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Gwen and Owen are the finalists of Total Drama Island.

Gwen and Owen were put on the same team in the first season. Initially, Gwen was constantly annoyed by Owen's odd and frequently disgusting behavior. However, they become closer friends as the season progresses and eventually make it to the final two after teaming up and subsequently getting rid of the biggest threat. Owen is one of the five contestants Gwen viewed as sane, despite his various personality quirks that have annoyed or disturbed other contestants, including herself at certain points. Owen has a tendency to refer to Gwen as a "hottie", which he does with some other girls as well. After Total Drama Island, the two of them remain friends despite being on different teams during both Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1


Owen hugs Gwen and Tyler.

When Owen arrives to the island, he asked whether Gwen will be on his team, to which Gwen replies sarcastically she hopes so. Later, when Gwen starts to complain about how the campers will be arranged, Owen hugs her and Tyler and tells them to cheer up.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

When Owen is about to jump down the cliff, Gwen has little hope that he would be able to complete the challenge and believed that he was going to die.


Owen gentleman

Owen helps Gwen back on her feet.

Owen helps Gwen back onto her feet after DJ knocks her out with a dodgeball while she is walking past. When it is down to Owen and Harold for their respective teams, Gwen and the rest of the Screaming Gophers cheer for him.

Not Quite Famous

Gwen and the rest of the girls were disturbed by Owen's audition and uses the opportunity to leave the area to get some private time. Later, Owen and Cody dive into the lake, disturbing Gwen's moment with Trent which leads to her storming off in anger.

Basic Straining


Owen and the rest of the team celebrate Gwen's victory.

When Owen's stomach begins to rumble due to hunger, Gwen scolds him and tells him not to drop their canoe. During the final part of the challenge, Owen asks Gwen whether she will be okay and she replies that she would be fine. After Gwen managed to secure another invincibility for her team, Owen carries Gwen as their team celebrates her victory.

X-Treme Torture

When figuring out who wrote the love letter that she and Bridgette found, Gwen ponders over whether it could be Owen but quickly drops her suspicions when he burps in her face.

Search and Do Not Destroy

Angered that Trent cheated on Gwen by kissing Heather, Owen is one of the many campers to help Leshawna to vote for either Heather or Trent.

Hide and Be Sneaky


Gwen sarcastically thanking Owen for revealing the existence of a Guys' alliance.

When Owen accidentally tells Gwen that he and the boys are in an alliance, Gwen thanks him for being cooperative, sarcastically remarking on how she had to "drag that out of" Owen. Later, Gwen does not help Heather and Lindsay to vote for Owen and instead, votes for Duncan together with Bridgette and Leshawna.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

When it is discovered that Gwen is facing the actual killer, Owen and the rest of the campers quickly run to the main lodge to warn her, with Owen yelling for Gwen's name along the way.

Camp Castaways

Once Owen reunites with his friends, he quickly hugs both Gwen and Duncan. Later, Gwen becomes disturbed by Owen when he begins to dance because of his mental breakdown.

Are We There Yeti?


Owen gives his blanket to Gwen.

On different teams throughout the episode, Gwen with Heather and Owen with Duncan, the two constantly try to halt each other's progress as they travel back to camp. After their encounter with Sasquatchanakwa, the four set up camp intending to continue in the morning. When Owen offers the others a bite of a massive ball made of candy bars, a shivering Gwen declines and asks for his sleeping bag instead. He gives it to her without protest. After Duncan is eliminated, Owen, in the confessional, chuckles mischievously when he realizes he is on the island with "two hot girls."

I Triple Dog Dare You!


Gwen cuts a deal with Owen.

