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Gwen and Trent sitting next to each other by the campfire in season one's opening sequence.

The relationship between Gwen and Trent is arguably the main one during the first season and the first half of the second season. In the first season, Gwen and Trent gravitated towards each other quickly and hints of a mutual attraction between the two were clearly visible as early as the first episode. Though there was a point in time where Gwen was unsure if she should trust Trent, he made up for it and their close friendship culminated in a brief kiss. Shortly after this, their trust was broken again due to Heather's scheming, as Heather wanted to make Gwen miserable again. After sparking a feud between them, she planned on getting one of the two eliminated, which she successfully managed to do when Trent was voted off in Search and Do Not Destroy. Regardless, Gwen and Trent managed to make amends by the end of the season and began dating.


Gwen and Trent's relationship starts to fall apart after being put on opposing teams in Total Drama Action.

In Total Drama Action, their relationship initially starts out strong but gets more and more strained due to the complications from the competition, which begins when they are placed on separate teams. To add to the difficulties, Gwen becomes increasingly closer to Duncan, which causes Trent to grow jealous. Soon Trent becomes desperate to preserve his relationship with Gwen, going so far as to throw challenges hoping to impress her, thanks to some misunderstood advice from Owen. Gwen quickly notices this and thinks that because of her, Trent becomes mentally unstable. In 3:10 to Crazytown, Gwen and Trent broke up as Gwen couldn't bear to see him changing for the worst. Unbeknownst to them, Justin overheard their conversation and accused Gwen of having an alliance with Trent. Pressured by this, Gwen told the Killer Grips to vote Trent off later that night. Because of her guilt for breaking Trent's heart and telling his team to vote him off, Gwen throws her team's challenge in The Chefshank Redemption and voted herself off. Their relationship was the major topic in the first two aftermaths where the majority of the contestants and the audience sides with Trent over Gwen, believing that Gwen had sold him out (oblivious of Justin's role). When Gwen arrives as a guest in the second aftermath, all misunderstandings between the two are cleared and the two remain friends. After Total Drama Action, the two of them move on from their relationship, with Trent seeing other girls while Gwen begins to fall for Duncan.

In Total Drama World Tour, Gwen and Duncan start dating after Duncan cheats on Courtney, fulfilling Trent's prediction from the previous season. Despite this, when the two of them meet again in Aftermath Aftermayhem, the former couple is still able to interact in an awkward, albeit friendly, manner with no signs of jealousy from Trent like before, showing that both have moved on but still remain on friendly terms.

Total Drama Island

Opening sequence

The opening sequence ends with Gwen and Trent looking lovingly into each other's eyes, until Cody pops in between them, separating them.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

It is first hinted that a relationship will arise when Trent smiles at Gwen after he arrives at the Dock of Shame. She looks away, believing this smirk is only a flirtatious dig, but then reconsiders it, and smiles at him, without him looking. She looks at Trent again and smiles for the first time. In the group picture, Gwen was leaning on Trent, who was leaning over on Noah. They are both assigned to the Screaming Gophers which allows a future in their relationship to continue.

The Big Sleep


Trent and Gwen bond with one another during the Awake-a-Thon.

Towards the beginning of the episode, the two are seen in the main lodge with several other campers and Chris. Before the "Awake-a-Thon", Trent approaches Gwen and asks how long she thinks it'll be until everyone is out cold. Gwen responds by saying "about an hour, give or take". When Gwen complains about how bored she is, Trent tells her it's not all bad, as he had her to talk to. They then open up to each other and begin sharing their secrets with one another in order to stay awake. In the end, the two of them are the only members of the team left awake, and when Trent finally succumbs to sleep Gwen is devastated.

Not Quite Famous


Gwen and Trent hang out together at the Dock of Shame.

Early on, Trent saves Gwen a seat next to him in front of the amphitheater, and later "snags" an extra muffin for her. When the two hang out at the dock, Gwen says Trent is one of the few people on the island who doesn't annoy her. Right on queue, Owen and Cody show up and cannonball into the lake, annoying both Gwen and Trent and causing Gwen to leave. During the talent contest, Trent performs a song he composed about his feelings for Gwen, without directly mentioning her name. During Heather's performance, she reads her diary which reveals all of Gwen's feelings towards Trent. This causes Gwen to become more cautious about showing her feelings for Trent in the future.

