Heather's conflict is a little more toned down in Total Drama All-Stars, due to Gwen having a more prominent interaction with other members of her team, and Heather's early elimination. In the midst of Heather and Jo's heated arguments about who would be team leader, both attempt forming alliances with Gwen in Saving Private Leechball, but Gwen is oblivious, seeing this more as her team wanting teamwork. Eventually, Heather wants to get back at Alejandro, and tries to pull several members of her team including Gwen to vote him off. Despite their conflict, Gwen follows the plan, but it is Heather who gets voted off in the end after Alejandro uses the Mclean-Brand Chris Head to save himself. In the finale, the conflict between them resumes once again and Gwen is able to do something that she had waited for several seasons; smack Heather in the head.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1


The conflict between Heather and Gwen begins.

Sparks of a conflict begin in this episode as the Screaming Gophers first walk into their cabins. After Gwen makes a sarcastic remark at Heather for her immediate whining about the cabin, the latter replies by giving her the nickname of "Weird Goth Girl," which she goes on to use in reference to Gwen throughout the series.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Gwen fully agrees with Leshawna that Heather's reasoning for her refusing to jump off the cliff during their first challenge is ridiculous.


When Gwen enters the main lodge, Heather along with the rest of the Screaming Gophers cheer due to her helping the team win the previous challenge. Due to Gwen being fatigued, Heather allows her to sit out for the first round. When Noah criticized the lack of effort the team put in the challenge they just lost, Heather announced that for once she agreed with Gwen in wanting Noah to shut up, since he didn't even try to help the team out.

Not Quite Famous

Snapshot 2009-02-12 21-40-14

Heather reads Gwen's diary out loud to the whole entire viewing population, fanning the flames of their rivalry.

The challenge for this episode is a talent show, and Heather declares herself team captain which Gwen disagrees as Heather forces her alliance mates, Lindsay and Beth, to vote for her. Gwen angrily leaves with Trent to go to the Dock of Shame to get away from Heather and everyone else. Heather, feeling threatened by her independence and becoming suspicious, finds Gwen's diary (with Lindsay's help) and reads it out for everyone to hear at the talent show, revealing her crush on Trent. Gwen most likely votes her off that night, but it fails when Justin leaves instead. In retaliation, Gwen dumps Harold's red ant farm on Heather (when she is asleep), who runs out of her cabin screaming. Gwen smiles and goes to bed peacefully that night, while Heather screams outside.

The Sucky Outdoors

Heather tells the rest of the team that Gwen for sure would be the next one to leave the island, after what Gwen did to her the night before. However Trent defends Gwen by pointing out her retaliation is justified, considering how severely Heather humiliated Gwen on national television. Heather refuses to admit that she did anything wrong and swears that Gwen is going down.

Paintball Deer Hunter

Heather tells Gwen to "worry about her own fluffy tail" grumpily during the challenge when Gwen asks Heather if she is going with Trent and herself in the challenge.

If You Can't Take The Heat...


Gwen tries not to laugh out loud at Heather's eyebrow-less state.

Gwen can barely contain her laughter when Heather accidentally blows up her flambé, which not only burns Heather's face but also completely burning away her eyebrows.

Who Can You Trust?

Gwen and Leshawna mock Heather that morning, who is suffering from a cold after being locked in a freezer for so long in the previous episode. Heather vowed to get her revenge on Gwen (who, actually, had nothing to do with it). Luckily for Heather, she and Gwen are partnered up for the first challenge, where Gwen has to climb to the top of a mountain that has explosive dynamite along with various other obstacles, while Heather has to hold the rope to keep her from falling. Gwen asks Chris if they can trade partners because she refuses to trust Heather. Heather drops Gwen on her head (by accident), and later reveals her underwear to the world (on purpose). Later, after Heather falls into the jellyfish pool and gets relentlessly stung and electrocuted, Gwen is seen very content with this incident in the confessional.

Basic Straining

Heather and the rest of the team celebrate Gwen's victory after she defeats Geoff in the final challenge, thus securing the Gophers' safety from elimination.

Brunch of Disgustingness


Gwen forces Heather to remain in the challenge.

