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Zoey and Gwen joking about the challenge in The Obsta-Kill Kourse.

Due to being on different teams, Gwen and Zoey do not interact until halfway through Total Drama All-Stars, during Zeek And Ye Shall Find, where Zoey helps Gwen calm down as she has a panic attack due to claustrophobia. After this incident, the two get closer over time and become good friends, often making jokes during the challenges. Gwen also roots for Zoey to win after she is eliminated. In The Final Wreck-ening, Gwen is selected as a helper for Zoey and tries to protect her against her evil opponent.

Total Drama All-Stars

Zeek And Ye Shall Find


Gwen is relieved that Zoey finds her in the mine.

As the contestants try to find a way into the mines, Gwen joins the team of Zoey, Cameron and Mike since Courtney instead chooses to partner with her new boyfriend, Scott and the lone Alejandro turns her down as well. When the four of them discover several holes nearby, Gwen steps on loose ground and falls deep into the mines. Zoey immediately dives after her screaming her name. After a panic attack, Gwen discovers Zoey behind her, and proceeds to hug and thank her several times. Zoey then manages to help her to calm down using a unique technique involving Gwen "blowing a candle" after taking in a deep breath. In the confessional, Gwen comments how good Zoey is. As the two girls continue their search for Chris, Ezekiel captures Zoey while Gwen has her back turned, causing her to suffer a nervous breakdown again.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse


Zoey tells Gwen what "Mike" said about Alejandro.

Zoey discusses voting off Alejandro with Gwen for what he allegedly did to Cameron in the previous episode. Knowing his history of manipulation as well as wanting to avenge her friend's elimination, Gwen agrees.

Zoey asks if Gwen is allergic to dogs due to her rope.

Zoey also points out that the challenge will not be underground again, so as to make light of what happened last time, and the two laugh over it. During the rope climbing portion, Zoey tells Gwen that the rope that she is climbing is made from dog hair, and the two share a laugh. Their friendship, however, causes a paranoid Courtney to believe that they are forming an alliance and that Zoey has told Gwen about her kissing both Cameron and Scott.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

After Gwen returns from exile, Zoey greets her and asks her about her night on Boney Island. Courtney and Mal, impersonating Mike, each try to turn Gwen and Zoey against each other. The former voices her thoughts to Gwen that Zoey is "two-faced," while Mal attempts to convince Zoey that Courtney is the foundation of an unofficial alliance between herself, Gwen, and Scott. When Courtney attempts to sweet-talk Zoey into forming an alliance with her, Zoey refuses after what she did to Gwen (who had gone to great lengths to amend her friendship with Courtney) in order to win the season. Gwen also declines to help Courtney vote off Zoey when she attempts to apologize to her (although she states that she is willing to try and convince Zoey to help vote off Scott with her).

The Bold and the Booty-ful

On the same teams

Zoey tells Gwen she hopes they are on the same teams next time they compete.

Zoey is surprised and disappointed when Chris disqualifies Gwen for defacing his painting. Later, as Gwen is about to take the Flush of Shame, she tells Zoey that she is rooting for her. Zoey thanks her and in turn hopes that they are on the same team next time they compete. However, Gwen angrily replies that there is no way she is ever coming back onto the show.

The Final Wreck-ening


Gwen is one of Zoey's helpers in the finale.

Gwen and Cameron are selected to be Zoey's helpers after she shoots the balloons they are in. Gwen, though annoyed to be playing the game again, is happy to assist her friend. Zoey then recalls Chris's description that the challenge is dangerous and says she feels bad for bringing Gwen into it, along with Cameron. They work together to paddle to the other side of the acid pool using Cameron's bubble. The team gets along well while trying to bring Zoey to the top level. Gwen also reminds her that she cannot show sympathy for Mal since Mike is gone. In Zoey's ending, Gwen congratulates her for winning the season.


  • Both are the final female contestants left in the season they debuted in.
  • They are the only female contestants to be the highest-ranking female member of their team more than once.
  • Both have dyed hair, with their natural color being brown, and wear chokers.
  • Both were involved in a love triangle situation in which they won after their love interest chose them over their rival.
  • Both were considered loners before joining Total Drama.
    • However, there are differences in their pasts. Zoey wanted to make new friends prior to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, while Gwen chose to be a loner and was careful of who she let into her life.
  • Both have been finalists at some point in the series, in addition to making the final four twice.
  • Both hold the record of winning the most challenges in a single season:
  • Both are the first females of their respective generations to use the confessional.
  • They, along with Duncan and Heather, are two of four contestants to appear in every episode of two seasons:
  • Both, along with Jo, are the only Total Drama contestants to have had their original names changed.
    • Gwen's original name was Heather, while Zoey's original name was Molly.

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