The Sucky Outdoors

As the Screaming Gophers are walking through the forest, Gwen was seen walking dejectedly and Trent attempts to talk to her, though she rejects his approach due to the big "reveal" in her diary during the previous episode. Trent defends Gwen when Heather says she should be the next one to be eliminated, referencing to the ant-farm prank Gwen pulled on her in the previous episode.

Phobia Factor

Phobia factor (3)

Trent helps Gwen with her fear.

Like most campers, Gwen is not keen on facing her fear (being buried alive), but Trent helps her by staying at her side while she's buried.Trent gives her a walkie-talkie so she can call for him to dig her up if she panics. The two continue to have conversations with each other using the walkie-talkies while Gwen is still buried in order to keep Gwen from feeling nervous. While Trent is trying to explain why mimes are his worst fear, an actual mime sneaks up on him and causes him to drop the walkie-talkie and run away. After defeating the mime, Trent proceeds to get side-tracked by pranking Geoff with Chris. After hearing Chris use the word "buried" in conversation, he finally remembers Gwen and frantically digs her up, but not until much after her five minutes are up. Once he frees her, Gwen angrily threw him walkie-talkie at him and held a grudge with him for several episodes.

Up the Creek


Gwen and Trent spending the time together in the night.

Gwen and Trent initially seek to ride together in the canoe for their challenge, as Trent motions with his eyes to the canoes, but Gwen is suddenly distracted by Cody's open offer to be her canoe partner while Trent is dragged away by Lindsay and Beth, who also want to be his canoe partner. In Gwen's canoe, Cody asks Gwen if the reason she continually turns him down as a love interest is Trent. Gwen is shocked and speechless at this very true accusation. However, Cody is glad to assist Gwen in her pursuit of Trent. Later, Cody saves Trent and Lindsay's lives by swinging on a rope. He fails but still saves them when the rope swings back, allowing Trent to grab hold. Cody has a straight talk with Trent about Gwen and is the one who informs Trent outright that she has feelings for him. Trent suddenly turns aggressive, reminding Cody that if he is lying that Trent could "easily rearrange his face". Trent then looks relieved though after Cody assures him that he is telling the truth. This means that the topic of Gwen was obviously sensitive to him after he had gotten to know her well, as a friend. Cody then gets Trent to sit with Gwen in the canoe on the return trip from Boney Island. Although he also loves Gwen, Cody sacrifices his feelings for Gwen's happiness, knowing that she only likes Trent. At the Campfire Ceremony, they smile at each other when their names are called. That night after the ceremony, because of Cody's interference, Trent and Gwen became even closer and were also seen sitting together at the dock, smiling at each other.


Gwen and Trent smiling at each other after Trent saves her from being hurt.

Paintball Deer Hunter

Trent catches a can of beans that Chris tosses and would have otherwise hit Gwen in the face. She smiles to him in appreciation for the save. The two of them were chosen as deer and managed to not get hit by the Killer Bass hunters.

If You Can't Take The Heat...


Gwen and Trent enjoying each other's marshmallow.

Gwen and Trent are seen working on the ribs together and smiling at each other until Owen accidentally gives Trent a concussion by throwing a large crate of oranges at him. Later at the campfire ceremony, Gwen and Trent are seen enjoying their marshmallows together.

Who Can You Trust?

Gwen, in the confessional, talks about how she trusted Trent, only to be let down after the events of Phobia Factor.

X-Treme Torture

Gwen tried to find out if Trent wrote a romantic haiku for her, and feuded with Bridgette over it, who thought it was written for her by Geoff. They repeatedly insulted each other's crushes while defending their own. Gwen not-so-subtly asked Trent about it before he took off on his skydiving challenge, but his reaction told her that he had no idea what she was talking about. Gwen felt bad for Trent after he failed to activate his parachute, resulting in him crashing deep into the ground and breaking most of the bones in his body. Ultimately, the haiku was written by Harold for Leshawna.

No Pain, No Game


Gwen is still upset over being buried alive.

Trent apologizes for leaving her buried alive, and they begin to mend the relationship. Trent even goes as far as mentioning that Gwen was the last person on the island he would leave buried alive if he had the choice, rendering Gwen smitten staring into the eyes of Trent. They whisper to each other intermittently between other campers' challenges throughout the episode.

Search and Do Not Destroy


Gwen and Trent's first kiss.