The teams are dissolved into single-gender teams, and Bridgette, the only female Killer Bass member remaining, was the only new girl on her team. Heather begins acting nice towards Bridgette, but to only convince Bridgette into joining her alliance. Gwen tells Bridgette to watch out for Heather, causing the two to exchange angry looks while Bridgette, sheepishly, walks away. After arguing, Heather divides the cabin; one side being Lindsay and Heather's and the other being Leshawna and Gwen's side. Bridgette ultimately chooses Gwen and Leshawna's side. Later on, during the competition, Heather was notorious for pressuring the other girls to eat the disgusting meals (especially vegetarian Bridgette, who struggled with eating meat-based dishes), only to hypocritically chicken out on a number of meals herself. At one point, Gwen grabbed Heather in an attempt to force her to practice what she preached. At the end of the episode, Gwen and Leshawna lock Heather and Lindsay out of their cabin.

Search and Do Not Destroy


Gwen is heartbroken by Heather's deception in Search and Do Not Destroy.

Heather spots Gwen kissing Trent after he helped her out with getting her key. As she considering the romantic relationship in a rival alliance, Heather wants a monopoly on all alliances, and thus made a plan to break up Gwen and Trent. She had Lindsay forge a love note to Gwen that instructed her to meet him at the Dock of Shame at a specific time for a "surprise." Meanwhile, Heather lures Trent to the dock and proceeds to tell him several assorted lies about Gwen and how she "really" felt about him. Heather tricks Trent into thinking Gwen was only using him to get further in the competition, that she found him to be a cliché and that his music sucked. Just as Gwen arrives at the dock, she sees Heather suddenly kiss Trent. Without even being noticed by Trent, Gwen ran off to the other side of the island to cry out her sorrows in seeing her mortal enemy kiss the one guy she cared for in the competition. Heather succeeded in turning the two against each other, though after all of that, Gwen still did not vote Trent off.

However, after Gwen tells Leshawna her side of the story, Leshawna recruits nearly every camper into a temporary voting block to get rid of Heather or Trent; preferably Heather. Gwen did not know about this. Since Heather won invincibility, the vast majority of the campers voted off Trent. After Heather told Trent he was wrong about getting along with everyone, Gwen accused her of not caring, Heather revealed her treacherous scheme moments before Trent left the island, allowing he and Gwen to make amends. While they parted on a positive note, the end result was ultimately what Heather hoped for: making Gwen vulnerable by getting rid of her boyfriend.

Hide and Be Sneaky

Gwen is still depressed over what Heather did in the previous episode, but Leshawna promises they will get revenge on her. Later, while Gwen is taking a shower, Heather turns the hot water on in the sink and gives Gwen a freezing cold shower, simply to get on her case. She then gives Gwen a fake apology for the stunt, which prompts Leshawna to retaliate by physically attacking Heather. Shortly after Gwen is found by Chef Hatchet (in her grass camouflage), Heather announces that she has won invincibility again by finding Owen and DJ. Heather passes by Gwen, mocking her for how she looks in her camouflage outfit. Later on, Heather tries to get the girls to unanimously vote one of the guys off, as she became aware of their alliance and their plot to pick the girls off, one by one. However, Gwen and a few choice others refuse to agree on Heather's choice, making the plan to vote unanimously fail.

That's Off the Chain!


Gwen is appalled at Heather's actions.

When a bird excretes on Heather's head, Gwen is satisfied and laughs, considering that it is just another way of karma getting back at Heather. When Heather says that her bike weighs only two ounces, Gwen remarks "just like her brain.” Gwen also looks mad when Heather ends up being the winner of the motocross challenge. Gwen later glares at Heather for using Lindsay to thrust her way through the competition, and is very pleased to see Lindsay curse Heather out after she got Lindsay eliminated. It's also worth noting that this one act gave Gwen new respect for Lindsay, who she had a tense relationship with. Prior to this, Heather reminds everyone that she gained invincibility for the third time and that no one can touch her; with a vengeful expression, Gwen points out that it was only for this particular week.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

Heather mocks Gwen and Duncan for their love of horror movies, finding it to be only mindless guts and gore. The two argue that it is actually filled with psychological trauma, using the terrified DJ as an example. Heather is the first one to ignore Gwen's lead on the situation of the challenge, which is to survive a real-life horror movie. Heather dismisses the challenge completely and heads off into the shower in spite of Gwen's warnings. When Gwen rushes into the bathroom after hearing what she thought was Heather screaming (it was actually DJ) Heather assures Gwen that she is fine though she still ignores Gwen's warning about showing alone. Before leaving, Gwen sarcastically notes that Heather's green facial mask is a good look for her, shocking her. When it is discovered that Gwen is facing the real killer, Heather and the others rush over to her to let her know what she is truly up against.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!


Heather and Gwen fight over a net.