Early in the episode, Gwen mention that she is okay with Owen while using the confession. During the challenge, the two of them team up in order to eliminate Heather. Gwen promised that if she won, she would split her prize money with him, and if Owen won, she would give him a box of doughnuts. Owen agrees and split half of his freebies to her. The two watch as Heather took all the dares while using their freebies to save themselves. After Heather had her hair shaved from Lindsay's dare and was eliminated due to a technicality, Owen and Gwen celebrate her defeat. With Heather gone, Gwen and Owen are the only contestants remaining in the competition and Chris declares them the final two of the season, much to their delight.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Before the challenge starts, Gwen gave the cupcake she thought Trent (Heather in reality) gave her to Owen. In the confessional, she said that Owen was one of the five people she considers sane (along with Cody, Bridgette, DJ, and Leshawna). Before the final challenge began, Gwen told Owen that if she had lose to anyone, she was glad it was him. Despite competing against each other, throughout the challenge, the two constantly praise and give encouragement to each other. In Owen's ending, Owen beats Gwen after Izzy manages to attract Owen to the finish line using brownies. Despite her loss, Gwen doesn't seem to be disappointed and was happy for him. When Gwen and Trent got back together, Owen was happy for them.

In Gwen's ending, the outcome is similar to Owen's except that Owen was a few feet away from the finish line after crashing into Izzy, giving Gwen enough time to catch up and win the challenge. At the campfire ceremony, Owen hugs Gwen and is glad she had won fair and square.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island Promotional Clip

Initially, Gwen tells Eva that she doesn't mind losing to Owen. However, Owen's celebration of his victory over her has resulted in her losing her patience, to which she ends up giving him a wedgie.

Total Drama Action

Beach Blanket Bogus

Once Duncan was able to win the first part of the challenge, Owen compliments Gwen's team for choosing the right members. Later, Owen is seen spying on Gwen and Trent who are about to kiss. Once he blew his cover, they threw sticks at him.

3:10 to Crazytown

When Trent chooses Owen as the target for the Screaming Gaffers, Gwen becomes angry at Trent for using Owen as he attempts to throw his team's challenge. After the challenge has ended, Owen was shocked to find out that Trent has been throwing challenges for Gwen's team and is angry that she didn't do anything to stop him. Additionally, Owen told Trent that girls like winning, which sparks Trent's initial idea to throw the challenge for her as well as Gwen and Trent's breakup.

The Chefshank Redemption

Unlike the rest of his team, Owen did not help his team to tease Gwen into throwing her team's challenge. This shows that Owen actually pities her.

The Aftermath: III

Gwen begins to worry about Owen when Geoff forces him to sit on the electric chair.

Total Drama World Tour

Jamaica Me Sweat

Owen and Gwen

Gwen comforting Owen after Izzy broke up with him.

After Gwen was sent to the infirmary after she was attacked by electric eels, the two of them have a small talk about each other's injuries and also about Izzy after she became a genius. Later, Gwen consoles Owen after Izzy broke up with him and reminds him that it wasn't his fault while they sing Oh My Izzy. At the end of the song, Gwen puts a comforting hand on Owen's shoulder.

The EX-Files

Owen was not mad at Gwen for kissing Duncan, who was still dating at Courtney at the time, instead showing support for Gwen and Duncan's new relationship. He also says that Duncan is the only guy to have more than one girl, calling Gwen a "hottie".

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Owen accidentally strains Gwen's relationship with Duncan by telling Duncan about Alejandro's previous success with Bridgette and Leshawna, prompting Duncan agree to help Alejandro to help to ruin Courtney's game. The plan backfires as it makes Gwen jealous instead as she thinks that Duncan still have feelings for his ex.

Niagara Brawls

Owen, along with Cody and Duncan, seems excited at the idea of Gwen returning, only to find out that it is Blaineley instead.


  • Both are the first final two in the show's history.
    • Both are also the only final two of a season to compete in all three of the original seasons.
    • They are the first pair of finalists to be on the same team, the second being Mike and Zoey.
  • Both are the first contestant members of their respective genders to use the confessional.
  • In Total Drama Island, they were in a relationship with another contestant that was immediately either strained or put on hold after a certain incident, but were reunited with them by the end of the season.
  • Both have yet to conquer their fears, despite successfully facing them in Phobia Factor.
  • They are the first duo to sing a duet together.
  • Both are the only members of the original cast to not have their audition tape shown.
  • Both have, at some point of the competition, faced and defeated Ezekiel in a horror themed challenge, along with a friend, only to later see their friend be eliminated.

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