At the start of the episode, Gwen is shown admiring Trent while he's swimming. She's also shown to be drawing in her sketchbook, before realizing the cameraman is present and pushes him away. Trent asks her what she's doing, but Gwen nervously tells him it was nothing. In the confessional, Gwen claims to the audience that she is over Trent, but is unable to back up her claim. Later, Trent helps Gwen in retrieving her key, located in a flooded skunk hole. Once again in the confessional, Gwen tries to dismiss his act as nothing special, but later gives in and gushes over how incredible Trent is. She then thanks Trent for his help by giving him a kiss. However, Heather sees their kiss, and believes they've formed an alliance, and devises a plan to break them apart. She sets up a scene so that Gwen arrives in time to see her kiss Trent. Feeling betrayed, Gwen leaves the area crying. Trent ends up being eliminated, due to everyone being angered of his and Heather's actions, and since Heather had won solo-immunity. However, Heather reveals that everything was her doing, which allows Gwen and Trent to make amends before he's sent away on the Boat of Losers. They almost share one last kiss, but Chris interrupts them and sends Trent away. Trent says farewell as he sails away, giving Gwen a look of reassurance.

Hide and Be Sneaky

At the beginning of the episode, Gwen admits to Leshawna that she is still depressed about Trent being gone. Leshawna tries to help her feel better by promising to make Heather's life a living nightmare and assured Gwen that they would do so together for Trent.

Haute Camp-ture

At Playa Des Losers, Trent states he is rooting for Gwen and admits to falling in love with her (earning the attention and support of Katie and Sadie). He also hopes that Gwen will be able to forget the "Heather thing". Later, when Courtney questions Gwen's team spirit, Trent reminds every one of the selfless and brave acts Gwen did throughout the series to make her more of an appealing choice to the other campers who had lost and doubted her worth.

The Very Last Episode, Really!


Trent wipes the grease off Gwen's pole with his shirt.

Trent and the other eliminated contestants return to the island to watch the final competition between Gwen and Owen. While walking past Gwen he gives her a smile, but Gwen looks away, trying to avoid eye contact with him. Trent aligns himself with Gwen and decides to run along with her throughout the competition, helping her in any way he could to convince her that he truly loved her, even though Gwen is skeptical about the claim. Though Gwen seems distant from Trent early in the final challenge, she lets him follow her after he manages to prove useful in helping her in tight situations as well as preventing her from losing track when she is distracted by Justin.

Gwen wins TDI

Trent hugging Gwen after she wins Total Drama Island in her ending.

After Owen reached the finish line first in his ending (with the help of Izzy and Lindsay), Trent picks Gwen up after the race. He then lifted her up on his shoulders and asked her to "go out" with him, to which she finally agrees while laughing and pounding on his back playfully. He then takes her to the party, as a couple.

In Gwen's ending, towards the end of the challenge, Gwen is certain that she isn't going to win against Owen until Trent encourage her not to give up. Hearing his words, Gwen stand back up and continue the race, reaching the finish line before Owen did. At the campfire ceremony, Gwen and Trent share a hug, finally becoming a couple.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island


Gwen, Leshawna, and Trent talk in the Playa Des Losers.

Gwen is seen mostly hanging out with Trent and Leshawna in the first season's special, stating that the best part about the competition was meeting the two of them. She looked forward to bringing them both over to where she lived so they could meet her friends from home. The three form a single team to look for the million-dollar case later on. All of them reject Heather's request to join them and proceed to laugh at her when she gets tormented by beavers. Both ultimately qualified to compete for the million dollars again in the second season.

Total Drama Action

Opening sequence


Trent and Gwen in the opening sequence of Total Drama Action.

Gwen is seen inside the Lame-o-sine and shares a smile with Trent who opens the door for her.

Monster Cash

Gwen confirms in the confessional make-up room that Trent is officially her boyfriend, and talks about his good qualities as they are being chased by an animatronic monster for their first challenge. She admired Trent for his selflessness and apparently his ability to state the obvious. Trent calls out to Gwen "I'm here for you, babe" as they fall into the jumping castle after being dropped by the monster.

Alien Resurr-eggtion


Gwen and Trent get their Gilded Chris Awards together.