The challenge was that the campers had to catch an animal that they randomly choose and could use anything in the boat house. Gwen's assigned a duck and Heather has a bear to catch, so they get in a tug-of-war fight over a net. Gwen then sees duck bait, so she let go of the net, causing Heather to fall and get stuck in a bucket of fish. Gwen taunts Heather as she walks out, telling her that the net they were fighting over would never catch a bear anyway. When in the confessional, Heather spews that she's most likely the favorite to win the entire competition because of the remaining campers on the island and lists the remaining contestants, calling Gwen "weird goth girl" in the process. After Gwen captures her assigned animal and returns it back to camp, she told Heather to open the cage door, in which Heather listened and opened it for her, making Gwen win the reward for completing the challenge first. However, Heather doesn't seem to mind Gwen winning the challenge, or she just doesn't care. It is also implied that she did not vote for Gwen, despite their conflict because of her issue with Izzy. She seems very intent on making Gwen receive the last marshmallow over Izzy. Later in the episode, Heather tells Duncan to scrub the shower with Gwen's toothbrush due to Leshawna taking a shower after falling in the mud several times.

Camp Castaways

Bye Heather

Gwen and Duncan abandoning Heather.

In the beginning of the episode, Heather and Gwen were sitting on the steps of their cabin when Heather begins taunting Gwen about Leshawna's elimination. Gwen then stomps on the stairs to mess up Heather polishing her toenails and told her to vote herself off. Later, they, Owen, and Duncan got stranded on a deserted island and Heather said in the confessional stall that she was with crazy people (referring to Gwen and Duncan). Gwen, trying to get back to the campsite, built a raft and started to sail away with Duncan, making Heather plead to go with them, but Gwen tauntingly dismisses her. When Owen convinces his three friends to confess their sins before they die on the island, Heather becomes suspicious of Gwen after having heard her story and even suspected that Gwen may not be her real name. Gwen became suspiciously uncomfortable at this last remark.

Are We There Yeti?

Gwen and Heather had to partner with one another in the challenge in order to get back to the campsite provided with equipment to help them (Chef was in charge as Chris was away). Gwen later says in the confessional stall that she couldn't believe that the producers left her in the woods with Heather. Heather then said she would have instantly ditched Gwen, but would keep her around so if a bear came, she could push Gwen for the bear to eat her. Initially, they start arguing but eventually decided to work together so that they could win invincibility. Throughout the challenge, they kept trying to outwit the boys but end up losing all of their supplies in the process, having to walk to the campgrounds without any sense of direction.

In the end, they manage to trick the boys by making them believe that the girls would not be able to complete the challenge on their own and would camp with the boys for the night. They then take off after the boys fall asleep and Heather manages to take the map from Duncan. Thus, they won the challenge, even high-fiving each other at the end.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

Gwen burps on Heather

Gwen burps at Heather's face after drinking toilet water.

Gwen and Heather were bad mouthing each other in the confessional stall. Afterward, they went to the challenge, which was to play 'I Triple Dog Dare You.' Gwen dares Heather to lick Owen's armpit, then Heather dared Gwen to chew and eat her toenail, slowly. When Gwen asks Heather if she was satisfied, Heather responds gleefully by saying that she pictured Trent watching this, believing that he wouldn't want to kiss her anytime soon. The Trent jokes continue after Gwen had to drink powdered fruit punch from the communal toilets. Heather taunted her by saying that Trent would never want to go near her: "At this rate, Trent's gonna need a fumigation squad just to-", which Gwen, sick to her stomach, responding by burping in her face, cutting the jesting short. This quieted Heather. Eventually, Gwen and Owen teamed up when Gwen asked him to give half of his freebies to her, and began whooping Heather with dares. After Heather is eliminated and had her head shaved, Gwen and Owen were relieved that they had finally gotten rid of Heather after everything she had done.

The Very Last Episode, Really!


Heather blows a raspberry at Gwen prior to the challenge in The Very Last Episode, Really!

Gwen did not list Heather as one of the five sane people, as she called her a backstabbing and manipulative jerk. When Heather comes to the peanut gallery in her new wig, Gwen sarcastically states, "Nice rug!", which prompts Heather to tell Gwen, "Bite me!" In the confessional, Heather reveals that she secretly gave a cupcake made with laxatives to Gwen (with a card claiming the cupcake was from Trent) before the challenge to ensure that she loses (unbeknownst to Heather, Owen ate the cupcake after seeing how delicious it looks). When Owen declares what he would do with the million dollars, Heather cheers for Owen and blows a raspberry at Gwen. In addition to the laxative cupcake, Heather tampers with the various obstacles in Gwen's course in an effort to slow her down, such as greasing her pole (wiped off by Trent) and pulling Justin's shirt off (though it distracts Owen too).