Trent begins to feel jealous of Gwen's friendship with Duncan when he thinks that Gwen likes Duncan more than him after seeing them laughing and talking about their favorite movie together. He attempts to fit in with their conversation by pretending he knows what they are talking about, but Gwen and Duncan see right through him, making the situation, as Gwen called it, awkward. Throughout the challenge, Gwen and Duncan are really into the game and are still mentally on the same page, and Trent still fails to keep up with them. After Duncan's egg is eliminated, Trent watches as Gwen and Duncan joking and mocks the two of them in the confessional. Suddenly, one of the lost alien eggs is about to fall off the edge and break just as Gwen's lucky necklace is about to fall in the sewer. In the end, Trent chooses her necklace over winning the game. Gwen is thanks Trent for retrieving her necklace and give it to him for good luck, which immediately works for him as Trent finds two other eggs on the ground. Gwen and Trent are declared the winner of the challenge but much to their surprise, they will be competing against each other.

Riot On Set

Gwen goat

Trent and Gwen having a conversation after the challenge has ended.

Trent's jealousy with Gwen and Duncan continue when Gwen picks Duncan first for her team. Out of spite, he picks "the beautiful" Lindsay for his team in an attempt to get back at Gwen. Later, while running up the hill, Gwen trips and begins to fall, but Duncan catches her. Trent sees this and asks what Gwen is doing with Duncan, to which she replies that they're on the same team. Trent trips a moment later and Lindsay helps him up, to which he tells Gwen that they too are on the same team. Determine to defeat Gwen's team, Trent calls her and Duncan "punk wannabes" when his team is in the lead. This shocks both of them, but Gwen assures that they would eventually take Trent (and his team) down. During the second challenge, Trent overhears Gwen giving Duncan a sweet talk and mistaken as her flirting with him. At the end of the episode, Gwen and Trent met outside of the trailers, where Gwen assures Trent that Duncan is just a friend and Trent apologizes.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Which is good1

Gwen stands up for Trent, and says that she likes weird.

Trent's obsession with Gwen and paranoia that he will lose her to Duncan starts to affect his mental health, especially when Duncan started to pull pranks on him. Gwen comes to Trent's defense and reassures him that she likes him no matter what. Trent begins to take this the wrong way and begins to act weirdly. Throughout the episode, Trent either has a habit of counting to nine or has the strategy that there should be nine of everything. This ends up causing Trent's team to lose or struggle during challenges. Gwen notices this but thinks nothing about it until Duncan points out that the number of letters in Gwen and Trent's names combined equals to nine. Harold supports the theory by saying Trent's nine-obsession seemed to become apparent once Trent initially became interested in Gwen. Gwen panics, now convinced that Trent is falling apart because of her and can't handle being responsible for his mental damage.


Trent and Gwen make up while Owen secretly watches.

During the final challenge, Trent follows Owen's earlier advice and tries to win Gwen over by purposely letting her team win challenges. Gwen notices this and is worried that it's her fault that Trent is acting so disturbed. After the challenge is over, the two of them meet privately in the woods to discuss Trent's recent behavior. After a brief banter, the two of them make amends and are about to kiss when Owen suddenly pops out from the bushes, leading them to throw sticks at Owen to get him to leave.

3:10 to Crazytown

Snapshot 2009-02-09 01-40-33

Trent helps Gwen up after her painful landing.

At the beginning of the episode, Trent notices Gwen isn't feeling well and offers his water to her. Trent, however, takes her conditions far more seriously and vows to take care of her after wiping his bottle nine times quickly after Gwen drinks from it which he thinks is a good move. Throughout the episode, Trent keeps slapping himself on the forehead whenever he says something that makes Gwen angry. In addition to this, Trent continues to throw the challenges for Gwen's team hoping that it will make her happy. At the second challenge, a quick-draw, Trent purposely picks Owen to go up against the Gaffers, as his large size makes him an easy target and an almost-guaranteed win for the opposing team. Gwen becomes angry at Trent for throwing the challenge for her sake, but Trent still fails to see why this bothers her. During the final challenge, Trent corners Gwen but purposely tosses the rope on the ground and pretends that he missed his target. In the confessional, Gwen finally thinks Trent has crossed the line and resolves to straighten Trent out once and for all before he becomes too mentally far gone for her to reach.


Gwen breaks up with Trent.

After the challenge is complete, Gwen meets up with Trent at the communal bathrooms and calls him out on throwing the challenges. Not wanting to be guilty for everything that had transpired between them, Gwen breaks up with him. Unknown to them, Justin overheard their conversation and confronts Gwen after telling his teammates about Trent throwing the challenges for her team. After Gwen is given a guilt trip by her friends on the Killer Grips team, Gwen breaks down and admits about Trent's past actions. In order to make up for it, she tells them to vote Trent off. That night, Trent is voted off and is forced to leave without saying goodbye to Gwen. The episode ends with Gwen watching a recording of the elimination with Chris later on, asking the host if she was called back here to feel bad to which he admits that it was the entire purpose of doing so. Crestfallen, she states that it worked.

The Aftermath: I


Trent sings a song about Gwen.

Trent accidentally learns of Gwen's involvement in his elimination when Geoff tries to make a point to Bridgette. In reaction, he cries and plays his guitar while waiting to be called out for his interview. Trent states that he believes he and Gwen being on separate teams was what made their relationship fail. Also, the bond between Gwen and Duncan growing stronger. Trent admits that he got so absorbed by his jealousy that he thought Gwen was more important than the money. He explains that his lucky number being nine isn't the sum of letters in the couple's names, as previously thought. Finally, Trent says that Gwen was his type of girl, and now that their relationship is over, he has to find a new one. Throughout the episode, Geoff, Bridgette, and the Peanut Gallery take sides on who is in the right in the breakup situation. At the end of the episode, Trent sings a song that he apparently wrote after he and Gwen broke up, revealing various details such as the fact that she doesn't text him back anymore.

The Chefshank Redemption

Gwen feels guilty for causing Trent to be eliminated and mentions that ever since she has been waiting for karma to "bite her in the butt". In order to make up for Trent's action, Gwen has to throw the challenge for the opposing team, who constantly tease her and remind her that "Trent would be proud of her".

An exclusive video shows that after Gwen is eliminated, she sighs in disappointment that she will never get her lucky necklace back from Trent. Gwen suddenly sees someone whom she believed to be Trent outside the Lame-o-sine window. Fearing a confrontation, she demands that the driver drives faster only for her to find out that they are heading to the Aftermath studio, in which she will guest star. Gwen is shocked and appalled at the news that she will have to explain herself to the world, and demands to be let out of the limo.

The Aftermath: II

Gwen initially refuses to enter the stage, still feeling guilty for her previous actions. At first, Trent avoids talking to her. However, when she is about to get into a dunk tank filled with piranhas, he intervenes and says he understands her side of the story since he threw the challenges. Afterwards ,they finally seem to forgive each other. Gwen forcibly laughs when she finds out Trent has been getting tons of fan mail from girls. She reminds Geoff and Bridgette that they're interviewing her, in order to divert attention away from Trent after seeing how uneasy he becomes.

In the Total Drama Action exclusive video, Gwen talks about how seeing Trent again wasn't easy. She then talks about how he has a lot of fans now and she seems to be a little disappointed in it. Gwen did, however, say at the end that she was happy that he stood up for her and maybe he still likes her though upon seeing him talking with Katie and Sadie, she change her previous statement.

The Aftermath: IV

Trent has a question for Beth and Duncan about their "character”. Trent gives the two an oddly specific, yet obscure, example about relationships. Gwen knows that Trent is talking about her actions and looks away, seeming ashamed and somewhat guilty.

Total Drama World Tour

Newf Kids on the Rock

In the confessional, Gwen comments on how Heather shouldn't let her feelings for Alejandro get in the way of the game, since Gwen's relationship with Trent did get in the way last season. However, she accidentally says she dated Duncan last season instead. She then corrects herself and says Trent and states that it was "a slip of the tongue". She then furiously lunges for the confession tape, just like Heather did earlier and Courtney later does in the episode.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

As everyone goes to partake in Blaineley's "Total Drama Second Chance Challenge", Gwen and Trent bump into each other to which he smiles and greets her, despite her new relationship with Duncan. He tries to converse with her, bringing up Duncan and nervously states how he "didn't see that coming". Gwen doesn't respond to this and simply smiles at him awkwardly. After the challenge concludes, Trent is told by Blaineley to sit next to Gwen, which causes a stir amongst the live Aftermath audience. Gwen cracks a friendly joke about Trent's "impressive nursing" of Tyler, which makes both of them laugh. The two are seen sitting happily next to each other for the duration of the episode.

Camp TV


Gwen and Trent were originally mortal enemies in Camp TV.

Gwen's prototype is shown to not get along at all with Trent in the initial form of the show, even being seen strangling each other in a promotional image. Instead, she seemingly has a relationship with Geoff, but the idea was later scrapped for the final version of the show (although a homage was paid to Geoff and Gwen's original relationship).


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