Heather and Gwen share a smile at the end of The Very Last Episode, Really!

In Gwen's ending, Gwen invites every camper to her party except for Heather. Heather who scowls at her. At the end of the episode, Gwen bumps Heather playfully and tells her she has to be a little happy to see Chris thrown into the water. They smile at each other and Heather admits she is happy. Gwen says that she still hated her, though Gwen was smiling so she may have meant this playfully.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Along with Trent and Leshawna, Gwen laughs when Heather walks past due to the drawing that had been made on the back of her head by Leshawna. She refuses to team up with her and laughs when she is being attacked by beavers and Trent makes a joke about helping her.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash


The two are unable to even leave a bus without getting angry at each other.

Though Heather has been somewhat humbled by losing her hair (being forced to wear an ugly wig or else go about bald), she and Gwen are still bitter enemies, as they even fight while trying to disembark from the bus while arriving at the new location. Gwen and the other girls hate Heather to the point that they are determined not to share a bunk bed with her.

Riot On Set

Following Leshawna's advice to keep her enemies close, Gwen reluctantly chooses Heather to be a member of her team, the Screaming Gaffers (much to Heather's surprise). During the challenge, when Heather suggests they should pass the film equipment up like batons, Gwen rejects saying she does so only because it's Heather's idea.

The Chefshank Redemption


Gwen sweet-taking Heather.

Gwen compliments Heather by saying that she's the skinniest of all the girls in an attempt of flattery in order to convince Heather to try to get out of the top of the trailer so that she could free the rest of the girls from outside. When Heather questions Gwen on what Lindsay was saying to her, Gwen refuses to talk about it and flicks barf at Heather's head after Lindsay pukes all over her. Heather becomes suspicious of Gwen throughout the episode when Gwen fakes a cramp after the Killer Grips mention Trent. When it is revealed that the Grips won, Heather calls Gwen a traitor, knowing that she threw the challenge. While eating, Gwen and Heather glare at each other, and snap at each other with insults. Heather pokes fun at Gwen when she's eliminated, saying that she lost, and is a loser. She states that Gwen's elimination means that it was "the best day of her life." Gwen accepts her loss but glares at Heather before leaving.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special


Gwen laughs at a bloated Heather.

Early in the episode, Gwen was shown making fun of Heather's weight gain, much to her chagrin. After Total Drama Action ends, Gwen and Heather have a blog war feud. Gwen makes a blog about saving the earth along with Katie and Sadie. Heather makes fun of this by impersonating Gwen while wearing a wig similar to Gwen's hairstyle and pokes fun at Katie and Sadie by using hand puppets. Heather soon crosses the line when she takes a picture of Duncan and says "I wish Duncan was here so I could kiss him, even though I'm too scared to tell him how much I love him" in order to further embarrass her. Gwen sees this and reveals Heather was turned down by every guy in her school for a dance and shows footage of Heather's cat licking her after it cleaned itself. After Josh interviews them, they exchange insults and Gwen gets angry and attacks her, forcing Heather to retaliate and beat her senselessly. Later when the contestants are chasing after the Total Drama Dirtbags, Courtney complains about the bus being unable to go faster and Gwen tells Courtney that Duncan should drive. Heather then claims to Courtney, "She's just sticking up for her boyfriend" in order to embarrass Gwen in front of Courtney. Heather then corrects herself by saying, "Oh wait! Duncan's your boyfriend. My mistake!" Later, Gwen and Heather seemed to get along when it came to sabotaging the Total Drama Dirtbags' bus, having found a common enemy in Alejandro. Gwen is seen smiling at Heather's comment when she tells Alejandro that he and the dirt-bags were messing with the wrong reality show contestants.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Gwen bumps into Heather's backpack.

Early in the episode, Gwen bumps into Heather's backpack. Gwen then says that on the plane she'd like any seat, but the one behind Heather's.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Gwen, along with Courtney, laughs at Heather when she says that they should start listening to her.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan


Heather thinks Gwen's face could use some "remodeling."

Both Gwen and Heather, along with Courtney, continuously fought throughout the whole episode, because of their different ideas for the Japanese commercial.

Broadway, Baby!

Gwen told Courtney that she'll help her vote off Heather when the time comes.

Slap Slap Revolution

Eine Kleine 05

Gwen calling Heather a "lout" during Eine Kleine.

During Eine Kleine, Gwen sings about how happy she'll be when Heather "gets voted off for being such a lout" and she smiles when Courtney teases Heather by saying she'll "dance a jig when Chris throws her off the plane" and poking her nose. Later on, Gwen supports Courtney when she scolds Heather for throwing away the meat grinder they had won in the previous episode when Courtney had told her it could come in handy. Later, after Leshawna attacked Heather and knocked her tooth out during the dance challenge, Gwen made fun of her in the confessional, saying she couldn't think of a better way for Heather to "take one for the team."

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Amazon sierra gwen courtney vote off heather agreement

Gwen and Courtney planning to vote off Heather.

When Team Amazon was choosing which path to take in the jungle, Heather taunts Gwen saying that she should choose, as she had jinxed the team with her comment on good luck. She goes on saying that if Gwen chose the right path, she was a hero, and if she didn't, she'd be the next one eliminated. Gwen then says that Heather's parents must love the show, as it gets her out of the house, which Heather responds to by sticking out her tongue. When Team Amazon loses the challenge, Heather blames it on Gwen. At the elimination ceremony, Chris reveals votes, showing that Heather voted for Gwen and that Gwen (along with Courtney and Sierra) voted for Heather. While voting, Gwen tells Chris that she'll give him ten bucks if he forgets to give Heather a parachute. After revealing the votes, Chris then says that the ceremony was a fake and there was no elimination, shocking Gwen, Courtney, Cody and Sierra.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

When DJ needs to pick a model for the tie-breaker challenge, he picks Gwen over Courtney, Heather and Izzy. This made Heather shocked and jealous at the same time. Despite this, she was chosen as one of the judges along with Chris and Owen. After Gwen was done modeling, Heather openly insults her for being a bad model, calling her "dull and uninspiring."

Newf Kids on the Rock

When Heather was climbing into the vents to reach the loser class cabin without being noticed, Gwen oddly asked what she was doing and speculated that it had something to do with Alejandro. She later stated that Heather should not let her obvious crush on Alejandro get in the way of the game. When Gwen took the blame for Courtney after losing the challenge, Heather angrily vowed that she would vote Gwen off. However, the episode ended up being a non-elimination.

I See London...


Heather curses at Gwen and Courtney for stretching her so hard.

Gwen gladly volunteers Heather for the torture-device challenge. She and Courtney laugh at Heather's pain as they stretch her, while Heather screams and curses at them. Later, she rudely forces the two girls to go into a banquet room without her because of the rack marks on her legs.

Greece's Pieces

Heather agrees to vote off Gwen after Tyler reveals to everyone that Duncan and Gwen secretly kissed in the confessional.

The EX-Files

Heather is happy that all the general hate has passed onto Gwen after the Duncan-Gwen incident, and sides with Courtney to get rid of Gwen. Heather also sings Boyfriend Kisser with Courtney. Despite this, Heather prefers to win the challenge rather than throw it, unlike Courtney, who tries to lose on purpose to get rid of Gwen at the next elimination. Heather tries to convince Courtney to focus on the boys first, and then get rid of Gwen.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Heather and Gwen

Gwen and Heather make an alliance against Courtney.

In the beginning of the episode, Heather appears in the first class cabin offering a cookie to Gwen, but before she could get it, Courtney takes it and destroys it. After making a confirmation with Courtney that Gwen is being eliminated next, Heather admits in the confessional that she crossed her fingers in the dark, stating she was lying about removing Gwen only to get Courtney off her back. Heather assures Gwen she isn't trying to steal Duncan from her, even before Gwen gets to actually ask her. After Heather confirms Courtney is throwing the challenge, Gwen asks for an alliance. Heather doesn't think twice and agrees to vote for Courtney, as she considers winning more important than voting Gwen off. When they are at elimination, Heather does her part and votes for Courtney, but the plan failed since Cody fails to cast his intended vote, forcing Gwen and Courtney into a tie-breaker, which Courtney won.

Niagara Brawls

When it was at first thought that Gwen is going to return to the competition, Heather seems to be angry.

African Lying Safari

In order to throw Gwen's boyfriend off the game, Heather reminds Duncan that he caused Gwen's elimination in Australia. Duncan does not take this lightly and glares at her, not knowing of Heather's scheme.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Gwen looks disappointed that Heather reaches Hawaii first, securing a spot for the final two.

Hawaiian Punch

Gwen, along with everyone else, laughed at Heather when she was getting hit with golf balls inside a telephone booth. In Heather's ending, Gwen cheers for Heather after she successfully defeats Alejandro and become the winner of the season.

Total Drama All-Stars

Evil Dread

For most of the episode, Gwen disapproves of Heather fighting with Jo. She sarcastically talks about how the team should be "working together," making Heather agree. Eventually, Gwen gives up trying to make her team to work together.

Saving Private Leechball

In the cabins, Heather and Jo are busy arguing with each other, disturbing Gwen, who is unable to sleep. The next morning, Heather apologizes to Gwen about her and Jo's argument and agrees to work together as a team, which Gwen has no problem with. In the confessional, Heather reveals that she is only trying to gain Gwen's trust in order to pull her and Duncan into an alliance. However, Gwen states in her own subsequent confessional that she is well aware of Heather's plan of manipulation. Throughout the episode, Heather fights with Jo and Alejandro for Gwen's approval. She even calls Gwen an "evil genius," thinking she is purposely hurting Courtney.

Moon Madness

Good luck, Gwenny!

A "moon affected" Heather wishes Gwen good luck.

When Heather is shown to have seemingly change via the Blue Harvest Moon, Gwen is disturbed by her friendly new attitude. She jokes to Courtney that Heather may be part wolf as the Vultures run to the finish line. When the team arrives at the rope bridge and Gwen starts to travel around it, defying the others, Heather claims that they will "miss her so much" if she leaves and wishes her good luck. In the confessional, Gwen says that she thinks Heather has rabies.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Cameron may go home

Heather tries to convince Gwen and Cameron to vote for Alejandro.

Gwen defends Cameron while Heather and the others insult him. Seeing how Gwen and Cameron bonded, Heather feels threatened and tries to form an alliance with Alejandro. During the challenge, Heather tells Gwen and Cameron to vote Alejandro, lying by saying that he is targeting Cameron. However, Gwen decides to go along with Heather's plan, and she, Cameron, Heather herself, Courtney, and Scott all vote for Alejandro. However, he uses the McLean-Brand Chris Head to save himself and eliminate Heather, shocking everyone else on the team, including Gwen.

Suckers Punched

Despite Heather's lack of popularity with the cast, Gwen and the rest of the Villainous Vultures are shown to be against Alejandro for his actions rather than happy she is gone. During the challenge, in which the campers have to face against their fears, Gwen and Courtney take pleasure in the idea of Heather returning and having her revenge against Alejandro.

The Final Wreck-ening


Gwen smacks Heather on the head with a stick.

Gwen and Heather resume their conflict in the final episode. Gwen is on Team Zoey while Heather is on Team Mike. Heather sarcastically asks Gwen what happened to her in the middle of the challenge and Gwen says she thinks her ankle is sprained. Heather does not care about this announcement, as she continues on with Alejandro. Later on, as Heather is in the water, Gwen is able to smack Heather with a long reed, calling her "Old Heather." Gwen replies in the confessional that she has been waiting to do that for that for four seasons. She is thrilled by the sweet justice she was able to achieve.


  • This was the most focused conflict in Total Drama Island, and is considered one of the most intense conflicts in the show's history, alongside the conflicts between Duncan and Harold, and Heather and Leshawna.
    • However, unlike the other two, this one deals more with deep hatred for each other, expressed through words and actions, rather than physical confrontations, fights, and pranks between them. They do fight physically sometimes, though.
    • Also, unlike the other two, this conflict doesn't have a truce at any point. (Duncan tries to form a truce with Harold in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen and Leshawna forms a truce with Heather in Million Dollar Babies).
  • Ironically, both are always placed onto the same team together.
    • They have been on more teams with each other than any other pair of players in the series, having been on four teams together.
    • They are also one of only three pairs of contestants who have been on the same team at least three times, the others being Izzy and Owen and DJ and Harold.
  • In the seasons they placed ninth, they were the last contestant to be eliminated before the merge.
  • In Total Drama World Tour, Heather is the highest ranking member of Team Amazon, while Gwen is the lowest ranking member.
  • Heather has kissed both of Gwen's boyfriends at one point in the series.
    • Heather also at one point acts weak in front of both of Gwen's boyfriends in Total Drama Island, in order to get an advantage which leads them to their eliminations.
  • Oddly enough, Gwen's original name in Camp TV was originally going to be "Heather."
  • They are among only six contestants to reach the final four twice.

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